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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[WoT] A Fun Tank To Play

Tanks and their are a substantial part of WoT gameplay. No doubt.

What tanks are fun for you and what are not? And most importantly - why so?
What makes fun tank gameplay for you and what breaks it?
Do you feel like there are enough unique tanks in the game that can boast their character, or the game is trending towards average-like vehicles lacking in character?

Any vehicle-tank-specs-related thoughts will do. 


  1. A tank has to have character. Some good al rounds like the comet leave me un-enthused. Take for example the KV-2. Looking at its stats its so bad its scary. But I nearly always end up smiling when I play it. It has personality.

    What really narks me off though is a good tank with a poor gun. Take the AT-15, or the Black Prince. Great tanks in themselves that are fun. But allot of the games you either fire gold or are ineffective. Its a bit like the Germans used to be about Tier 5-6.

    1. Do we have enough tanks with personality right now?

    2. Well I have 30 odd tanks in my line up, over 10K games played and not one of my tanks has more than 750 games on it. So you're doing ok.

      Of course more tanks with personality, without fun breaking flaws would be good. There's a few out there tat spring to mind. I might have to buy some more garage spaces!

    3. I like what WG did with the Tiger H. It always had personality but now it is even a strong tank.

      Of the new Tanks the A-44 and the Rhm.Borsig are great "personality" tanks. They are unique and handle well in that way.

      But many of the old tanks are lackluster cookie-cutter tanks. The M48 is a prime example of a tank that, while not being horrible, has not much going for it. Also all the mid tier heavies without trollguns loose a lot of their appeal by the fact that roughly 60% of all games your armor is not that useful and thus they can't be played to their personality in most of the games.

  2. Most fun? Fun tanks for people around, meaning usually B2 since it's rare or TOG since it's popular.
    I like playing underdogs, so for a long time I avoided things like KV-1S - it's no fun for me to one shot people without major drawbacks (like for example arty has - and let's face it, the precision is not an issue these days and the reload time is hardly an issue once you have a cover and aren't overrun at least 3 to 1). Can't play Hellcat, though - the high speed is too tempting and I always end up surrounded early on without support. Sold it instead, maybe I'll try later on.

    My most favourite tank is M10 Wolverine, though, mainly because it fits my playstyle - sniping fast from afar.

    As for the game, the top tanks can be quite similar. I prefer playing the prototypes and never seen tanks, because it's interesting to see the faults that designers of that time made before they all learned and started making tanks that look totally the same - simply because it works the best.

  3. I'd put the KV-5 in this category for me. I drive it for fun and for the challenge moreso than to make credits.

    But since you mention it - no, there are not enough personality tanks. The tank lines that have been released cater to the dimensions of tanking that are important to Clans and performance driven players, not for those just looking to enjoy themselves, win or lose. That's why we need those Brummbars and Sturmtigers ASAP. Give us something unusual to play to shake up the battlefield.

    1. Why not play (I)SU-152, then? Or the new German TD line? Or arties and play in TD mode? Sounds like just what you want.

    2. The 152 super derp is fun and different, yes. That is another tank with personality, but Overlord asked "are enough unique tanks in the game that can boast their character, or the game is trending towards average-like vehicles lacking in character?" I'm saying there are not enough unique tanks like the KV-5, the 152, etc. that have some obvious flaws and advantages and require skill to use effectively.

      But autoloading, particularly at high tiers, is one of those things that caters to performance, and has been done to death in the game. So no, the new German TD line was something I was not at all interested in. I would have picked every other line in development over that one. I'd like to see WoT come back to its roots a little more. Perhaps with the other British line - consisting more of regular production tanks rather than one-off prototypes and paper tanks.

      And while I want to have fun, gimping my team by playing an arty as a TD is not something I'm really interested in. :-p

    3. You are correct in the way that most recent tanks that have been added to the game cater more for esports and performance play.

    KV2 - Relaxing kind, you can't carry (too slow and unflexible) but I dont care. I just like trolling Tier 8s with fire-and-forget shells (no aiming needed)
    KV4 - Trying to tank as much damage as possible. Funny to see some enemies just bouncing. Can be a banzaii-breach tank.
    Patton - Very flexible, you can carry because of fast maneuverability - going where you are needed and taking advantage of possibilites on the map
    Ferdinand - Iconic tank, it looks beautiful and can hurt a lot. Good pen for long engagements and enough armor to retreat if its getting hairy
    Jumbo - Acceptible mobility but can go hull down and surprise some enemies with its valuable armor and fast firing gun for a med.
    T29-34 - Hull down monsters with fearable guns. I personally like hull down tactics very much, so they come in handy with me.
    Stug - Very mobile, good pen and camo. As tier 5 this is a small money maker if you can stay in the second line.

    Arty - Boring gameplay. Success depends on luck instead of skill.
    T28 - Too slow and bad armor. Gun can punch you out sometimes, but you are not flexible enough to use the gun
    T95 - Incredibly slow and a no-carry tank. You decide a place to be at the start and drive there. When reached it, either your team is dead or the enemy is dead and you can't do anything about it. Depends far too much on the team thus also boring and frustrating gameplay.
    Churchill GC - Who made that tank? So many bad things, your blog has not enough space for it ;)

    As for uniqe or remarkable tanks, I would list Ferdinand, VK3200M (Real Panther), Tiger, T95 (more or less from the bad side), T29 (Micky Mouse), T-34, E-75, Maus, KV-1/2

    1. On a personal note. SU-26 was/is a lot of fun.

    2. "Churchill GC - Who made that tank? So many bad things, your blog has not enough space for it ;)"

      I think the A22D's biggest problem is the 32Pdr (What was WG Thinking in mounting it?). Remove that gun, drop it down a tier or two, and suddenly it'll be able to do well.

    3. Hm ok, maybe. But its very low tier, isn't it? I think its not challenging enough. I like the stressful mantlet-to-mantlet infights more. Gives me more the feeling "you achieved something"

    4. SU-26 WAS a lot of fun, WG has broken that arty with character to a piece of crap.

    5. Definitely agree about Arty being boring after their changes. They seem counter to what they were going for. Seems like they should hit less hard and fire more often. Maybe less historical, but better gameplay.

      As for luck: yes, you're more at the mercy of the RNG than normal tanks (which leads to some super frustrating games). But, in general I think the balance on that is decent.

  5. Each tank is unique, but most new tanks now do not offer something spectacularly new or have their unique niche as in the past (US: gun depression, USSR: alpha, Germans: accuracy, French: autoloader).

    So I think there are enough tanks now and I would like to see more new content that gives me a reason to play with the tanks I like and have rather than grind a new branch. I.e. more missions and rewards.

  6. For a tank to be good it has to have a good mix of all the cruical aspects.

    Take the WZ-120 medium for example - it has a brutal gun, nice armor and mobility, but totally lacks in gun depression. However it when you learn to compensate, it is a pretty much a fun tank.

    The complete opposite is the AMX M4 45 tier 7 heavy - weight and mobility like a heavy, armor and hitpoints like a medium, with a sniper gun more fit for a TD. It doesn't work for that role. At first I thought it would play like a tier 7 VK4502A which has the good mix, but nope.

    Also, with each game version the importance of thick armor is smaller and smaller - new guns with better penetration with regular shells and premium ones for credits. Either you need to have a brutal amount of armor or almost none and sacrifice it for mobility - the best armor is not getting hit at all :)

    1. Also one more thing - the importance of good gun depression is also diminishing - more and more maps' ground is being made rounder at the usual spots where tanks meet.

      I remember some maps from 2 years ago that were really unforgiving at those spots for tanks with -5° gun depression :)

  7. KV-2, SU-152, JP2, Sturer Emil...
    Anything that can ruin the day of a tank 2 tiers higher than it with a single shot really :)

    I must say though I do find people whine too much about OP tanks, just cause it has 1 great aspect (and maybe several weaknesses), and the driver or the tank has played it effectively and you have failed to exploit its weaknesses does not make it OP. Luckily WG don't listen too much to that sort of whining or we certainly would end up with a game full of average tanks with no defining features. So as for uniqueness I think it still stands for now :)

  8. fun tanks:
    e-25, t2 lt, amx 1390 - fast moving and shooting(troll) tanks
    elc - same without the fast shooting
    pre-nerf vk2801 - unique, fast anti-scout
    tog II - unique gameplay, but more tanks of that kind would be boring to play,
    don't want to play the tog each day either
    (old)kv2 - back when it could oneshot any tank that it met
    almost every mobile tank without scout mm - but only in platoons
    (especially fast tds and heavies, mediums)
    fast arties with short range - i don't want to be forced to camp on the edge of the map,
    i want to participate

    non fun tanks:
    slow tanks with useless armor and nothing to make up for it (t28, pz IV s, lowe, vk4502b,
    vk3001h, french low tiers... )
    (long-range)arty in the way it is now - i want to play not watch others play and pray to the rng
    hardcore camper tanks (most slow tds without useful armor or alpha )
    (fighter)light tanks that end up as scouts(amx12,13, chaffe, t69/71), i either want to scout or
    fight, not something inbetween and fail at both

    fun tank gameplay: trolling, leading an attack, platoons, trying uncommon tactics(maybe
    bigger maps with less chokepoints could help)

    breaks fun tank gameplay: arty in it's current behavior, random teams, nerfs, power creep, high
    pen guns, especially with gold ammo, critical hits, lag (really anoying
    when ramming enemies instead of circling...)

    there can never be enough tanks in the game, it's always great to play something new, something different.But i also appreciate the differences between roughly similar tanks, like su-122-44, jagdpanther and t25 at; stug and su-85 or is-4 and is-7

  9. My fun tanks :
    M2 LT, Pz II
    T82 and SU-26 used to be great
    Most T4 tds
    ELC, Sherman with Derp, S35-CA
    Jumbo, KV-1S, Hellcat
    E-25, T71, AMX 13 75, T29
    AMX 13 90, JPZII
    Bat Chat

    Basically, action tanks, you don't camp for minutes, you fight, you move, you spot, etc. You're pretty much always busy. With decent firepower you can do your own spotting, deal some damage and don't need to rely on your teammates.
    This game is more about spotting/hiding and mobility so I tend to favor those abilities. I like heavy armored turret with great depression too. Good VR + good camo + good gun is another great combination. Tanks with very high alpha for their tier can be fun too but it feels too easy.

