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Thursday, April 25, 2013

[WoT] Leo 1 and Not Only

Update 8.5 is finally live for EU, NA, and SEA servers. What do you like most and least about it so far. Share your thoughts here.

Meanwhile if everything works out well, the upcoming 8.6 can be the biggest thing since awesome 8.0.

Recent poll results: How long have you been in WoT?
  • since closed beta - 176 (31%)
  • more than 1 year - 139 (24%)
  • since open beta - 115 (20%)
  • since release (April 12, 2011) - 77 (13%)
  • 6-12 months - 30 (5%) 
  • 3-6 months - 19 (3%)
  • less than 3 months - 8 (1%)


  1. Indien-Panzer is really nice so far... but the Leopard Prot. A could see some buffs.
    There is nothing good in that tank except for speed, which doesn't save the tank.
    Poor DPM, no armor, excessively fragile against arty, and it doesn't even share the same gun depression of the Leopard I. Terrible.

    Reduce the research cost of the L7A1, add the L7A3 to give it the same gun depression as the Leo I, and reduce the XP cost to research Leo by the same amount of L7A3.
    Do this, and it might be a competitive tank.

    1. >>Poor DPM

      Let me guess: you are using top-gun, aren't you?

    2. Gonna have to change my initial statement. The Indien-Panzer is terrible. Every hit taken is critical. Turret ring, gun, gunner, ammo rack, loader, driver, commander... doesn't matter. Get hit, lose a module or crewmember. To off-set all its weaknesses, it should have good firepower... which it doesn't. Horrible aiming time combined with meh accuracy and no armor = complete failure. Don't know if I will be able to reach the Leopard without blowing up my PC.
      Played a few matches in the new map and it is also terrible. The whole map is useless except for the NE route. There is no reason to go anywhere else but the short path linking both bases. It is Dragon's Ridge 2.0, but faster.
      This game isn't what it used to be anymore.

  2. Finally some tanks mass produced in real life. I like T-60, T-70, T-80 line. Good low tier snipers with decent armor. Nice to seem them finally in the game. T-70 was one of the most beautiful tanks IMO.

    In case of German tanks I would prefer Leopard I after E-50 instead of fictional E-50M and no second line which is full of prototypes and blueprints. I played Leo on test server and it seemed to be really nice tank, specially for shooting while moving.

    Great that we finally have some new map. Pearl River so far seems to be good, but after just a few battles it is hard to be sure. I like very much new minimaps in Malinovka and Siegfried Line.

    You made great changes in battle stats. It is now more visible how many people manage to make 0 dmg in battle.

    So patch is OK.

    1. Leo is not a logical continuation of Panther/E-50 line, so I think 2nd line is justified all in all.

    2. Oh, and after mega terrible teams full of brainless zombies that I got today, and information that WG has no plans to improve average skill, maybe you should stop pretending that this is team game.

      I hate to be punished for getting teammates, who can't think. I think there should be more XP for individual achievements, no double for first victory and no win ratio. I was supporting all this features, but after last days I changed my mind. They do not work in game full of CoD kids.

      Making alone more damage then 14 teammates together (7 did 0 dmg!) and losing battle is really very annoying. Specially when 8 times in a row I get teams of such suiciding zombies and lose battles. Playing WoT as casual player is one huge pain now. FFS, games should be fun and bring some relax not frustration. In last months WoT brings almost only frustration. Why should I pay for such game? Change rules, that I will not be punished for brainless teammates or give good PvE mode.

      All my fun from T-70 was today killed by zombies.

    3. I feel for you, though @improving average skill of players@ is a kind of utopia. Standard battle (w/o platoon) is definitely not the best example of teamplay.

    4. Yes, but making some tutorials showing what surely shall not be done, is doable. One can't change battle outcome, when half of his team (or even more) just suicide doing no or minimal damage to enemy. Even if small group of players will use this knowledge this can make great change, cause most memorable are those moments when there are 4-5 tanks in every team left and they fight for victory. Such moments were quite often in 2011 and first half of 2012. Now most battles end with rape - victory goes to that team, which had less suiciders.

    5. Overlord: 'Standard battle (w/o platoon) is definitely not the best example of teamplay.'

      That's why it could be greatly improved if you introduced mechanics that do reward team play AND make it really apparent for people when they did something good. There are good examples khm.. warth khm.. thunder... khm.. out there for what's working and what's not :)

    6. Don't think that it's a good example. Every time I play, battle is a complete mess of me there - well, may be it's me who are not capable of proper teamwork and/or aerial combat, but still.

      For now, it's unclear what actually could be done about it in WoT, apart from adding more tutorial scenarios.

    7. Hi,
      you can reward people who hold one side against 12 enemies. If i decide not to go with lemming train I am dead pretty fast, but i at least try to hold the side. But at the end I will not get more money or xp than idiot who is just dies without a shot...

    8. Why? you will if do more damage

    9. "Why? you will if do more damage"

      wasted time - just bot or be useless, its nearly as profitable in the long run, see screen below!


    10. The problem with holding against multiple enemies is that unless the enemy is profoundly terrible you'll get vaped before two reload cycles because if they attack lanchester's square law is very much in effect. If you want good xp and stats you learn pretty quickly to not hold those flanks even if it helps you win.

  3. "What do you like most and least about it so far?"


    Indien-Panzer and Leopard I are both solid additions to the German tree, even if I feel the Leo is far too post-war to sit comfortably with all the wartime classics (personally I would never have gone past about 1950). I haven't tried the 30.01 or proto-Leo yet so can't comment.

    The new Soviet lights are fun.

    Letting people with free accounts form companies and 3-man platoons opens up more gameplay options for them.

    The new battle stat options in the post-battle screen are definitely welcome.

    THE BAD:

    The VK20.01 is basically pointless - it's worse in every respect than the Panzer III, with no 'selling point' at all. There is no reason to play this tank.

    The nerf of the VK30.02D's turret traverse was very harsh, and entirely unjustifiable; this is a tank widely recognised as under-performing, and you *nerf* it? It needs a far better gun (in other words, the 88 L/56 needs a significant boost).

    Pearl River may well be a nice map, but since the map rotation hasn't deigned to let me play it even once in a whole night's playing yesterday, I can't comment - the map rotation is extremely frustrating, serving up the same very limited selection over and over. I wanted Pearl River but didn't get it once, instead I was force-fed El Halluf (awful, awful, AWFUL map in every way, you should have deleted that abortion instead of the excellent Dragon's Ridge), Mines (too small for anything above tier 5), Malinovka (sooooo old and boring now) and all the same old boring maps over and over and over again. When a new map is introduced, is it too much to expect to actually be allowed to PLAY on the damn thing...?

    Letting people with free accounts form companies and 3-man platoons leaves those of us who fork out for premium accounts feeling we now need something extra in return for our investment, given that one of our paid-for perks has now been given out for free.


