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Monday, July 15, 2013

[WoWP] Open Beta Impressions

World of Warplanes open beta has been up and running for quite some time for now. Any impressions and feedback you could share at this stage? How's grind so far?

The game will fully go live before long. Still, we are going to release at least a couple of both minor and major updates prior to that focusing on interfaces, optimizations, single wallet / premium account for Wargaming's games, balance fixes (including high-tier battles), mouse controls, reduction of server lags, post-battle screen, cameras, crew functionality, new consumables, new content (Brits, anyone?), including maps and some other stuff, I forgot to mention.

So, how's your flight?


  1. Balance seems way off, even at the low levels, especially in the matchmaking spread. With two tiers difference, you're dead in the first couple of minutes, regardless. There's no way to hide and no way to avoid being spotted like in WoT, so it's just "fly out, get dead, hope to get better MM next match."

    1. I agree as well. Maps seem quite small and its very easy to be spotted.

      Also, I was wondering if movable targets will be introduced (armored trains, tanks, trucks etc).

    2. Phelps,

      it's actually 3 tiers right now. I do agree to some extent, but there are reasons not to reduce spread as well - diversity and challenge. Still we are considering this.

    3. Zulnex,

      tight maps promote dynamic battles. Still they could use some increase -agree here.

      There are movable targets right now - e.g. ships on Pacific maps. Planning to introduce more - like trains, truck convoys, etc

    4. challenge!??! LOOOOOOOL
      getting a tier 2 plane against a tier 4 or a tier 5 is begging to get horribly murdered

      heavy fighters with their tailgunners don't even break a sweat

    5. battle tier 3 is missing. at least i never saw a tier 3 plane at the top of the team. other then that balance is the main problem. tier spread is acceptable but definitively not for all planes. also: some heavy fighters and attack planes are unplayable with stock configuration!!

    6. Challenging is fighting enemies that are your equal. I can see Tier 4 aircraft being useless to me in release, smashing Tier 2 aircraft that can't fight back is not fun. I like the heavy fighter line, but playing the 110B against T2 biplanes is just silly.

      The same applies to T7 and 8 aircraft against jets. Although in that case I will be the low tier getting destroyed by jets. I have no interest in playing the jets and will be stopping at whatever tier lets me play prop planes without seeing many jets.

      That might actually be your biggest mistake, all the prop fans who want to avoid fighting jets. I polled the NA beta forum, 33% preferred no jets.

    7. No jets vs props or no jets at all?

      Jet gameplay can be fun, which might not be the case right now. We are going to work on it in the upcoming updates. I haven't grinded jets in 0.5 to check out the situation on my own.

    8. i'd sayd no jets vs props, jets constitute too much "BS" to sum it up.
      the problem is that since your game does not have an accurate simulation of the engines of those early jets(try to WEP or 0-to-100 a 262 and it WILL explode, or anything based on the same engine) they are ideal versions thus they have no place in a prop fight...
      fighting against jets on a true sim was a challenge and fun because you knew they couldn't go full power whenever they could and had to always be on the lookout for throttle position and power curve, turbine temp and rpm

      so no, jet vs pop gameplay in WOP is not fun at all because they behave like modern fly by wire jet planes

    9. No jets at all. Even the 262 P-80 and Meteor aren't welcome in some people's eyes. IMO those three should've been the most advanced jets allowed.

    10. Tier 8 used to have a bunch of very early jets. Those jets should not be gone. I think that losing the current tier 1, making what is now tier 2 tier one (and protecting it from what are now tier 4s, and putting in a tier right in that slot to bridge the gap between what is now tier 8 and tier 9 would make the combat ability of the planes scale more evenly.

  2. I like how the skill cap is a lot higher in this game. It's a lot easier to kill another player without taking damage compared to WoT.

    However the same will almost certainly cause the game to have smaller playerbase as it is nowhere near noob/bad player friendly.

    I'd love trackIR support though. Currently joystick users have way worse situational awareness because we cannot easily look around. On the other hand it might make us even more overpowered.

    As for the tier spread it seems to use the same +-2 as WoT does. It's allright in the end. The biggest problem right now is T2 and T3 planes, they go to T4 battles most of the time. I'd suggest some sort of mechanism which prevents you from being on bottomtier too much would be implemented.

    1. Yup, planning to do so. Right now WoWP MMer doesn't use all the cool stuff from WoT.

    2. TrackIR is cool, but actually joystick users can look around.
      There are joysticks like the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, who have the lookaround function.

      About tierspread, i suggest what i already did in WoT.
      Limit the spread to +/-1.
      +/-2 is too much in a lot of cases, and is not fun nor fair for those on the bottom.
      Same applies for WoT.

    3. I have Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, but it's nowhere near as smooth and useful as looking around with mouse or trackIR.

