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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[WoWP] Planes Go Open Beta

More news from E3 event. World of Warplanes to go open beta early next month (July 2, 2013).

Expect one more update to 0.4.3 client before that.

Open beta video here.

Remember about 700 battles requirement and unified prem accounts? :)


  1. honestly...who cares?

    there is no gold that would return me to WoWP after i tried War Thunder!!

    1. You don't, many do. Your choice.

    2. Tried War Thunder, a lot. The planes are almost unflyable if you use a joystick (they wobble all over the place). It's not a matter of settings, you really can't get a joystick to work properly in that game, and I won't fly with a mouse. Contrary to what people keep saying, the flight model in WT is awful.

      As much as I lament planes with "hit points", I can really see the point. I can't tell you how many times I have been knocked down by a single bullet in WT (pilot hit). While it may be realistic, it's sure not fun to get my bomber up to altitude for a run on the enemy airfield and have some random shot instantly down my plane (what happened to the co-pilot?).

      I like the scope of WT; I hope Wargaming looks at that. I like the selection of aircraft. I like the large maps with more strategy involved, it's just the actual gameplay ruins it for me.

    3. I tried War Thunder but i didn't enjoy it as much as WoWp...

    4. ya its so much fun to shoot 15 bullets in plane wing with 20mm cannon and it's still in 1 piece...epic fun

      and yes overlord,numbers say everything,check them

    5. Love numbers. What numbers though?

    6. lol,you should know what numbers :O

    7. War Thunder sucks. Period. The realism in flight is lame. I started playing WoWP again (I quit at first due to frustrations with the complete lack of a colorblind mod) and after 80 or so games I love the game! Once you give it a chance you eventually will become good enough to be somewhat effective in the air.

      The learning curve is far far steeper in WoWP than it is in WoT. It is not a game you just log in for your first battle an be possible to get a few kills. Just isnt going to happen. Give it a chance like I did an 8 out of 10 people will change their minds.

  2. Wow, this trailer is better then all made for WoT that I have seen.

    I even started to think about playing, but not in random battles like in WoT, oh no. I am too much tired with unreliable teammates and chaotic random battles in quite slow paced tank game, so I am not even going to try this hell in fast plane game. Specially that I will be surely much worse player then in tanks.

    Please, make nice PvE mode, where I can fly and attack targets (can be both on ground and in the air), then I will play.

    Although, this is open beta, so there will be wipe... So I do not have to care so much about battles effects and grind... Hmmm I will think about it.

    1. I'm sure you do understand that we are PvP-focused. :)

    2. Maybe you will be surprised Ovi, but I have noticed it ;). Unfortunately those second P in PvP is currently the worst thing in WoT.

      Just for example, yesterday I did in Matilda (tier IV) more then 1500 dmg with its small 40 mm gun. And instead of getting epic XP (x 3) and creds I get nothing special cause my awsome team still managed to lose. And they lost not because enemy was great, but because they had no idea what to do. It was pure stupidity and cowardliness. And I had similar battles yesterday in a few other tanks so whole last day of event was not funny for me.

      You should increase rewards for personal achievements in battle to sweeten decent players such terrible battles. Those "less experienced players" are killing awsomness of WoT.

      This is why I am more and more dreaming about PvE versions of your games. And this is why I am more and more often playing other games (not PvP ones) cause I am too pissed off with WoT playerbase. After yesterdays terrible battles I am today playing Settlers instead of WoT. It is for me like sanatorium after 3 days of WoT randoms.

    3. Yes, this can be discouraging. Guys are thinking of some rewards for best of the worst players.

      Why don't you play platoons? It would be much more rewarding.

    4. Recent battles caused that I will finally accept clan invitation (after many ignored in previous months). I do that only to have decent teammates for platoons cause friends from real life don't play WoT and so far I prefered listening to music while playing than TS :).

    5. I have done the same as DSM. Although it does take some time to organize and I do get sucked into matches at time that aretoo much for my tank to take on I now do Platoon as much as I can to try to counter some of the increasingly terrible series of games that have occurred over the last week.

      For example I played the AMX-40 and soaked 2309 damage on a loss. Only did like ~4-500 damage... 2 kills. Even I cant do that sort of stuff day in and day out and not lose my mind over it. On average. 4-6 of 15 players on both teams do 0 damage. Its worse overall then it was about a month ago. IDK why but I can clearly see from my collection of SS that it is. (I take SS of the end game info when its an unusual game, epic win or epic loss.

