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Thursday, November 21, 2013

[WoWP] One Thing That Breaks It All

Ok, while EU and NA World of Warplanes servers are growing pretty good since the release - we have had 3k on NA and 10k on EU (and almost 20k on RU, the release euphoria has somewhat ended and it's time to hate some things.

What is bothering you in World of Warplanes these days? Name just one thing that, if fixed/changed, would substantially improve your experience in aerial combat. If there is one, ofc. :)

I have played 200+ battles to date myself on EU side. And the biggest personal concern would probably be in-game balance and class roles. I didn't really manage to find place for attack aircraft and feel like high-altitude boom-zoom planes are dominating.

Your turn.

UPD. November 25, 2013. Forwarded the topic to dev team, so no more comments from my side. Going to post their response when it's ready. Thanks for your contribution. 


  1. i hate all the waiting. respawn is what i want
    i also dislike the gaa's, they appear to be pretty useles, boring and require no skill. Like arty in wot with the difference that they don't screw up the game for the other players

    1. it's not the queue times, it's all the waiting times combined. selecting a plane in hangar + making it ready + level loading + 30s countdown + flying towards the enemy + finding the last hiding enemy at the edge of the map is just too much compared to the time that you're actually fighting.

    2. Ok, got it - transition time / battle time ratio.

    3. that definietely. I catch myself too often alt-tabbing in the begining of the battle and alt tabbing back to WoWp after a minute or so - sometimes already dead, sometimes with plenty of time to engage other targets.

      GAA are a complete mistake. You can either go to attack ground tarrgets - and you die horribly shot down easily, you can stay back - and most likely your team short of 1 plane will fail miserably, but if they win, you will be unable to do anything in battle. You can also go with the others and try to help them, but then again - you die easily shot down, maybe taking 1 of enemies with you.

      Last thing I hate is that when I play at the top of my ability I can still win 5 battles out of 20. Next day afking I win 13 battles out of 20. But that's cannot be fixed I suppose

    4. @Last thing I hate is that when I play at the top of my ability I can still win 5 battles out of 20. Next day afking I win 13 battles out of 20. But that's cannot be fixed I suppose@

      Not in the same way as in WoT?

    5. No. Not the same. I suck at WoT but still I can sometimes win when I am outnumbered. Not in WoWp. Only if I am higher tier because tier balance is terrible too.

  2. Biggest concern for me is still mouse control. I got so used to War thunders muse control and transitioning to Warplanes mouse is beyond hard :(

    1. Is it just of being different or any specific difficulty with it?

    2. Id say the lack of direct feel. If you have played WT then u should be able to guess what i mean.

    3. I don't. WoWp's mouse control is light year's ahead of WT. Simple experiment - try doing a basic loop in both games and tell me which is easier.

    4. Ignore the ease of looping. Try comparing how aiming the guns goes between the two - WT is the clear winner.

    5. Yea, getting the sights on target and bullets flying is definately better in WT. I think from the get go there has been talk about the mouse control and that it isint as direct as it should be. It has improved a little over the course of the beta but is still ways behind WT. Simplest solution would be to add a control/scheme similar to WT. ie name it soemthing like alternate controls. Easier/better mouse control means more players playing warplanes = more profit.

      Alternate option pool all your resources into warships and hope for the best. it's the only lead over gajin at the moment that you have.

    6. @Alternate option pool all your resources into warships and hope for the best. it's the only lead over gajin at the moment that you have.@

      That's so funny.

    7. "Ignore the ease of looping. Try comparing how aiming the guns goes between the two - WT is the clear winner."

      So...since WT can't handle a basic maneuver in aerial combat with its standard mouse control, that makes the controls...better? /facepalm. WoWp lets you actually maneuver with the mouse, that is the reason its harder to hit other planes than it is in WT.

    8. I'm sorry hzero, but you missed the point entirely.

      What I'm trying to say is that in WT, something as basic as fighting other players is easy, while a maneuver is more difficult. Meanwhile, WoWP is bass ackwards - it's easy to do a loop or Immelmann, but not even aim and fight. THAT. Is worth a facepalm.

      Wandering a little off topic, a loop can be done in WT - it just requires skill. It's more than just scrolling the mouse more though. A player needs to consider if their engine is powerful enough, if they're too low or not and can pull up fast enough, as well as if it's even worth it since speed is lost going nose up.

      WoWP? Not so much - the things can fly straight up in comparison and not stall like they would in WT.

    9. The alternate option was meant more as a joke.

      Still alternate controls would be a good idea. Or a post on the forums by some dev saying how to tune your settings to get a similar feel to WT.
      As for Warships, what i have heard so far sounds very promising :) I still play the battlestations series from time to time.
      PS. if my memory serves me correctly the way planes handle in battlestations midway is very very similar to WT. wonder if they went a blatantly copied it from there :D

    10. For the ease of looping in WT you use keyboard, and you can do all fine.
      the way i see where is WoWp problem - plane games are not as fun as tank. Imagine tank game where they have to move no matter what minimum speed 20km/h, and they would crash hitting wall.
      How WT gets away with this :
      1)controls that help player instead of do what they have to do, if you want real controls, then there are modes for historical and real life controls, but if you want to have fun, you dont need to learn to pilot plane, you can have fun right now, and game even helps you a bit.
      2) multi spawn per game - you have fun even your first plane gets hawk-ganked, you can get back, and get revenge. Plane combat actually is about sneaking up and getting clean kill, that is mastery. if you don't give players chance to fight back, that just irritates them, like getting punched in face without chance to hit back. Punch in a face (5sec) -> get back in line and wait for next punch(2-3min, if you are lucky)....
      3) flashy graphics, realistic sound effects, plane wobbling in high speed, juicy explosions, it all makes game enjoyable even if you are not a fan of plane combat. like batman movie, i am not fan, but i watched them all because they are made to look cool.

  3. you see problem is that WT is better in everything your game got,and beyond that...its like you have to choose between fiat and ferrari...WOWp will never have big player base like wot. because it cant compete with WT.....so turn our cash into WoWs while you still have time,ya you may not like truth but you cant deny it,after all...as you see...numbers says everything



    1. That's irrelevant and doesn't help at all

    2. irrelevant? yes,thats why you are begging here for feedback -.- you need help? learn from WT!

    3. I don't even like WoWP, but Overlord doesn't deserve that shit. He's one of the better devs, and unlike some that I won't name, he not only spends his own time running this unofficial blog, but actually had the humility to ask. He actually asked. Think about it.

      The least you could do is be polite.

  4. Planes with bombs can qiute easily destroyed theirs chasers by droping bomb in low altitude. Bcs bombs cant harm themselfs but enemies can.
    It's wierd,

    1. Is it the biggest drawback? :)

    2. Well, the game still crashing from time to time so i waiting on that planed optimalisation
      Thats from my side probably only real drawback... ..

      PS: meaby you could learn people to not play kamikaze style :D

    3. I think that possibility to destroy chasing plane with bombs is a nice feature. Without it GAA would be even more useless - AI gunner is just terrible and hardly ever destroys the enemy.