    Artillery still ruins most if not all high-tier matches. It wasnt the credit return or the hitpoint pool that needed nerfing, it was their sickening alpha damage, their ludicrous critical/module damage rate and their "I can kill you and you can't touch me, NA NA NE NA NA" god mode view. THAT is what was pissing off so many of the playerbase, not how many credits arty players received!

    STILL no removal of ridiculous gold/premium ammo, that makes armour worthless (See a Maus? Load your I PEN YOU LOLZ ammo, no skill required!)and utterly wrecks game balance. Why devs refuse to see how damaging this crap is is beyond me.

    STILL no proper top gun for the Panzer IV, as promised by GeneralDirection on the US forums.


    There is a very strong demand for more city maps a la Himmelsdorf; war-torn Berlin, Stalingrad in winter, Warsaw, etc etc - all these would make awesome maps.

    Please bring back Komarin (which has after all been fixed), Dragon's Ridge (which was absolutely fine after its reworking) and Swamp (which was fine all along) asap; we badly need more maps due to the speed with which the old maps are beginning to feel very 'same old, same old'.

    It's long past time we had the second German TD line, and again there are a lot of people waiting eagerly for the Brummbar and Sturmtiger.

    Could we PLEASE have the 'filter out certain maps' option mentioned so long ago? This would be both easy to implement and be very, very popular indeed.


    Overall: a decent enough patch with the new German mediums, but it doesn't fix any of the outstanding problems (arty, premium ammo, limited map rotation) with the game.

    1. I do not understand why people want city maps? For many vehicles they are terrible. All lightly armored snipers sucks in city, the same SPG, scouts, mediums are also in disadvantage, most TD's. You can't use terrain cause everything or almost everything is flat. Just never ending and mega boring peek-a-boo and hiding behnd corners. Only heavy tanks can have fun in city and some heavily armored TD's. All other vehicles are there in disadvantage.

      For me cities are most boring maps (I hate Port and Widepark). And I am player who hates arty. Still I prefer open maps with mild hills then cities.

    2. That's relative, DSM. A good (bigger) city map (despite the increased load on server, which is the reason the developers are reluctant to introduce more I heard) such as the Himmelsdorf offers options. Widepark is terrible, because it's the same principle as the (now removed) Prokhorovka assault: peek-a-boo over the railroard ridge and a turkey shoot. For fast mediums it's hopeless, no possibility to flank anywhere. Port is even worse, because it has the railway slow zone, that just makes fast maneuvers a joke. That's not a failure of city maps in general, that is a failure of map designs.

    3. I do not like to get Himmelsdorf, when I am in T49, T20, Hellcat, Easy Eight and similar. Most strong sides of these vehicles are dead there. I am just cannon fodder for heavies.

    4. Well, the reason why players want city maps is that the heavy tanks are crippled by artillery while trying to drive through the open in maps like Steppes, Malinovka (hill mostly). Also Himmelsdorf is, no doubt, one of the best maps, period. I myself prefer to fight on mixed maps, some buildings, some difficult terrain, but more maps like Himmelsdorf for a lot of players would equal more fun. (Arty players will bi*ch about Himmelsdorf anyway, so who cares?)

    5. The desire for city (blocked) maps is clear. Mixed and open maps are usually owned by agile meds while heavies, including heavy TDs, can do better in cities.

    6. I do like himmelsdorf though that i am a medium driver with my centurion line. but i can understand that it is hard to play it with very light armor. The only thing you can do is wait for an opening in the enemy line, race through there and start making chaos behind their line, making the line weaker and let your team mates push since the line is weakend.But well yea, when alone, it wont really work on random battles.

    7. I like it when getting into Himmelsdorf in my T-50-2. I can always spot the center, the rails, or even sometimes the hill (it's best when the enemies are still trying to get up the hill while I'm already spotting them :3), then I can come back to base, hunt enemy scouts, and when 3 or 4 enemies are killed, I rush through their lines, sometimes getting a hit (and another 4 rounds smashing on the walls and streets, not hitting me <3), destroy enemy arty and start shooting their heavies' and TDs' backs. IMHO each type of tank (even the SPGs!) has a role to perform in city maps, you just have to learn it. And that you won't always like it? That's obvious! You cannot like everything, but nothing is liked by all ;)

    8. 1. Haren, don't make me lough, ok? Learn role? Surely, I just started to play WoT, so I have to learn role, lol. Maybe those, who cry for city maps, should learn, how to avoid arty fire on open maps? Because artyphobia is main reason of these cries about more city maps. People love to have a lot of cover, so they want cities. Thats my opinion.

      2. Do not compare T-50-2 with other tanks and specially lightly armored TD's, because T-50-2 is not a tank, but a motorcycle with unrealistic agility.

      3. City maps strongly limit tactical abilities of many vehicles. But I can understand that many people do not see it, cause many players use the same tactis in all vehicles and maps, so they don't even care about such things. I prefer to have chance to choose tactics, not to have tactics determined by map (or even my chance lowered because I got map, on which my vehicle loses most of his strong sides and guys in heavy tanks are favoured due to armor and alfa).

      I want more maps with interesting terrain and nice tactical abilities - not city maps, which offer always identical gameplay, boring peek-a-boo's and heavy tanks domination.

    9. As an artillery player I LOVE Himmelsdorf there are so few choke points and those points can be held so well that it is a killing fest. No words can express my joy about getting Himmelsdorf when playing artillery. Yes you can be flanked in it when the team leaves the sides open and artillery gets KO'd quickly enough but regardless of that happening I do love Himmelsdorf for artillery. Some of my best games in artillery so far have been in Himmelsdorf.

      I do wish for more maps like Himmelsdorf maybe without the railroad and have more city blocks in its place. The city blocks makes it a challenge compared to many other maps.


  4. Regarding the acutal map-situation...
    Im waiting for this since you started reworking the maps, which doesnt find an end somewhy....

    There are too many errors in terms of bad borders/edges when you are doing hulldown or peak-a-boo.

    This means following:
    you actually "see" the enemy infront of you, yet your shell gets "eaten" by a badly made border of the hill besides you.

    Back in time when we had fewe maps and before those got reworked, we havent had those problems as we do now.
    If you go over the hilly maps, you barely find areas which are made properly (problematic areas are mainly on Mountains/hills where you are covering your tank on the ground level).

    Im not asking for much, just for properly made maps... means NO RUSH please!
    Its a really annoying issue atm and its mit just me whos going crazy on that.

  5. 8.5 is so far okay with me. I like the Indienpanzer (despite still not mastering it properly = reduced winrate), I very much welcomed the smoke/dust optimalisation (thanks god), nothing to complain about really. The only thing that bothers me is 50 battles into the patch and I still haven't seen the new map...