      Whats worse it seeing AFK tanks every third or so game. At least one... sometimes 2.


    6. "Why don't you play platoons? It would be much more rewarding."

      because platoon MM sucks big time, every 3rd or 4th battle you become low tier, the enemy has a top tier platoon plus if you form a platoon of tier 5 the other side has NO tier 5 at all. Even had one battle where all tanks were tier 7 except of my tier 5 platoon.

      I can sent you a bunch of those "fail" MM cases

    7. Platoons don't have any extra MMing weight. That's randomization. You can be at the very top as well.

    8. Yea, not all of us can do platooning, but those with some average or better skills sure would like to see the end of being punished for being on the losing team. Sooo many battles with 3k+ damage and 4+ kills and still I get less creds and experience than half the winning team- no matter how bad they played.

    9. I completely agree with you Dead_Skin_Mask that it's indeed very discouraging that, even though you deal massive damage or contribute a huge amount to a potential win, you just get close to nothing because your team lost. In WoWP, individual skill USED to be rewarded, and boy, did that make a difference. Now however, they changed economy to take away as much xp/credits as possible from the expert individuals in a team, and divide that amongst the rest of the team based on some lame 'battle activity' stat. The more damage you deal, the more active you are in the battle, the more XP/Credits are taken away from you and distributed amongst the rest of the team. This is completely retarded because it does the opposite of what should happen. What should happen is that players need to be motivated for playing good, not motivated for playing mediocre at best to easen their grind.. Untill today I still don't understand this change :(

      Apart from that the constant lying and spreading of false information and the withholding of vital information in patch notes as well as lack of communication (and explanation) in general are a huge bummer for me.. luckily the gameplay is just too fun to let go, at the moment at least. Therefore I completely understand the reply below from Gurgelfnutt, he is completely right as in WoWP it's far worse then in WoT.

    10. The huuuuuge regional differences (na, eu, ru) also do not contribute much to the image and reputation of WG either and the way I see it, the great amount of events Dead_Skin_Mask talks about below are more of a necessity to keep a bit of their playerbase rather then a nice gesture..

  3. They way WG treated WoT and its players, why on earth would someone even bother with WoWP?

    1. What are you disappointed with?

    2. Oh yeah, WG is terrible. They treat players so badly.

      Those evil Russians gave me T34 for free (must be some kind of punishment), recently they gave me back SuperPershing that I sold many months ago (so now I will have a chance to sell it for better price in gold or keep it if I will be satisfied with his new version). Uuuu evil WG... So nasty for players. WG could also punish thousands of players for some very popular EULA violation but they do not do that, while in many other MMO's such possibility is blocked (will not write what is it).

      Those evil WG is also making more events, that I have seen in any other game. If you think and plan, then you can buy many things and tanks for half price and make lots of credits with normal tanks. And number of events is growing all the time. In 2011 there were 1-2 event per month. Now there are often 3 at once.

      I have also never seen that game developers were answering players questions almost every day. In many games you have contact only with community managers not devs and those CM are not answering questions on daily bases.

      Yeah, WG treats us terrible.

    3. Like 30 thousand other European players, who grinded this tank before it became premium. Also thousands of US and RU players got it, but here I do not remember how many.

      It was once normal tier IX tank and was later replaced by M103 and changed into premium (after sever nerfes). WG long before that change announced that anyone who will grind and buy T34 will keep it as premium for free. To be honest I was very surprised that on EU only 30k people grinded and bought it :)

    4. Actually wargaming almost killed world of tanks when it disabled platoons only to premium accounts. I wasn't able to get any of my friends started on the game for months until i was able to play along side them.

    5. @BrainCruser

      Almost killed game? Hard to agree. Most probably thousands of players didn't even notice that or do not cared about it. For example I have never played in platoon so far.

      And non-premium players could play in platoon, when they where invited by premium player. Cause creating platoons was limited to premium players, not playing in them.

      And as you probably noticed now we have no restrictions in creating platoons.

    6. platoons where limited to 2 player teams instead of premium which was 3 players per platoon, tank companies where limited to premium player starting it

      Get you facts right !!

    7. @Rockhound

      It depends when. After release platoons creation (both 2- and 3-player platoons) was possible only for players who had premium account. Later (in patch 0.6.6) WG changed rules and allowed non-premium players to make 2-player platoons, and recently (patch 0.8.5) they also allowed to make 3-player platoons.