    On the opposite, I find heavies pretty boring, mostly at higher tiers. Same goes for T9 & 10 TDs. Camping and waiting for something to happen for more than 2 minutes is so annoying.
    There are some awful tanks like M3 Lee (worse tank I played at the time, MM didn't help), ARL V39 (always late, no armor, fat, no camo, etc), Lorraine (too big, no armor).
    Scouts aren't fun either since lots of tanks are fully equiped with 400 VR, binocs or optics and it make them quite useless. Maybe keep sixth sense only for scouts or add some kind of camometer for them to give them an edge. Arty used to be fun.

    Anyway, there are enough tanks with personality right now for me but not a lot of truly unique vehicles. ELC (really small), E-25, S35-CA (gun arc, alpha), Jumbo, Bat Chat really feel unique, you won't find another tank like these in the game and they're unique in a good way. When they're unique in a bad way, it's probably the worst kind you'd play.

    Finally, the map is a huge part of the fun. Corridors are awfully boring and some maps don't have enough flanking options. I have more fun on open maps and they fit with my prefered tanks.

  10. Fun Tank
    Just bought the S35 and I already love it.
    Grille - used with a good spotter or two it is insanely fun. Even more fun when the other team starts raging.
    Hummel - Same as the Grille.

    However the StPz II is in a class of it's own because of the tier situation. It see's a much lower and less armored series of tanks and has as much penetration as the Grille. After putting a GLD and Rammer on it I laugh my ass off in it.

    The Renault FT 75 BS. Stupid amounts of fun I have played it from 75% crew to 91% and am working on 100%. The 7.14s reload time might be part of the fun issue...

    As for un-fun tanks.
    The G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) and StPz I are at the top of my list.

    The first one is utter crap and the second one was nerffed to hell. Even with a 100% crew on CTS it is still rather bad.

    other tanks to add to the list for me at least have to be the Medium I, II and III. I gave up on the Medium III and free xp'ed past it to get to the Matilda which I love.

    A 220ms ping on EU2 might have something to do with what tanks I like... =)


  11. Most fun? Hmmmm, hard to say. I had most fun generally with German tank destroyers (both the new and old line), especially those with good traverse, Nashorn is a total monster. I also consider Russian mediums to be fun, but my results with them say otherwise...

    1. Perhaps this can help you to T-54 my friend. Analyze it. Check Tactics. T-54 is played aggressive but always mobile. Staying too long in one spot will lead to death.

  12. Sorry to comment, but...
    My Most FUN VEHICLE has to be or MUST BE sry to use cps locks...
    SU-85, with no question.
    Altho it is nerfed (the 107mm was removed), but I can still make some mess in a T7's battle, like pen Tiger's LFP and make it burn and once i even ricochet a shot from AMX 1390.
    Thats... what I want to say ,thank you.
    Oh and btw, when can we expect the Official GuP sound mod? Can't wait anymore...

    1. Definitely not before Jap tanks. That mod can be fun.

    2. Definitely, looking forward to it! Seiyuu can do awesome job, really.

    3. Thx for answering overlord, but I want to ask more about the gup mod.
      Will the mod be officialy supported? I mean that the mod will be updated as the wot version updates, since there was some cases that the voice mods are not working properly after.certain game patches.
      Looking forward to your response.

  13. Not fun tanks
    FV4202 - damn turret is too squishy, This alone ruins what could be a really fun tank.

  14. So far.. ELC and FV304 are for me the only really fun tanks to play

    Reasons are probably the same.. they have that somekind of really really dynamic and intense style of game play which kinda looks like trolling. :)

    Also I would like to try out that E-25.. he kinda looks like he fits in that group :3

  15. Very fun tanks:
    T71, E25, Luchs. I generally love fast and small tanks, which can throw a great load of shells in quick time. Other scouts are fun as well, but T71 is superior, because of very high penetration of standard ammo. VK 28.01 is fun to paly with HE only, even after so many nerfs.

    I loved Sturmpanzer II before the nerfs. It was great to platoon higher and ammorack Tigers II and other higher tiers.

    What is not fun to play: Churchill Gun Carrier and other slow and paper armour tanks. You can say that's good, that some tanks have such kind of character, but it is still no fun to play with them.

  16. Well my favorite tanks so far are the soviet TD's - su-85b, su-100, su-152, isu-152 are all awesome tanks and i can rely to have fun in them on any time.
    The IS line (KV-1, KV-1S, IS-3) are pretty awesome as well, so are the American heavies from tier 7 and up.
    I guess what really makes or breaks a particular tank is it's ability to be effective, since being effective will lead to lots of great battles which will further lead to having fun.
    But mostly what i need in a tank is just a gun with good penetration; the rest is manageable ;).
    From there, arises the characteristics of, in my opinion, bad tanks - those that have bad penetration (B1, jagdpanzer IV, t25/2, french low tier tanks, british heavies up to black prince, t43, kv13 etc).
    For me, the tank can be slow, without armor and whatnot and still be a fun tank, but when the only way to penetrate an opponent is to either spam gold rounds or hope he stands still or is afk, so you can aim at those weakspots really gets on my nerves and frustrates me more often than i would like to admit.
    All in all, i think there is pretty decent amount of unique, even if bad :), tanks in the game, however, there is a number of boring, similar tanks as well - t-62 clones, for example.

  17. T-44 and JgPanther. Both tanks have very clear strength and weaknesses and an effective playsyle comes very naturally just by playing them both.

    If, id have to pick a bad tank though i'd say the Comet. Its not a bad per say but you loose all the good points of the cromwell just for a slight dpm boost and decent turret. It makes it really awkward to play as its good points dont mix in with its designated role.

  18. My least favorite tanks so far...

    A-20, felt overall a subpar tank, leveled it by suicide rushing between matches of other tanks before i knew any better, it (had?) the mm of a scout, but lower view range than any tank it went up against, so when trying to scout with it you just got blasted

    AMX-40, slow, subpar gun armor is only good within it's own tier. felt like it needed a reduced mm range to give it a fair chance of affecting the battle

    T-43, (played post gun nerf) too big and unwieldy to have a chance at flanking maneuvers, it also doesn't have the gun or armor to go head to head with the tanks it is matched against.

    any artillery post nerf. can't hit anything, and when you do it's for roughly equivalent as a regular tank would hit for. wish i got a refund on the exp i had spent.


    T-50-2 was easily the most fun tank in the game before it was removed.

    T95 TD while it goes from as frustrating as a houseful of shedding cats, to euphoric depending on the situation, support you receive etc. i am still enjoying this tank immensely.

    T29 gives good training for hull down, fun to bounce enemy shots with, and has enough penetration to hit most tanks in it's mm bracket

    T32 same as above, gun is starting to feel a bit underpowered as it is now trying to go head to head with tier 10's.

    su-26 pre nerf.

    obj 212 pre nerf.

    T25 TD. just an outstanding tank, excelled in several areas once it was elite.
    and while not a commentary on the tanks themselves, i have noticed an overall trend to try to limit the fields of fire, and limit scouting game play both actively(map redesigns, removal of dedicated scouts) and passively (the continued lack of persistent tracking of the damage upon assisting stat) that has narrowed the scope of game play within the game.

  19. M4A3E8 remains my favorite. It can be hard to use against tier VIII, but if one can succeed in a flank, you can just circle and destroy anything you want. The DPM is just so great on it.

  20. I really like the US heavy tanks starting with the T1 Heavy, M6, and T29. I do not feel that good about the T32, but that may because I play late at night and face a lot of tier IX and X tanks. I just got the M103 and my first two games were fun. I will have to see how it goes in the long run.

    I know a lot of players don't care for the T1 Heavy nor the M6, but I find that they have good maneuverability, good guns, and can take hits. I really like being able to sit behind friendlies and shoot the bad guys while my teammates shield me. The good gun depression and my size allow me to use the terrain for hull down positions that other tanks cannot take advantage of.

    Also, the British Mk III and Mk IV Cruisers were a lot of fun to play with their really good guns and decent speeds.

    I never got the hang of the Pz IV due to its weak armor. Also, could be because when I played it, I had a slower computer (15-20 fps).

    I also suck with the Tiger I (H & P). Never got a handle on how to use them. Always got shot up pretty quickly in matches.

  21. Favourite tonks for me are:

    Pz I C
    pre-nerf pzIV
    pre-nerf su26
    pre-nerf T50-2
    pre-nerf VK28
    tier 3 luchs
    current tiger
    wz 131/132
    Type 59
    VK3002DB(recent version)

    Tanks that I hate are:

    M60(no armor, no camo, too slow for med)
    T110E5(no armor for heavy, too slow for med)
    any arty that isnt in favourites
    flakbus(no armor/speed, cant carry)
    KV1s/IS(unreliable armor and gun makes me rage)
    SU100(unreliable gun+no armor/viewrange)
    KV1(too slow in T5)
    M103(no armor for heavy, too slow for med)
    Leopard(tier 4)(no gun, zero agility, passive scout or dead=no fun)

    In general I hate tanks that have eg some armor, but not enough to count on but they do lack in other areas to compensate the useless armor. Also hate D25T guns in general because they are bad. I prefer tanks on the extremes, like E100 has extreme armor but pays a lot in other areas and like pz I C has extreme speed and dpm but no penetration and how tiger has extreme dpm/accuracy/pen but bad armor. Some generic tanks I can make work like the VK DB and T43 because you cant turn their half-assed armor to good use by hulldown/sidescrape which for example doesnt work on E5 because it has the tumor.

    1. for T43 I also mean the recent version with 85mm gun btw.

  22. There are too many tanks I like, but som notable are:
    T49 & Hellcat - view range and camo abuse
    VK3601H - it can do almost everything, brawling, sniping, liked it better as med, though
    SU-122-44 - everything I want from TD in one package
    AMX M4 45 (!) - everyone expects me to be worse tiger, 105 with APCR (more dmg ftw!) makes them pay big time, gun depression to the sides is abysmal though

  23. Have you ever play 112 HT of Chinese or T-34-3?

  24. Tanks I love, the hellcat!

    Tanks I find annoying to play:

    The first two due to weak side armor and rear, which is made worse due to the sheer size (25 feet long 10 or so feet high)

    The M6A2E1 because of the power creep in game that has made the front armor less then decent, with all the tier 10 games it gets tossed in to it feels like the side and rear armor extend to the front. The tank is taller then a Maus when in real life it was shorter, also zero camo value. Mix in a poor, slow gun and it's a pain to play most of the time.

  25. For me – what makes a tank fun is one that plays its’ role well, and can have a chance to carry a game when things aren’t going well for your team.