    1. I still wonder why our guys don't put newly-added maps on increased rotation.

    2. They used to, it was cancelled only recently. No idea why.

    3. Because sometimes the new maps sucked, and everyone hated playing them over and over again. Like Province when it could be played by high tiers and Serene Coast. Wasn't much fun getting those for a quarter of my matches. Or Dragon Ridge both times.

      It's not a problem when the new map is good, but it's painful if it's bad.

    4. Right, the newly-added map seems to be ok though.

  6. You moved CW on EU2 server, where ping and fps are of considerably lower quality for me and many other players
    You can never release a patch without some screwup

    Seen stats on new german tier4 tank - ha ha ha ( only germans can get tanks that are weaker than the current ones; if you put it behind pz2g but they do not share the little 30mm penetrator ... you failed to capitalize the new tank )

    8.6: will we see rebalancing of individual spg's or just shuffling trough battletiers spread ( I assume tier+2 like tanks )
    Will we see battletier12 RANDOM battles on live server at last, because I have never seen one

    Who has ?
    Please comment me if you have seen it

    1. There will be quire noticeable SPGs rebalancing of course.

    2. Any chance for a bit more on that subject?

    3. Nerf all those SPG-bastards, and that's it :)

    4. woohoo:

    5. Problem is, thats not a joke.

      Now i know why you guys said there will be less arty after the patch.

    6. It will be just more arty after 8.6 patch, ppl will need more time to research highest tier and will need to play more. Even now that's the main problem for many artys in game, you just need too much time to research next one (need a lot XP and gaining it slowest). So, get ready for every match with 5x arty each side. This is a very bad idea.

    7. "Nerf all those SPG-bastards, and that's it :)"

      haha that made me laugh, thx Overlord! This statement couldn't make me happier :P Keep up the great work!

    8. Just make the artillery shells incapable of penning things for total luckshot huge damage and you'll fix a lot of the problem. Longer aim time but more accuracy would be good for making it better against campers and in preplanned fires, thereby increasing the role of skill and letting tanks move more rather than hug rocks constantly.

    9. Luckshots though the roof are a kind of balancing thing - remember those French autoloaders that are more vulnerable to that kind of shots - this keeps them moving.

    10. Umpf.. I am a driver of these french tincans, as well as some more lightly armored fast buggers.

      From my point of view, SPGs dont balance my tanks, they affect tanks like Maus&co. much much more. And in such cases, I would not say they "Balance" them.

      LEVELLING is much more appropriate word IMO - as soon as some of these poor things poke out of cover, they get levelled by 3-5 shells falling from the sky.

      One must have nerves of steel to drive such a thing in the arty-infested battles of late, and I admit I was not brave nor crazy enough. Have some T10 heavies researched, but never actually bought one or kept T9 heavy.

      **bidding his time, lurking and awaiting 0.86. but not with high hopes. no need for disappointment**

    11. I will laugh my head off in future games if asked for artillery support. Due to the whole lack-of-accuracy thing. Being realistic I know arty is too dam accurate as it is now. But I don't like the looks of seeing it be pushed too far in the opposite direction to the point where hitting a house/side-of-the-barn will be "difficult".

      But I will keep playing it. Because despite the difficulty at times I enjoy it even despite the idiots that let flanking happen due to lemming conditioned brains. Me and I have like a month at best playing time and I realize this. More tutorials would really help this problem.

      But I FEAR that people will rage about one-shot artillery kills from above even after the patch. If anything I think people will end up taking more time with each shot fired from artillery after the patch.


    12. right... people who will rage about one shot arty would be ex arty drivers.

    13. Where did you get that impression?


    14. Many tankers complain about spgs, but I enjoy playing spg and I see in them much weakness. If only one light tank or med gets through, then spg is dead. They cost a lot to repair and if they are dead early, then there is no gain at all. If a tank keeps moving, an spg can’t take good aim, and for a home computer that has very limited graphics, playing a light or med tank gives too much lag time. Anyway, just my $.02. Probably not worth much.

  7. Bad:

    Still abnormal Matchmaking, tier 5 platoons in pure tier 7 matches.

    Someone decided to reset daily double XP at 21:00 german time....

    please make more tutorials for the BAD players, show the battle tier spread in the platoon window for less accidental fail platoons

    and and and

  8. Patch:
    - repair cost for VK28.01 (how you could miss that a patch ago?!?)
    - at last a good map (one battle only but looks fine for me - choke point and place to flank)
    - new tanks look good despite that it's a nice mix of blueprint tanks and prototypes from heavily stretched timeline - but still better that chinese line (go to hell)

    And in game all looks the same:
    - game is still badly balanced
    - arty is still in game along with some stupid racecars pardon scouts
    - no sight of new modes
    - SerB is keeping his arrogancy

  9. I am not that much interested in seeing and playing with new tanks rather than in new modes, especially the historical battles. I understand that gameplay and matchmaking improvements: 1) do not look that cool in plans for the management and are not easily trackable 2) require more resources at all fronts 3)need a good deal more designing, planning, balancing and testing than new maps and tanks. BUT I believe that everybody has already had a chance to pick their favourite tank/line/nation and it is time to start getting things fixed and improved rather than adding new tanks. The fact is that new tank line will be interesting only for a group of players but a new feature/mode/fix will affect and please all the gamers.

    1. I totally agree!

      No more tanks, new modes - especially historical!

  10. Hey Overlord

    1. Nerf the arty then Nerf it again

    2. Fix tier 9 & 10 profitability

    3. More maps, more maps, and then more maps .

    4. Give me 50,000 gold for my advice please.

    1. 1. Will do.

      2. Nothing to fix there.

    2. Then fix the god damn LOWE according to phisics. Its like a sleeping snail now. That advice will be 10 gold.

    3. I think that is a shame. If arty is nerfed that much, I guess I probably will find something else to do, but I am just one person.

  11. - again had to install all mods from sratch ... some one promised better mod support months ago

    - last time I used 88 L71 was 1.5 years ago ... omg wtf did u do with this gun its a nightmare (Indien Panzer). Aimtime became horrible in the meantime

    - CW on EU2 is fucking joke - more than 35K players and that damm thing is lagging like there is no tomorrow

    - unbalanced maps like Mountain Pass (south side disadvantage)or Munich (north side has map contral from the start) are still ingame

    - still waiting for a game mode without Gold and decreased RNG. Experienced players get fed up with this point and click gold ammo BS random has become.

    - good performance doesnt get rewarded but boting, AFK and window licking morons get base XP that is often enough ~1/3 of best performing tanks in a team -> give them zero XP/credits. Currently there is very little incentive to play good or play better beside stats for which the majority doesnt care.

    - tutorial video is a joke. stoping tank shows side to enemy while standing, aiming and firing. No wonder newbies get worse and worse over time. Either make a proper tutorial or leave it.