      I don't really mind the tierspread. I just wish for more equidistributed spread like in WoT (no 10 games in a row with T2 fighter on T4 game).

    4. Silberfalke.

      tier spread in WoWP is now same as in WoT. Going to consider further reduction.

    5. If you ever do that, i owe you a beer or something similar.

      Maybe even two or three. ;D

    6. For situational awareness with a joystick, try to get good at reading the minimap and using the picture in picture and snap to target buttons, both are really useful once you learn to make them work for you.

  3. Controls are still a little laggy, and not quite there, but are vastly better than they were.

    There's a slight, but perceptible delay from a control input and the planes response.

    On the control at general, I had mine set to maximum sensitivity, and yet my Biplane fighter couldn't get guns on a ground attack plane, as we had the same turn rate. However his Rear gunner could hit me, and so I got blown out the sky.

  4. I just don't care for it. Was in closed beta, didn't like it then; recently reinstalled it and it hasn't improved much. The controls are laggy to the point that I'm basically flying by proxy.

    1. With normal ping/connection?

    2. it's like I never repeatedly told you, overlord, that controls are extremely lagy

    3. Yeah, the controls are the biggest failing. IL-2 (the game) is the gold standard here. Even with all the realism turned off it was far and away more natural and responsive.

    4. What kind of controls? The mouse controls are absolutely responsive
      or to quote Gabriel from Penny Arcade, I'm doing Blue Angels shit over here ^^

      Oh and gz on the 8 million hits Overlord.

  5. Yup, with normal Ping connection. I can play WOT, WT, Neverwinter online and Space Marine with no issue, yet there's a perceptible lag on control input Vs reaction from the plane for WoWP.

    When every other program works just fine, often at longer distances (NWO server is in the US), and WoWP server in the EU has a issue, I think I can spot where the problem lies.

  6. I can't play from 0.4.x - ping going ridiculous high when planes start to shoot and game changes to slide show. Earlier I could play on medium settings, now it is unplayable, huge fps drops in crucial moments.

    1. EU server? No issues in WoT?

    2. Unfortunately I have similar situation as Jajeczny on EU server. I played in closed beta and it was ok then. But since open beta it's completly unplayable due to fps drops. I tried to even change settings to lowest possible, it's some improvement, but still there're situations when fps drops to 10 or less. And there're no problems in WoT at all. I have max settings and still have above 30 fps there. Ping is between 60 and 120.

    3. That's very unfortunate, indeed. Hopefully 0.5.1 and 0.5.2 will improve things for you - we are planning a number of optimizations there.

  7. As mentioned above tier spread is awkward. It sucks to fly with eg LBSch-eisze on Pazifik-map with tier 7 as top tier. It takes ages to fly from here to there and you can't evade if a higher tier is attacking you.

    The map diversity is very poor. After eight times on Pazifik I just quitted. More maps would be fine (I heard that in closed beta times there were more maps?).

    On too big maps for low tier aircraft it's just dull to find the last two/one remaining aircraft to destroy and win the battle before the opposite team wins it by air supremacy (high tier aircraft thankfully crashed into each other and eliminated themselves).

    The colours on the screen for your fight (yellow/orange) is not really visible. I have some considerable problems to find my pivots/wingmen. If I found them it's hard to make out what's the aircraft of my flight mate(s).

    The battles have the same rng as in WoT? It's funny that some games are that fast lost/won with 15:5 or 15:3. The balance is missing.

    Some planes are unbearable in stock conditions. You'll have to die your way through the first modules. Some planes are way to good in there stock condition. There are no premium aircraft at high tier. The Me210 sucks hard (my opinion) and the P40 M-105 is op (also my opinion).

    My situational awareness is lost. I can't see what's going on around me. The mountains are often nearer than it's good for my plane and it's flight capabilites. I can't estimate the distance safely. Sometimes spoils the fun in dog fights.

    1. LBSh should not be matched with tier 7.

      Planning to add more maps during open beta. May be 2-3 more. Right now the number of maps is the same we had at late closed alpha.

      15:5 / 15:3 is not necessarily a matchmaking issue. Can be skilled combined with luck.

      High-tier prems will be added some time later. Don't want to rush with them.

    2. Yeah, our fault. We platooned up LBSch with 109E and 110B.

      So the new maps, will they be for low tiers or high tiers?

      Well, I think it's more rng-luck. When fighting against your own kind of plane - which in battle overview you'll find to be less equipped than your own one - is capable of flying narrower circles, hit's more and harder than you. BTW, it's a very nice thing to see the lock up in a window with those nice hints. *thumbs up*

      Will there be a chance for four or five mate flights (instead of three as now)? If you're top tier and in a flight, you'll rock (as long as rng is not against you ;) ). Will the future MM take flights into consideration as in top tier flight meets top tier flight?

    3. Not planning to increase flight size for now.

      As for accounting for flights in MM - we will be doing same as in WoT for a start, i.e. balance only the number of them in battle.