  5. Not being able to see the approximate altitude of targets and friendlies on the minimap.

  6. This isn't the biggest drawback because you've already covered it yourself, Overlord. But second to that I think is the Hangar UI. Making changes in the hangar is much slower than in WoT because of the functionality being split among so many pages, with each page switch requiring another period of wait time. Even something as simple as looking to see what you need to make a plane elite requires clicking through to other planes to see if they're researched. You can't see it on one screen. Despite the preponderance of pages, the Barracks interface is hidden behind a right-click on a pilot.

    The slowness of the Hangar UI and its layout are not a problem to high-tier players familiar with the interface, but new players who are trying many new planes will find themselves waiting very frequently, and may be turned off the game.

    Thanks for hearing us out.

    1. So I hit yours with mine?

      Right now there are unification talks to make hangar UIs similar in all trilogy games. Right now WoT and WoWP do differ. And this difference doesn't always work out.

    2. This is very annoying. I have 3 "Improved Sights" (which can be demounted for free) so I can always fly with one of them. But to do so before every battle I have to visit "upgrades" tab twice. Also I have to make sure that proper ammunition is chosen - another visit in "service" tab. In WoT everything like that is in main garage window, which is far more convenient solution in my opinion.

  7. there are couple of things that bother me, and these are probably why I stopped playing after release
    - battles end too quickly, wither by having no-skill players in you team or by having a very good platoon (s) in the other team
    - big furball of planes is another way to domintate the enemy
    either you play a vertical fighter that climbs very quickly or you play a horizontal fighter and pray to god you won't enounter the other type
    - heavy fighters are way to powerful in both horizontal and vertical plane, unless you have the right type of plane, there's really little change to win against a seasoned heavy pilot
    - GAAs .. underwhelming and serve no real purpose since Heavy fighters do the same thing, only better
    - progression trough tiers way too slow
    - hangar needs to be more in-line with WoT, way to many clicks for basic stuff
    - MM tier spread needs to be reduced

    1. Not exactly one thing, thanks anyway though.

      Tend to agree on balance-related things.

      Progression is of the same speed as in WoT. For the sake of unified free exp which is to come.

    2. progression might appear to be the same, but it's not
      battles end more quickly, depending on what type of plane you play, the wait for battle to end is greater than expected - thus needing a lot more battles to get the same Xp

      unified accounts will mean absolutely nothing since people will stick to a single game
      why would someone who plays WoT would pause and play WoWp for some lousy ass free Xp when he could keep playing the tank(s) he needs to
      I actually tried to play few WoWp matches every day for the free Xp and I stopped - I realized that I was wasting time, in the same time I could've played the tanks I needed and get a whole lot more Xp in the same time frame

    3. I think the problem is that if you get ganked without doing anything, which will happen a lot, then you get no EXP. Its really hard to do that badly in a WOT game.

  8. WoT players found out about WoWP: Lemming planes has been introduced - boring 1 minute battles.
    HF/USA LF line insane boost/speed retention makes sure every other tech tree is irrellevant
    GAA importance starts from tier 7/8 instead of tier 1.
    Gameplay was 10x better, had 100x more depth, and was 1000x better balanced back in december 2012.
    In fact, all changes that were not directed towards engine optimisation and features (gold etc) since December 2012 has been a bad one.

    1. This has always been the strange thing that I couldn't figure out. In closed beta I remember enjoying WoWP. I had over 300 battles or so. It wasn't amazing, but it was fun enough and I remember anticipating the game because it would obviously only improve.

      It seems from the perspective of a WoWP alpha tester that not only did WG not listen to our advice, they did just the opposite: Retard mode flight physics instead of more accurate ones, never addressing the map size and height ceiling... etc.

      It is a simple case of WG not understanding their market. News flash for Wargaming! AERIAL COMBAT GAME and CASUAL are not two words that belong in the same fucking sentence, unless it's a sentence like this one where I'm pointing out the stupidity in it.

  9. The biggest thing is that flying doesn't really feel like flying in WoWP. Feels more like I'm moving through syrup than air. Lacks the 'feel' of pretty much any reasonably received flight game I've ever played, all the way back to the old Kesmai Air Warrior games.

  10. The fact that kamikaze gives a frag. You need to discourage people from doing it. :)

    While I have your attention, I have compiled an extensive list of things that bug me after a week or so. Appreciate if you can check & forward it if it's worthy of it:

    1. And it should give you a frag. Nothing to change here. You still should be able to take out enemy plane of higher tier by kamikaze attack. Let's face it. It is very easy to dodge kamikaze attack by fighter with other fighter so if smb hits you... you just did let him do it.

  11. One thing I've noticed about online games is you have to get it right , kept it right , and treat your customers right. If you slip on any of them someone else will notice and capitalize on it like war thunder has done on the planes side of things. I hope you don't mind the hard advice but just do some research into online games and you will find that they start out strong then get turned off like a light switch . This is usually the result of another gaming group hearing all the complaints and making sure their product does not have these. If I had to give a list it would be.

    1. Maps are to small for a flight game. I found myself turning continuously.

    2. Graphics are pretty poor considering your competition

    3. The economy is just as bad as wot. I feel the game is set up to make w.g. Good money , but this is a short term gain. W. G. Should look at the long term and a chance at a legacy.

    4. Wowp is a waste of time now . You would be hard pressed to pull players away from wt. However wt has all the same situations that wg has as far as keeping there customer base happy.

    1. 1. We do need bigger maps.

      2. Graphics is comparable in terms of technology and specs (eg lighting, model quality). Not touching design side of things.

      3. The economy of WoT is nearly perfect. :) That's it.

    2. You don't need new bigger maps, you need the current maps to be MADE bigger. Don't keep all these small maps in the game as is. Touch them up (outwards) and extend the battle area. Don't throw new maps on top of broken ones in an attempt to patch it. Fix them ALL.

    3. That's what I meant. We need technology that would allow to do that.

    4. 2. Graphics may be. Only ratio graphics quality/PC power required is terrible. It is stable on my desktop only on low quality and Crysis 3 can run smoothly on medium. Something is very wrong here.

  12. Hi Overlord!

    On GAs - I ll quote myself:

    GAs and Heavies with Bombs/Rockets could play an important role with some minor tweaks to the game. Problem is WG and their limited wisdom:

    1) "No" XP/credits for fighters going after ground targets, though they should be capable of destroying/damaging them.
    2) Destroying ground targets like Radar should influence the viewrange on minimap/radar range of the enemy. Destroying oiltanks, warehouses and so on should have an influence on the economic situation (credit multi) for both teams.
    3) Remove HQ and install many (3-8 depending on map size) fortified command centers which are responsible for AA strenght with a big effect (accuracy AND DAMAGE per hit). No board weapon below 30mm should be able to damage it and even cannon fire should only do light damage on these command centers, making rockets and bombs a must have. This ofc demands much bigger maps - which btw is one of the main problems with this fucking game - its like driving a F1 race car on a Go Cart course.

    -> fighters would be given a motivation to protect GAs

    You might want to read the whole thread and start to visit that forum on a regular basis:


    1. for starters, try to test more advantage points for ground targets (like 3 for target 10 for hq).
      But I'm afraid it will end with suicide runs of attack planes while everyone will be hunting them only so situation will be even worse.