    And finally pls take a look at this, if you havnt already


    1. Thanks for the link, an interesting read. I somewhat agree on the points that were raised in SS's post.
      True that, people are not equal - they have different (cultural, family, etc) backgrounds and abilities so they can't be treated equally - that's why you shouldn't bash on Serb's style of communication for instance. Adding to that, we, as a developers (speaking only for devs here), have extremely limited resources in terms of communication. Yup, English, ofc can be covered - that wouldn't be a problem, but probably no more. And smth is usually better than anything. So, generally speaking, language treatment could be slightly different, e.g. basic set of languages would get standard support while English-speaking resources could provide smth more.

    2. Personally (as the instigator of that FTR post), I just don't understand one thing. While the preference of the Russian language (Russian market, Russian devs) is completely logical, why is it SUCH a problem to do officially what I do on FTR in English? Translating the answers of the developers from Russian that is?

      Yes, I do understand the concerns that come with it, but it's nothing that couldn't be handled. For me, if I discount everything else I do on FTR, it takes roughly 1-2 hours per day for translations. That's not much. Surely WG can find ONE guy to translate that into English from Russian... hell, some of the RU server players would probably do it for gold.

      I don't think anyone asks the developers to give more time to the forums. It's the "left in the dark" part that bothers players I believe.

      Plus, it would have a bonus for Wargaming EU: you'd get rid of me :)

    3. From the very end,

      personally, I don't want to get rid of you :)

      Blunt RU->EN translation would probably do for starter, it wouldn't be a professional way of doing things. I admit there are issues with the current workflow. I'm still hoping for improvements that should follow after our San Francisco meeting back in March. There should be place for direct dev-player-dev communication.

    4. Good to hear. As you said, it's a start - but personally, I think it would be easier for the person doing to be given a "developer" status (even if on paper), like some NA forum members have. That would give the whole concept legitimacy.
      It would also allow that person to come up with interpretations. We both know literal translation is way harder than interpreting the results.

      For example: I believe that the "negative" info ("Tank XYZ won't be implemented", "Premium account won't be changed" etc.) is as important as the positive one, because it makes (some) players not ask the same stuff all over again. But some of the negative info comes from rants such as "Go back to school and learn about XYZ", which can't really be translated literally (otherwise SerB and Storm would come out with even worse reputation), it has to be interpreted.

      Just a thought.

  12. I'd really like to actually play the new map rather than get El Halluf 5 times in a row.

    It's asking a lot, I know.

  13. I have been able to sample everything except the new map. Did 30+ rounds on test server, never seen the new map once. Did 15+ rounds tonight...never seen the new map. I think its a conspiracy and the damn thing doesn't exist lol.

    As for the new tanks. New german line is pretty impressive. Agree that the Tier 9 could use a possible small buff in some manner as it does not perform up to par with its tier 9 counter parts. THe leopard~1 is a very nice tank. The agility and gun more then make up for its weak armor. Just hope that it doesn't get a ride on the nerf train anytime soon. The Tier 8 german is nice as well, definately can see it as a competitor in the champion type company battles. Russian tanks are a fun distraction from the norm. little slower then I expected but otherwise very nice. The up in speed in the IS7 is very nice and long over due, but much appreciated. Now we just need more Hp to get up to that top speed lol.

    All in all, the 8.5 patch seems to have been well constructed even with the new map being so damn illusive. One day...some day...MAYBE i'll get to play a round on it lol.

    Nice Job Overload and your team.

  14. The only thing I like about this patch is that we can buy premium consumables with credits.

    What I like least about this patch is the ever usual adding of prototypes and blueprints over historical tanks like the Firefly, Sturmtiger and P 40. Looks like the only one to have seen active service and action is the Leopard 1. Really not looking forward to 8.6, where even more SPGs (from the looks of it, protoypes and blueprints yet again) are planned.

    1. That should be a rebalancing updated changing a lot in how tanks are played, so I wouldn't disregard it.

    2. overlord, changing how tanks are plyed? as in they dont have to hide from arty as much or will tanks also be rebalanced?

    3. Mostly SPGs. By tanks I meant SPGs.

  15. Really now? Are you going to reduce the repair costs of high tier tanks or increase their income somehow so I'm not constantly stressed out when I take my E-100 out that I'm going to get a wide open map with no cover, or when I take my T92 that I'm going to get a team that just leaves me for dead and my massive 38k repair bill? That stress just sucks the fun out the game for me and I'm having serious doubts that the fun will come back.

    I used to love this game, and then I got the high tier tanks that I wanted, and it's literally a big brick wall. I can't turn enough profit in my best tier 10's and 8 arty to make them worth playing, even though I really love those tanks(I think the reason I perform well in my E-100 is the fact that I have to play my type-59 so much to afford the repair bills for my E-100, so I know how to use low pen, low accuracy guns)

    It doesn't helped that I stopped buying premium and just play my tier 7 and lower tanks now. In all honesty, I don't have a reason to buy premium time anymore, it just makes my top tier tanks turn a profit but still not enough to make them worth it to play.

    Give me a reason to play the tanks I worked my ass off to be able play. I don't care if there's a pay wall involved in it. I would gladly spend 50 bucks to give my tier 10's the premium tank credit bonus. I would pay to removed that stress from the game and make it fun again.

    The friends that I've made in this game have stuck with me. The clan we were in may be gone, but for the seven of us we still play together. World of Tanks was good to us. I met the first 2 of these guys when I was a tier 3 and we hit it off instantly, then we picked up a couple more as we leveled up through the ranks. By the time we got into a clan the 3 of us had become 5, and in that clan we picked up 2 new comrades. We played for a while, about a year as a team, then in kind of got old, and it got frustrating when the repair bills started mounting out of no fault of our own. It's like you guys at Wargaming started attacking our beloved tanks. The T30, the T92, the Maus, the AMX50, these were our dream tanks that we spent hours and hours to get, and it felt like they were under attack. All the nerfs and the new maps that simply didn't suit us, all the repair bill increases and "income balancing," made us cynical. You added the AMX50 patton, we got it, then the patch after it was nerfed. You added the M-48 patton, and the same thing happend. Then you started to attack the tanks we loved. Our T92's and Maus', the T34 for god's sake. Everything that wasn't russian was gradually made less good... (but out one russian player didn't seem to mind, but even he still says it's not right)

    Don't get any of my posts here on your blog in the wrong light. I'm not here just to bitch, I'm here because I want this game to be more fun for me and my friends. I used to be able to say that this game was the best MMO I ever played. I can't say that anymore and it breaks my damned heart because I had fun with this game, and times were good. I got involved in a clan, made some new friends, got into clan wars and kicked major ass as our clan's chief artillery commander. I still have some love for this game, but it's been like a bad breakup. I've been slighted and I don't think I'm ready to get back into this relationship, unless you and your team are willing to take that step to get me and my friends back in. You've tried, some of our tanks have been uplifted, however slightly(or in the case of th Maus a shit ton), but it's way too little way too late.