    It doesn’t have to be great in all areas – in fact, that’s probably what helps the tank have “character” in the first place – but it shouldn’t have any large flaws that stop if from playing its role.

    For example, I’ll use two tier 6 TDs, the Hellcat and the ARL V39.

    I love my Hellcat – it’s fast, the gun hits hard, the camo is great. It performs the role of a highly mobile, relocatable, well-camouflaged sniper. Now, the armour is negligible and the gun takes a while to reload and aim, but those things don’t stop it playing its role.

    Then there’s the ARL. It’s too slow to relocate well, the camo is poor and it has a high profile so it can’t snipe well, but the armour is also bad so you can’t take it up to the front lines either. The gun handling (aim time and traverse) aren’t great so you have trouble hitting moving targets. It doesn’t really have a role, and as a consequence it’s not fun at all.

    Other tanks with character that I love are tanks like the T29 (works very well as a heavy, but has to be located properly to make use of the armour), Pz-1C (the drive-by tank) and the SU-152 with the Derp gun (lethal but requires you to find good spots and stay hidden when alone, but can also be fun following a push)

    There are also a few rare tanks that aren’t great alone but are fun in a platoon – The Churchill III and TOG come to mind - the lack of speed and so-so armour isn't an issue because having three fast-firing guns means you can sweep a flank.

    As for whether the game is “trending towards average-like vehicles lacking in character” – I’d have to say to a certain extent yes – partly just because there’s so many tanks in game, and partly because power creep is reducing the opportunity for tanks which were known for character (like the Maus). However I think WG did a good job with the new German TD line (reservations about yet another auto-loader aside) as a fairly unique-to-play line.

  26. Let's see, The Excelsior right now is giving me joy despite it's regular AP rounds. However my general 'favourites' are the T2 Light (that machinegun), the Matilda (that wonderful 2pdr.), the FV 304 (best arty by far), the Pershing (one of my first keepers), the AT-2 (downright OP battlefortress), TOG (because, why not), KV 2 (Derp), Cromwell and Crusader (fast and deadly)

    1. Also forgot to add, the Centurion 1, the Patton, the T29 and the KV 4 (battlefortress)

  27. Well since you asked , The t110e4 is a fun tank to play. It has somewhat of a turret and can be used as a heavy with a big gun and longer reload. I guess it fits in all maps.
    The tier ten Leo is a challenging tank to play becuase you hav to learn to play it more so than others . It has the speed , accuracy , pen , damage that make you want to charge, but you better hold yourself back. No armor means you better not get hit.
    The isu 152 is great for a good laugh . It is just fun as hell to see 750 points come off of a tank and watch the chat as they rage and kill their keyboard. On the other hand you better not get hit in this very much as well.
    The st 1 is a great tank , wonderful armor and a decent gun . I usually finish the game with 80 % of my hit points .
    The T57 is another tank that has to be played right or you just end up with a big ammo and repair bill. If used right and you wait for other tanks to fire their guns then jump out and empty your clip it's great.
    The only tank I think needs a Nerf is the Foch 155 , bu maybe that's just me. It has to much of the good and not enough of the bad.
    Tanks I'm still waiting to see is the Sherman firefly and the elephant.
    WOT has done a great job with the vk 3002m , aka the real panther, still need a little work on the tiger armor. The buff on the gun was spot on though.
    It would be great to diversify the perks with a lot of meaningful directions then you would see more character come out of the people who play tanks.

  28. Tanks I've had the most fun in (not necessarily the ones I've done best in) are:

    Pz.B2: Once you accept you're to use exclusively gold in this tank, it becomes a fun little devil with an amazing hull traverse which just feels so comfortable to use.

    FCM 50t: Sure it's not a pioneer of the paper armor medium tank concept, but the fact it's actually a heavy and has a corresponding health pool, even though it does play like a medium plus its credit modifier make playing this tank one of my favorite activities.

    T32: Glaringly unexceptional in flat ground, when this monster goes hull down it's just the top dog; the king of the hill; the marshal general; the plump ass seated comfortably on the couch. The sheer comfort and security inspired to me by this tank when it's hull down are simply unparalleled. On top of that, it's the tank that I've achieved my highest ever WR on, 68%. Definitely my favorite tank.

  29. Hmmm, the most fun tanks? I tend to like more mobile tanks with good armor (Type 59) or good guns (Leopard). I like being able to react to the changing battlefield; hate getting stuck in a slow tank unable to change sides of the map and help where it's needed or unable to escape being overwhelmed and killed.

    As for particular vehicles though;
    ELC AMX is probably one of the top fun-to-drive tanks in the game for me. It's incredibly fast, ridiculously small, and has a very punchy 90mm to boot. I only wish the other tier 5 light tanks were this good, because the ELC should be the standard they're held to.

    The Type 59 is easily one of the most capable (and fun) medium tanks in its tier, it's a real shame that no tech-tree tank really has the kind of armor this thing does. It's really one of a kind.

    Leopard PT A is also loads of fun with the 105mm gun, quickly becoming one of my favorite tier 9 vehicles... catching up to the T-54 which is probably my favorite tier 9.

    I've only got two tier 10s but my favorite of those is my T-62A, similar reasons to the type 59/T-54; good armor, good mobility - great brawler.

    And of course the T18/KV-2/Hetzer/SU-152/etc. howitzer-wielding tanks - all fun, just to derp around. A lot of them tend to be a bit OP with excessive use of gold rounds though. Kinda wish the game limited how much gold you could load (1/3 of max capacity? 1/4? Something.)

    Hellcat, Easy 8 Sherman, T25 AT, Comet, Centurion, Indien-Panzer, M3 Stuart, to name a few others...

    Chaffee would be on this list too if the repair costs weren't so goddamn ridiculous. Really hoping you guys get around to reworking that tank.

    1. As far as unique tanks or tanks with character go, I'd say you guys usually do a pretty decent job of adding in unique vehicles (New soviet med line from 6-8 was great, as were most of the new german TDs), though a few of them are occasionally bad eggs. Main example here being the T-62A clones; the Obj. 140 and the soon-to-come Obj. 430. They're way too similar to the T-62A, so since I have that tank already I see no point in getting either of the Objects.

  30. As a general rule, I like all tanks. Which is why I keep everything I buy. I really regret selling a bunch of tanks before I figured out that buying garage slots is actually not all that expensive. However, if you ask me which tanks I like best, the answer is relatively easy. I like good guns. High accuracy, good penetration and a decent ROF really tend to make me happy. Alpha damage can be valuable, but in the end I will settle for DPM unless the alpha is critical, meaning that it can take out tanks in one. The second thing I care for a great deal is view range. I am a firm believer of killing the enemy from range. Why be shot at if it is not needed? As for the rest of the tank, I like mobility, but I also like armour a lot. (Gold ammo is the biggest fault in this game right now, since it devalues a very important aspect of the game.) So which tanks out of a garage with 100+ tanks I like most? The Mathilda, the Tiger 1&2, the Russian T5 med T-34, The Churchill I & VII, the SU-152 and the panther I. That is not to say I dislike the others, but these ones are the tanks that come to mind first. Playing the IS8 and the E-75, both of which are great, I have come to fully appreciate the variety and diversity of T4 and T5. That is where WOT really shines. It is a shame it so undervalued in competitive play. Tier 10 is the least exciting place to be, yet you have to go there if you want to play competitively. This makes for rushing through the tiers, which in turn leads people to fail to comprehend what they are driving. They simply do not take the time needed to properly appreciate a tank. The M3-Lee is a great TD, but an atrocious med. People playing it as they think it should be played, hate it. I know I hated it until I figured out that I could bury anything in T4/5 as long as I stayed out of sight.

  31. Tricky question.

    In terms of tanks I do well in and currently play: T49, SU-122-44, SU-100Y, Tortoise

    In terms of tanks I find fun and interesting to play: Object 416, A-44, SU-101, KV-5, AMX 50 100 and the above 5 tanks :-)

  32. I think that fun tank with personality is a tank with a strong upside that shadows its other numerous downsides. When played right, the tank is a pure joy.

    Tanks with autoloaders even if they have bad gun control, can be fun to play. T71 is a good example. The OP 155 is another example.

    Gun Depression
    Tanks with great gun depressions are in general fun to play. ARL 44 is a good example.

    Hull Down
    T29/T32/T34. While a lot of tanks can hull down, but few excel as these tanks.

    Reverse Angling
    IS-4 / T34 etc. Very few tanks do as well as IS-4 and T34 in terms of reverse angling. While this ability is highly situational, they are invaluable at choke points. It also makes T34 / T32 playable in city maps.

    Frontal Armor
    S. Pershing (prior to nerf), IS-7, Tiger(P), E3 are good examples. Tanking is the name of the game.

    Stug III / JgPz IV / E-25 are great because they have good cammos with high firing rate.

    Hellcat / T49 are good examples where great mobility turned a mediocore tank into great fun tanks.

    Great Gun
    KV-2, T92, 183, etc live and die by their gun. Take their gun away and they have nothing else to show for.

    Odd Game Play Style
    S35 CA with wide gun arc and high alpha is very fun to play, despite being very slow and having a long reload time. In contrast, ARL V39 is just horrible.

    1. High caliber/damage?

      E100? FV215?

    2. I would put them into a category of Heavy Tankers. Tanks such as KV-1, E100, Tiger II, 110 are classical heavy tanks that can do a lot of damage while at the same time can absorb a ton of damages. However, I consider them being a little bit too complete in their capabilities, with the only minor weakness being their mobility.

      While they are fun to play (any tanks with a clear working play style is fun to play), personality wise I think they are not as notable as tanks such as T34, KV-2.

      Neither T34 nor KV-2 can tank that well, and both are slow and with slow reload time. So they constant switch between the role of hunter and hunted. They would try to smile at the enemies when they are reloading shells, and as soon as reloaded, they start bossing around.

  33. Sadly the most fun tank i ever played was the T-50 before the tank gods crippled it. It was my most played tank and i loved sliding it around turns and sometimes opposing tanks. Some people need to blow up tanks to have fun, but scouting was why i played the game. Unfortunately my play time has greatly decreased since it was taken from us and replace with the mockery that we are left with today.

    I think people sometimes forget that this is a game. They rage at RNG, other players, WG, every one they can think to blame for their own short comings. But every time i played that thing i had a smile on my face and when disaster struck, another game was just minutes away.