    8. Yes, that's correct. Though it was not the right move to limit 3-men platoons to prem users initially.

    9. Well, to keep it short:
      Where are the new game mods?
      Why is every patch filled with only new tanks and new maps?
      Why is 99% of the tanks fillers for the tier x which are the only ones used in CW?
      Why is MM not yet fixed for over a year of problem?

      I could go on but the dumb community doesnt question the value of their money or time spent...

    10. Lol, so this is that bad treatment.

      My favourite is "Why is 99% of the tanks fillers for the tier x which are the only ones used in CW?"

      So many mistakes in one sentence.

      First of all, if there are only 10 tiers in game, then it is hard to have 99 prc of tanks as fillers :). In every tree we have ATM from 2 (China) to 5 (US, Germany) X tiers, while we do not have 200-500 tanks in each tree :)

      Also calling lower tiers "fillers" just shows that problem is with your attitude to game, not with game. For me those "fillers" are finest thing in this game, cause I play with them every day for fun. At the same time I totally do not care about Clan Wars and haven't used X tiers on live server since late autumn 2012. For me X tier tanks are totally unimportant and I stopped grinding them long ago after buying 3 of them.

      And most important thing. Currently WG introduced CW event (campaign) with tier limits. At this moment top tier in CW is IV, till yesterday it was III. So you are wrong writing that only X tiers are used in CW, cause it is already history. Now all tiers are used there. At least during current event, but there will be most probably more such campaigns in future (and least such are WG plans ATM).

      "Why is every patch filled with only new tanks and new maps?"

      Only? Well, I see more features and changes in patches. Specially in 0.8.6.

      "Why is MM not yet fixed for over a year of problem?"

      I see no special issues with MM.

      "Where are the new game mods?"

      Well, here I can agree. Their development is rather slow. But to be honest I do not need other mods. The only "mode" I would like to see is random battle like now, but only with tanks that were really used in wars (historical mode).

      Please, next time do not talk in the name of all players. Some are expecting from the game totally different things then you.

      And such whines as yours I see in every other game in which I am watching development and players opinions. People everywhere whine that development is too slow, that released features are all unfinished and bad, and that developers do not care about community and want only to make money. All the time the same song everywhere.

      And by the way, I have also negative opinion abouty some WG decisions. I would make some things in WoT totally different. I have even seen some cases of real bad treatment of players (for example firing from supertest all European players). But I see such things in all other games that I play, which are made by different developers, so in my opinion claiming that WG treats players in some exceptionally bad way is strong exaggeration.

    11. Well, you parked yourself into the category of players who want a "easy to play" game that doesnt require much to play, kinda like tetris.

      The CW remake is just a bad attempt to redo the erorrs of the past and if you ask around, many clans want a bit more challenge then having the same thing over and over.

      The patches are, apart from physics, the same shite over and over.
      Instead of trying to get more cash from players buying their way up the tech tree, why dump more tanks into the game then improving the game itself? If WoW had the same patching as WoT, it would have one dungeon to raid, one pvp area, hundreds of races and hundreds of skills. Kinda boring game, no? Same goes with WoT. Randoms and CW get boring fast, no matter how many tanks there is in the game.

      And, I talk about all the players that want a great game done, not a good game. If you dont see the potential of a good game, you are really blind and narrowminded.
      CCP managed to improve Eve online in both gameplay and server size without breaking a sweat. Why is it so hard for WG to do the same?
      Perhaps since they are blessed with players like you who doesnt think, just play.

    12. Eeee, and where is here bad treatment of players? Because WG don't want to do the game as YOU wish?

      It is bad that they are adding tanks? Wow. Tanks are main feature of this game and it is really terrible [achtung! sarcasm!] that in years 1930's-1950's so many tanks were build or designed.

      Maybe you would be surprised, but there are many players, who want even more tanks from more countries. There are people who are waiting for more British tanks (me), for new German TD's (me), for Japanese tanks, US tanks, Russian, French, for small European countries tanks (me), for Israeli tanks, Argentinian and so on. So WG have to introduce tanks in every patch. This is core feature of that game. You don't like it? That is your problem, but not bad treatment of players.