      Problem with Folter's idea is that increasing the role of GAA will not convince people to protect GAA's, but to hunt enemy GAAs.

    2. Maybe add bonus for every GA that survives the battle? Ofc the bonus will only be for friednly (hvy) fighers not for GAs - otherwise you would have hordes of morons hiding in corners with GAs.

  13. GAA could be made a lot more fun, and or relevant, especially if you plan to add planes like the B-25, B-26, JU-88...some quick ideas off the top of my head:

    1. If you are the first team to destroy all of the enemy ground targets, automatic win.
    2. Make some more ground targets environment affecting, like when you destroy the enemy HQ, their AA gets less accurate. There are radar towers, perhaps you could remove, or reduce the amount of planes displayed on the mini-map if the radar tower gets destroyed. Even go in the direction where all planes are displayed until someone destroys the radar tower, then reduce it to current level of display (which I think is all friendly planes, and enemies that are sited by friendly planes).

  14. Camera MUST FOLLOW THE HORIZONT. Poeple are sitting upright, you can't have brain look at inverted picture while it's own senses tell you you are upright. Also fix camera glitching when following terrain. < This annoyed me while playing wowp

    Now to tell you why I'm not playing wowp:
    1) No CW - no bonuses I can use in wows ( later on, like gold ) = no need for wowp
    2) This game is NOT FLYING arcade. It has the worst elements of flying and shooting you could have picked ( read no basis on reality whatsoever ). It's a game with made up flight model, intentionlay lazy controls and really old and annoying shooting model ( you could not make something original in a shooting game ? ) - It can't replace my IL2 playing time
    3) Where it all breaks.
    Even though I'm saying your game sux it does not mean I want to say you did poor job creating the game. Not at all. Game is easy to play and I picked up the mechanics easy and fast, it's actualy quite interesting and different, but IT IS NOT FLYING ARCADE CASUAL PLAYERS CAN PICK UP. What makes 90% of MMO games is playerbase and I just flushed yours down the toilet.
    You are trying to attract casual players, yet you make up unrealistic gameplay model WHICH IS NOT CASUAL. All the noobs and lemmings ( so called average players <50%) are direct result of your gameplay model in both wot and wowp.
    Having a team of 15 organized hardcore players vs other 15, like CW, would be great in wowp.
    Randoms are just major clusterfuck. You created an ok-ish game that I can't play because I don't have 14 other players to play with which SUX.

    1. Ok, you have pointed out some issues here. Supposing, these are true. Any solutions?

    2. Make auto camera rotation work faster or disable it at all and make it rotate with the plane always?

  15. In all honesty, there is no "One Thing that Breaks it All" - it's a culmination of a long list of numerous flaws which I'm shocked hasn't been fixed or refined. Especially after seeing how certain features fair in practice or are received by players in WoT. I am not saying these things to be cruel, but to be honest - in general, WoWP is inferior in several aspects to the competition, which has ironed those aspects out. These issues are general problems that I point out, don't always hold true though they usually do, and generally aren't issues in War Thunder.

    1) The HP System combined with the Tier System is simply horrid - the reason why is that even if a lower tier player outsmarts a higher tier one, the higher tier vehicle is generally capable enough to still beat the lower tiered player through sheer brute force. There are instances where a lower tier player can chip away at a higher tier one and feel like the damage being inflicted is hardly a scratch.

    2) The flight model itself feels so unrealistic and watered down to the point it seems like these are all toy planes. Though maneuverable as a result, there's no real point to do some of the aerial acrobatics that were actually used in combat precisely because of it - the maneuverers themselves can't find sufficient limitations within the airplanes of the game to take advantage of, rendering them useless.

    3) The control setup his highly unintuitive, clumsy and imprecise, further aggravating the issue of a flawed flight model within the game. I don't think I even need to get into this one since they're simply that bad.

    4) The maps are small with little room - as a result, it often results in matches degenerating into quick, sloppy dogfights. The degree to which tactics can be used shrinks all the way down to match the small map sizes, which is also a problem seen in World of Tanks as well. Which leads into the next problem.

    5) The actual moments of combat in the game are generally over far too fast as someone else has already pointed out, especially in comparison to how long it takes to even get to those moments of actual fighting. When on even footing against enemies, fights end fast. Against higher tiered enemies, fights end fast since they'll rip through lower tiered planes quickly and have enough HP to keep it up until the very end. Against lower tiered enemies, fights also end fast since they all die quickly.

    6) There's no damned respawn or even garage battle mode to make up for the short combat lifespan when the bullets start to actually fly. As a result, the short actual gameplay times is teeth grinding in terms of agony - a player dies, and they have to wait in line. Wait through the hangar, wait through the MM, wait through the countdown, wait through finding the enemy again...no good.

    7) Lucky number seven. No. It isn't. The worst part is that I can keep going with this list.

    Honestly? I don't want to play this game, and it isn't due to any one thing that breaks it all. Even watching my friend try and play it, I decided not to because it looked that bad after looking at a few matches. To even ask for "...just one thing that, if fixed/changed, would substantially improve..." the game, is flawed on its own. That kind of thinking assumes the rest of the game is perfect or at the very least good enough, which simply isn't the case.

    What I'm trying to say is, from my own point of view there's a lot more work to be done if the game is to last.

    I don't envy you.

    1. Thanks for your opinion, I've managed to find some relevant points.

    2. My favourite part of that rant, he hasnt played one battle.

  16. You already got GA. The only thing I want to add there is that I'll be very dissappointed if WG forces US and UK fighter bombers into the same mold as the IL series.

    My complaint is that the lack of roaming forces me to play on the NA server since thats where my premium account and gold are.

  17. What bothers me most in this game is the lack of balance. We have World of Heavy Fighters now, with absolute domination of German HF and American P51 line. Other nations are unplayable. I have been in WoWp for long time, since Alpha, played over 14k battles and in this moment the game is in the worst state (regarding gameplay). BnZ rulez, all TnB planes are only easy prey for energy fighters. One of the best players on EU server Grim has written some good points how to bring the balance and fun back, please take it into the consideration:

    1. Reduce boost time and boost strenght but make boost recharge faster...you know,like in 0.3.5.This way boost won't be such a deciding issue in engagements and it won't be so ridiculously strong as to just pull your plane up vertically

    2. Remove all ridiculous shell dispersion -shells should got where your guns are pointed at,not where some random generator decides to put them.Also shells shouldn't do more damage when firing down(kinetic energy difference is minuscule between firing up or down).

    3. Dramatically increase energy retention on all TnB planes and dramatically decrease it on BnZ ones.This way BnZ planes will only have a few passes to destroy their target before they get really low on energy(now they have the ability to do as many passes as they would like).Also ,with better energy retention,TnB planes would be able to get on the back of the BnZ after evading its pass (at the moment,by the time they finish their evasion move,the BnZer is already safely away).

    4. Dramatically reduce the effect of altitude on performance.

    5. Reintroduce actual stall mechanics so that if the BnZ player is careless with his speed he could enter a spin and fail hard.

