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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Please do not adjust your sets!

No, this isn't a hack, but an introduction.

So who am I? 
Well my name is David Lister (and I predate Red Dwarf!), I have the username of "Listy" on the EU server and forums, where I'm a Community Contributor.
I first got interested in Tanks aged about 11, and have been a modeler and wargamer (as in the hobby, not the company), for many years. Over the years I've been involved with the Flames Of War, the Steel Panthers: MBT and SP:World At War communities. When I was 16 I spent a year as a volunteer for a local museum working with their collection of armour.
I've been playing WOT since just after the game launched. My first contribution to world of tanks was discovering the Nuffield Assault Tank plans, which are currently the mainstay of the British tank destroyer tree.
The next big thing was starting, and keeping updated, the Pull up a chair thread. Detailing all the information about British tanks and their development we could find.
To date I've written 6 articles for World of Tanks website. Looking at British tanks. At time of writing only two of the articles have been published. These are "Dig for Victory!" and "Steel Wall Queen".

What am I doing here?
A couple of weeks back Overlord asked for people to help out with articles, and I volunteered. What I'm hoping to do here is to put up more articles that either don't fit within the scope of the WOT webpage, for example an article on armoured cars. Or there isn't enough Subject material to make a full article.
In any case I hope these Articles will be of interest, and will make you say "I did not know about that". If there's anything you want to see articles on, please do mention it. I make no promises to actually do those though, but even if I don't it might give me an idea on something to write about.

Disclaimer: I would like to emphasize I am not an employee of Wargaming, I'm just a player who has an interest in History and has volunteered to write stuff for here.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good luck and thanks for the willingness to contribute. By the way it is thanks to David that we found info on British AT series.

    1. So it is because of Listy that I still dont have Achilles in my garage and instead of it there are numerous never build TD's in game ;). So now Listy you should write us an article about development of these UK bunkers on tracks :)

    2. Look at it this way, you still have the anticipation of the Achilles, to come. Along with other fun stuff Like FV-4004, and Avenger TD's.

      Bad news is I did find out about a Molins Gun in an Armoured TD, however both of those designs were wheeled.

  2. Very nice, looking forward to read some articles from you, Listy!

  3. I look forward to what you have to say. Good work.

  4. G'day Listy. I had not seen your arrticals on the NA or SEA sites so just followed your link. Great read. Where do I find part 2 of the Matilda story? And on it do you have the Aussie Matildas and the Sattleberg tank story?
    I am old SP fan. Even made a milne bay campaign with two Japanese tanks deployed.
    Looking toward too more posts. Maybe the Australian cruier tanks one day?

    1. Thanks guys.

      Hello Tmac
      Part two has been ok'd and is just waiting publication by the EU content team. And yes Part two does cover the Circus, although I've not heard of Sattleberg before, I think some reading is in order!

    2. Its an Australian Armoured corp. story about how tough the Matilda was. There is a bit on the Lancer museum website, http://www.lancers.org.au/site/Matilda_Tank.asp

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  6. Awesome! Looking forward reading more articles from you Listy.

    Overlord, I just have a quick question for you. Are there any news on the captured Panzerkampfwagen T-34(r)?
    I am very interested in captured tanks of all nations. How about German tanks which were captured by the USSR? I am wondering if they will be released as premiums.

    Many thanks.

    1. We haven't decided on captured tanks status in-game yet. So, it's a bit premature to say what and when at this stage. Most likely, not this year.

    2. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work. Your blog is splendid. :)

  7. Next you'll be telling us you never met Arnold J. Rimmer, and that the name Kryten means nothing to you... Anyway, welcome aboard the mining ship red dwar..... I mean, I look forward to what you have to say!