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Friday, May 3, 2013

[ALL] Supporting Education

"MMO maker Wargaming is to sponsor Britain’s Royal Air Force Museum and plans to build an education centre that will offer attendees the opportunity to learn STEM subjects... 

The World of tanks creator will be funding an exhibition at the RAF Museum, which explores the background of its Dornier 17 recovery project, taking place in both London and Cosford.

As part of a £75,000 grant, the museum will develop new approaches to the display and interpretation its Dornier exhibition, such as augmented reality version of the Dornier flying above the Museum, giving museum visitors a glimpse of the aircraft as it would have been seen in 1940."

Accidentally found this on the web. Guess, UK players will forgive us for the late introduction of British tanks, planes, and ships.


  1. Looks nice. At least it's not anywhere near Singapore or anything :)

    Overlord, can you tell us (players, who didn't exactly follow all the rumors and such) what happened with the Wargaming Spitfire expedition? Was the person that "discovered" the Spitfires deliberately trying trying to scam Wargaming, or was it simply just a misunderstanding?

    1. I wasn't following that project closely. Afaik, there was no scam - mostly bad luck and probably insufficient information.

  2. Wargaming and Future have announced a partnership today that will see a new 148-page "bookazine" for World of Tanks fans entitled PC Gamer Presents World of Tanks.

    This special publication provides "beginner tips and tricks, a history of Wargaming, exclusive developer interviews, map strategies and an analysis of the game's top tanks." The print version will go on sale in the UK for £9.99 and in US Walmart stores for $11.99. A digital version is also available through the PC Gamer smartphone app for £6.99.


    1. I have the press release, but dunno if it's free to access:


    2. here, I made a copy:

    3. Curious, thanks. Sometimes learn about such initiatives this way.

    4. zMe ul thanks for the tip:) I ordered it.

  3. Hmm, special premium Dornier Do 17 to commemorate 5K+AR for WoWP perhaps? It was fast and maneuverable, so it should be playable.

    And sorry Overlord, but I still can't forgive the development for taking agonizingly long to add the Sherman Firefly and 17pdr Achilles into the game. I've heard "soon" countless times enough already.

    1. Well, not adding bombers for now.

      Still the main tree is finally in game. :)

  4. What about educating the players about how to play your games?

    Many games do that in the form of tutorials, I hope the one you have now will not be the last one. There are so many aspects in the game that are in need of tutoring.

    Perhaps just an ingame video showing how its done. Show how to see what module to research first. When do I need tracks before the gun or turret (weight)

    TD gameplay
    -make it available after researching the 1st tank destroyer.
    -make it like the basic tutorial
    -how to shoot without getting spotted

    arty gameplay
    -make it available after researching the 1st arty
    -make it like the basic tutorial
    -how to get into arty view
    -arty range

    scout gameplay
    -make it available after researching the 1st scout (tier 4 light)
    -make it like the basic tutorial
    -role of the scout (why the fuck I am in a tier 8 battle with my tier 4 Pz 38nA)
    -how does spotting work
    -how to get XP as a scout
    -bush scouting how to camouflage

    make the tutorials a requirement to advance from tier 3 to tier 4, also for players that are already beyond that at the moment you introduce them, reward the players for finishing them.

    1. In WoWP we will have an advanced tutorial system from the very launch.

    2. sadly WoWP is not really my game. I hope you guys at WG also implement more at WoT.

      more sad news:

      the biggest fighter for multi-turrets in WoT is gone, he posted several times on the Blog, too. Perhaps you remember him.

    3. Of course i so. Very sad news. RIP, Kolaski.

  5. Nice!

    Glad to see the cash I spend for gold and in giftshop being used for something as good as this :)

    Keep up the good work. Hopefully the RAF museum gig will turn out better than the Spit thing!


  6. Believe it or not, this sort of thing does go a long way towards some us deciding whether or not we need to buy some more gold or just tough out the grind. Thanks, guys.

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  8. You are not forgiven for late introduction of tanks and planes. I can understand the choice with ships, as long as the Royal Navy makes it third.

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