    1. I dream of the day this gets done.. 5 changes to fix the balance issues.. these 5 changes will ensure the only balance issue is on t8, 9 10 instead of on all tiers..
      Do this and make the flight model more interesting (like it was in 035) and the game can't get much better :D

    2. A lot of people on the Eu forum cast their minds fondly back to around 0.3.5
      I do too. While not perfect the game seemed a little more balanced and a lot more fun.
      Some time around 0.5.x the entire USSR Light Fighter line suddenly seemed to become utterly unplayable.
      Even now, while touring the tiers to pick up my x2 per day the German Heavies in my hangar turn into Seal Clubbing monsters. Today, 9 kills in the Ao19 and even the FW-57 is an evil thing to be feared.
      Some adjustment may have been required, my "golden age" had a lot of extremely lethal USSR fighters and USA aircraft were a bit "meh" tbh.
      USA aircraft have been quite well padded now and the 109 is a dangerous enemy, but the most dangerous things in the skies are most certainly the Heavies. and THAT is boring.

  18. What I think would be a great help, (Besides what has been said already) is a bit more inter-connectivity with World of Tanks, right now it seems only Gold and premium time is shared between the two and I think that could be a lot more, I Know clans are gonna be connected but what about more personal stuff? When I first got interested in WoWP I was kinda hoping stuff like say Free-XP could be shared, so that playing either or advance our account instead of just the game we are playing. Credits might not work as well due to different economies in each I understand but still would be nice to be able to play either or and be able to advance in either or. Hell even garage slot amoutns being shared would be nice, I have 34ish slots in world of tanks, if I could have access to that many in World of Warplanes that would make things a lot more comfortable. :P

    1. Free exp will shared in future. Need some time to work on this.

      Plus there will be some integration on CW level.

  19. I'm inclinded to say everything bothers me, but that isn't very helpfull so I'll try to go in more detail. I'll start with the little details, the obvious things Overlord has already pointed out.

    First there's the UI. I like the WOT UI, it's practical and easy to use, and if would work perfectly in Wowp as well, but still for some reason that is beyond my understanding, they felt the need to change things (for the worse): Why did they need to change the location of the battle button? Seems pointless and even confusing for WOT players, the tech tree is also really annoying to navigate, especially since you're never looking at the plane you actually had selected in your hangar. The "research modules" tab in hangar is also completely useless, since this can be done from the tech tree ... They seem to want to make things more complicated for some reason...
    Then there are what in my opinion are some serious design flaws (poor decisions made by the devs): they always said they wanted a game that was between arcade en realism, however, Wowp to me feels 100% arcade:
    I'll just name some things that would make the game more realistic WITHOUT changing the gameplay:

    First of all, proper basic instrumentation: I
    In closed beta there was a rate of descent meter (sort of), that got removed for some reason, eventually they implemented an attitude indicator with pitch markings (only improvement they ever made), HOWEVER, like all attitude indicators it still moves in the WRONG direction, it should show you the artificial horizon, but instead in turns in the opposite direction, (makes no sense to me whatsoever),
    There is still no horizontal indicator either (which shows your current heading), they could easily implement an option to make you even chose from N E S W format or 0 90 180 270 format (that way it would even be usefull for 'arcade' pilots)
    No throttle indicator either.... these are all very basic instruments any plane has and make navigation much simpler.

    These may all seem like small points, but personally I think they should not be overlooked when you're making a game about planes.....I honestly ask myself if the devs know what they are doing (no offence)...

    I understand they want to reach a public as big as possible, but I don't think this is the way. If someone wants to fly a plane, he will need to know some basic things about flying, you can't just simplify the game to this end. They could easily implemented training missions to learn about eg. blackout effect (could easily be added to game, just as a visual thing, like just visible on the edge, just to give one example). This is also why i think the 'wot mouse' control scheme was a big mistake: it just simplifies the controls to much.... People need to properly learn to fly a plane, it's really not that hard...and it can be taught in a fun way....just moving a mouse around IS NOT flying a plane....

    I'll stop now :) I'm sure other issues will have been covered in other posts, ( bad balance mainly)

    On the plus side, the graphics are nice and game performance has increased over time...

  20. I hate those planes flying high above me, and my plane is not able to reach them.
    So I have to wait till they come down and kill me, very annoying...

    Ground attack planes are quite useless at the moment. The rewards for ground targets are small, and the effect of destroying ground targets is even smaller.
    Maybe ground targets should be included to the winning conditions?

    At the moment you can win by
    a) Destroy all enemy planes.
    b) Map domination.

    What if you also could win by
    c) Destroy all enemy ground targets?

    This could make the battles much more interesting/dynamic:
    - Ground attack planes would be more usefull.
    - Fighters would be necessary to defend ground targets.
    - High altitude planes may be forced to come down, especially at the end of the match when only less players are alive.

    1. We have been thinking of that for some time. Probably need more ground targets for that.

    2. heh that wont work.. just like the optimum altitude system doesnt work and the clustering of gt's to create virtual heights doesnt work, characterizing nations instead of individual aircraft (like in CBT) and balancing a skill-based game like this on data-gathering doesnt work and unifying the clans between games wont work .. all very nice ideas and the intention is really good, but in practice it just doesn't work.

      This particular idea will only result in: both teams kill all the gaa's first, then return to 'usual business'.

      Far better idea: give GT's importance. Radar tower got killed? All the adjacent grids to the grid of the radar tower reduce spotting range by X amount of meters or give bonus camoflage, AA guns nearby that specific radar tower will be less accurate or have less range

    3. Sounds Moba-like. We might need respawn for that too.

    4. Well as of now there is only one target in the game that alters the gameplay (and insignificantly so) which is the HQ.. Why not make other specific buildings have specific effects on a small to medium area around them as well after they have been destroyed? Else its just a bit of aestethics with different HP pools (like it is now) that doesnt add anything to the game but a pinging beacon for the enemy HF's as of where to find the GAA.

    5. And why on earth would that require re-spawns?

  21. game is total piece of shit...waste of time

    1. You came here for this only? "Haters, go to hell"

  22. Old, primitive game engine and horrible optimilization.

  23. Main Problems right now are the horrid optimization and memory leak issues, but you guys at WG know about that already so, I'm sure you're fixing it.

    Gameplay wise the real issue is with Boom and Zoom being so dominant, I realize that it was basically like this IRL, but in the game it makes turn fighters, particularly at higher tiers, feel pretty useless, and it makes it extraordinarily difficult for lower tier planes to kill their higher tier counterparts as they can always just zoom up to an altitude they can't reach with out any risk. As for solution suggestions, I like Biolectra's suggestion of having one of the objectives be "Destroy all ground targets" that would really help low alt planes to be more relevant. I would also change the way that aiming works so that the loss of speed doesn't affect it so much, right now it feels like when you point your nose up your aim becomes like a shotgun, bullets flying out at 45 degree angles and all that, I'd keep the aim tightening up the faster you go, I'd just reduce the spread while losing speed some so that it's easier to kill b&z'ers during what's suppose to be the weakest moment for them.