  8. I have installed the game, played a few batttles and decided that it is not the game for me.

    No tactics, just fly a few seconds and die. I have seen only chaos, nothing more.

    No cockpit view is for me very strange. I also had problems to find out what is position of my plane.

    WoT is many times better and more sophisticated tactically (use of terrain for example, which allows lower tier tanks to use guerilla tactics or spot for stronger teammates - all this do not exist in WoWP, you are lower tier, you are prey and you can do nothing to change it). Many maps in WoT demand different tactics, also vehicles demand different playstyle. But in WoWP you have just air, which is on every map the same. I was trying in WoWP to use terrain to hide, run away from higher tier plane, but still I had no chance to do smth reasonable, because I could only run away, I couldn't attack from such places.

    IMO, such game with randomly composed teams has no chance to offer fun for average player, who wants just to play a few battles. I am not going to use my free time to play WoWP. Even if I could get premium account just for playing. WoT is much better and more interesting for me.

    1. if WoWp devs would've played WT and see how they used mountains and other terrain features to create a cover system .. that would've been nice

      there are open maps in WT too, but they spread the heat by having multiple objective locations that need to be controlled / dominated

    2. Inability to see tactics does not mean there aren't tactics.

      Every fight develops in a different way, and getting enough kills to guarantee a win requires being able to read a fight and match yourself up against enemies as well as possible. Being in a different plane against different planes can make a huge difference in playstyle.

      But what do I know, I solopubbed a 73% win rate (try doing that in a game with no tactics)

  9. I don't think you will ever manage to compete with war thunder on the flying game.

    1. And I think we will. Actually we are already doing that.

    2. funny to say that, when in fact interest in the game dropped somewhere where it was in closed beta

      compete with WT .. what a delusion
      you remind me of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf giving press conferences during the 2003 Iraq war

    3. Yeah, absolutely! I mean, WT has starts and landings! Man how awesome is this...and cockpits, you know, the first thing I always turned off to see more in other flight sims..yeah, how awesome!!!

      Tried WT last week again and they must use some kind of hallocinogen to make their fanboys so loyal.
      The arcade mode felt like I was flying like 50 km/h in my Hayabusa. It felt totally unpolished, except for the game menues
      and the atmosphere.
      If you want cool dogfight action right from the start that feels way more dynamic and dramatic but a little less realistic, play WoWP.
      If everything except the dogfights is important to you, play WT.

      I even heard people complain about WoWP is unrealistic because you start in the air!
      You do that in the arcade mode of WT too...to then land and conquer an airport!?!?!?

      WT-Tanks will be so much better than WoT, because you got to start the tank in the beginning and have to drive out of the garage!!!! It will be so awesome!!!!! *sign*

    4. Unpolished? Its a BETA genius WT even in Arcade Vs WoWP is much more reaistic, if you want true realism you just go play Historic which is what people mainly refer to, its just way awesome.

      Unlike WoWPs a Prop plane can kill a Jet, I've done so in my F4Ud Corsair twice and once in my P-63, while in WoWP its such an impossible task.

      "Tried WT last week again and they must use some kind of hallocinogen to make their fanboys so loyal."

      Wow, so mature of you, how old are you pal? Perhaps you're the one under the hallocinogen :v If you're still playing WoWP.

      Though seeing you don't like cockpits maybe WoWPs is better then you, less bakkas in WT the better.

    5. Have you tried playing WT at all with a joystick in arcade mode? The plane flops around like a fish and can't let you aim at anything. I actually stuck around last fall and got to the point where I was the top quarter of the team every time.
      WT has made it so you don't have to think about piloting your plane and you can just point and click (sound familiar anyone? maybe WoT arty?)
      Also, you said WT is in beta? I haven't seen a beta yet that lets you buy ingame items. WT is in a pseudo beta that makes the game look better than it is. Gaijin have been working on flight simulators for many years now and *should* have the FM's and DM's figured out by now, but they haven't.
      And in WoWP, a prop plane can easily kill a jet. You're just bad.

    6. If you like games with arcade modes where in order to make the mouse controls viable they crippled all other modes, didn't even try to solve the problem of visibility, and have spawn points set up so that you're continually getting inundated by enemies with an energy advantage, WT is the game for you!

  10. how it will work the unified account, is shared only gold and also the credits?

    1. Gold for sure, premium status for sure, maybe in future free experience. Credits, rather not.

    2. When we have an unified account the credits have to be shared. Otherwise they (WG) should leave it as it is. In my opinion it does not make any sense to leave them out.

    3. Credits won't be shared. The rest - will.

    4. But why? What are your fears not doing so?

    5. People would buy premium Tanks/Planes/Ships only in one game, and would grind their money there.
      I.e. most have already premium tanks, they wont buy premium planes or ships.

