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Monday, December 9, 2013

[WoT] Public Test of 0.8.10

While 2nd iteration of v. 0.8.10 update is being worked on, what are your thoughts on the upcoming patch so far?

As a reminder, it's a mostly content update that brings:
  • New Japanese tech tree
  • 2 new Soviet meds
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Jap prem
  • Type 64 Chinese prem light
  • Japanese map - Hidden Village
  • Reworked maps - Karelia, Mines, El-Halluf, Airfield, Steppes
  • Shooting through some objects is now possible with AP / APCR shells
  • New maps added for team battle mode
  • Graphic/visual improvements - how is performance by the way?
    • Reworked lighting and light sources for all maps. Reworked brightness and contrast. Improved texture precision
    • Reworked mist/fog
    • Added moving shadows of clouds
    • Reworked "bloom" effect
    • Added sun-rays (god rays) effect and lens flare effect when looking at the sun
    • Added motion blur when moving camera 
    • Added full-screen filter settings (different brightness, colour, and contrast options)
Some screenies for those who haven't yet seen all the beauty:


  1. I am curious as to why the Low tier Japanese guns have such a poor accuracy.
    Japanese Optics were regarded as being high quality during the war, and their guns were equivalent in performance to many of the other weapons. I mean a type 94 37mm ATG is roughly similar to a PAK-36, and yet it has about 10 points difference in accuracy.

    1. Mostly for balancing reasons.

    2. Just seemed a little odd that was all.

      Maybe some other factors could be used? View range due to poor cupola's, poor radios or perhaps the fact it like many early British tanks had a shoulder shoved gun, but unlike those the crews weren't trained to stabilize the gun during movement. So the aiming time would be high. Just some thoughts.

      I'm also curious about the colour change. IJA vehicles were brown, not green.

    3. Not aiming time. I was getting my factors mixed. It would be poor cross country stability.

      I wish there was an edit button on these posts. :p

    4. Colour was changed mostly because of the user feedback, afaik.

    5. Now that's somewhat interesting and raises some questions. Like: which users, why did they request the change? And how come it is allowed to override history?

      Still not entirely sure why all tanks must have one colour, not not historical colours, but hey ho.

    6. Within one nation? For gameplay reasons.

    7. Just asking about the colour in that question ;)

  2. little off-topic, but any idea about fixing lag issues? I thought I was only one (blaming ISP) but during games other players started to speak about same issue. Game runs normally but when there are more vehicle arround it's totally lagged.

    1. I know it's a hot issue, unfortunately I don't have any information on this.
      Did you have any lags on test server?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No time for test :(
      Usual gameplay - EU server. Sometimes is all fine, sometimes FPS drops to 5-10 and ping goes to 70 without any reason. Checked GPU driver, lowered details, tried all. And only in WoT... Imagine I have 60%+ med tanks driving - how lag reflects on my sanity...

  3. It's all nice, the only not enjoyable problem is the fact a lot of people are having performance issues and shutterings, but i heard Serb was on it

    1. yup, hopefully will fix most of those by final release

  4. - Looking forward to the Japanese tree, finally something "new" ;)
    - As for the Soviet meds... meh I'm not very interested in these tanks. And btw, haven't you asked for uniqe tanks with character lately? Here you have an example, what is not.
    - New and reworked maps are looking interesting, but has to proof its playability after rollout. Reworked ones make a good step into that direction I think.
    - Shooting though some objects is really great one. This nothing more than frustration without it. But we need to learn and get used to what can be penetrated and what not (houses etc.)
    - Graphical imprevements looks quite beautiful. The maps start to come alive somehow ;) Although I heard from massive fps drops...

  5. Chi nu kai is super underpowered. The only thing this imitation of tank has is its gun penetration at tier 5. Bad armor, bad mobility, low dmg, long reload in comparison to dmg and matchmaker up to 7 tier make Chi nu kai one of the most useless premium tanks in the game. Is there any hope in future for this one to be improved? It doesn`t need much but it lacks in every aspect except for penetration. Adding some mobility would do the work. Or dmg. Or armor. One of these and it`s playable

  6. Most of the patch sounds great, but I'm very skeptical of the Japanese tanks. I'm not sure what they'd be bringing to a fight, so until I see something that impresses me I'll pass.