    Or just nerf all American army fighters and German fighters, and all Heavy fighters into the ground :)

    1. We have worked hard on performance during open beta, unfortunately there is still much to do.

      Got your idea.

    2. This has been repeated in various forms, but, I think a slightly different perspective may help.

      War Thunder's gameplay mode often features ground targets or objectives that absolutely require getting low and bleeding off speed in order to capture or destroy. Not only that, but these ground targets are actually very important, as ignoring them can and often does lead to defeat, unlike in WoWP where the players typically kill each other long before they matter. As a result of the ground targets mattering in WT, Boom and Zoom fighters are automatically balanced - it forces them to slow down and lose their advantage one point or another to get at them, assuming they even want to win. Which, they do.

      In a way, it puts Boom and Zoom fighters and Turn Fighters into their own categories or roles. One's better at picking off planes. Another is better suited for hitting ground targets and anyone that tries to. It forms its own hierarchy.

      Right now, I'm not playing this game, and I haven't bothered to ask a friend that does, but I did not recall seeing any moving ground targets either other than the boats. Importing the tanks from WoT would not only give moving ground targets like in WT, but also cut the workload down as well, considering the models are already done.

      This is assuming this isn't already implemented or in the works of course.

    3. That's a fairly good point in WT the ground targets matter more since they destroy each other allowing so a team not paying attention to GT's to still lose. So that might be a good thing to implement in WoWP.

      Also Cadet there are some moving GT's, namely the large warships on the maps Pacific, Lighthouse, and Arctic ( I believe there are even so landing boat on Pacific that will drive up to the shore and lower their ramps, but the Crusader tank inside doesn't move). Pacific even has a large naval battle going on, if they made to ships able to kill each other and add to the battle advantage for the team that would be really cool.

  24. For me, it is really the lack of point to ground attack. I played a few hundred games, and I can count on one hand the number of games won or lost by points rather than kills.

    The thing War Thunder has going for it is, at least in part, that bombers and similar actually have a point, rather than just being there because you feel the need to include them.

    Every game just being a dogfight furball is just.. boring.

  25. Can you tell me something about that "blocked" loading? When it stops loading the game before the battle starts.. and then it starts while you are still loading.. and you can see your plane on the mini map rushing towards a horde!! And you can even use the controls.. but hell, you can't actually evade them like that..

    So, what's up with that? :|

    I've noticed that that usually happens when I minimize the game and try to browse something on the internet.. it's like it's having problems with the connection, but.. then again, I don't understand how can I be connected [ The mini map and the movements reading ] while in the same hand.. not [ Having the loading screen for 1:30s ]

    As for the others.. I noticed one small thing that annoys me. When you buy a new plane your selection [ i.e. only primary planes ] gets turned off

    1. Yup, that happened to me as well. Not critical, but rather annoying.

  26. But if you ask me what breaks the most..
    I can't play this game anymore really. Every game above tier 3 there are people who know me. The higher tier I queue, the more people know me, the more I get headhunted. Now with the FM of a year ago, You could win a 1 vs4/5/6/7/ but with current flight model that is not possible anymore, combined with the fact that planes have no characteristics anymore. Nations have strengths and weaknesses, not planes. What made everyone feel so awesome about this game and what has been taken away, was that by knowing the strengths of your plane and the weakness of that of your opponent, you could outplay superior aircraft. This gave incredibly satisfying and very rewarding and addictive and has been taken away, I guess to compress skillgap? Well even though after that change my WR went from 73 to 86%, my fun lvl went from 10/10 to 3/10.
    That winrate, together with winning dozens of contests and all but one tournament, my guides on forum, streaming, YT videos, have made my name so well-known im hunted every single game, and the flight model doesnt allow me to win from players I know I can outplay.
    Fun's over for me. Will try another namechange and go silen but thats it.

  27. Attack Aircraft -- formerly known as Ground Attack -- are an impediment to a team. Near the end of beta, ground targets got buffed. The lowly TSh-2 or TSh-3 could easily destroy a ground target in one pass, but now it can take two passes. The slow speed and lack of maneuverability makes them easy targets at lower tiers. Their guns disperse too much to be useful in shooting at airplanes. How is it that a TSh-3 can knock a AA down to 75% in 2 seconds, but an airplane at the same distance barely takes any damage?

    Basically, because of their slow speed, low maneuverability and poor plane-vs-plane performance, they are more often than not free XP for the enemy. Something needs to be buffed. In beta, I greatly enjoyed the TSh-3 and had over 100 battles in it, but after last three open beta updates, I had to retire it.

  28. Well, i am near 200 games myself now, and can only comment on my first impressions and overall problems i see.

    1.) Tactical Component

    Bombing the enemy bases/ships is useless, so the whole GA/HF system is flawed.
    In short: You dont need those for destroying enemy bases.

    I dont know why WG has no real tactical system for those yet, but there HAS to be something making sense. Some real benefits have to be in effect, so its worth to defend the base/ships.
    Then the games wouldnt be so fast and boring tactic wise.

    Bombing the enemy could give your team bonuses for example 5 seconds more boost, 10% more damage, more speed, etc. after a certain amount of stations destroyed.
    It has to be well balanced, so its wanted by the players but not too OP to make winning for the enemies impossible.

    2.) +/- 1 MM

    If you use goldammo in WoT, you can still outplay hightier players when being smart.
    In WoWp you seem chanceless. You cant hide. You just die in like 2 seconds of shooting.

    4.) Joystick users

    As a joystick user i was having quite a headache to get it going.
    I have to say there should be an ingame introduction to set up your joystick.
    The standard setting is so effin bad, its unplayable and its really
    hard to find out yourself how to calibrate it ingame.
    If players are not able to bring it to work, they might deinstall the game at that point.
    So a simple "how to" link with instructions, and maybe a download from a decent joystick.xml would be enough to let everyone with a joystick have a good and easy start.
    Another smart move would be to just make a good joystick.xml a standard for the game. ;-)


    I am sure there will be some more things with time, especially regarding hightier balance,
    which i read a lot in the forums about, but those are the most important for now.
    I think the game is not bad after you got a bit into it, and at least till mid-tier i am having fun.

    There is a lot of good feedback from competent alpha/beta-players in the wowp-forum,
    if you want to dig deeper.