      That means they would lose lots of money.

    6. I am sure WG could implement a system where transferring credits would receive a penalty of some kind, say 50% transfer tax or more so 100k becomes 50k once transferred.

  11. I foresee FF being an issue, but it's probably just me, accidentally killing a friendly in WoWP is much higher then in WoT where it would be relatively low. And I can't work out the system it uses to determine who is at fault, actually in WoT it doesn't work properly either, if a light accidentally rams a heavy the heavy often gets penalized for it, not sure how much latency plays a part in that.

    Anyway a lot of bitching is going to invariably result, more so then WoT, which you may not think matters but it will just end up driving potential players away from what will be a smaller player base to begin with.

    1. FF as ramming I assume.

      We have managed to decrease ramming rate (overall enemies and friendlies) four-fold recently. Now it's more or less ok.

    2. Yes should of specified ramming, if it's an enemy it can be annoying but that's part of the game, I was more concerned with friendly's.

      Part of the issue is you want to zoom in to help aim but then you suffer from tunnel vision somewhat and lose perspective on whats going on around you, but I guess you would consider that part of the game as well rather then an actual issue.

  12. Lack of content like in WOT, and beta test is not excuse. You are rushing things. It's just another unbalanced grindfest like WOT - every problem you have with wot randoms appears in wowp too. Some people like that and that is OK, you should model the game for them.
    I've done 600 battles in cbt and 100 in open beta and games keeps getting easier to play and less fun at the same time. Best fun I had was in early cbt before 0.3xx and all the performance catastrophes that started. Every patch claimed to bring performance increase but nothing changed. Laggy mouse is even ok for me, it's not much of a problem because flight model is soo bad that less laggy mouse control would feel the same.

    How many times you get rammed ? Every time i get taken out it's becasue somebody rammed me.

  13. Game quality feels pre_alpha (crash with OutOfMemory and other errors every 2-6 matches on 4G RAM / 2G GFX , lots of ppl including my friends who play wowp have this problem; lower quality GFX settings improve the things a bit but still crash allot)

    MM +/-2 is too much, no fun playing against +2 ....( also no fun in WoT, thats one of the reasons i quit playing WoT )

    Half of my deaths are by being rammed by my team..... a mechanism to signal imminent collision or prevent team collision at all would improve the fun for many players :P

    More mouse settings would be nice ( different sensitivity settings for different zoom levels ? )

    Accuracy stats for air and ground targets should not be mixed.

    Grinding higher tiers is way to hard / time consuming for a beta test....would be nice to be able to try more planes in a shorter time, will also help WG to better balance higher tiers if more ppl test them.

    1. I don't have any of these crash problems, but I had them on my 32 bit system. Activating the 3GB switch on my system solved the problem almost entirely.

      MM +/- 2 is absolutely alright, it's annoying to get in high tier games all the time, but your not totally worthless, just don't take the lead!

      Getting rammed got reduced big time by the extra camara distance you can now zoom out to. It's usually reckless flying that get's you killed. Not turning into the same direction the dogfight is going, attacking an enemy plane, that is already followed by several planes, just flying into a big group of dogfighting planes.

      If they let you reach high tier planes too fast, all will fly tier 10, totally suck at it because of lack of experience and blame the game for it. Just take a look at the WoT test servers.

  14. Still problems with AMD processors (haven't seen anyone official responding on the forums). Getting disconnected very frequently after joining the battle and during each attempt to reconnect.

    The only solution so far is to turn off one of the cores so game would run only on one. But that makes the game a bit laggy.

  15. The controls are the key to this game, and personally i think you need some kind of introduction for it.

    It was absolutely horrible to get the joystick working.
    I needed something like 4 hours. Unacceptable.
    Many ppl just immediately quit, when the controlling is not intuitive and easy to boot. You lose lots of ppl with such problems.

    I would say, this is beside the balancing and stuff, one of the biggest priorities.

    Second thing i noticed and i dont like: You cant shoot planes on longer distances.
    I would appreciate if the shooting distance will be made higher and more realistic. It feels very limited the way it is.

  16. Hey Overlord,
    Sorry but I'm really not holding out too much hope for WOWP. I'm still hoping that the game will improve drastically but WT has you guys pretty decisively beat for the air combat genre.

    I still am a loyal and committed WOT player though and am absolutely giddy for WOWS. It just has become a bit too apparent that Gaijin has too much experience in the air combat genre and it seems that Wargaming hasn't quite figured out how to make air combat of that quality yet.

    I would say focus more on adding content to and polishing WOT (which imho, is one of the most entertaining MMOs of all time) and take the time to carefully craft and mold WOWS into an amazing game.

    One thing I can say for WOWP's credit is this: the interconnecting of accounts across the three games is a great feature and it feels like a gift to the players. It'll be nice to be able to freely switch between games as we see fit, on one account.