  34. Centurion 7/1 with the 105mm, no doubt. It's just a really well thought out tank, that can do so much different stuff on a battlefield. Hull-down, poke, brawl, snipe, flank. Jack of all trades, master of some.

  35. I'll say Panzer IV, Tiger (P), KV-2, StuG III, Churchill I.
    Panzer IV is my favourite tank (irl too), and I find it really funny to play. Good gun, good speed, good agility, well... One of the best of it's tier, in my opinion.
    The Tiger (P) has a really good frontal armour, it's always funny seeing people trying to shoot it in the front. Also its gun is great and you can be really useful to your team mate.
    KV-2: I think all was said about it. It's a bit hard to play with "bad" team, but with a good team it's a delicious moment.
    StuG III: same as Panzer IV, my favourite TD. He choose me for the StuG Life.
    Churchill I: I dislike it at the beginning the stock gun was really bad. But when full upgrade it's a monster.
    High RoF, good armour, nice speed (not fast but enough). You can be a good support for your team, and even lead an attack (though it can be hard).

  36. My favourite is IS-8 (in T-10M config) - it's funny to see some enemies just bouncing off my armour. It can be a banzai-breacher tank, rushing in and confusing enemy to a level where they stop firing at others and take aim at you. And it's very flexible, you can run around because of fast maneuverability. I'm not going to talk about that God-like 121.54mm M-62-T2 (GRAU index: 2A17) gun because man... That gun is a miracle.

  37. most fun - tanks which made me most surprise.
    i was expecting shit tank, but instead i got tons of fun.

    myy first lvl 5, and my firts (M) tank.

    - on paper it should be not so good, but somehow all my games were 1000xp +. lot of damage.
    Very fun :-)

    - on paper : man, i was afraid of this tank. It took me half year to buy it. Now I enjoy it like hell, i got (M) after 30games :-)

    SU 152
    - hell ROF - I was not expecting this fun. hidden, quite agile, hell DPM.. yay! :-)

    and, offcourse

    - BEST OP TANK EVER :-)))
    - holding alone 1 side against 6 enemies, and killing them all, scoring 6k dmg, bouncing 5kdmg ... haha :-))

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My most love and hatred tank is M48A1. I'm South Korean. So I love our country used or using tanks. As I started this game for this tank = M48 Patton which is rolling now in My country and I saw this when I was army. Personal story is over now. I accept that M48 has terrible camo point. because is tall. But, M48 Patton has remove gun gun turret on main turret in M48A5P1. I hope to remove that gun turret on M48 Patton. In game M48A1 tank has unhistorical gun 105mm M68 because It is started on M48A5 not A1. I want Patton get remove that gun turret research option and well camo just like M4A3E8 which is almost same tall like M48 Patton. Just my own meanless wish..After M26 Pershing has historical engine and gun, over 8 ~ 10 american medium go down one tier, and M60 Patton in game move to tier 10 american medium not for premium tank. Sorry about whinning.(sign)

    3. Yes, the Pattons are now, like, outdated. The Pershing isn't a strong tank but can be made work. The M46 is okish, but it's only real advantage against the T-54 is the pen... which most T-54 drivers rightfully invalidate by using the insane pen prem ammo. The M48 is simply a pain. It's a faster T110E5 with less HP and no armor... not enough by todays standard. Really the only reason the Tier X med world isn't totally dominated by Bat Chats is the horrible "un-mediumlike" grind up to it.

  39. Most fun

    1. Hellcat
    In this tank I can almost always contribute, even as a lonely Tier VI in an all Tier VIII match. A perfect mix of medium and TD gameplay.

    2. Obj 704
    The monster, has got everything the disappointing Obj 268 misses: gunarc, shell velocity, troll front armor if angled.

    3. T-54 (with prem ammo only)
    THE medium tank of the game (apart from the type 59).

    Most atrocious:
    1. mid tier arty (any)
    Really, waiting like 20s to usually miss the small, agile tanks or usually deal 120 damage on a hit to the slows - yeah, fun... NOT.

    2. Churchill VII
    It has some armor... and nothing, really nothing else. Oh, and the armor is useless unless it's top tier.

    3. Durchbruchswagen 2
    WTF! This is a new tank. It isn't some outdated, overnerfed casuality of the balancing frenzy. It is NEW and it SUCKS so hard, I can't really find words for it. It's like a Churchill VII without the armor.

    Most personality:
    1. Cromwell
    This is not a strong tank, and often it is frustrating to play as the tiniest error gets you killed so hard, but it has great personality because it really feels unique for me.

    2. T54E1
    It is a bit sluggish with not much armor and low pen on an inaccurate slow aiming gun... But sometimes it brings the muhaha out when you empty a clip into someone after a well prepared ambush. This tank need work to be good but it rewards good play just like the Cromwell does.

    3. A-44
    Unique and funny. Really something different yet strong if handled well.

    1. 100% agree with you "- yeah, fun... NOT." have a lot of laugh ;)

  40. big topic... Super Pershing used to be a unique vechicle! I have sold it, because of the armor nerf and missing pen buff. Imo, this is a fantastic example of how not to adjust tanks in the game... the tank lost it's entire uniqueness, which was it's frontal armor. I know devs look at performance stats of tanks and hire lost of people to collect information crucial to balance the game, but I think what is being constantly totally ignored is that you should not nerf a tank, because of stats produced by skilled and/or veteran players, who always as first purchase good prem tanks or new regular tanks. So when considering nerfs and buffs, it is important to know, who produced these stats. Balancing the game should not result in making all tanks "average", plenty of tanks are simply unique and players need to deal with it. We used to have 5 arties per battle, now we have at least 5 TDs. We used to have hordes of KV1s, now we have hordes of Hellcats. We used to have wolf packs of Type59s... time to find different solutions to balancing the game than nerfing unique tanks loved by majority of players.
    It is most important to remember to show players respect, because they are "investing" plenty of their time to research certain tanks picked exactly because of their characteristics, or what is even more pay cash for prem tanks. Currently, the game creates a massive amount of frustration made of small details... even a tiny detail like the last christmas surprise offer of a plane.
    Simply create a fun game and respect your customers!

    1. The first thing in showing respect to players is not touching prem vehicles. In 99% of cases we follow this and keep Type 59 as it is.

      As for regular vehicles, we are thinking about "less nerfing policy"

    2. I am okay with changes to premium vehicles as long as WG offers the buy-back policy like they did with the SP. On a side note, even with all of the changes to the Pzkw 38/735(f) (mini-Maus), both direct and indirect (making everyone else have better penetration), I find it a good, fun tank. Now, I just don't kill as many tanks in battle with it like I used to.

    3. "less nerfing policy"

      Please be cautious with this, as well. I own an M6A2E1. It is nothing like it was in the early days of WoT's. Not because you nerfed it, but because you have added more tanks over time, with higher damage and penetrations. The Lowe was one of the first "new" tanks in it tier range that could regularly penetrate the M6A2E1. Prior to that, only the I/SU-152 was a threat. Then came the French tanks with their higher pen. And the T34 with its 120mm. So, remember that "penetration creep" or buffing tank stats, rather than keeping them reasonably similarly balanced over time, is also important.

  41. Let's see.

    My favourite tanks:

    E-50M: My first tier 10 tank. It's got awesome accuracy, good top speed, and with spall liner+controlled impact it can do some nasty ramming action.

    Batchat: Hell yeah, a cool autoloader gun, and some nice mobility, altough the initial accelration feels a little sluggish to me, and the track traverse can sometimes wreck your plans.

    KV-2: The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every tier 6 tank on the map in one shot, accept no substitutes. They tell me, that the KV-1S is the most op tank in tier 6. Yeah right... My KV-2 oneshots them for breakfast. The only thing, that seperates a normal and a pro KV-2 player, is that the pro knows it's not enough to bring the crosshair on target, you should aim carefully with it. I don't know how many times I was called hacker, when I did more than 750-800 damage to tier 8 tanks with HE ammo. Hell I've oneshotted an IS-8 from 1300 something HP, when I platooned up with a T29. I hit the IS-8 for 1010 damage, and it's engine caught fire, so the 300 HP he had quickly vanished.

    KV-1: ONLY with the 57mm gun. I haven't seen many players using the 57mm gun on it, but it's crazy. I can reload in 1,94 seconds, and do 80-ish damage evrytime. In tier 5 battles this setup is a monster. With careful angling only derp tanks can hurt me, and I can make Swiss cheese from my enemies without any problem.

    E 25: My precious. I bought it when it was 30% off, and I haven't regtretted it. Money well spent. This thing is quick ass a tornado, smaller than an ELC AMX, fires faster than an autoloader, you don't have to reload the autoloader drums, and the camo on it makes it a ninja, oh and don't forget it's MM spread. My clanmates tld me it's gonna be sh*t with the low penetration, and never listened to me, when I showed them my scores with the tank they instantly become jealous. :D

    AMX 40: Yeah, the Mighty Duck. In tier 4 battles it can cause some headaches to the enemy team, I can hold a flank alone. In higher tiers I stayed back to protect the arty, and kill suicidescouts. I finished it's grind fairly quick.

    Honorable mentions without description: Hellcat, Pz. I C, ELC AMX, IS-3, Lorrainne 40t, Pz IV

  42. I don't have one tank i like most. I think i just like tanks i am good with. Still, there is on tank that i know well and i think it struggles (~500battles with 45% wr for me, sad experience): AwfulPanter is awful.
    What i think it needs is a major viewrange buff (like to 430m base). It shouldn't be a problem as it is a soft stat anyway (and i'm sure you can "historically" justify this with some IR experiment :P or sth like that).
    * This tank is no spotter (bad viewrange to camo ratio - and you will not touch camo because it's big) - it gets spotted before it sees anything it goes against (i have 100% camo on all crew and it is a bit better but not much).
    * It's huge, inviting target, so even suicide runs won't be very successful, because it's hard to miss.
    * Mobility? Good for a medium, meh for a "light" (with offroad driving).
    * Firepower? Wait, lights don't rely on firepower. Konisch has useable pen against 10tier only with APCR (the gun you get on 5tier now) - yes, that pen your opponents get with standard ammo (which they don't need to pen you); and derp has ben nerfed to ground.
    * Ramming? Yeah! The only pleasure, to ram other lights (and maybe suicide-ram mediums). You cannot even ram successfully high tier arties as they are heavy bastards (and you cannot one-shot them).
    * Armor? What armor? OK, lights don't rely on armor ;) (but other lights have something else to rely on).

    So, the only thing to make this tank (kind of) spotter again is major viewrange buff.