      WoW is for me boring as it is. Because I am not interested with some fantasy creatures (although I like fantasy books and films, I played Warhammer RPG, but computer fantasy games are for me totally uninteresting). So I do not care what developers do in WoW. They can make zilion dungeons, I will still avoid that game, but I will play WoT with hundreds of tanks and no dungeons. The same with EvE. I am not interested with fictional spaceships.

      I am interested with tanks, I have good knowledge about real life tanks, I have read many books about tanks in my life and I want in WoT even more tanks that were used in real armies. I play WoT only because here are tanks. If there would be elves I wouldn't even download this game. Cause I want as much realism as possible in such arcadish game.

      Clan Wars? Check how many players play them and belong to clans. Then you will realize that this is feature for minority. And people, who are trying to play proffesional or semiproffesional are always minority and every game caring only or mainly about them will lose money very fast. Probably Around 90 prc. of WoT players want just fun, they want to drive a tank from time to time and shoot to have some relax after job or school. Most people want as you called it easy game not tough competition.

      For people, who want more difficult game, WG is making real efforts in e-sports, there are tournaments were you can win real money. So go there and stop crying. I personally do not care about e-sports. I would prefer to see Achilles or Hungarian tanks in game.

      New modes? What kind of modes? So far I haven't even heard any rational proposition of really new mode. Cause garage and historical battles will be the same as randoms - you drive and shoot. WG wanted to make escort, but even supertesters couldn't play it due to low teamplay skills, so WG resigned from making it. I turned off encounter and assault as fast as possible cause they are also too difficult for our playerbase. This learnt me that other modes are really hard to do.

      The problem with modes is that it is really hard to find other ways of using tanks. You are bored with current way of playing? Propose smth different. But remember, this is not WoW, this is totally different world, this is also not EvE - another fantasy universe, where you can invent and introduce all you wish. In WoT we have only armored vehicles from 1930-1960. It is huge limitation.

      I have proposed mode (being also some kind of end-game) that I would like, but Ovi wrote that it would be hard to implement due to huge PvE content. But I do not cry that WG treats me in some bad way.

      I play randoms for more then two years. I didn't get bored cause I have many tanks with different playstyle. And playing alone against 29 guys is for me difficult enough.

      The only thing which really bored me in those two years are all those whines, how bad is WG and how terrible it develops that game.

    13. One thing that puzzles me is why you and so many other put so much energy into fighting a change that will improve the game and attract a much broader and steady stream of players.
      Once this discussion comes up, you cry "whiners" as soon as you can and does anything you can to kill it.

    14. ???

      What kind of change are you talking about? Cause you proposed nothing constructive so far. You only whine and abuse.

    15. Beg to differ but then again, you are set on killing the discussion so here are some thoughts that even you might think constructive but I highly doubt that based on your previous posts.

      New game modes
      Nation wars - a team with tanks from one nation battles a team with tanks from another nation. US vs USSR or France vs UK for example.
      Garage wars - you enter battle with a random tank matching the tier of the game. Once you have been destroyed, you respawn in a new tank. You got 5 tanks and after that you are locked out of the game. Kinda like tickets in Battlefield.
      Historical Battles - fighting the battle of Prokhorovka, El Alamein etc with the setup that was used in the battle. Would be fun?

      Redo matchmaking
      Matchmaking in random should be based on time played, efficency and type of tank you chose. If a player with only 3000 games played enters a tier x game in a IS-7, you can bet on that he doesnt have a clue what to do, nor will he be of anymore use then cannonfodder.
      The Counter Strike community came to this conclusion early on and created servers based on rating and it was a success most of the time since equally good players meet eachother and makes the games more fun and exiting.

      Arty is fine, its the setup that fails
      One of the biggest complaints in WoT today are artillery. They can single handedly turn the tide of the battle, one-shot the biggest of tanks and ruin a whole teams assault instantly.
      WG tries to solve the problem by hit artillery with the biggest nerf-hammer yet, rendering them more or less useless for any type of game modes.
      I would suggest that instead of nerfing arty, have a set number of tank-types per match instead.
      A possible setup for any type of game, random or CW, could be this:
      2 Arty
      2 Tankdestroyer
      1 Scout
      5 Medium
      5 Heavy
      This would force the teams to work more closely together, no more arty-parties and arty wont have the profound impact on the match as they have today.
      Perhaps introducing this in a new game mode would be an idea.