  29. Make GAA's more useful:
    - if I destroy 10 ground targets with my GAA but 10 planes in my team gets destroyed we possibly lose, but if I'm in a fighter and I kill 10 enemy fighter while 2-3 GAA's of my team dies (with 0 air/ground kills) who could have destroyed 10-15 ground targets we possibly win
    - if I'm in a fighter I can start influence the battle in 1 minute after the start
    if I'm in a GAA I need 2-3 minute to get to their ground tagets (if I'm not destroyed already)
    - currently we get too less xp with GAA's compared to fighters
    if im in a fighter and I kill 6 plane out of the 15 enemy planes I get lets say 1000xp
    if I'm in a GAA and I want 1000xp I have to destroy about 15 ground target out of 20...

    possible solution:
    rework the supremacy system: only ground targets should earn supremacy points so if all of my team dies while I was busy destroying most of the enemy base I CAN still win if they can't find me in time

    also right now destroying an AA gun takes almost the same time as destroying a house/fortification
    that's stupid it should take much less
    damaging 10-20% of the AA gun's life should already disable it (cause the crew is dead) without getting a point for it (maybe after 1-2 minute it could reactivate - new crew)
    if it's getting destroyed completely it should give 1 point to the team while ships for example should take 3 times as much to destroy but also giving you 3 points (while the HQ gives you even more)

    also make the ground targets less effective BUT make more of them
    currently its shooting with 98% accuracy even if I try to manouver it hits me
    the problem is not the DPS but the fact that it shoots 50 bullets and 49 of them hits me
    make it shoot 200 bullets from wich 49 hits me - it would look more realistic imo
    also we need more ground targets because if there is a competitive GAA in my team on the same part of the map as me I won't be able to destroy as much ground targets as much I could cause there aren't enough

    also destroying all ground target should lead to victory
    and finally make a new (maybe german) GAA line in the next patch to bring more variety for GAA's
    also if GAA's make less damage on enemy planes disable this function (not sure about this)

    1. GAA don't do less damage weapon wise, but their guns have a greater dispersion by default. They feel more like shotguns due to this.
      Back in the early days, the 20mm cannon of the Sturmovic would be very precise and take very long to overheat.

  30. the hangar interface is a bit user unfriendly--especially accessing the barracks. If it were more similar to WoT it would be better.
    The impact of destroying ground targets on the outcome of the battle is negligible. Flying an attack aircraft, I feel that I cannot really contribute to an eventual win.
    The Brits are missing a premium airplane...

    1. I wouldn't say that WoT hangar interface is that user-friendly. It just because many people got used to it.

    2. Believe me, WoT hangar is quite good in being user-friendly. Everything which i need to check before battle is visible at first glance (type of ammo loaded, modules installed, consumables/additional equipment (binocs etc) chosen). It is easy to change everything of above and I don't need to open any additional windows for that.

    3. I should have written that I need only one (for ammo and consumables). But is well designed also (and "resupply automatically" option is great). Oh, the camo window too (but one do not need to buy new camo every day - with option to buy it for week/month/forever).

    4. yeah i've always found the WoWP UI far clearer than that of WoT.. but I started with wowp first and later tried WoT to have a bit of free xp. The UI alone already almost forced me to quit (in garage) and navigation between menu's was and still is terrible. Besides that the gameplay doesn't interest me at all.

    5. The last passage relates to WoWP or WoT?

    6. The last passage (gameplay doesn't interest me at all) come to think of it now applies to both. Had you askes between september 2012 and february 2013, I'd have to say WoT. The UI part is related to WoT.

  31. Most of my points have been addressed but one that hasn't that really bugs me is having to ride my shotdown fighter into the ground before I can right click to watch from another plane. A secondary issue to that is that the right click should take me to a living platoon mate first rather than some random plane. If nothing else let me control right click on a pilot in the sidebar to jump directly to them.

    1. Yeah, that sucks.
      Especially when it takes you like over one minute to the ground.

  32. I am a WoT clan leader on NA server. Lots of investment into the game. WoWP and (current) WoWS alpha tester.

    I really wanted WoWP to be a great game. The real problem is not controls. With enough tweaking and modifying, the mouse aim can be -as good- as WT. Also, the joystick controls are much more competitive, where in WT if you don't use a mouse you're handicapped. So bonus points there for WoWP.

    Here is the fundamental issue: Flight model mechanics. When I play WT, Rise of Flight, or IL-2 sturmovik I have this great sense of flight. When I play WoWP I feel like I am flying a toy plane or Remote controlled plane. It feels off. It's hard to point a finger at what exactly it is, but it feels like there is almost no gravity or no sense of speed. The arcadey boosting mechanic is also a little excessive. I think it's excessive in WT arcade mode as well, for the record.

    What works: Tech tree, progression, upgrades (you need more equipment types), Controls

    What doesn't: Flight models, Graphics in some cases (Plane explosions are weak, the smoke looked so nice in CBT, where did that go, low res ground)

    Also, the inactivity on the NA server is so bad you should consider merging it with EU.

    1. Also, for the record, many of us during the NA closed alpha and beta were indeed clamoring for improved flight models. We had to BEG the developers just to include simple stuff like "stalling". WG was not receptive. You reap what you sow.

    2. NA was growing after the game went live. Hope the trend will continue to ensure comfortable play.

      Don't really think, we will be seriously rebuilding flight model at this very stage. Well, my from where I stand at least.

      @We had to BEG the developers just to include simple stuff like "stalling". WG was not receptive. You reap what you sow.@

      I believe this didn't belong to the idea of casual and easy to pick up aerial combat game.

    3. Think about 30% of my deaths are caused because the game handles my stall and the direction it ends in instead of myself and refuses to give me control back until i reach a certain 'safe' speed. And I have no simulator experience whatsoever. Being able to use a stall to your advantage was one of the most rewarding manouvres in the game apart from performing a stall-turn, which also has recently been made impossible.

  33. I'm saving up credits and experience for the F5U's return. Any word on when the American heavy fighter branch might be implemented? (i.e., next update, the update after that one, etc.)

    Also, a semi-precise figure on how many credits and how much experience should cover it would be wonderful :)

  34. Overlord:
    1. Make UI as good as in WoT. And more similar.
    2. Optimization and crashes. Game crashes every 2 games for me :( . And I am on a beastly computer.
    3. Currently it is dual core? Support quad and hexa cores.
    4. More modes and more effects.
    5. Standard things you were doing till now that made the game from a wreck (closed alpha) to actually a pretty decent game AND real competition to WT (WT has a pathetic excuse for a UI btw... its sh*t...)

    1. I have to say the game has always worked fine for me. Also dual core support is fine for the next few years.

      The UI also seems fine and very similar to WoTs so I cant comment on that.

  35. Boom and Zoom is a bit too dominating over the turn fighters. The turn fighters can't seem to get a
    break and good players were pushing the flight envelope of 10k feet with these planes. A turn and
    burner can't do that. Plus pushing the envelope feels a slight bit too weighty. Sure going past your
    envelope is bad but it shouldn't feel like you've instantly flown into thick gel...

  36. The balance between boom and zoom fighters and turn fighters is broken to the point where if the boom and zoom pilot doesn't make a mistake it doesn't matter what the turn fighter player does, he simply will not win.

    Between the difference in optimal altitudes, the climb rates and difference in boost times, boom and zoom planes can get to an altitude where they're unassailable, which is fun for neither side.

    If a team gets significantly more boom and zoom planes that are used as such, they will win nearly every single match.

    I would like to be able to play turn fighters, but I'm not willing to play target drone.

  37. CONTROLS = Absolutely TERRIBLE, turned me off from playing WoWp completely! Warthunder has excellent, instictive control system, fits me like a glove (even if I don't play Warthunder frequently).

  38. Hi Overlord,
    Actually saw you in one game^^

    I played around 2.5k games during all the alpha and beta phases.
    You actually already mentioned the biggest problems of the game which is
    the uselessness of GAA and more important the uselessness of turn fighters.