    1. To get us back, this jaded old guard, you don't need to put out new tank trees, you don't need new maps or new mechanics, you just need to let us play the tanks we love playing without worry. Overlord, you're the most powerful voice here, you can make it happen. As I sit here typing my last words here my eyes are starting to water up thinking about the years of fun we had with your game, and how much I miss them. I just want to want to play your game again.

    2. I need:
      - huge rebalance, rebalance based on premium ammos - tried M46 with historical setup, it was nigthmare, tried M47 with historical setup, it was nightmare too. Sorry but something is wrong this guns should be best guns on specified tanks, improve ROF or lower tiers to fit or sack all this huge guns and tanks with it put on T10.
      - original tanks or at least prototypes (i feel sick every time i see T110 family, especially with 155mm guns)
      - rebalance of arty and scouts - both ideas were good but making it was moronish - big damage dealers from other corner of map and racecars, sorry Ovi but in game with tanks there is no place for such a bullshit
      - new modes - historical, realistic, missions, campaign, operations
      - dropping that damage shit and introduce kinematics
      - introduce middle tiers
      - full visibility
      Basically game must be redone from total scratch cause current path leads into hell of bad gameplay.

    3. LOL that's not a simulator of reality, it's an arcade game with tanks. I love how certain people always want historical accuracy 100%. What we need in a game is balance, and who cares if a historical set up sucks, just play it fully upgraded and have fun. Or use visualization mod and stop complaining.

    4. No? War Thunder made game with arcade mode, with historical battles mode and with full realism mode. Can be made? Can, so it means that WG is a bunch of lazy designers (or incopetent).
      There is no fun cause gameplay is broken by issues I just listed in post above.
      When I joined WoT it looked like a perfect game for armor enthusiast, now with WHOLE OWN UNIVERSUM its only a fantasy game.

    5. I agree with plasot. Mode for fans of historical armor should be in WoT long ago. It is much more important feature IMO then all those lines of never build tanks that we got in last months.

    6. Coldt,

      we can as well consider such change in terms of credit income - a lot of things impacted players' expenditure recently (prem ammo and consumables for credits).

    7. plasot,

      I agree that WoT should have historical battles mode, because it's just natural. Two things though:

      1. Mode for under 10% of playerbase is not a successful one (like in WT)
      2. Making it random is unlikely an option. Should contain PvE elements

    8. Playarbase of Clan Wars is much smaller then 10 prc :) On EU-NA-RU servers in clans is 7-3 prc. of players. And not all clans are good enough to play in Clan Wars.

      At least 75 proc of players played less then 1000 battles (on EU and NA it is at least 89 prc!). So most of the players do not have on live server high tier tank (IX and X) and most probably will never have. Still, you introduce new X tiers.

      Many features in WoT are for small group of players. I can add for example tank companies and incoming ESL.

      For me for example all this features - clan wars, tanks companies, ESL are uninteresting. Also top tiers stopped to be intersting for me (too many prototypes/blueprints, tanks became too modern and there are still arty partys). I am waiting 2 years for only one thing - historical mode.

    9. CWs is a form of end-game gameplay, unlike our current vision of historical battles, so its share could be lower.

      CWs in its current form is not we would like it to be. :) Not much has been done about it right until recently. Our current plan is to diversify and enrich clan gameplay that would involve more players.

      With eSport features we are definitely aiming at 10+ per cent. Plus eSport, provided it is nicely done, can prolong the life of the game substantially.

      Companies are not a separate mode.

      Historical battles are not just a feature that can be done in a few weeks. That's a huge amount of work. I also want this mode - there have been hot discussions within the team what's more important HB or eSport. The latter won for now.

    10. overlord, I get that you can't make HB's in a few weeks, however, since I started playing almost 2 years ago, there have ben only 2 new gamemodes, which aren't even real different, just different cap zones.

      so Id understand no HB's yet if we'd have gotten some other new gamemodes, but 2 semi-new gamemodes in 2 years is just painful, and not enough

    11. @overlord "1. Mode for under 10% of playerbase is not a successful one (like in WT)"

      Yup but in historical battles (with semi realism) in WT plays aprox. 25% of players (yesterday for example were 16k on Arcade and 6k on Historical).

    12. plasot,

      most of the time I play, it's about 10%, while sim battles are about 1%.

    13. angrybanana,

      true, however we just didn't work on them all that time. Now it's time for a new mode and eSport has been given higher priority at this stage.

  16. All new German meds are the best in their respective tier, or compete with the best. Manouverable, accurate guns, American gun depression. Soviet bias my @ss :)

  17. This patch was awesome for german tanks.
    -If before 8.5 I loved VK30.02D now I'm really amazed how well it can perform, added depression and gun mantlet make it really powerful to take fast control of key points in map while waiting for HTs, then spotting and making spot damage. Far superior to panther right now, and no, it doesn't need a better gun, also mobility is greatly improved!! What i don't understand is the battle weight, now it's listed over tier7 HT, WHAT???
    -VK36.01H with new Konisch is OP, pls don't nerf it ahahah.
    -I'm working for the VK30.01D and I'm sure it will be an extremly enjoyable tank. Also eventually i will buy indien panzer and ramp to Leo I.

    All in all great patch, nice german new tanks and more free stuff for everyone. Only problem with MM is unbalanced team, I'm okay playing with noobs, but pls at least balance the noobs between teams, otherwise some matches are unwinnable. good job!

    1. Forgot about new map. TOTALLY AWESOME, different style from other maps and perfect for sniping, with fast routes to get back and defend base! love it!

    2. Thanks, especially glad to hear positive comments on maps. :)

  18. G'day,
    I am enjoying the 8.5 patch.
    Pearl river only one game but it looks nice and there are lots of new place to hide and sneak around that I found in that game. More new maps when you can please.
    The new T60 T70 are fun too, but hanve not got around to the rest yet.
    As for the MM, well......
    Any thought to evening out the low teirs, such as forcing in teir 1 to 3 a balence on each team of blocks of players based on their experiance of games. eg blocks of less than 20 games, 21 to 100, 101 to 500, over 501? the size of the blocks dose not matter just that they are even. So that we dont have 12 new (less than 20 games) on one team and 12 with more than 500 on the other, as you sometimes seem to get now which is very unfair / unsatisfactory?
    Also want Sentinals soon please. At least before next ANZAC day.

  19. Aufklärungspanzer Panther is horrible in every way. My account in general is 54-55% of victories, with avg exp at the level of 650. It's average, but I guss i'm in the upper half of the population.

    When I started playing that tiny bastard I thought that it maybe at least has some up sides, and since i played the hell out of VK 28.01 (646 battles on that tiny fella), this has to be a great continuation of this line, right? Well ... WRONG. After 25 battles I have 40% victory ratio and 370 avg exp. And I guess i will somehow get over it when I get myself a better turret and gun. Unfortunately this requires a turret (5500 exp), but that's not all, as to mount a turret You need to get tracks (8200 exp). With 10,5cm gun from my VK 28.01 I will be absolutely fine after I research the turret, but ...