      Clan wars? Same-O, Same-O...
      Clan wars is the WoT place for clans to battle it out. Problem is, it´s incredibly boring.
      Same maps, same tanks, same tactics...
      My question to clan wars is why WG excluded every tank below tier IX in clan wars to be usefull. You don´t fight CW today unless your clan can muster atleast 30-40 tier X tanks.
      All the other tanks in the tech trees are just a bump in the road that you discard once you get a tier higher unless you really like to play that particular tank.
      I would like to see that a bit of randomized actions are included into the mix.
      For example:
      Clan A decides to make a landing in order to take the land. They apply for the landing and when their first match is up, when "special battles" appear in-game, they get to see what range of tier they get to use. First match is Absolute, which means they get to use tier X as the biggest tier on their tanks.
      Clan A wins their match and moves on to the next one. This match is drawn to be a Junior size battle, which means they get to use tanks from tier 2 to 4.
      And so on. Applying the set type of tank-types mentioned above, you force the clans to implement more tactics based on tier, new players who doesnt have high tier tanks can participate early on and you get more clans into clan wars which means less stalemate on the maps.

    16. @ New game modes

      Garage battles are already under development, historical were promised already during beta, nation wars are nice proposition IMO, but it was already proposed by players many times.

      But all these mods are not so new, they are just small modifications of current randoms. Many people will whine that it is all the time the same, like it was after encounter and assault introduction.

      @Redo matchmaking
      The problem with skill MM is that it would make grinding new tanks harder for good players and easier for noobs. So it would need also changes in XP and creds rewards - the higher level of skill you are the more XP and creds you have to get for damage.

      Another problem is with populating servers. Good players are minority. Only around 10 prc of players has 52 or better winratio so MM would be totally weird on servers for good players. Check how funny MM works in lower tiers on test server with population of 25k people. You think it is funny to come back to garage after 5 minutes of waiting with adnotation that battle couldn't be composed or play random battle in teams 5 vs 5, where you get for victory 100 XP?

      And WG already many times said that they are not interested with skill MM. Unicums are allowed to pwn noobs "You are skilled you can pwn" - said once SerB. So for devs it is a feature of the game. You are becoming better so you can make more XP and creds killing less skilled and less experienced players. Improve so you will get more rewards.

      Another problem is that many people would whine that they can't play with brother or friend cause they are on other servers.

      Also in my eyes, making all games in the same way seems to be boring. And last but not least I do not want too competitive game, I have enough competition in real life. WoT is for me for having fun not competition.

      Players who want tough competition can play Clan Wars or e-sports (which are under development and probably will have some kind of skill MM)

      Proposed setup of tanks would just kill MM. MM must be flexible to give us fast battles without minutes of waiting. So it is totally unrealistic in randoms. I don't want to wait long for battles. Fast battle are for me huge asset of this game. But I think it would be nice proposition for Tank Companies, Clan Wars, maybe also historical battles (if they were in TC formula, which I do not like personally).

      I would not comment Clan Wars propositions cause I don't care about these part of WoT. But your assumption that all players just grind towards X tiers is wrong. Many people just want fun, others collect historical tanks. Many players with really good stats do not play Clan Wars cause they are not interested with making trainings, waiting on battles and so on. For example I have stoppped grinding many lines when I got tank that I wanted in my garage due to my historical interests - for example I stopped on Tiger, Jagpanther, IS-3, Centurion, Churchill. My most played tank is Hellcat, cause it is pure fun and my beloved playstyle.

  4. so you have to have a premium account to get the credit for 700 battles? it's near impossible to have a premium for both platforms.

    1. Those who play 700 will get prem planes when the game is out. Prem account will be shared across all 3 games.

    2. "the game is out"

      Do you mean when open Beta starts or when Beta ends and its gets released?

      Can u tell us some timeframe when UPA is coming, i read it wont happen with the start of open Beta?

    3. 1. When open beta ends and the game is released.

      2. Some time mid open beta.

    4. are those games that are visible in the stats with games played in alpha and closed beta?

    5. Only in closed beta if I'm right.

    6. Those stats have been reset in the past so should probably be closed beta only. However on the EU forums it has been confirmed multiple times that battles fought in the alpha stage are also counted.