  43. Tanks that are good at their job are fun to play.

    Heavy heavies that can brawl, things with great depression that can hull down and snipe, mobile things that can facehug, etc.

    Tanks that do their jobs badly are not fun to play. Most of the french TD line prior to the first AMX AC - no armor, terrible camo, terrible speed.

    The french lights - you get the AMX 40, then a rapid switch to some 'scouts', only one of which is a great scout. the AMX 12t and 13 75 are 'okay' if you're near the top, but you never are, and they lack some 'scoutyness' to really feel like great scouts.. not to mention that it feels like you are playing through the same tank 2.5 times.

    The T25/2, which just feels like a terrible version of it's parent tank, still with paper armor but now without the speed to really get the shots in, and with worse enough MM that it becomes even more difficult, given the gun.

    Tanks that do it well? T29. Great turret, great gun, great depression. It knows what it is trying to be, and it does it. T-44, T-54, T-62 - agile mediums with good DPM and great guns.. at least once you learn to play around the lack of depression. Even the KV-2 with a derp gun - it knows it's job.

    The more 'confused' (or confusing) tanks are the ones that are really not fun to play. The ones with a fairly solid style to them are great.. at least to people who want to play that style.

  44. E100 is usually fun.
    Su 122 44 is fun.
    E25 is fun.
    M4 + 105mm derp is huge fun.
    T-127 is fun, what is not to like about a Tier III IS7.
    FV307 is very good fun.
    Churchill III in a platoon is great fun.
    TOG II is fun in a platoon.

  45. The T1 Heavy has become my favorite tank. There is something about that barn with tracks that just works for me. The gun is fast and accurate. One of my favorite tactics with it is to auto-aim my gun at one tank while bearing down on another. I can kill two birds with one offensive thrust that way.

  46. Personally I find fun:
    M3 Stuart, M4A3E8, Hellcat, Cromwell, Chaffee, ELC AMX and Alecto - all of these can be described as fast and deadly.
    T1 HT and T20 are surprisingly fun.
    AMX 40 (only in tier 4 games), T95, AT 8 (only with top modules) - these are slow, but with some smartness they can be very enjoyable.

  47. USA T40 -- a real gem of tank destroyer with the 76mm top gun. An equal to the SU-85B as a 'carry' tank at tier 4. In a word: Joyful. If Wargaming nerfs this like the SU-26/SU-5/Pz4/Sherman Jumbo/Marder II, I'll be very unhappy. Earned a Top 50 score with the T40, won 3000 gold.

    Soviet T-80 -- It's my current pick for the best light tank at tier 4. A real gem. Unappreciated by the masses on NA server, in my opinion.

    Soviet T-34 -- Surprising good sniper for a Soviet tank, compared to what I recall from my experiences with the Soviet light tank line. Excellent camo value, good front hull armor angles, accurate gun, high DPM, decent view range creates a pleasant reaction in my mind for a tier 5 vehicle. Efficient medium tank even with a 75% crew. (That's not available to artillery players, artillery as a class stinks with a 75% crew overall.)

    Soviet SU-5 -- The pre-nerf version of the SU-5 was my favorite artillery of all-time. Why? It was strong enough to platoon with a T29, get tossed into a Tier 10 match and actually be useful. Knocking out mediums, tank destroyers, heavies you name, the pre-nerfed version of the SU-5 was an amazing artillery vehicle. It had good gun characteristics (alpha, aim times, reload), excellent camo on the plus side. On the downside low ammo capacity, short firing range, and a bit slow.

    T18 -- The Derp gun of the T18, very likely stopped me from uninstalling this game, after my negative experience grinding up the Soviet light tank line. After having a relative useless gun for 800 games in a pre-nerfed versions of Soviet T-50 & T-50-2, it was joyful to find a tier 2 vehicle with an amazing Derp gun. The bad experience of the Soviet light tank line, pushed me away for all Soviet tanks for about a year. Then on top of that, I learned the hard way, it's pointless to grind out tank modules. Grinding for tank modules means more losing, more feeling useless. Additionally, my scarred memories from playing light tanks with scout matchmaking has pushed my paths more towards Mediums, Tank Destroyers & Artillery mostly. If I had to do it over again though, I wouldn't play the T18 at tier 2. Why? The Cruiser III, M2 Light, T2 Medium are more effective if one knows how the spotting and camo mechanisms operate. The T18's non-Derp gun is found on the Cruiser III, and that British tank has a far better chassis & modules. The only real unique thing about the T18 is the Derp gun, and that's now outclassed in my view for a tier 2 vehicle.

    T1 HT -- An enjoyable introduction to USA Heavy tanks. Good speed, decent front armor, gun is workable for a tier 5, and the option to knock out an opponent with a ram is a big plus. Thumbs up.

    M4 Sherman -- What the T18's Derp is to tier 2, the M4 Sherman's Derp is to tier 5. For tier 5, the Derp gun works fine at. However at tier 6 this Derp gun is underpowered big time against tier 8's. If one wants to use the 76 mm, one simply is better off playing instead the Wolverine or T49 tank destroyers. The M4 Sherman is a gem if one's using the Derp. It's not worth it with the 76 mm gun.

    Wolverine -- Is a gem with the 76 mm gun. One of my favorite vehicles in game, between tiers 1 to 6. It ranks up there with the pre-nerfed SU-5, pre-nerfed SU-26, current T40, current SU-85b, T110E3, WFe-100, T57 Heavy, pre-nerfed VK3601(H) as recommended.

    BDR G1B -- Pleasant surprise. Excellent gun characteristics: high penetration; high alpha; okay damage per minute values. Cons: slow speed; low relative view range; not agile; gun depression is feels average; gun aim times. Decent peek-a-boo traits for close up combat. Able to play as a substitute tank destroyer when necessary. Major drawback is the chassis agility, speed, armor values. The top gun is what makes this tank works. Recommended.

  48. Ltraker -- A terror of tier one. Perhaps one of the two strongest vehicles for its tier, next to the MS-1. This vehicle is what pushed and pulled me to play German tanks, to my much later dismay. Chuckles the auto-cannon is highly inaccurate on the Ltraker. Don't think my global account hit rate will ever recover from playing the Ltraker (+1800 games played in it): 40%ish. Did not like the Pz IIA, Pz III, Pz3/4 line of German tanks at all. Only the carrot of the VK3601(H) pulled me up to tier 6 in then German medium line. Unfortunately Serb nerfed the VK3601(H) a few weeks after I finally reached my goal. Felt betrayed nerfs to the VK3601(H): camo, speed, gun alpha, matchmaking weighting within tier among the nerfs. Pretty much have given up on playing any future German tanks. Simply put Wargaming Minsk appears to favorite Soviet tree over the others. Why does the Soviet tree have two tier 5 tanks that basically lead to almost every tier 10 vehicle (T-34 & KV-1)? The German, USA, French, British lack a tree which the Soviet tree has at present. Meanwhile Wargaming Minsk cut the links from the Pz3/4 to the E50M & E-100 lines recently.

    British Matilda -- At one point in time this Matilda was very strong, however it has felt 'average' or lessor since about patch 8.8. The SU-85b, T40, T-80 are far more enjoyable tanks to play at tier 4 in my opinion. I suspect the new German tier 4 tank destroyer is likely better as well. Simply put the combination of its armor & speed is a let down, in the meta-game for tier 4.

    USA T110E3 -- Fun, trollish tank destroyer with a big gun. Enjoyed it greatly on the Test Server over 50 matches, since patch 8.6 to 8.9. This is one vehicle I aspire to own in the future among the 55 other tanks in my garage at present. It's what one style tank destroyer should be like, a sniper who can brawler. Not too speedy, but enough speed to move in time. Just don't ask it to flank, and expose its side armor to anyone. If Serb nerfs it, I'm going to be majorly bummed.

    M2 Light - Enjoyable light tank. Hope to play it again, in the near future.

    T2 Medium - A gem at tier 2. Earned a Top 50 score with it, where I knocked out every opponent tank in the match. Like how this tank has a high-skill ceiling, versus say both the Loyd Gun Carrier and G.Pz. Mk. VI (German tier 2 arty).

    Dudes & Lemons below:

    British Loyd Gunner Carrier -- Feels underpowered for its tier of play. Spent gold on training the crew up, bought 3 external modules. Still feels almost useless at tier 2. Earned a mastery 'ace' badge. Yet I still wish I could get a full refund of my gold spent. Average XP earned per game is on the low side. Effective is low. Even a crappy patch 8.8 version of German Pz I is superior to the Loyd Gunner Carrier. There's little feeling that skill matters, when one is playing it.

    M7 Priest, M37 -- Felt betrayed when Wargaming switched places for the M37 for the M7 Priest. Had just sold the M37 for the M7 Priest. Then Wargaming nerfed the hell out of both of them: M37; M7 Priest. Asking a player to pay for re-training twice in a row for the same artillery is annoying. Pointless to play artillery with Wargaming current attitude. Throwing my time, gold and credits after an useless Line. Artillery's XP penalties are loathsome.

    M3 Stuart -- feels relatively underpowered, like most tier 3 do. Why? Tier 3 to Tier 5 gap is too large.

  49. M5 Stuart -- Derp is fun on a light tank. High risk, high reward type of light. However Scout matchmakering is a deal killer. Loathed played the M5 Stuart in tier 7 & 8 matches. Sold immediately until eliting and unlocking the Chaffee & M7 tanks.

    LeFH18B2 -- Mixed feeling about this French premium artillery, since the nerf bat hit it. Plus side, no longer sees tier 8. Negative, moved up to tier 5 from tier 4, and the HEAT shell nerfed badly. Simply put since Serb nerfed my French premium artillery trainer, I haven't feel like spending any more money on this game. Why? Trust was broken.

    Somua SAu 40 -- awkward french tank destroyer. It's a decent vehicle if one uses the Derp gun. Otherwise its a very bad vehicle. View range is on the low side relatively speaking, and this matters greatly at tier 4. That said I had a Top 50 score, and won 3000 gold with it.

    Sherman Jumbo -- Feel like Wargaming does not want anyone to play the Jumbo at all. FYI, I placed a 100% crew with 3 skills into the post-HEAT nerfed version the Jumbo. Overall it just feel wrong. The Derp gun is underpowered versus tier 7 & 8. It's the same gun found on the tier three T82. The view range is low, if using the Derp gun. Meanwhile if one uses the 76mm gun, one gains an equal view range to the Easy 8. However the Jumbo is far slower than the Easy 8. Plus the Jumbo has a within tier matchmaking weight of a Tier 6 Heavy, while the Easy 8 has a reduced weighting within tier. The 76mm gun is a flanking style gun at tier 6, but the Jumbo is too slow to flank. The Derp is a brawling or artillery style gun, yet its penetration stinks. Jumbo is a 'lemon' tank. Disappointed.