    Immagine a new player starting with this line as by some reason He decided to go that way just because. He reaches very fun to play VK 28.01, that is a tank VERY fun to play. He reaches next tier very easily and now what? He's stuck for 30-40 battles before He can mount a better gun with a gn that can not penetrate anything icluding T-50 rear end (checked it, and it hits for dmg maybe once in 10 shots). That will make almost every player rage quit after a while.

    To sum up:
    This tank is dreadful, horrible, and unplayable for first 50% of the time You need for getting it "maxxed up". It either needs a better penetration gun that would not require a nw turret, or some "small" HE gun that would at least allow the tank to do ANY damage at all. Alternatively enabling previous tank to unlock a turret for Aufklärungspanzer Panther would also be a nice thing to do, as at the moment a stock tan is:
    - To slow to get ANY exp for spotting
    - Has to low penetration to hit ANYTHING (1779 dmg after 25 battles with at least 450 due to raming other tanks? For fucks sake, come on!)
    - Has worse view range than the previous tank (with the stock turret)
    - Has 8 degree worse traverse speed than the previous tank
    - Does not get ANY better gun than the previous tank

    IMO this should be at most Tier6, and not Tier7 under any circumstances.

    1. Sry but u shouldn't judge a tank on its stock setup. Most tanks are stock worse then the lover tiers full tech. When its fully upgraded it's quite a nice tank. 900HP on ~40t makes it quite fast and the konisch gun is not as bad as people say. The only problem I see with it is its size.

    2. Right, plus it takes time to get used to the vehicle.

      I have ~60% W/R on all servers where I play and currently testing tier 10 tanks (Obj 907, M60 and VK) have under 40%.

    3. Yeah, It is pretty nice when You get to 10,5 cm gun, but the part when You are forced to play with stock setup is extremely disappointing, and infuriating.

      Besides ... it does no tak that long at all to gt used to if for any person that played VK 28.91 :)

    4. @Przemysław Majkowski, Overlord
      I've got 27% on IS4 after 15 battles (being usually in Top5 of team), so I expect that after let says 100 battles it should jump to 45%. It should but it wouldn't cause I will sell this tank after 25 battle, no fun to have 4 arties per side in EVERY SINGLE GAME.
      Also VK28 is funny only with derp gun which should be only aux gun - how long we have to wait to nerf prem ammo for derps and for buff ammo for 7,5L48?!?
      And one more thing - if some tanks improve stats after introducing prem ammo for credits why don't you use prem ammo for balancing? M47 with M36 with prem ammo is different tank that some your sci-fi creation with gun from T54Ewhatever.

  20. Please change the daily double reset time. At the moment its 21:00 MEST which is in the middle of clanwar time.
    Apart from that it prohibits playing on a friday from 21:00 on because there might be 5x or 3x event the next day, so noone wants to waste his bonuses.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. To me this is by far the weakest update. I am not impressed with Pearl River just another clone of Dragon Ridge. Not impressed with the new Prot a or Lep 1 The armor that was designed for this tank doesnt really work in game its so easily destroyed, ROF is lacking especially on the Prot A a T9 tank.
    Whatever happened to having maps 1-2 every update?
    Game is getting stale Should remove arty for Urban maps unless they r bigger so that arty can perform outside, There are many tank battles during the war that you can make maps for :Battle of El Alamein,Battle of Raseiniai,Battle of Brody,Battle of Hannut,Operation Goodwood,Theser but a few there alot more Historical battle maps that should be placed into this game. I really feel that you guys should put map making as #1 on your list especially for the next update,along with a few new game modes, the players have been asking and asking and the perception is that you keep them on your ignore list.Forget about making more tanks for awhile concentrate on making the game NOt boring.

    1. Seriously dude, if it's boring, why are you still here?

      By the way, the reason why "historical" maps are not made is because when God designed the real life environment, he kinda forgot to balance it properly, so for example the famous Operation Supercharge British charge against the German guns wouldn't be really fun to play (Germans dug in on a ridge, British charging them without any cover).

      So, either you get maps that are historical but unplayable, or you get maps that are balanced. Sure, you might call the Sand River "Abu Agheila" or whatever, but if you do, people will moan that it doesn't look like REAL Abu Agheila, so you might just as well produce generically-named "themed" maps.

      Personally, I prefer the maps to be balanced but unhistorical.

    2. People that want historical battle so badly should probabily play some singleplayer game and get over it.

    3. IMHO people who want the historical battles mode so badly will play it once or twice and then leave it. As far as I am concerned, it's not worth doing - yes, I am very curious as to how it will look, but I know I won't be playing it in the long run.

    4. Absolutely, balanced maps are above any historical aspect. In the end of the day its fairness and equal chances what players pay attention to in PvP games. Single player is currently beyond our scope.

    5. Frank Davis, in last months I am playing in WoT almost only with historical (mass produced, used by armies) tanks. The only exceptions are VK 36.01, which I remodelled into Panther (do not like "original" WoT Panther, so I choose that option to play with Panther), and T49 for pure fun which gives this fast shooting turreted TD (although I was thinking about remodelling it into Hellcat). I keep some historical tanks in my garage since 2011. So I think that I would play historical mode longer then you think.

      The more so. When WarThunder introduce tanks, I will surely go play there, cause I will not have to watch hordes of never build or used tanks (and by the way there will be vehicles which we will never meet in WoT). If there would be historical mode in WoT I would surely stay here.

      For me, personally, it is not worth introducing more and more never used tanks, Chinese tree and so on. It all makes me only more interested with Warthunder and spoils my fun here. When I want fantasy I go somewhere else.

      But at the same point I do not care about historical maps (balance is more important, although there is very easy way to balance unbalanced maps). I just want to have option to not to see fictional tanks. Such mode was promised 2 years ago. Since then we just got a few times more blueprints and fictional tanks then we had at EU/NA release.

    6. Most of your reply's doesnt have any merit as far as game play its the maps!! Idea to make a map that had or has a historical meaning another example Battle of the Budge map the key word here is a Historical map nothing more nothing does the map that was made for the Kursk battle tell you anything???Prokhorovka)

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. It's an 'okay' patch.. but honestly, please STOP adding new tanks for a bit - the whole game would benefit massively from a bit of a balance and 'fun' pass, rather than just throwing more tanks at it.

    In particular :
    - Changing gold rounds in some way. Either removing them entirely, or making them far more 'niche' - high penetration but suffering twice as much from armour angling, or something similar. They just need to be less of an 'i win' button, but it would be nice to retain them for when you are the low-tier in a match or grinding out a new gun.. But as it is, they obsolete armour, and that is just a bit silly.