  7. Not sure if it is addressed in 08.10, but after 08.9 I have had many crashes-to desktop. This didnt occur before the 08.9 update. Anyway, I hope I didnt hijack the threat :-)

  8. Its a pretty decent update. The graphics are nice and so is the 430v2. The Japanese line has a unique look and some of the earlier tanks seemed fun.

    The 430 itself is kinda just a T-62a clone so I'm not excited. I'll get it first of those three though since I think it looks the best. The Chi Ri is horrible, nothing about it is good except the spike damage. But the penetration is too low to make that matter. Could it be like the Sturer Emil and have the current gold round become the silver round with no gold round?

    The T4 Japanese light will be horrible with scout MM but I heard via the Epic Comfort thread that its being changed to normal MM so that should be fun.

  9. Why are you guys improving the graphics thus making WoT more tolling for the hardware with the current bottleneck of unutilised multi core CPU's? Is it because you are sure that the game works fine as it is now? I'm playing WoT maxed out and on older maps the game works just fine, but on the newer ones the framerate gets almost halved. This graphics updates are nice but they don't make me happy. :)
    As for the rest of the patch - I'm happy that the Japanese tanks arrived earlier then I assumed and shooting through object is the biggest thing for me. It will really enhance the gameplay value - details matter a lot. But please state how much penetration the shells loose through which type of objects or preferably the entire mechanics behind it. Keep it up.

    1. There is always room for improvement. Lack of full multicore support doesn't mean we shouldn't improve the visuals further. As the time goes, the current graphics becomes somewhat outdated. These changes are only a small part of what's planned.

      As for performance - sure thing, it is always our priority.

  10. What an update!

    I think you could have named it 0.9.0 without a problem.

    New tree (seems to be okay), new map and on top of that new graphical and physical improvement!
    Rework of maps seems also decent so far.

    Well done WG.

  11. Overlord, a thought occurred to me regarding the upcoming improved engine sounds for World of Tanks, specifically regarding the Maus:

    The Maus engine in World of Tanks is the DB 603 A2, while the top engine on the Me 410 is the DB 603 A. Has it been considered to use the Me 410's DB 603 A sound effect for the Maus engine, since Maus did indeed use an aircraft engine?

    1. Don't think it has ever been considered. Thanks for the hint though.

  12. Had bad performance logging in on test, but found the game had reset all graphic settings to maximum. Going back to most of my normal settings and in addition disabling track effects restored normal performance.

    Also had some graphical artifacts including black shapes flickering on the ground (may have been related to cloud shadows, returning to my old settings removed these) and occasional spiky shapes around trees (these are still there).

    Japanese line has interesting tanks at tiers 8 to 10 which makes it tempting to burn a lot of free experience to skip the awkward middle tiers. May give the whole line a pass due to Chi Ri.

    Object 430 v2 is unique enough even though I'm not a fan of the rear turreted designs. The tier 10 Object 430 seems to trade gun performance for armor which isn't a very good deal.

    Not decided on the new map yet, but it feels a bit cramped at first touch. It's either the city or the road on the opposite side with contact with enemy always at the same locations. On the plus side you appear to have made the new map a lot more common in the rotation on test.

    Doesn't help that everyone loves them tier 10 TDs and at least half the team is always composed of them on test. Sign of things to come on live too?

  13. Wow. Great graphics improvements.

    Regarding performances : motion blur is way too high, and causes inapropriate lag.
    Problem is : I used to play on "maximum" settings and everything was fine until motion blur is now introduced, since it eats a lot of power. Non-tech-savy people will not understand why their game is lagging after the update. You should improve how it is deployed, I guess by reducing it at first. (seriously it's "too much" when it's high)

    Also : color filters are GREAT ! I love it. To me, it changes the game a lot regarding immersion.
    It's just too bad this option is lost inside sub-menus !!

    Great update !

    1. To be more precise : if you are playing fine on "maximum", the motion blur is by default at max too, and is very power-consuming, so it killed my FPS.

  14. Also : is it me or is the grass fuckin' moving now ??
    Seriously, this game is getting BEAUTIFUL !

  15. While it certainly is nice that your killshot doesn't get stuck in a flimsy fence any more, the change to Objects affects gameplay a lot, making the already very powerful TDs even stronger.

    This is just the newest of the changes that helps the high alpha low accuracy TDs to really shine and makes the game at high tiers (and high view ranges) more and more deadly for the one who sticks out his nose first.

    I dearly hope that with the reworking of the spotting system and the general rebalancing of tanks in 2014 this issue will be addressed.