    Why do the turn fighters have less boost, than the already faster energy fighters.
    When you manage to dodge an attack by an energy fighter, he doesn't even has
    to take a real hit, despite his failure, because he will be up in the sky, before you can
    start aiming at him.

    The optimum hight, while getting players closer together, acts as an additional punishment
    for turn fighters, making the Yaks feel, as if somebody forgot to put an engine in.

    I always loved GAA, but I played them as gunships. I would be the heavy machinegun
    unit. Slow, but armoured like nobody else, with huge firepower, but easily outmanoeuvered.
    Still I loved the Sturmovic and all the other GAA and I had around an average of 2 kills per game.

    Now you can only really use them against ground targets as a kind of PVE plane.
    How about giving it back it's old firepower, but make them overheat like all others,
    but allow players to select "anti concrete" ammo for players who enjoy destroying ground targets (double damage against ground targets), or regular to serve in a gunship role. Also make GAA almost immune to ramming by light fighters!

    These are my biggest concerns, I really love the game, playing it more than WoT for month
    now, but taking all the Japanese and Russian planes out of the pro league was a big hit to the game. I always liked the La-5 and the Yak-9.

    Also I have regular crashes and terrible laggs earlier in the day.

    It's a good game, but the optimum hight was..not a good idea.

    1. Yup, currently I'm not enjoying GAA either. Loved Lbsh during alpha/beta times.

  39. And a little addon

    Mouse controls are very good for me, only the "target plane in recticle" button
    should actually target the closest plane to the rectcle and a target should ALWAYS!!!!!! be locked!!!!! There is no need for an unlocked target, that gets swithced in the heat of the battle
    while your fireing at it!!!

  40. Ramming needs to go.

    I have other problems, but that is by far the #1.

  41. Ping of 300 makes it utterly unplayable due to the server-side aiming. Warthunder is much more playable with high ping with it's hybrid client-server approach. I want to play WOWP however 300 is the lowest ping server available for us Aussies.

  42. Hey Overloard, just wanted to let you know that some of us are quite happy with WoWP and have no major issues.

    FYI, I play on NA at 250ms ping and do well enough in fighters :-)

  43. You are pretty much spot on. GAA are useless and high altitude planes with long boost currently dominate all others.

    Another problem I noticed is the player base...Sure in WoT you have the noobs and afk-ers, but here it's even worse. At the moment I have ~20 games with ~40% W/R and a K/D Ratio of 4.0...

    Otherwise the game is fine, but simply lacks the WoT charm.

  44. I always picked this up at every major 'event' (closed beta start, open beta start, last time 2 day ago).

    It improved a lot over the last months, however I still don't like it.
    First problem is the F2P style "Pick up and play" isn't working.
    In WoT and WT I doesn't had problem at start, but in WoWp I can't hit an enemy after ~1 hour of play time. It's still better start than MWOs, but the game needs a noob friendly control.

    HP system. I just hate it. I played Red Orchestra before WoT, and I'm playing WT now, mostly because no paradox hp system.

    As a lot of commentator mentioned before, the guns 'shotgun' effect makes no sense. No gun scatter that much.

    The overall feel of the game is just wrong. Especially if I compare it to the competitor. It's like an UFO race. I know it's mostly engine limitation (Big World's website only shows korean rpgs besides the WoXX trio...), but it is the worst thing in the game.

    I will reinstall WoWp in the same pace I did before, to test it, but I'm pretty sure it wont stay long on my hard drive. This is simply not my game, but it isn't make it a bad game. A little (okay a lot) more polish and it can find it's place in the online arcade market.

  45. As many people stated destroying ground targets should be more rewarded so defending them would make sense. That way there could be more tactics. The reason why players just stick together is that shooting down all enemies is almost the only way how to win.

    My other concern are short battles. I think its because its very easy to hit an enemy plane. Partly its because of the game telling you where to aim but it just doesn't feel right to regularly hit a plane flying in 90deg angle to your path. The same goes for frontal collision. Even if I am trying to evade I often crash to enemy plane. I simply feel the plane should react faster.

  46. Magically homing bullets making TnB completely useless as you cannot ever avoid all damage.

    Really. Remove the autoaim/homing bullets or whatever you call it and you will at the same time remove some of the reasons why BnZ is so OP.


    Links show what I'm talking about. It got slightly nerfed at release but it's still quite bad.

  47. Please, do not let heavy fighter carry bombs. I saw today 4 times that someone took heavy fighter *(||I and IV tier) and played it like GAA - trying to destroy enemy's AA guns. They were literally useless during battle and in one case we lost directly thanks to one of fhat guys (4 vs 3 left but our HF was only one with major pool of HP left and refused to start fighting- we died and he still was just bombing and bombing then crashed).

    Oh, I saw sth like that in beta too, but it was very rare then. Today it was a plague.

    1. To clarify: to new player who sees that HF can carry bomb it is not clear that HF is a powerful class of planes, but its primary designation and goal is to destroy enemy's planes, not AA. And when teammates notice that HF player is not even trying to fight planes, they are usually not very happy.

    2. The medals doesn't help either as you are supposed to get "Destroyer" medals and not "Ace" to become a "legendary heavy fighter". Imo it sohuldn't matter if you go for "Thunder", "Ace" or "Destroyer". If you collect the numbers required you should be "Legendary".

  48. I have 3600-ish total number of battles in CB/ OB and release. First imo the idea of arcady flight sim is good but it shouldn't be simple.
    My major issues with flight model is the very high impact of current hight vs optimum height has on aircraft performance. This as it pretty much make all USSR/ IJN aircraft useless.
    My major issue with the damage model is bullet dispersion coupled with auto-aim. Why not just have the bullets go where you aim? At least much more than they currently go.
    Battle interface: we have a lead indicator. If you want more people to perform better you should have the option to have one lead indicator for each different muzzle velocity weapon, the options could be merged, one indicator for each weapon, only indicator for longest range weapon or most dps weapon.
    Garage interface, I miss the direct access to barracks and please ad some sort of functionality to help us find equipment (sights really). It is really annoying to look through 10+ planes to find the sights. Perhaps add mini icons to the plane icons to show if they have crew, ammo (type) and equipment? It should make it easier to get ready for battle.
    I really like the persistent chat. It is great that we can leave messages to each other even if we aren't online.

  49. Dear Overlord,

    the one thing required to improve the game would be to improve the quality of the playerbase. WoWp still feels very beta-ish , but it's a lot of fun if the people in both teams in a battle are fun to play with. So, what's there to do:
    - educate players (the flight school videos are sweet, but it feels like you should make people watch them on the ingame loading screen to make sure they ARE getting the information).
    - get rid of trolls, AFKers and people suiciding after 20s to get together their 700 battles for gifts or their tokens (it seems not everone has realized the occured changes in game economy ...).
    - or sth like that, you get the idea.

    About the game itself: remember the early WoT tanks sticking to the ground and being unable to fall off cliffs? And look at the physics now! Maybe WoWp is going to add futuristic stuff in a few years too! Such as...
    - potential and kinetic energy
    - speed experienced = speed shown by the tachometer
    - sinking ships! (why do they keep floating on the water surface? I want them to sink epically!)
    - mobile ground targets actually moving to get that "I'm supporting a live battlefront"-feeling.