    Pz3/4 -- Not a gem, a lemon. A painful tank to play, because of the gun's poor characteristics: inaccurate, low alpha, aim time. It's the opposite of the Soviet T-34 in many ways. Would not wish this tank on anyone.

    British Valentine AT -- Decent tank destroyer, as long as their is few Pz I C, Pz I G on one's opponent team. This assume a crew has camo skills, camo net, and purchased camo paint (I spent gold on camo paint. Sigh.). However the 3,7-inch AT Howitzer ammunition prices are of an equal to many Tier 9 ammunition prices. Bluntly if Wargaming wants to give the Valentine AT a derp gun, why did it choose to price the HEAT ammunition at a rip off price?

    That said, the QF 6-pdr AT Gun Mk. IV was generally more effective than the Valentine AT derp gun is, in my experience. It's a good enough gun to earn a Top 50 score, for 3000 gold. Overall liked the Valentine AT better than the USA T82, at tier 3.

  50. British Churchill I -- Awkward. It's the ugly ducking of tier 5 Heavies. Feels as if it doesn't fit. The gun characteristics are good. However the chassis is problematic relative to the every other Heavy found at tier 5: T1 HT; KV-1; VK30.01H; BDR G1B. Churchill I is simply not fun to play. Armor is too patchy. Awkward to move it from flank to flank, or from building to building. Not really a brawler, more like a sniper with loathsome camo values. Or bait for opponents to farm XP from. Not recommended.

    Chinese VAE Type B -- Awkward and not worth playing since nerf bat hit it too hard. Turret Traverse is a major negative.

    French D1 (tier 2) & D2 (tier 3) -- Not fun to play presently. Nerf bat hit, a push. Meta-game favors other vehicles found at tier 2 & 3, a pull. Cons: armor is patchy; too slow; not agile, lacks alpha, soft statistics are bad. Someone at Wargaming loaths the low tier French vehicles. Not even a premium tank for sale, nor as gift available for French tank fans: no medium, nor light. Thumbs down. Feels useless to play it. Worthless.

    British Matilda Black Prince premium tank -- Mixed experiences & feelings. Appreciate the recent model buffs to this tier 5 medium tank: smaller in size! Positives: alpha & rate of fire are good. Cons: armor is so-so, since the 2nd German line was released. The view range is lacking relative to the many tank destroyers & other medium within it's tier range of play. It's too slow, and lacking agility to flank. Pretty much is stuck to focus on the twelve grid box in the middle of most maps: D4 to F4 to D7 to F7. Otherwise its limited to focus on an area within 5 grids of a flag. It's a premium tank that is feel more limited than others, for its price in gold.

    German T-25 -- Mixed. Positives: Gun is acceptable. Front hull armor is okay. View range is average for its class. Cons: Loathsome hull traverse values; Horrible terrain resistance values for a medium tank. Conclusion if you can play this, you can play any German medium tank.

    Leopard I: Mixed. Positives: Gun characteristics. Cons: armor what armor? Engine acceleration is distinctly lacking. Played roughly 30 matches with it on the Test Server, overall I liked the T-80, T-34, M4 Sherman, Easy 8, Cromwell, E-50M, FV4202 far more than I did the German Leopard I. It just wasn't that much fun to play.

  51. Tanks that i enjoyed
    T-29/T-34 - the super turret, but bad hull tanks makes this tanks a bit difficult but very enjoyably to be played.
    IS-7 - lot's of people whine about this tank being nerfed and weak, but i find an extraordinary to be played with and very fun tank.
    M5 Stuart - All games with this little monster were fun
    T-34-85 - Very good tank, probably the best tier 6 medium, very fun
    ARL44 - by my opinion the best tier 6 heavy
    Tiger 2 - good before buff, excellent after
    IS-8 - Super speed and gun, probably one of the best tanks i've played so far
    Tanks that i hate:
    T25/2 - Bad gun, decent mobility, bad armor, if only had more speed and HP this would have made an awesome medium
    Churchill Tanks(the whole series) - ohhh that speed, so horrible, just awful.
    Jagdtiger - that tank it's a huge weakspot, there's no way how to miss that tank, can't make it work, never had problems against.
    Somaua SAu 40 - i have no good words for this tank.

  52. Most fun tank to play has always been the SU-122-44 and KV-1S. They are just incredible tanks. Earned almost all of my Top Gun, Radley-Walters and Pool's medals on both.

    By far the worst tank to play is the French D1 light tank. So many drawbacks and nothing to offset them. Horrible speed, penetration, accuracy and traverse. Don't even bother about the D1's armour, even the T7 and T1E6 can penetrate it in the driver's port and commander's cupola. Dead weight in tier 3 battles.

  53. T-34-85, ST-I, Comet, Cromwell, Type 58, T-34, Churchill III, PzII

  54. Type 64, Type T-34, T-34, Cruiser 1 and 2, Marder 38T (if it's not being shot at)

    And though I've only played it on the test server, I like the 121 as well

  55. Tanks i enjoy Tiger 1, AMX 50 100, T29 SU152, T44, IS8, M4, tiger 2, t34 85, Su 100, IS3, FCM 50t, RAM2 and KV1s

    Tanks i hate the T32 have fantastic win rate in it but the gun is completely lacking if u get in a T10 or 9 game LOAD ALL THE GOLD it feels like at times 198 pen is lacking for a t8 Heavy.fantastic turret Armour but without support its useless going hull down is the best option but as i say without support people will rush you and game over at that point.

    T43 The T43 is tank i hate because of the useless gun its so weak after the 100mm was removed that that gun is useless only way to be remotely effective is to flank and that's not easy as the tank isn't all that fast and has no amour and catches fire when hit from anywhere it feels like I have a 60% win rate in it and i hate it so much i free exp my way out of it 3/4s of the way through and sold it straight away.

    AMX 1945 good gun nothing other than that it has useless Armour its ok speed for a heavy but its quite large and the guns DPM is not great to be affective for your team finished the grind sold straight away.

    VK 30.02M cant stand this tank at the min its large. Armour is useless that's fair enough its a medium it shouldn't have good Armour but its got no good features its very adverge nothing special and quite boring got nice speed though and its reasonably affective in T6 and 7 games but T8 LOAD ALL THE GOLD LOL. It can be good if u flank which i do use but its just a boring tank in general.

  56. Tiger have to be the tank i love the most since im a history fan and the other german tanks that existed in the real world arnt bad either

  57. Easier to start saying which tanks are not fun to play, regardless of any other stat it may have: Slow tanks.
    Slow tanks are simply not fun to play for many reasons. They can't affect the battle in time, can't return to save the base, can't get to key positions, and if it wasn't bad enough they usually don't have any other good stats to compensate. They also usually fires slowly, have poor view range, poor camo etc. Tanks like these are very situational and playable only in handful of maps. Since the maps are random, it is better not to pick them at all.
    Maus, Jpz-E100, T95, T28, Jpz-E100 Sturer Emil etc. Did I mention Jpz-E100?
    In a game where there are too many random elements affecting armor, penetration, damage accuracy, mobility is the only constant and trumps everything else, so slow tanks really lack something else that could somehow compensate their inability to affect the battle. Just look at professional matches and see which tanks people are using. Not only they are the best one around but are also fun.
    Take the T-54 for example. I believe it to be perfect tank. It does everything well. Scouting, snipe, circle heavies and even other meds, high rate of fire, accurate gun, good HEAT round. It is the only tier IX tank that I don't mind being placed against hordes of tier Xs and still end up beating the crap out of them all.

    Other fun tanks: Cromwell, Leopard I (still lacking something though), T-62A, IS-3, IS-8, IS, Hellcat, T-25AT, E-25, Patton.

    1. What about slow tanks of lower tiers?

    2. Damn, I really love my JPE100, and you can say its its clumsy while traversing, but it is not slow. It goes 30 with ease. And the armor is quite good, bouncing other tier X td's happens often (while angling) and you have plenty of time to fall back and/or angle while loading. And if you are loaded, the one in front of you, no matter what, feels pain.

    3. Slow tanks, are al lright as long as their armour is consistent. For example the Black Prince and Matilda Senior have consistently good armour, but are painfully slow.

      The Churchill MKI and MKVII have inconsistent armour, and are utterly dire. The MKVII still holds my record for lowest WR. It rocked in with the heady value of 9%...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @Overlord: It's been a while since I last played slow tanks of lower tiers. The last time I had fun playing one was the KV-2, back when it was a tier V fighting tier XI tanks. It was a pretty decent tank back then, and only the IS-4 was really a problem. After that, I tried the british heavy line. I hated them all and sold the Black Prince.... It was the second time I stopped grinding to a tier X tank. Before that, I rage-sold the VK4502B. Wanna guess why?
      Also stopped playing the british medium line. Centurion is too damn slow and big for a medium and doesn't have any significant advantage to make up for it.

      @Ojelle: Yes, the guy will feel the pain, but so is the guy in front of a Obj268, which will also feel a lot of pain, twice. And of course, Jpz-E100 will hurt a lot, if the gun doesn't decide to either overshoot or hit the ground. I've had both these situations happening at 50mts several times. Unreliable gun, slow platform, no gun traverse arc, slow aiming time and extremely painful reload time = fail. It is a shame though, the tank was fun to play during the first public test, before WG decided to nerf every single stat of the tank, from its alpha advantage to DPM.

  58. AMX 40 with 75mm troll gun (THE RUBBER DUCK as I call it). This tank was really slow but fun. Good armour and masive one shot damage for its tier.

  59. M7 medium. Most awesome tank ever. NEVER useless in any battle. The only task it can never do is lead a charge directly.

    It can scout, it can flank, it can solo any lone heavy, or two incompetent heavies.(they have to be failing otherwise you get whammed)
    It can snipe after the accuracy update.
    It can passive. It can active too, but it's a medium. so it will get spotted. Even after the update it can still dodge fire with its impressive speed.

    Late game you can switch from hang-back tactics to sweeping up the leftovers. M7 does that gloriously with its high rate of fire and damage per minute.

    I love this tank. Great medium/light hybrid.