    Despite what complaints people have against you guys in Wargaming about WOWP, I for one have been a fan for 3 years and I still think your company does great work.

  17. I've been enjoying it, much more than Alpha and Closed Beta because of higher populations and the improved controls. I'll never be a good pilot but I can at least enjoy the game now without constantly fighting the controls.

  18. Hi,

    one more time: let go of planes!!!

    P.S.: captcha still sucks.

  19. NA server here. After the close beta with the updated patch it seems to come around more. I have better control with most planes except the Russians I seem to go under there belly's with my mouse really weird how that works. Rather boring atm only playing on 3 maps mostly National park geez whatever happen to map rotation? Maps are just to small for air combat spawning at the start is so much better got space and that's a good thing.
    Now the biggest gripe I have is the policy for dmging other players when they collide with u, u get penalized for it. It appears that the team kill side of it has been removed?? I have yet to see this happened again. so if it so then thats a step in the right direction. Best map I have seen you guys put out has been the Pacific Ocean really nice just to small need more similar.

    1. Maps are assigned per specific plane tiers, so if you are playing same tiers - you will be getting same maps. That's because maps differ in size a lot.

  20. played some games, but I'm really waiting for the token->premium account to start playing it every day.

  21. World of Warplanes fell off for me as soon as I heard about Warthunder.

    Warplanes is just too arcady, the damage doesn't feel real, the planes just don't feel real. If I wanted an arcade flying game I'll go play Secret Weapons over Normandy or something.

    The lack of bombers is annoying, too. Because of the small scale of the game there's no room for strategy, everything just devolves into a melee of fighters. There's not enough ground targets and nothing to really protect. Your team doesn't lose anything if all their ground targets are knocked out so long as they're winning in the air. There's no need to escort your ground attackers because, well, they're useless anyway.

    The only real sense of strategy comes from this shoehorned "air superiority" mechanic, which, frankly, doesn't even make sense for an online game other than to annoy people with sudden losses for no apparent reason.

    The big plus that WoWP has over world of tanks is the lack of RNG mechanics, if you're good it really shows in WoWP, like my 67% win rate with 200 battles. XD

    As far as I'm concerned though, Warthunder wins out big time. Its maps are bigger, it has medium and heavy bombers, a goun attackers efforts really matter in a win or loss, it even promises a persistent world AND the addition of ground and sea forces in the future.

    So here's the real question, when are WoT and WoWP getting their persistent world? WG has the chance to be awesome here if they can build one, but if they don't, sorry to say it, but Warthunder will win out simply due to the fact that it will allow people to just pop in and putz around with their friends.

    1. I think its the best to seperate the games entirely, even strategically on the worldmap, cause otherwise it would be mandatory to have clans in all games. This would make clans very big and complicated.

      The integration of the games within one persistent world would be utter fail, and fortunately for me, russian dev think similar. We will see what happens if you try this, when Gaijin has done it.

      On the points regarding WoWP i think similar to you about some problems, there is not enough strategic content, and i think this part of the game can really be developed, which will unfortunately consume a lot of time, if they want to do it.
      The content there is can be completely ignored other then the dogfights itself. I think thats a fail design by itself, but maybe i dont get what its for that there is.

      Bombers are just not worth it now, and never will be, if nothing is changed.

      The mapsize is a design decision to make the game faster, and i think thats not a bad one, but they could add a few bigger maps, and make those optional for ppl that like those. Maybe bigger maps for more players like its planned for WoT.

      Overall i like WoWP-Model more from the idea, but in its current incarnation it lacks in some serious departments.
      I didnt enjoy the Beta too much, but didnt get much into it either because of the handling.

      If i have time and mood, maybe i will try it more,
      but it didnt catch me in the first battles i tried.

      Technically i think its okay.
      The graphics are quite nice, although i heard from lots of ppl with technical problems, which will be fixed in time i think.
      Flight physics could be better.

      I think overall it needs to improve a lot in the areas that are lacking to get the masses playing for a longer periode of time.
      Therefore i expect the longterm fail potential to be quite high.

      Hopefully it improves fast.
      I would love to see it worth playing in the end.

    2. My point was that the WG games are limited by design and have no room to grow. I also never suggested merging ALL games into ONE world, merely have a persistent world for each one. Warthunder will do differently and have all function in one world for better or worse.

      If WG wants to grow as a company they need to develop their games better, and take from from these matchmaker only monstrosities into something with a player driven plot and player chosen content.

      Persistent worlds have to happen.

    3. Then i misunderstood you.

      I have to say tho, that i disagree on the subject.
      A player driven plot makes no sense for me in such games, and i hope they add new "modes" and content, but only what they figure out will work and is worth the effort.

      The vocal minority in the playerbase normally suggests too much bs tbh.