    And, last but not least, a few hints for those GAA-haters: GAAs are terrible to play when being flewn without any friendly support. but from my alpha-/beta-experience, I can recommend the different IL-2 versions, because you can either:
    1. destroy up to all of the ground targets on the map all by yourself OR
    2.a. use your bombs to kill fighters attacking from behind,
    2.b use your rockets and guns to shoot down heavy fighters approaching head on,
    2.c still destroy any ground targets with your guns.

    So, there's a lot of room for improvement, but I'm still confident that WoWp will become more and more fun over the years and keep growing end getting enhanced with even more semi- to full-)historical and technical content, which I am excited about already.

    1. "2.a. use your bombs to kill fighters attacking from behind,
      2.b use your rockets ... to shoot down heavy fighters approaching head on,"

      Just those 2 things are enough to make me keep avoiding this game. For God's sake, bombs to kill the pursuing fighter!!!!... and what about rockets to hit a head on FIGHTER??? Even to hit a B-17 from behind they had trouble IRL.

    2. The bombs have a delay timer so when your close to the ground and you have a fighter on your butt your drop a bomb and the enemy bogey gets caught in the explosion, you can't actually hit a fighter with a bomb, or at least I have yet to see that, the main issue with this right now isn't that you can do it, it's that GA can't be hurt from their own bombs so it makes players drop them haphazardly.

      In regards to the rockets, they are about as accurate as you'd expect in real life, hitting anything that's not a building with them is very very difficult, which is why the game has medals for this, but when 2 planes go head to head, at under 200m or so it becomes a little easier to hit with them.

      Maybe you should actually play the game before criticizing it, it's not like it costs you anything but time.

    3. Closed beta tester speaking. I know a bit about the game (and about the reasons I stopped playing it)

    4. Sturmi,

      sure thing WoWP will see a lot of changes in future. Current post-release time is actually when we should decide on how the project will evolve.

      It's not only about finding the right balance between hardcorisation and simplification, but generally the path we road we want to hit.

  50. I just installed it and for me it's the transit times that's the most annoying thing about it.

  51. My biggest gripe are the absolutely ridiculous flight physics which don't even remotely reflect how aircraft work in real life.

    I understand that you want to make an arcade-ish game but the audience for flight games is by default smaller than the audience for tank combat games. And you can be sure that those who actually want to play such flight games/sims actually understand how an aircraft should behave - to a certain extent at least.

    Everything feels way too compressed: From service ceiling to the actual sense of speed (indicator shows I'm going 500 km/h, yet looking at the trees passing by it feels like I'm going 60 km/h in my car!). Climbrate on most planes is beyond ridiculous, momentum, gravity and drag seem to be absent. I understand this is partly because of the limitations of your game engine, but you've way overdone it.

    The point is: Flying doesn't feel like flying. There are arcade flight games out there which have a more authentic behavior.

  52. Airplane HP system is beyond ridiculous..

    It works really well with tanks but doesn't make any sense with planes..

    But you aim at this game being a little more arcade'y than "the other one"..

    So what you should do is diversify missions and modes, I don't have an idea right now, but for me personally, I don't see a reason to come back to WoWp...for now..

    Btw I still did 1000+ games and got the 2 planes for closed beta + 6 months premium.. (I was super disappointed I didn't get the 210 though, I play almost exclusively german planes)

  53. My biggest issue in this game, is simply the game engine. it feels tired and old and has to many limitations. WT has and im sorry to say the better plane game in almost every aspect, and i find it a shame that when developing this the devs didnt take it up to the top levels and say that the engine is not adequate for this type of plane.

    further there are a lot of paper planes that frankly didnt need to be in a game. it is however a learning curve and should be used to make WoWs a better game. you still have the tanks, make ships your next flagship as it where. I wont be rude or abusive as thats no help to anybody, and i cant suggest any more than whats been suggested, as devs you take pride in your work, but sometimes it pays to admit defeat and learn from that, it the only way to evolve a product sometimes. wishing you all the best in WoWs guys.

  54. May we get information on future updates for World of Warplanes the way we get that sort of information for World of Tanks? It seems like there's an unintentional information blackout regarding, for example, Update 1.0.1. What sort of planes can we expect?

  55. Love the game so far, much more entertaining than your competition.
    My biggest gripe is the supremacy the BnZ planes have at the moment. I think i don't need to elaborate.
    How to fix it? I guess two things need to be changed: Boost and bullet dispersion. Boost is definitely too much of an influence right now, It allows planes to basically fly straight upwards for 10+ seconds. Why is this an even bigger problem? Because of bullet dispersion when shooting upwards. It just does not feel right. I think it's ok to encourage players to use altitude and positioning correctly, but making planes nearly untouchable if the fly up and are 300+ metres away just does not seem right. It is making life too easy for BnZ planes. My Yak stalls out so easily it's not funny.

    1. I forgot to add my idea for boost:

      - make boost time shorter, less efficient in pulling upwards
      - make it reload faster

  56. Great place this, just found out about this blog.

    I don't have anything new to add to the above, but, having had lots of experience in wowp and in the most difficult flight simulators out there, please allow me to subscribe myself to some of the points above;

    There should definately be a system that make GT's more important, as in one critical point needs to be defended at all times. This most likely will also force the BnZ-ers to altitudes where they are susceptible to TnB attacks.
    This should, by the way, NOT be achieved by increasing the speed of the "ticker".
    I have found myself countless times in dogfights me vs the world, where I had great chances of killing them all using proper BnZ, but lost against that bloody ticker.

    Shorter boost - quicker regeneration seems like a good idea, but handle with care....

    Crippling effect of out-of-optimum-altitude is exaggerated and should be reduced.

    Improve flight models; Beeing able to fly any plane wings-vertical across the entire map?
    Also, managable stalls please, at present control surfaces have zero effect on your plane, you CANNOT influence it until it comes back to near-amber speeds. This eliminates moves like hammerhead and tailslides, which would add so much fun...and ofcourse tactical play.

    At the same time, Matchmaking needs some polishing too. Surprisingly little has been said on the subject after 5.3, but I could (and might) post dozens of screenshots of me ending up in battles where i have absolutely no business. Flying an F2A against a ME140, or a A6M5 against a 262... these are faults so blatant, they are almost physically painful...

    For the rest, love the game, and will keep playing, but I genuinely hope these points will find themselves on the devs meeting room table some day.

    1. Yup agree with all you said there. 2 tier MM wasnt a problem when the game was balanced (read: when WG didnt give up historical accurate performance for a linear learning curve) but that has indeed become an issue as well..

  57. The single one thing that I noticed is I have to be logged off on WOT to play WOwP, I used to ALT Tab back and forth, to grind a specific tank and a specific plane. It made me feel I was in a truly unified game. Now that they are separate, login only allowed on one unified account, I am forced to choose between the two games.

  58. WOWP, GFX dosnt look very good compared to plane/shooter/flysim alternatives,
    + you controls are sluggish and slow compared to warthunder.

    thats the main isues of WOWP. just to name the few most problematic once.

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