  60. That is a tough one... there are a number of different vehicles in wildly varying tank classes. A few vehicles that come to mind as those that i truly enjoy playing are the Covenanter, KV-2, Pz 38(t), JagdPz E-100, T-44 and let's say IS-2 (both Russian and Chinese). What i notice is either these tanks are beautifully balanced (T-44, Covenanter) allowing them to reach out far, quickly and effectively, basically being flexible with fast turret traverse, good penetration, good RoF good accuracy/dispersion, gun depression the lot, which means they are never truly ineffective, unlike say a Jagdtiger which can be hopelessly flanked or penned by HE in it's sides if it doesn't pay attention just right.

    Now KV-2 is just a thing of beauty. The joy of the KV-2 is that you fire 152mm HE which is ALWAYS effective, i've had this thing in Tier 10 games and, though very carefully, perform adequately within the game even in many straight-up engagements. There is nothing 152 HE can't touch, and that means any kind of problem with MM is immediately vanished, and personally i can say my stats on the KV-2 reflect that with just over 300 games and 70% WR, almost all of it solo. This thing is a destructive force to be reckoned with, and by contrast the T28 Prototype can get penetrated in the side by the HE of this KV-2 (which i did yesterday) and practically die in 1 shot, having no side armor and an 18 km/h top speed to boot.

    Pz 38(t) then for example comes into a class of it's own because it's an asymetrical balance of things but is so in a very pleasant way. It's not a slow vehicle, it has decent armor, turns very well and above all has the gun that equals nothing else anyone has ever seen before, let this thing put down it's 60 dmg every 2 seconds you're wondering if you are fighting a Tier 3 tank or a WT E-100. It's quality of being able to put down damage quickly and effectively (no autocannon, good range, good pen (APCR can pen KV-1 frontally with ease)) puts it into a class of it's own, without being overpowered, because it is still quite flimsy.

    And then JagdPz E-100, mah baby, over 1000 games in this thing now. It used to be a terrible veihcle, truth be told, but it's buff on aiming time and above all dispersion in combination with enhanced track traverse has done wonders. The armor on this thing is what allows it to survive it's relatively mediocre camo (which is still miles better than Maus), being able to bounce pretty much anything when the LFP is hidden and the thing itself turned (not counting the odd cupola shot). It's a strange vehicle this, but i guess it is a combination of putting down 1000 damage on good traverse with excellent armor that allows me to love this vehicle. The grouping of the armor makes it very effective when angled and it's gun means that you can trade equal shots and are even encouraged to do so, considering nothing on earth will do more damage in a single shot than you. And unlike say the FV 215b 183 it's gun has good accuracy and reliable ammunition for the job as required (that means HEAT instead of HESH).

    To sum up:
    Any tank can be a good tank, but it has to have more good qualities than bad qualities (ergo the usual mantra of mobility, firepower and armor). It's these same qualities that make a bad tank or subpar tank that is not effective and/or less enjoyable to drive (Lorraine 40t, no firepower no armor, T28 Proto, no mobility no armor, Maus no mobility no firepower). In terms of mobility the maps are also a HUGE part in this, you get Malinovka driving your Maus? Good frikking luck!

  61. I like KV-5, KV-2, A44, SU-101 for a different gameplay they provide.
    I like T-34, T-34-85, T-150, IS-3, T-44 for being like "gold standards" for their intended roles.

    And you guys really broke arty, now it is mostly masochistic experience if you care about helping your team.

  62. Overload, what is your definition of 'slow tanks of lower tiers'?
    Are you asking about the French, British tanks in particular? Or perhaps the German heavy D.W.2 found at tier 4?

    Generally speaking tier 3 feels awkward, relative to tier 4 game play.

    Tier 4 is better than it once was, from my point of view. Why? New vehicles found at tier 4 are relatively stronger than they once were, versus tier 6 opponents. Additionally the 'accuracy buffs' greatly aided tier 4 tank destroyers, mediums, heavies found at tier 4. Unfortunately Wargaming recently nerfed the French B1 heavy tank, found at tier 4. As far as Light tanks with Scout matchmaking weights, their not worth played in the meta-game: T-50; M5 Stuart; Luchs; Pz Kpfw 38(t) n.A.

    British Valentine -- Mixed feelings. In the 104 games played in this Valentine, with a 100% crew the whole time, it feel off slightly. Have 57% win rate with it. Armor is okay, yet not as good the British Matilda (tier 4). Camo value are good. Hull & Turret traverse speeds are good. Radio signal range is inferior to many USA tier 4 tanks. The gun appears to be underpowered relative to its peer, the British Matilda. The damage per minute is problematic, relative to its peer competition at tier 4. In way it the British's version the American Sherman Jumbo in the current meta-game. Awkward, not trollish brawler. It does not reward skillful play, as other tier 4 do. As if no one at Wargaming Minsk wants anyone to play it? Soviet Valentine premium light tank is better in more ways. Soviet version has a better win rate, for my peers who have played both, British & Soviet Valentines. Wonder if it will ever be buffed or not?

    British AT-2 -- Mixed feeling. Feels lacking in the current meta-game. At one point it was an enjoyable mid-range sniper, with an option to brawl on bottlenecks found on certain maps. However I gave up playing it, after being 'circle jerked' by a Soviet Heavy (Tier 7) on the Port map. Felt useless to play, even with BIA, Clutch Braking & 100 Octane being in use. When one uses a hard building edge to seek to avoid being 'circle jerked' by a Heavy, and that still failed to stop the 'circle jerk', it's time to find a different vehicle to play. Hull traverse speeds have made this tank destroyer not fun. It's base view range is too low, relative to its hull traverse speed in rotating. It's not a flanker, as its straight ahead speed is too slow. It's armor is full of holes: Gun Manlet, Commander Hatch. Toss in 'gold ammunition' found on many vehicles at tiers 4 to 7, and this tank destroyer is an XP box for opponents. AT-2 at tier 5, is not the what T110E3 is at tier 10.

    PzII -- A gem for a tier 2. It's one of the more enjoyable German tanks, I've ever played. Positives: Good view range (can print 'Patrol Duty' medals); agile; good speed; decent frontal hull armor (for its tier); gun characteristics are acceptable. Negatives: Not a sniper from 300 meters out (low penetration, inaccurate at that distance). Overall recommended. Why? Can be effective in multiple playing styles: 'circle jerking' slower opponents; able to passive AND active scout effectively; excellent when trailing a leading Pz II as a support & close support tank. Feels very different than the USA M2 Light, T2 Medium, T-26, T-60, Vickers Mk. E Type B do. It's most similar play style to the German Pz I, however that version is inferior to the Pz II presently.

    T-60 -- One of a number of real 'gems', in the new Soviet medium line: T-60, T-70, T-80, T-34. If one wants to play light and medium tanks, this is an excellent choice. Each is very strong for their respected tiers of play. If a person is new to World of Tanks, I'd recommend it without question. (Other recommended full lines, would be the four Soviet & USA tank destroyer lines. Enjoyable. Why? Because each line has effective tanks, with an effective playing style.)

  63. T1E6 -- Mixed feelings. A gift from Wargaming, it's an auto-loader premium tank trainer for USA light crew. Positives: Good straight ahead speed; large amount clip to knock out most opponent tanks' in one clip; decent base camo value (though I have bought camo paint with gold & have two crew with full camo skills); good shell penetration values for the premium APCR ammunition. Negatives: low base view range; armor what armor?; poor gun handling characteristics (long aim times, big gun bloom after firing); Wargaming doubled the cost of the APCR prices per shell a few shells. Conclusion: Wargaming gives, Wargaming takes away low ammo costs. Overall the most enjoyable USA premium and or gift light tank. It's more enjoyable than the Locust, T2 Light, T7 Combat Car.

    Locust -- Regular matchmatching status, plus subpar ACPR round makes this USA light premium feel useless in Tier 5 match. Other cons, are the subpar view range, versus most Tier 5's. It's simply outclassed for Tier 5. Not recommended, not worth its price in gold. Buyers remorse. Wish it had limited matchmaking status: tier 3 to 4. If the Soviet Valentine & German Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) can get some manner of limited matchmaking, why not the USA Locust too?

    T2 Light -- Mixed feelings. Overall it feels like it just does fit anywhere. It's too strong to a tier 2 matchmaking, yet far too weak for a tier 4 matchmaking status. Awkward tank to platoon with, because of tier 2 to 4 matchmaking status. Positives: absolutely awesome straight ahead speed (similar to German Pz I C at tier 3). Cons: armor what armor?; hull traverse bleeds speed when cornering; engine lacks torque; gun is good for tiers 2 & 3 but horrible for tier 4; sheer cost of ACPR ammunition makes this tank mostly useless as a USA crew trainer & as a premium tank for grinding credits. Recommend Wargaming review its ammunition pricing & matchmaking weighting for this premium tank. Perhaps up tier it to tier 3 to 4 only, reduce its premium ACPR ammunition prices significantly, give it more engine torque & more hitpoints. (Unsure if gun alpha would need altering or not, for tier 4 play) When to do this? When Wargaming chooses to release the American Tier 10 light tank, after the Chaffee. Why? Saves tier 2 newbie players from seeing this overpowering tank. Gives American light tank fans, a better crew trainer & credit grinder. Gives Wargaming a chance to sell more premium tanks, because they're offering an improved product instead of a worse product. Does the USA light tank tree need three premium tanks which see tier 2 regularly: T2 Light, T1E6, T7 Combat Car?

    T7 Combat Car -- A 'lemon' tank. If you have a choice between the T1E6 or the T7 Combat Car, the T1E6 is more fun. Why? It can be effective in battle flanking & clipping opponents. The T7 Combat Car gun is useless most of the time, based on how the three low tier maps are presently designed. Bottlenecks are a nightmare for this tank.

    Soviet T-127 -- A strong premium light tank. Recommended over the USA Locust, for its tier of play. Why play it? Because the Soviet T-80 is an amazing tier 4 light tank. Many other nations, lack a similar strong light tank at tier 4 (e.g. T-80), whether premium or a regular tank. T-127 is a crew trainer for the T-80. British, France, USA lack a similar combination of a good premium at tier 3 and a strong regular light tank at tier 4.

  64. Soviet SU-8 -- Rusting in my garage at present, with a crew. Once enjoyed working my way up the Soviet artillery line. Then Wargaming nerfed all three Soviet artillery tanks I owned. Asked a long-time Soviet artillery specialist, Apexmw, if the SU-8 was worth playing after the nerfs? Answer: No. Explanation why? Gun characteristics were over nerfed. Worst results than the T-50, T-50-2 nerfs. Simply a waste of credits, time & gold to play it. Useless as a crew XP grinder. Went from a net credit producer to loser. Not recommended.