    - Rebalancing some of the tanks with an emphasis on enjoyability. By this, I mean that moving to a higher tier tank should not feel like an abject downgrade until you have ground out 50k exp in it. This likely means improving 'stock' tanks so that they are at least as good as the previous tank (at least, clearly in some aspects), or improving some of the stock suspension/similar values to reduce the amount of grind required to actually make your upgrade a little bit better. The other thing to look at would be some of the essentially identical but higher tier tanks. Some examples of this include m4/m4e8, which just feel like the same tank you have to grind through twice, only once with worse matchmaking. Similar with the t29/t32, t-34-85 and t43 (which also suffer due to the amount of grind required to make the t43 as good as the t34-85 to start with), and the AMX12t/amx 13 75. Going through this, it does seem to be fairly regularly a 'thing' around t6/7, but there are plenty of examples elsewhere.

    - Consider rebalancing premium tanks. They should not be 'strictly better' when compared to elite tanks of a similar tier, but they do need to be /fun to play/. Obviously some of this will depend on playstyle, but really, some of them are just unpleasant. tl;dr - balance the premiums with the type59 as a target. It's fine for them to have huge obvious drawbacks or benefits, but they at least need to be moderately competetive - or at least reasonable in their niche. This is massively exasperated by gold rounds being as they are. While the super pershing might be well armoured in theory, in practice it is a medium with a sub-par gun, no ability to flank, and not enough armour to actually protect it. Similar has happened with some lower-tier premiums - the mini-maus went from quite fun because it bounced everything to really a bit shit.

    As for content, while some maps would be nice (or at least removing and rebalancing a couple of the awful ones in the rotation), I think a bit of focus on clevering up the matchmaking and a bit of overall balance would add far more life to the game.

    1. adding more tanks is a financial policy. new tanks.... player craving for it.... player doesn't want to grind too much .... money in the bank!

      so new tanks will keep appearing. I hope they will run out of blueprints some day and focus on real vehicles and totaly different game modes like hystorical, or realistic phisics or both combined or something else, anything else.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Seems to me that most people who play 'seriously' have premium to start with, and probably have paid for a not insubstantial amount of camo/similar.

      Also, given how good a game it takes to break even in a t9/10, i would expect a good chunk of them to have a t8 premium or two kicking around.

      If both of those assumptions are reasonable, I think they can afford to spend a major patch cycle working on general improvements rather than forcing out another tree of tanks.

      Even ignoring those, I would imagine the number of people spending a million free XP on all the new shiney tanks that come out to be fairly small. It would make more sense to generally improve the game to keep the current player base, and to get rid of some of the unpleasant grinds/'speedbump' tanks that tend to be in the t5-7 range to help more players get /to/ the point where they want a premium account and a t8 premium or two in their hanger, and to keep them playing after that point.

    4. Rebalancing is scheduled for 0.8.6. As for content production (tanks and maps), it doesn't interfere with anything else because those guys can't do anything else anyway.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Try using the 9cm gun instead. Yes, you can mount the tier ten 105mm L7 gun, but on the Leo prototype it fires very slowly to compensate for the fact that you're mounting a tier 10 gun on a tier 9 tank.

      The 9cm has real sniper accuracy (.32), around twice the fire rate of the 105mm, and plenty adequate penetration for tier 9.

      So, if you want alpha, go ahead and use the L7. But if you want a DPM gun, you already have it; it's the 9cm.

  26. Hello, you might remember me from February where I criticized the imbalance between gold shells, and where I got quite offended by your reply.
    You pretty much dismissed my comments as something that's not shared by others, so I went ahead and conducted a forum poll investigation.
    I have the results here.

    "What do you think should be done with gold shells?

    They should become cheaper (9 votes [4.27%])
    They should yield bonus reflecting their costs (5 votes [2.37%])
    They should become cheaper and reflects their costs (2 votes [0.95%])
    They are fine as it is (27 votes [12.80%])
    They should be balanced according to weakspots vs hardspots (13 votes [6.16%])
    They should be balanced according to gun performance (14 votes [6.64%])
    They should be balanced according to armor and gun performance (34 votes [16.11%])
    They should be removed (107 votes [50.71%])

    Did you read this topic?
    Yes, but I don't agree (19 votes [9.00%])
    Yes, there are some valid points (133 votes [63.03%])
    No, too long (21 votes [9.95%])
    No, WG won't do anything anyway (38 votes [18.01%])

    422 votes total.

    Of course, with only 211 unique individual votes, it has no statistical significance due to the millions of users. But take into account that the people who take active part of the forum are people who usually care about issues, this could be a good indication of what people feel.

    I'd like to draw attention to that I did include the options of either thinking gold shells are fine, or if they should become more affordable etc.
    The majority of the study, however, supports the notion to remove/rebalance the gold shells as opposed to a minority who think they should stay the same/be more efficient.

    Another thing that WG need to consider, is that in my 2nd poll, I pretty much asked if people agreed with me or not, or were too lazy to read the topic or if they thought WG didn't care about their opinions anyway.
    I would say the community shows a clear indication that many supports my thoughts, as opposed to your comment in February.
    The dangerous part is that you see a major portion of the community has started to believe WG no longer cares about the game issues, and that it has become a pure money based company.

    1. I conducted a second poll based on constructive feedback from the community just to give a few examples on what they think would be nice for the game.

      Limited gold ammo per tank (8 votes [6.06%])
      Limited gold ammo per tank and re-balance according to armor and/or gun (19 votes [14.39%])
      Add gold-banned mode (15 votes [11.36%])
      Balance according to gun performance and armor (19 votes [14.39%])
      I don't care if WG makes less money, I still want to remove them (42 votes [31.82%])
      Gold shells deal less dmg per shot to compensate for penetration (29 votes [21.97%])

      In this case, the opinions are more split. I admit this is no easy task for WG staff. The indication suggest that people in general don't want gold shells regardless, and the trend is that people think gold shells simply destroy game balance, as seen with the different votes.

      Now, I also asked the community what WG would get in return if anything gets done. The results are following.

      Pay more for premium/tanks? (24 votes [10.53%])
      Pay for decorations (camo, insignias etc) if WG introduces more? (19 votes [8.33%])
      Enjoy the game more and likely to stay longer? (112 votes [49.12%])
      Buy "access" to newer maps as they get released? (10 votes [4.39%])
      Aim for tanks that were made obsolete by gold? (63 votes [27.63%])

      People had free choice on what boxes they could tick.
      One sees a clear indication that people think the game would be more enjoyable without the current gold shells, and that it would increase variety in what they would drive.
      Is also shows that decorations really don't appeal too much to people, and I do understand them as you can simply put camouflage mods as they're just eyecandy for your own screen.
      Asthetics simply don't appeal too much in a game where you're not roleplaying.

      Either way, I hope you take the time to consider this study, and give a proper feedback to the community. I'll warn beforehand that I will post your reply on the wot forum for people to see.