    4. Coldt,

      Persistent worlds have to happen. And I have to agree here. However not in "World of" series of games. It would be unnecessary waste of resources. Lots of really nice improvements can be done instead in both WoT and WoWP

    5. Why not? I say. Why not make something that the community and the rest of the gaming world will embrace? Why not take your original concept of a WW2 battle game and take it from the small setting you have now to the large? Why not more?

      These small updates... well... they work, but they don't make the game any better than what it is. You could add more game modes, more maps, sure, but how does that make the game itself better? Would there be something different than two equal numbers of tanks fighting eachother?

      Even if you have to start from scratch and begin again it would be worth it. You can cut back on the WoT updates, we don't need a new one every month, how about just every two? Give us some time to keep up with the new tanks being added. While you're at it, start again, and throw out the Bigworld engine, because.. frankly.. you can't build big worlds with it.

      Take all the models and resources you have from World of tanks and merge them into a new engine that CAN support a large, single world, then it's just a matter of building.

      There doesn't need to be a plot or a story if the game itself is actually good, all you need to do is have 2 sides and some land and if it's fun they will come. You could do something cool for all the World of Tanks players too and sync their WoT tanks with the new game. Hell, they could even use the same launcher. You could even call the new game World of Tanks, and change the current WoT into Tank Battles, that way the names are even true to life.

    6. Noone has attemted a game like this this decade, and noone with the clout of Wargaming. Do it and it will succeed, the world is ready for it.

  22. Looks like only angry and dissapointed ppl answer here while many others are happy and playing. So I am one of them and I think WoWP is great and I am looking forward to all new changes and improvements, especially if or when mouse 3.5 from version comes back.

    WoWP is much more fun then WT. There are many dogfights in every battle in WoWP while in WT I had only few real dogfights in 500 battles becouse in WT everything die by one shot on first pass which is fun first 200 battles but it gets old and boring fast. (just to climb 4 mins to one shot bomber is not my idea of fun and you have to do it or you loose on score)

    WoWP offers depth and tactic. For example in same battle you have to use BnZ vs more agile planes and TnB vs less agile planes. Altough have to say that I enjoy playing high tiers much more then low tiers.

    Question and suggestion:
    I think that 0.4.0 was right step and I enjoyed playing top tiers jets more back then. Now they are too much bricky and they were so much awesome, fast and agile and that was great fun and ppl played them a lot as there were short queue waiting time. (noone played them in 0.3.5)
    So my question is could we get fast and agile jets back again?
    Also I think that preview boost mechanic was better.

    WoWP is much more better and fun then WT right now as it is and could be even better with more content and polish. Graphic on max settings are allready better looking then WT, gameplay is more fun as it is more action oriented with full of adrenalin in dogfights.
    I dont play GAA but I think they are still uselless and hopeless vs skilled players. Superiority mode is great but rarely won the battle which is fine for me as I would prefer type of death match or last man standing mode even more.

    Wish you all the best and keep up with your good work.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback.

      We are planning to reshape high-tier battles balance-wise in the upcoming updates.

  23. PS. Actually most annoying thing are ground targets markers. I would like to have option to switch them off. Could have them only on alt button.

    1. this I agree with, give us an option to turn off these markers please

      other than that, keep up the good work, you are going in the right direction

  24. about time you released the Brits.

    WG, hating Brits since forever.

    Exxcept World of Warships. Thats fine.

    1. 3rd Navy in will be the Royal Navy, which is why its okay.


  25. Im here since Alpha, and you DID improve graphics, but only the top ones, go play a couple of battles on the lowest setting (thats what I need for acceptable FPS, WoT runs at 60+ FPS on medium to high settings, in the meantime WoWP fails to get 40 with the lowest possible settings), and see yourself die because the terrain isnt displayed correctly, you LITERALLY dont see 5-6 meteres of a hill! You can examine that at El Haluf, there are some targets on hills, go see how much empty space there is between them and the hills! The scope of the game is too narrow, with tiny maps, you cant add a load of planes, for what do you need a MiG-3 or a Pe-3 when there isnt anyone going high altitude?! For what do you need interceptors when there is no one to intercept?! No bombers is really a problem, I understand the difficulties of implementing them, but even AI bombers would greaty increase the immersion into the game. Also, planes which were nigh worthless in WW2 would be ultra-overpowered in WoWP, the Me-163 could be a tier 20!!!Games dont last longer then 8 minutes anyway, and you can just roll around at ridicoules speeds (remember, no need to climb, youre already in the air! at common fighting altitude!) and kill everyone in a matter of seconds with a short 30mm burst. Sorry, but WarThunder did it better.

  26. Will Wargaming attend GameExpo ("Spillexpo" in norway this year?) Sorry for asking here. And as for WoWP. Not gotten so far in it yet. So can't really say anything yet on it.

    1. Not 100% sure, but I think the answer is negative.

    2. Aaaww damn that's to bad. :( From what i have seen from your other expo visits around the world, you guys always seem to bring alot of energy to the table.