  16. There has been no buff for the Pz.Sfl. V (Sturer Emil) in 0.8.10, even though this awful vehicle needs some urgent improvements.

  17. Add an new cannon for the Chi-Nu, the 7,5cm Tank Gun Type 5 Mod 1 (Autoloader variant with 3 rounds) and the 88mm for the Chi-Ri

  18. Side by side comparison, the Leopard 1 looks like a joke compared to the Japanese tier 10.

  19. Hey Overlord slightly off topic, has WG any plans for Dynamic balancing? I'm thinking for the team/company battles and competitions its always the same vehicles being used, Maybe the less a vehicle is used the more of a bonus to crew skill, or HP, It gets. or maybe a reduction in points required which the team could put into better scouts. It'd just increase the verity greatly instead of the endless kv1s/hellcat/amx/is3 combos

  20. Overlord, can you please explain why the Panzerjäger I was narrowed and made stretched ?

    It is unhistorical now, also, Panzer I wasnt changed.
    And please dont tell me about balancing when there are things like the T18 around at Tier 2.

  21. PLEASE this is the most frustrating thing ever !
    when i aim at a target then the target disappear the cross-hair moves UP/Down automatically and doesn't aim at THE SAME spot again and the shell always go higher/lower.
    i hope you understand what i mean :(

    1. Oh noes, you may have to move the crosshair 2cm. How terrible :p

    2. It is a big problem if the tank is moving and you are trying to hit it and the cross hair moves for no reason. This is one of the little quirks that bugs the crap out of me also.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Japanese line is a bit of a mixed bag. Low tiers aren't a huge issue, tiers 6 and 7 seem a bit underpowered, while tiers 8-10 are quite strong and seem well balanced. STB-1 may need a very tiny amount of nerfing from how it is in the first 8.10 test version, but not by much.

    New Russian tier 10 is unfortunately yet another T-62A clone. I mean yes, it has better armor, but come on, I know you guys can do better to make at least two, even three tier 10 soviet meds that play differently. Object 430/140 and T-62A are wayyyy too similar to each other as-is, the differences are negligible. A different gun would be an excellent start, anything to make them play different.

    New graphics look very nice, but tend to lag a LOT. Please put in the extra time during test to make sure they are optimized. Framerate was unplayable on test a lot of the time.

  24. Any chance to remove/rework Komarin gain in the future ?.. that map .. so bad.
    on more 8.10 patch related notes tho, the new Japanese map is awesome so far.
    + the new jap line seems strong, at least the tier 7-10 i tested. Perhaps a small dpm nerf for tier 9-10 would be fair.
    Visuals are good, cept the loss in frames, theres diff some bugged stuff/coding problem there, my 4,2ghz Core i5, And gtx570 is struggling to keep fps above 60, unless i remove all the track effects and take off blur and a few orther things.

    new Russian mediums are very nice, i just like many others wish that the tier10 one wasn't a stat copy of the other 2 tier10s.

  25. Is Obj.430 traded too much to a little more armor?
    Which is not a big difference in tier 10s game?
    With 120mm upper front it still be penetrate by its opponent easily.
    Turret of Obj.430 is not good as T-62A even improved Obj.140
    Obj.430 has inferior ROF, aim time,
    terrain resistance and dispersion penalty of turret turning and vehicle moving/rotating.

    To sum up, there is no need for grinding to Obj.430...
    Compare with T-62A, its advantage too small compare to its disadvantage.

    Obj.430v2, I think it could use more accurate for both gun.
    Shorter aim time will be good, consider it has -4 gun depression
    and rear-mounted, +-90-degree yaw limited turret.

  26. Overload, just a thought for upcoming patches. Why is it that gun models can traverse though a building but a tank model can't? Gun models traverse should be limited by objects in game just as the tanks hull models are. Sitting behind a house and putting the reticle on a tank and then pulling out to fire just seems ridiculous. This would also benefit lower profile tanks when face hugging. When tanks get in so close that their guns can pass straight through another tanks hull just seems like a huge modeling error.

  27. Dear Overlord,
    Will Wargaming/WoT Developers retaliate the behavior of such players like this retard (Kehim) who kills his own teammate because he is rightfully denied from a bush - arriving as a 2nd TD to a bush which has clearly no room for 2nd TDs:


    Team kill is team kill and it has to be punished, right?