  5. Overlord, me -as in many others- are trying WoWp due to that e3-gold thingy, and i have to say some things have really struck me:

    1) Graphics are of course much better than those in wot, hull reflections are noticeable and water looks better

    2) why is the "garage" so unintuitive and convoluted?, i mean you build upon the expertise of wot(not a game from scratch this time), ¿why did you throw all that away?, ¿why not do a "unified" sort of UI?, i find that having to open 3 or more windows to do stuff that takes one/two clicks in wot are annoying, why can't i see what's the SETUP OF MY TANK IN GARAGE without having to open a convoluted "modules" window?, in which if a click the next plane it will open a NEW WINDOW instead of a popup like wot.
    XP numbers are TOO small, i find myself wondering the entire screen to find where do i have the XP per plane.

    3) where's the DEPOT?!?

    4) why can't i move crews between planes and retrain them like in wot?

    5) the camera is terribly idiotic with mouse control for lack of a better word, i've crashed from completely recoverable maneuvers because the idiotic camera decided to look to the sky instead of "fixed 3rd person" or "cockpit view".

    6) i like the "talktative" "jarvis" that gives you constant pointers, it's concise and doesn't get too annoying (why don't you backport stuff like that to wot faster?)

    7) dynamic UI with specs is also nice but has a glaring failure that instead of working on mouseover a module you need to click it, which brings the "MOUNT/buy mount" subwindow that you can't click out of(you need to press ESC key), again, #convoluted.

    8) platoon and contact/group system is horrible, ¿why do that?, i want to add to platoon from contacts JUST LIKE IN WOT, why do i have to find my contacts TWICE to add them to a platoon invite with CHECKBOXES?, WTF?!?
    and also "flight"?!?!!, it can't get more convoluted and obscure than that.

    9) no clickable stats after battle like in wot, if you leave battle you won't have minute details.

    10) the platoon system works terrible, we had to rebuild it all the time, one person was seeing 3 people ready but the platoon leader only saw two and he could join game and that person ended up alone still in the garage.
    it's also not very clear that it suddenly appears on the left, all very faint against the bright BG(all the UI coordination lacks contrast)

    12) NO REJOINING BATTLES: this is simply a showstopper, period, no rejoining=no go.

    13) game crashes all the time, i've had it yesterday all the time with "exceeded memory" errors and with (12) i couldn't join afterwards...

    14) planes got stuck "in battle" and i had to logout/logon several times after a crash to "unstick" them.

    so i have to say the game is very very green, it has glaring faults that shouldn't be for a game built on WoT expertise and you tried reinventing the wheel when it was not necessary (the EXACT same wot UI can be used for planes with ZERO change).

    and coming from an old IL-2 series enthusiast i find the flight/damage model and no cockpit severely lacking(it's an arcade game after all but i could set IL-2 to arcade and it would still be much more "casual" than wowp).l
    Also the tech tree including BS planes is terrible... IL-2 series had 3 times the ammount of planes and they where all flown at one point or another, no need to add bs fantasy planes (we tolerate enough of that with the E-series and the T28/t28prot already in wot) at the same time leaving out paramounts of WW2 aircraft like the P38 series....
    absolutely baffling...(and one thing that made me steer clear of wowp after the above)

  6. Great news!

    I'm "working" on those 700 battles atm (around 300 to go) and i expected it to be a painful grind. But i must say, the game is quite enjoyable after i got used to the controls. I'm actually having fun.

    Please, Overlord, convince the WoT guys to implement the "announcer" from WoWP. Stuff like "first enemy destroyed" is great for motivation and adds alot to the game in my opinion.
    Maybe WoWP can get the "new" WoT statistics in exchange?

  7. Well, if your goal is to get humiliated by the press then it's certainly the right time to go into Open Beta...

    1. If they released it 6 months ago, I would agree with you. But I tried WoWP for a second time a few weeks ago, and must say I really enjoyed it.