    French AMX 13 F3 AM -- Mixed feelings. One of the few artillery worth play since the great nerf bat hits the low to middle tier artillery. Positives: excellent forward speed (able to flank opponents to set up a shot); good gun alpha per shell; okay camo values (assuming Camo Net, 4 of 5 crew has full camo skills, BIA crew skill). Cons: Iffy gun aiming time; far too slow shell travelling time; view range is a bit low; require 'Food' premium consumable to be effective in match; low crew XP earned per match; earnings are low even with a premium account active. In a nutshell, this is a artillery for a wallet warrior. It's rewards individuals with good map awareness & knowledge, if one is willing to "Pay for Performance". No premium account? Tough luck, artillery at tier 6 is rigged for paying customers in the current meta-game. "Free to Pay" individuals would be better off focusing on other classes of tanks, in the current meta-game: high tier tank destroyers; heavies; mediums.

  65. the at-2 was a joy to drive because it actually had armor worthy of the name for its tier, and its successors are similarly good to a lesser extent as their armor slowly becomes obsolete. the chinese stuart was speedy and fun even if its gun was rarely effective, the wolverines good rate of fire and... acceptable other characteristics were pleasing. people seem to have a dynamite time in their hellcats, pz1c's, elc amx's and other speedy machines. drivers of anything with strong turrets and good gun depression probably laugh in joy when they find a good position.

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  67. Funny tank - M4A3E8. Quickness, Dark colar, Decoration are awesome. This is the most beautiful tank in WoT. Sadlly, when the painting camo that dark colar is gone. beside This one is south korea first battle tank.

    VK4502A - This thing has quite good speed and quickness, armor. I love this thig more than any Panther II or IS-3. funny looking for behind view. It looks like toy.

    T34 - I was started Amercian medium for M48A1. but every medium except German, has low penetration AP. But this thing blows every low penetration stress by wonderful AP, 120mm gun sound. Every mediums have only 105mm sound except chiness tank.

    Marder 38T - Marder 38T is the 7.5cm machine gun like M4A3E8 76mm m1a2. I can reap the enemy when I have good stealth position.

    M7 - 6 pound machine gun, good camo, long view point 380, wonderful speed and quickness. Beside, It's hip so elastic. I can't understand why the people hate this tank.

    T1 Heavy - It has good horse power 960. and huge funny looks. In personal story, I got full medal by this. This is great heavy tank. We called heavy industry. because when we translate in Google translater, It say T1 heavy industry. another nickname is refrigerator.

    Hated tank is German 3/4. It has low view range 320m, and camo point is low, low angle of tip.
    by the way, It is historical about 3/4 track rollar different Nashorn or Hummel? These things used 3/4 hull?

    Love and hatred tank - I already write M48A1 so I write another tanks now.

    Panzer IV - This is backward compatibility of Sherman tier 5. It has little good camo and low repair fee than Sherman but low quickness by track. and low view range, low angle of tip. but I like this well too. Shurzen turret + 7.5cm 48 is funny mix. It looks like elephant.

    M24 Chaffee - This tank is rolling for Korean army in 1962 three month. so It's my one ofr collections too. But It's going tier 10 battle, huge repair fee, having rasing one's head, low camo. I already know the chaffee gone a normal tier 5 light tank. So I'm just waitting for chaffee patch. In Korean when the user get Chaffee, They're very happy and say "Chaff gonna reap!' which takes from "Pony gonna reap!" but they love chaffee because they think Chaffee full upgrade appearance is cute. but hatred too because it has 400m view range.

  68. my 'fun-to-play' list:
    e-25 ninja style machine-gun
    fv304 satellite machine-gun
    t71 rocket-propelled burst-fire wheelchair
    t54 / type 59 all-purpose annoyance

  69. Whats equally anyoing is Tier X tanks that feel worse than their Tier IX counterparts.

    A prime example is the Obj 268.

    After playing the Obj 704 you hope for a tank with amazing dpm that is even more accurate and you get a tank with an atrocious gun arc and shell speed that totally invalidate the better accuracy.

    Quote from Quickybaby after getting the Obj268: "I am not sure if this tank is bad or if I just suck in it..."

    The list goes on:
    M46 >>> M48
    Centurion 7/1 >> FVwhatnot
    ST-I >> IS4
    T-54 > T-62a
    M103 > T110E5

    and a few more that I can't comment on.

  70. My go-to tank for pure unadulterated fun: The T-127. Load 'er up with gold ammo and kill 6-8 newbies per game. It's so awesome I feel sorry for the other team.

    There are loads of unique tanks, each with their own play-style that you have to get used to and that keep WoT interesting.

    Tanks like the T-60 and M3 Lee with their offset guns, the slow-as-treacle Matilda with its rapid-fire gun, the nose bouncy Type 59 / T-54 with almost 0 depression, the Patton series with all the depression you want, the machine gun death-dealing (but fragile) Luchs and T71, the stronk KV-4 and ST-I, the tiny profiled arc-firing howitzer Alecto, the amazing all-rounder VK3002D, the ultimate flanker Cromwell, the punishingly hurtful, yet surprisingly mobile JPII.

    I could go on and on. So many tanks, I could play WoT for 24 hours straight and never have the same experience twice.

  71. My favorite tanks are those that constantly challenge me. Such is the case with AMX 40. It's generally regarded as the worst if not at least worst tank in the game. It is what I call the "Dan" of tanks - a reference to Street Fighter character who is sloppy and has very little redeeming features. However, just like Dan, the tank has redeeming features that if properly exploited can give opponents a headache.

    Opponents are usually startled when they meet a good AMX 40 player. It throws off their game and if you can get it's WR high enough it will scare opponents using XVM. Although slow, it does have a top speed of 50 KPH which can allow it to escape using downhill slopes. It's a light tank, so it has camo although it doesn't keep as much camo on the move as other LTs. Last it has armor. When these combine, you can make this "Quack" which is a reference to Rubber Duck like shape.

    It also offers different options of emphasizing what is really a blank slate for a tank. People who want fast ducks go with stock turret and 2nd gun. People who want firepower emphasize this with GLD and Rammer. Defense players put on Spall and tracks. I'm more of an Assualt player, so I have Optics and currently a GLD. It's a lovely combo and it makes my ducky mine.

    All in all, Duckie is my favorite tank. I've grown fond of it and appreciate it's charming character. It never stops teaching me how to play by instilling in me efforts to continually exceed the tank's limitations. It's cute and never stops getting attention. It also lends a sense of respect from the community for players who own and grind a tank. It may be underpowered, but the experience is rewarding and gratifying to players who do choose not to pass over this tank.

    1. Wow, I'm really impressed! :D

      Respect! VERY HONORABURU!!

  72. ALL tanks are fun one way or another. Overlord I like your game because its always been the kind of game I had been looking for being interested in history and armored warfare, however, I found out that while the game can only be improved and gets better all the time, what takes the fun out are people who abuse their power in your game. You have to do something about these sadistic power tripping assholes, who I'm guessing are likely under WG payroll, that discriminate and abuse innocent players in your game.

    Can you make it possible so that accounts from the same IP address are not able to play in the same game except when they are platooned to help reduce those exploiting count ins from one location? although this can still be exploited. Also skilled MM in randoms will help control some trolling or of course its all "working as intended".

  73. Personnally, tanks with character means having a big advantage usually balanced with a big disadvantage. And yes, this kind of tanks are really fun. KV2, Chaffee, VK4502 B, BatChat, T95, T-34 etc..

    One point though. I think in the end gold ammo slightly reduces the fun you have in tanks whose main advantage is the armor, like the Matilda or the ST-I for example. Because obviously if it's for the armor you take it, you want to be able to make ricochet'swhen you're properly angled..

    I don't necessary think you should remove gold ammo for creds though. But rather maybe further make them more expensive.. (It should be rare and/or reserved for important games. and you shouldn't be able to earn money on it).

  74. Most fun tanks ? Yeah I have some :D

    The T-150 with the 107, this thing is just a beast, and really, really good at sidescraping. The rof is really good too, i see it as a t6 T29.

    The T29 when hull down with the 105 is devastating.

    The jagdpanzer IV is extremely fun with the troll DPM

    The valentine AP with the derp gun, along with the T18

    The T-34 with the 56mm, literraly a meat grinder.

    The Kv-1 is godly at his tier too

  75. The Cruiser Mk II at tier 3 is sorely underestimated, since it's 3.7" howitzer gun is a pure joy to use.

    Most tanks it will face will have little to no armor, and HE will still do damage nonetheless even at tanks like the KV-1. Gold HEAT isn't necessary since it has to penetrate to do damage, and you won't profit from it even if you hit the target. The angle that it fires means at longer ranges it can hit targets behind cover, and since it is a light tank it has good camo rating and view range.
    I had it for so long that my crew became so good that i could hit targets from great ranges accurately with the derp gun, and the angle of the shell when it fires at longer ranges make me feel like an SPG. At close range it has no fear, just point blank firing does the trick. And the reload on this gun is quite decent as well.

    But what's also great about this tank is the fact that most people underestimate this tank, since at this tier you will face faster targets that will grab your attention due to the danger they pose to your flanks. That is until you land an HE shell on them.

    If you're talking about character for this tank, then it has to be it's sheer understimation in-game. I make it a point to kill any Cruiser IIs i encounter first.

  76. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the high-tier Chinese mediums. With a good number of the other Chinese tanks being basically copies of tanks from other countries, it was a pleasant surprise to find that, from the T-34-1 onward, the Chinese mediums have their own interesting character and are gobs of fun to play.

    I'd thought that the T-34-3 was rather overpriced for a tier 8 medium premium tank, but it only took a dozen or two battles for me to feel it was worth every penny.

  77. My most fun tanks are:

    - pzIV(pre-nerf): it had an awesome turret and that great 75mm panther's gun.

    -stugIII: it is the best supporting TD in the game.

    -E-50: I'm enjoying it a lot, it has awesome armour, awesome guns (yeah both the 105mm and the 88l100 are awesome), great speed, decent mobility. I find myself playing it like an heavy quite often.

    - vk2801(pre-nerf) oh that was the funniest tank ever, well armoured, fast, heavy, with a troll gun.

    Worst tanks ever: m3lee, Hummel, vk3001p.