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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[ALL] WG at E3

This year Wargaming is going to show up on E3 in Los-Angeles (June 11-13) with the line-up of projects including World of Tanks (surprised?), World of Warplanes (waiting for open beta?), World of Warships (1st time!), and yet announced console project that is being developed by Wargaming West (ex Day 1 Studious).

That will be enough to fill in 900 sq meters of space. Excited?


  1. Are you running another tourney livestream like last time?

    Did you get Anna Prosser again?

    1. 1. Afaik, there will be a tourney.

      2. Not sure.

  2. Some feedback on WoWP:

    - joystick controlls are getting better. I m actually able to shot down other planes now - wow! - and not wrestling the controlls the whole match

    - still no option to store controll profiles or even share them with friends... facepalm

    - 40-60 FPS in Full HD with everything maxed out using "only" FXAA on a rig with i7 3770K, GTX570, 16 GB RAM and an SSD ... that is poor performance in my book

    - If you dont tighten the MM at least in lower tiers, you will lose the few players that are willing to try out WoWP right at the start (see Pz38NA and A-20 syndrome in WOT). Fighting with t2 biplanes against t4 Bf109B or Bf110 ... is just frustrating. In WoT you can at least run away and try to spot for your team or hide in bush - not so in WoWP
    I havnt progressed far enough in the techtree to comment on t5 and above and wont do so in the near future, because I m not good enough in my opinion.

    On a side note - I want WoWS Beta right now and Silentstalker as Boss of WG-EU.

    Over and out


    1. @On a side note - I want WoWS Beta right now and Silentstalker as Boss of WG-EU.@

      To leak all internal documentation? No, thanks. ;)

    2. Well I d like to know things like camo value, ground resistance, HE-absorption and so on

    3. Ahh, but SS is not employed by WG at the moment, so he is not constrained by any confidentiality agreements! :-)

    4. Right, apart from Terms of Service and EULA. :)

    5. Ban his game account then :-) lol

    6. Me? I don't care that much.

    7. they should have banned SS a long time ago after his first big leak

    8. Hadrian: Butthurt much? :)

      Still, I believe I am in the gray zone with the leaks. Sure, I am banned from posting leaks on official forums (funnily enough, US and SEA forums are just fine with that!), but in general terms of service (eg. the things the players sign to), I didn't see any clause saying I can't post a bunch of *cough cough* UNCONFIRMED RUMORS :) Oh, the rumors came true? Oh well, I guess I am THAT good at predicting :D

      On more serious note - personally, I think FTR did its job to improve the community relations in the sense that now, instead of going all hush hush, Storm simply released all the patchnotes himself (I guess he knew they'd get leaked anyways), with a proper commentary. Sounds like a great change to me.

  3. http://www.vg247.com/2013/05/28/wargaming-to-reveal-first-console-title-at-e3-2013/

  4. Hi,

    long time ago, there was a pool with suggestions ..
    I have one:

    Did you ever consider, distributing "hit zones" on tank models?

    In theory, on lvl 8 tank:

    Adding some areas, which is possible to penetrate with pene 50, for max dmg. of 50. (doesn't matter if your gun dmg is 390) - so it would be something like "non vital armor parts"

    Adding some areas which are penetrable with pene 150+, for full gun dmg (250-390 etc..only your gun dmg is limit)

    Adding some weakspot, which can be penetrated in specific situations (back, weakpost etc.), which will deal double/triple dmg.

    kinda like FPS and leg/leg/hand/headshot.

    (i know we have ammo rack, engine flames .. love it,
    my suggestion is for more "variety"
    + i personally hate being hit (or hit somebody), for full dmg. into some "funny parts". )

    - perhaps maybe some "dmg reduction" done by armor thickness.

    1. @Did you ever consider, distributing "hit zones" on tank models?@

      There were plans to add them into the game client as a kind of encyclopedia. Put it off.

  5. hi OL,

    This year i am going to tankfest (only sunday tough), any particular thing i shouldnt miss? will there be lots of WG? will you be there?

    1. Some of our folks will be there, including Victor. We have done some charity / sponsorship as far as I know. Personally, I haven't been invited. Though I even if I was, most likely I wouldn't come. We are having an internal milestone for WoT Blitz in late June.