      For me, I will probably hop in a plane when I am tired of tanks (yes it happens occationally)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Good day mr Overlord. On the topic, I tried WoWp when it was in closed beta and the controls made the game completely unplayable for me so I quit after like 10-20 battles. I might give it another go...
    But, there was a cry for help/whine (depending on your point of view) about WG killing WoT playerbase. Generally Im quite happy how WG handles things, but there are a couple of things that might cause me to stop playing (and paying).
    1)Does WG have any plans to deal with idlers/botters in a more agressive way? Reporting doesnt seem to help (at least there is no feedback if your complaint was processed or not, approved etc). And there is no more option to report these cases via helpdesk. On a lesser extent this also applies to troll platoons (the story about MM compensating is BS, sorry), TKers (lower tier tank shooting at your tracks, modules) and other griefers. I know its not really WGs fault that people are idiots, but I would like to see a more agressive and effective way of dealing with that.
    2)Any plans to introduce a tutorial about situational awareness and map reading? I feel that this is a skill sorely missed even in Tier X games where people should be already able to understand who lemmings are, why you should never leave one flank unprotected, which tanks are suitable for camping where, what artillery cover is, never go anywhere alone etc. I think a well thought out tutorial on those topics would improve the game a lot.
    Other than that, great blog, I enjoy reading it and you are able to calmly and politely answer to obvious whine and troll questions ;) Keep up the good work.

    1. What do you mean about troll platoons?

      If you mean a extra low tier unit in a higher tier game... then while it can be a problem I dont see it as common. I once took a MS-1 with 45mm derp and a camo net into a T4 game and ended up winning partly because of the MS-1 sitting hidden under camo in the cap circle. Ironically that 1 match with the 3x weekend got me enough xp to unlock the rest of the tank.

      More tutorials, forced playing ideally, would be nice but Overlord previously stated that the priority was low.


    2. Troll platoons are T8-10 with T1-3 (im excluding experience players who use small fast lights (1C for example) as scouts). It is not the most serious problem, but I still find it a problem because you already have to work with 14 vegetables and it doesnt help that 1or2 are unable to be of any use. So it becomes 13vs15 or 14v15.
      I dont mind troll platoons if people know what they are doing. Usually they just grief or have no idea. Maybe even more serious is the problem with scouts platooning with same tier non scout. This happens way more often especially with A20s and T-50s.

    3. "...why you should never leave one flank unprotected..."

      The key about rules is knowing you can break them. Some of the most lopsided games I've been in have been when one team or the other left one flank unprotected and massed on the other side to win in <5 minutes. Still a good point though.


    4. You do make a point and I agree, but then again lemming trains also work if nobody stops to shoot at the first tank they meet and just push through. That doesnt mean that lemming trains are desired. Id say first lets get the basics right and then introduce advanced topics like leaving flanks to make one major push or playing time (ie hiding in the bush in assault mode) or when suicide scouting is suitable.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. WoWP goes open-beta July 2nd - well that's just great. /sarc

    I bet you have some super WoT deals planned for the same timeframe (70th anniversary of Kursk) and I'll be stuck trying to work out which game to play.

  12. The trailer looks really good and well.. you got me interested! WoT bored me a bit right now due to the long long wait for 8.6.. I live my "WoT life" from updated to update and this one is taking it too long so I'm dying :P

    I just wonder for what is that 700 battle thingy and if I apply right now for this [ closed beta? ] do I need to have a mic and things like that.. is it like that supertester role in WoT? Or.. can I just play the game without being bother by anyone? :P

    1. You need to play 700 battles until the release to grab gift planes.

      Mic is not mandatory if you are playing solo.

    2. Thanks for the replay :)

      I've signed up I hope you guys will accept me xD

  13. SO why doesn't the EU server have the "get 200 battles from now to Open beta and get 5k free gold"?

    1. because there is no E3 in europe?

    2. We will see it. I'm afraid we won't get so good "payment" for our job, because WoWP will be in open beta afaik, and more(?) players will play it.

    3. apart from that EU never get's even close to the rewards of NA / RU in regard to WoWP so no I wouldn't count on it;)

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I'm bored with the WT fanboys. Why are they here?

    1. WG has its enemies just like every other giant.

    2. I don't think we are one right now. Prolly on its way, but not quite there yet.

    3. Because this is a free country... and also because we are (or were) WG fans too.

      And the only way to improve is to know your mistakes.

      Said that, Overlord, I think you WoWP WAS on the way but it is not now.