  27. At this point I just don't think much of the game. I have really tried to like it and enjoyed it in small doses but ultimately it is just not compelling gameplay. The low tiers are brutal as the rule of the match is ramming. Ramming occurs at higher tiers but really the low tier gameplay is just not fun because of it.

    Another problem is that the American fighters are trash with the exception of the P-36. I am an American and would love to play that line but they are flying slugs The German planes are just so far superior to the others that it would not make any sense to play anything else. The Bf 109Z is like Shaq playing basketball against middle school kids for its tier.

    The maps are small, the gameplay has no strategy, the performance is poor, it does not have enough unique planes...and well...I could go on but you get the point. If I were Wargamming I would just cut my loses on this one and focus on warships and tanks. You can not win them all.

    1. you are not the 1st and won't be the last person to suggest this to WG
      not that they're listening anyways

    2. Oheson,

      it's not about winning them all at this stage for WoWP - it's about challenging and competing what the game successfully does. Time will show.

    3. what WoWp does successfully?
      - gameplay - no - there's no stategy, no tactic, no thinking .. you just go in and try to kill someone before someone else kills you; 2 out of 5 it's a friendly who gets you
      - controls - no - horrible input lag kills it, when you have to lead the leading indicator that tells a lot
      - graphics - no - nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, as a whole it looks worse than WoT; post processing AA is like it's not even there
      - engine - hell no - when you enter a dogfight, the engine barely struggles to keep it at 30FPS, and that's on low settings
      - sound - no - many engines sound like lawn mowers; gun fire sounds like airsoft guns; getting hit by enemy fire sounds like driving fast on a gravel road

    4. - gameplay - you have to choose targets carefully, first known aces and good players, second planes which are biggest treat to you or you dont have defense mechanic against them like better turn rate, speed, climb rate, firepower. On some maps is better to kill GAA first. Etc.

      -control- I have no input lag with mouse 4.1, playing with 25 ms ping

      -graphic- Graphic is nice imo only maps which doesn't looks good are Harbor and El Haluf

      -engine- I am using mods for removing detonations and smokes and it runs 50+ fps now .. so if you got crap pc use mods :)

      -sound- are good I love sound of F6U gun

    5. WT is far ahead in developing their game. However I have issue with my mouse in WT my planes are not flyable at this time and I haven't use a stick yet, but they do have a lot of content in their game. How long have they been developing is my question. My mouse works fine with WOWP as far as FPS Im good but I do have a great computer to play on

    6. @karel vokroj

      - choosing targets - LOL!
      - control - I play with 30ms ping and yet there is 400-500ms input lag; I made a couple of videos showing this and posted them on the official forums
      - engine - I have a quad-core with 8GB RAM and a HD7870 2Gb GDDR5 ... my build is crap? LOL - I need mods to make the game playable, again .. LOL!

      comparatively, I can play WT at very hi settings - the joke is on WG

  28. since being able to play more game seems a small bit better compared to when in closed beta. Cant really complain about MM as you cant expect perfect MM in any beta. But the game still seems to have a huge memory leak like WoT when minimized and when sitting in hanger GPU works overtime until i actually play the game

  29. Well, the same as most people, the requirements of the game seems quite high for what the game gives. Now i am not far in the game -tier 3 is my highest- some more beginnerstips might be handy, like....

    - Icon when someone is in your reargun arc or some way of knowing what your rearguns arc is. I've been trying to get the darn guy to shoot something, but it never "seems" to fire.
    - collision warning, most of my kills comes from the fact some other plane tried to gun me from the side and kills me/i kill him because he rams me, which is quite unfun.
    - A better tutorial explaining the specific roles of the types of planes, and what you should bomb/shouldnt bomb

  30. Well.. so far I'm sure I won't stop playing it.. he he

    I really like the gameplay but I feel that a lot of players are missing it.. and all of that because they don't bother pressing lots of buttons simultaneously.. basically they then don't use the full potential of their planes :|

    So you need or more tutorials on "How to use controls" "Perform maneuvers" or.. you need simpler controls :P

    The second thing.. which I noticed earlier on [ On the very beginning of my CB carrier :P ].. the thing about which I didn't a lot.. is the HP pool of the base structure. Check the link here for the explanation - http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/14540-flak-buffed-and-what-about-the-base/page__pid__144359#entry144359

    Maps.. we really need those.. planes too, but I really care more about maps, because that Pacific Ocean is really starting to get on my nerves D:

    Other than that, I am really expecting those new game optimizations.. so far the game is ok for me but I would really like to taste more [ Higher graphics settings, more fps etc. ].

    Crashes are rare now to me, sometimes a fps drop in a swarm of planes [ Lots and lots of tracers ], maybe also a "broken" camera here and there. But so far the most annoying thing is the "never-ending" loading screen.. which happens for.. well.. I don't know which reason.

