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Thursday, November 28, 2013

[WoT] Tiger for the Emperor

The Tiger tank bought by the Japanese government that could work as tier VI-VII premium in the game with the future release of the Japs in 8.10 update.

By the way the 1943 Henschel Tiger cost 295k Reichsmark for internal usage, while sneaky Germans managed to sell it to Japanese at a much higher price - for 645k. The Japs must have been over-diplomatic to bargain. The vehicle however never touched the Japanese ground because of "transportation issues" and - as rumour has it - ended up fighting somewhere in Italy.

For in-game version might want to change tracks a bit and make this tank more "amphibious" to give it a more Japanese look.



  1. Overlord, I seem to recall:
    It was shipped to Brest, and never got any further. As there was no cargo ship that could make it to Japan in face of the allies overwhelming dominance of the sea. It remained there until the Japanese allowed it to be used by the Whermacht, and was issued to one of their tiger units.

    I believe a similar story befell the Panther the Japanese brought.

    On a slightly related interesting point. Has anyone ever thought what happened to the Japanese soldiers guarding their embassy in Berlin?
    Well there was a platoon of SNLF (Japanese Marines) guarding the embassy. As the Soviets approached the entire staff was evacuated to the south of Germany. Plus at the time the Soviet Union and the Japanese still had a non-aggression pact.

    1. BTW, just to be clear, the tank in the picture isn't the Japanese tiger but a Type 4 Chi-To

    2. Yes, it's not that tiger in the pic

    3. lol, and I was wondering why that Tiger looked so totally weird...

  2. Does not seem an unreasonable price to pay, I would of thought Japan was likely purchasing it to examine and possibly aid in their own tank development, that is the only reason I can think of that you would purchase a single vehicle.
    Germany likely knew this and charged them for the privilege, depending on what Japan could of learned it may of been a small price to pay.

  3. "The Japs must have been over-diplomatic to bargain."
    Hmmm you might want to take aa pagee from WWG NA's book when refering to the next linee of tank from thee upcoing patch.

    [quote name='WellingtonBoot' timestamp='1385504879' post='6033214']
    Again, the full word "Chinese" and Japanese, or the Abbreviation JPN or IJN/IJA when referring to the nation/service branch the vehicle comes from are acceptable on our servers. Other such abbreviations are not.

    Let's keep it classy folks.

  4. I don't recall there being anything special about the Japanese Tiger other then that it was lent back to the German army when it could not be delivered. There were several units of Asian decent on the Atlantic wall fighting for Germany. Plus Japanese soldiers acting as technical observers in the German Army and Luftwaffe.

  5. If this means I can finally play the Tiger in its true historical configuration (German or not), I'll definitely buy it. Please make it happen fast Overlord!

  6. I want some premium first model Tiger H, in the german Tree, obviusly.

    And perhaps some Medium tank training vehicle high tiered.