    4. What country is free? And free of what? :)

  16. My opinion about WoWP issues (trying to be constructive. My apologies in advanced if I end not doing it)

    - Cartoonish graphics.
    - Unefficient graphics engine: you need to drop the graphic quality with each patch just to keep the fps
    - WoWP planes are Tie Fighters
    - WoWP maps are too small. And you don't get the feeling of flying 2000 meters high. you feel like flying over a decorate, not a real lanscape
    - If you fly low.... the landscape is low graphics,
    - At least since last patch... in WoWP you are in combat in 1 minute or so. No time to get altitude not anything
    - Not so good flying model: almost no loss of energy, you can keep turning or looping for ages
    - While Mouse in WT is maybe TOO good, mouse in WoWP is too bad. That's bad for business as the entry ppl will use mouse. And all the WG WoT ppl will try WoWP using mouse.
    - Very few planes. Although one can understant they want to spare some for launch, there are too many hard to understant gaps (P-47, P38, Oscar, FW-190, Mig-3, Yaks, Pe-2, Ju-87, etc... etc....)
    - WoWP econ and experience model is easier to understand and probably better than WT'ones
    - Low variety of playing styles compared with other games
    - Plane improvement system in WoWP (with the modules and so) it is better
    - WoWP uses too many "fantasy" planes (prototypes, blueprints, etc...)
    - The plane looks like being static over a moving scenary.
    - Last but not the least: BRITISH. WoWP says that "we will bring British soon ....". And we all know what happened at WoT with the British....

    Just my 0,03 €

    1. - WoWP maps are too small.
      - Not so good flying model: almost no loss of energy, you can keep turning or looping for ages
      - At least since last patch... in WoWP you are in combat in 1 minute or so. No time to get altitude not anything

      Congratulations, you just found out what the word arcade means!
      It means -Get into action fast without having to fly for hours
      -Don't worry more about your controls or how to keep
      your plane flying in a straight line
      -Don't waste time flying around exploring the world,
      it's time to do battle and nothing else.

      This is WoT with planes. You really expected to have all the
      fine planes right from the beginning?
      They will come in a constant stream of updates, like in WoT.

    2. Lol

      even in WoT the action starts after 2 or more minutes.

      Now in WoWP is... 5,4,3,2,1,0... pew pew pew.....

      We are not speaking of hours. We are just telling Overlord to make a bit bigger the maps.

    3. We are planning to have a bit bigger maps there.

  17. Hi Overhaile, one more time i'm here to give you a precious advice: let go of planes, get into ships.

    Have a nice day Overrack.

    Again: Captcha sucks big tima and WoT installer/updater/starter makes my computer slow.

    1. 2013 is for WoWP. Ships' time will come.

      Will improve the launcher.

  18. SO, just to make it REALLY clear again:

    Questions/clarifications: can you please tell us:
    - if we play 700 battles from start to finish of open beta we get premium planes?
    - when does the open beta start/end? (dates, so we can calculate how many games we have to do per day)

    Best regards, hope you get some serious competition to WT.

    In my opinion, the best way you should diversify your game is through:

    - proto and blue print planes since WT does the "only historical planes" aspect already (although they introduced a controversial prem proto-plane XP-55 lately).
    - WoT-like tank/crew/parts customization of planes, WT doesn't have that at all
    - game modes with different kinds of objectives etc

    What you SHOULDN'T sacrifice/diversify is:

    - map size: you SHOULD have map size options, like, small maps for quick brawls but ALSO WT-style large maps for more diversity and realism
    - FM. Flight Models MUST be as realistic as possible otherwise quite a lot of people will be pissed off
    - general realism in terms of GAME MECHANICS: you should not diversify from WT on that point either. game mechanics realism is a MUST and yours should be AT WORSE as good as WT's arcade battle mechanics
    - game modes: if possible, even if it's introduced LATER, there should be more historically accurate maps/modes option, just for the guys who want to do all the landing/takeoff/fuel management etc..

    Hope the best..

    1. 1. yes.

      2. It starts on July 2 and will last for a couple of months I think.

  19. There is no way that i'll be able to get to 700 battles on my current set up (damn laptop) but as long as i get to keep my premiums i'll be fine

    1. Why not? Just use a bot, that seems to be the goal of this whole 700 battle mark, to find out if botting is easily done in WoWP, because the amount of bots has increased massively after this beautiful announcement to reward "testers" for battles played rather for testing the game, like unique bug reports (bugs not filed by anyone else in that region) or posts in feedback forums or other ways of actually contributing to the development rather then give alpha testers who never played, a 3rd plane, just because they got accepted in the right moment and now suddenly realising this, are completely out of the blue rushing those 700 battles with kamikazing, leaving battle right after start to join another with another plane to reach that 700 battles or simply botting. It's just hilarious to see how many "alpha testers" made their first forum post after that announcement as well xD

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