    And for the love of God show us those Britains already.. God speed :p

  31. War Thunder is like 9999999999 times better,give it up already..

  32. I just thought that you might like to read this and maybe give your input on the subject.

  33. Dear Overlord,

    Question has risen amongs my colleagues here. 10+ of them woudl like to try this game, but they are very progress oriented. Their question would be:
    If they start playing now in beta, are they going to lose or not any progress they made in the game when it changes to "official release" from beta? in other words will they still have the planes and tech tree they have researched or everyone has to start with "clean sheets"?

    Sorry if someone already asked this, but i had like 5 mins to write this. (im at work :P)

    Many thanks in advance for the answer!

  34. Sandor Nagy> Any progress in beta will be lost, that was the case wor world of tanks, that's the case for World of warplanes and will be the case for WoWS.

  35. Overlord,

    I think WoWp is a good game already but compared to his competitor: War Thunder, it's far behind quality wise.

    War thunder is nothing else than an already existing game: Wings of prey. It's a pc adaptation from Birds of Prey on Xbox 360. This Birds of prey was an adaptation of IL2:Sturmovik (the old but well known PC game).

    So we compare and existing game created few years ago based on a successfull air battle simulation (wings of prey) and optimised and tuned to the limits to WoWp: a new, arcade oriented (my plane could not stall even at speed comparable to a bycicle) and rushed so quick that the engine can't afford the same polished graphics as Wat Thunder without using 10 SLI cards and 12 processors.

    Again WoWp is a good game, but it can't stand any comparison with War Thunder, not because the devs are bad, because they have 5/6 years less developpement in the game than War thunder.


    1. i like wowp more than wt because:
      -one battle doesnt take 20mins (god i cant imagine organized clan battles that could take even more)
      -its nice that i can select 3+ planes for one battle, but then i need to fly for about 1 minute to get to the battle (such a waste of time...)
      -there are too many GTs in WT and its really annoying to kill those takns, trucks, guns, etc... even the fighter is being forced to focus on them...

      wt has better graphic engine, more planes, those weather changes, landings but damm it its all too slow - except for dogfights they are too fast for me :)
      its my opinion and those are reasons why i play wowp instead of wt.. sure, wowp has really long way to walk to be a really good game

  36. WoWP is meh, WT is better IMO. Health bars just don't work in a flight game.

  37. @matt.. WoWP is focussing at a completely different audience than WT is.. one is an arcade and the other a sim anyway so really don't understand these 'comparisons'..

    Anyway OT:
    The experience economy seems okay now (except on GAA, these can still do with a small boost there) but the credits economy is odd to say the least.. since 0.5.2.. For example I was in a flight with 3 Sabres, I made 4 (3 of which were full hp) kills and then crashed with a flightmate who had made 1 kill, the 3rd flight mate didn't make a kill at all. Neither of them had premium, I did. I got 19k credits, the guy with no damage dealt and no premium gut 48k credits, and the guy I collided with that had 1 kill got 32k credits. Losses often earn more credits then looses and, this I think is being overlooked:
    Credit income barely increases at all after tier 5/6. Ammo belt prices increase massively per tier from tier 6 on however. Ammo belt prices also are not adjusted on amount of guns. For example a sabre can only have 6 machineguns, and the price of each belt is the same. Hypothetically if there would be another plane with the same belts/guns, but only 3 of them, he would pay thousands of credits less per battle for ammo resupply.. I don't think this is taken in to account.
    Ammo belt prices in general are exceptionally high for the very marginal 'benefits' they give
    It also seems impossible to (be) set (someone) on fire in 0.5.2, like in 0.5.0.

    Further more i'm kind of appalled by the amount of changes to physics and aircraft performance in tier 8/9/10. I felt they were really well-balanced in the last patch of the CBT (had every single plane in the game and as a Dutchie I'm not biased by a particular nation.. I play it for the FPS high-paced action aspect, not because of history or aviation) but now.. it's rather poorly balanced.. I would advise to go back to the CBT performances of these high tier aircraft.
    Last but not least what's bugging me is the AA on high tier.. Apart from the insane accuracy they have counting the fact they shoot at 800-1050km/h travelling aircraft 1500-2200m away, they also deal an insane amount of damage per hit. Especially when barely anyone has a tier IX/X yet like now and the first month(s) after release, this means whoever has the heavy fighter wins.. Get a groundtarget, retreat to base and you're done, your enemy is killed within 5 seconds by AA fire and if he goes away you win on supremacy.

    Well that's it for now =)
    Also if you can/would like to: please give my sincerest regards to Oleg Gotynyan for the meet&greet/Q&A session he had with me on the WG Community party in Cologne and my/our gratitude for even noting feedback at midnight in the pub whilst drinking some beers haha. (From ExtincE)