      Otonashii Mimei

    2. Do you really think that this is a viable poll? knowing how many people play this game?? If WG wanted to know what really influences the game they would simply do a Survey Says. An I conclude they have done one and may now they should move toward another with more direct questions similar to the ones you have asked.

    3. "the people who take active part of the forum are people who usually care about issues"

      I contest this assertion. I care very much about the game, but I avoid the forums like the plague because the game has gotten popular enough that the signal-to-noise ratio is way too low - too many idiots drown out any intelligent discourse.

      I'm also of the opinion that gold shells have had an overall good affect on gameplay. Per shell balance is an issue (gold HEAT/HESH shells are especially problematic right now), but along with the narrower matchmaking brackets they introduced quite some time ago, it's allowing lower tier tanks a chance to do more to the higher tier tanks - and that's a very good thing. It opens up options and gives you choices to make that are a net good for gameplay.

      However, I would not be against limiting the amount you are allowed to carry; ~1/4th of max capacity would be fine, honestly, to prevent people from carrying full gold loads.

    4. It is mainly an issue for full armored tanks that sacrifices mobility and firepower for armor. Examples include Maus, Black prince, IS-7 (to some degree), non gold E-100.
      The issue is for example in the case of Maus, is that with 20 kmph, poor acceleration and worst gun performance (it has same gun stats as a tier 9 heavy) the only thing left it has is armor. However...

      This http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/20/shot043re.jpg/
      Is an issue. This was a test fire with gold shells with a T110E5
      at 300m distance.
      You notice that the armored parts of the tank are easily penetrated, including the dreading 350mm armor upper plate.
      This is because with certain gold guns, armor stop having a meaningful contribution to the game, and this is extremely detrimental for the tanks that otherwise have lower gun performance or mobility.
      It also removes alot of required in game knowledge from gameplay, such as weakspot aiming.
      I'm not completely against the introduction of gold shells, but I disagree that lower tiers should penetrate higher tiers frontally with ease, such as IS-2 with its 300mm pen HEAT.
      I'd rather say for example in the case of Comet, where its top gun can't pen E-75s even at the weakspots, then sure, the gold should be allowed to pen the weakspots.
      However, when you have things like IS-2 whom just penetrates the upper plate AND turret front, then what's the point of having an armored tank? Might as well change the E-75 with a conqueror for the better gun, mobility and similar hp.

      What I ask for isn't to nerf the lower tiers, what I'm asking for is to balance the gold shells regarding to each other.
      The difference in pen between gold shells of the same tier and same type of tank are out of this world.
      At tier X heavy tanks, the difference between the lowest pen and highest pen is 97mm while normal AP has a difference of about 30.
      It doesn't help that the ones with lowest pen in turn also are the most armored ones and the ones with worst gun performance.

      What I'm saying is simply that if you absolutely must have gold, then please for god sakes balance the parameters. Having a T-54, a tank made for flanking and close combat, pen your IS-7 frontally at 300m distance is not what I think this game was supposed to be.

    5. Wrong link, this is the correct link


    6. "the people who take active part of the forum are people who usually care about issues"

      I would rephrase this: people who are active on forums are mostly experienced players with above avg skill level and tend to speak up issues that bother them in game - i.e. they mostly provide critics and negative feedback which is also important.

    7. overlord:
      with all respect but did you read the whole post? cause it feels like u either didnt, or dont want to answer to the main point she makes, and try to reply something unimportant. Because the answer u posted makes as much sense as reading my horoscope.

      please, u are being viewed as the only wg employe we can talk to wich has comon sence, a serious in dept reply would be very very much apreciated

    8. I would rephrase this: people who are active on forums are mostly experienced players with above avg skill level and tend to speak up issues that bother them in game - i.e. they mostly provide critics and negative feedback which is also important.

      It should be the most important feedback for you guys since those players are the ones that know probably most regarding how this game works live and what tips the balance or not.

    9. Give the guy some slack, I did say I would post his reply on the forum for all the voters to see, and that means he really needs to consider his reply more carefully.
      The thing is that it would be better if other devs/WOT staff would take a more active part in investigating the desires of the players, as at least to me, it feels as if we're quite cut off considering we only get a few "questions" per month, and the ones that address game balance issues are often drowned in the sea of anti-arty whiners or people who just want their own tanks buffed.
      For me, it doesn't make sense to be categorized as a person who just wants my tanks buffed, because I'm asking for a nerf on most of my tanks lol.

      Either way, negative feedback can be categorized into two fields.
      Constructive critic, or whining.
      What one mostly sees, are whining, aka the people who complain without giving reasonable analysis or constructive feedback to what they perceive as a problem.
      Those people are the ones who complain about getting 1 shotted by T92 without realizing that it has a 40 sec reload time and horrible accuracy.

      As far as I'm concerned, I did analyze the situation fairly decently considering I took the viewpoint from both of my test subject tanks.
      The fact a IS-7 has no functional armor against T110E5 HEATs, while the APCR from IS-7 has no effect on the turret front and upper plate of T110E5, and this on top of the fact that T110E5 has a better performing gun, simply means that I want my T110E5 gold shell reworked to make it more balanced towards the IS-7 in regards to armor.
      When comparing by T110E5 to my Maus, same deal happens.
      Comparing my FV215B to IS-7, same deal, except in this case IS-7 can pen the upper plate on FV215B (whom is to be expected considering the massive firepower potential of FV215B).
      I value game balance more than having OP tanks or easily killing off enemies, playing a game should feel as if you're improving the more you play and understand it.
      The introduction of massive amounts of gold shells in random matches simply took a large portion of this enjoyment away, as there's no longer this urge to climb the tiers.
      What's the difference between say Vk ausf B and Maus nowadays? If both have virtually the same armor in the face of gold shells, and Maus has no firepower advantage over Vk ausf B, and on top of that has a mobility nerf. You're essentially trading speed for 1000 more hp, and nothing more when faced with certain gold shells.
      Compare that with M103 to T110E5, whom recieves a considerable buff in profile, mantlet strenght, firepower and handling.
      Or to Conqueror to FV215B, whom recieves a major buff to its rate of fire, hp and mantlet.
      The advantages of the tanks getting armor is simply non existant, and I doubt 500hp (not even mentioning the speed and profile issue) makes up for the fact that FV215B has 3400dpm whereas a Maus has
      2400, a 42% difference in firepower potential.
      Of course, one can argue that Maus has higher alpha (90 dmg... really? Major advantage?), but the difference in accuracy (0.38 to 0.33), penetration (246 to 269) and aimtime (2.9s to 1.7s) more than make up for this difference.

    10. So, as I've explained earlier, what was Maus' advantage? It could angle to negate the firepower advantage of other tanks, in return for itself being unable to destroy enemies faster and more efficiently compared to other tier X tanks. So, its 42% firepower disadvantage, was balanced by its ability to negate enemy firepower and forcing enemies to fire at your own pace by angling unless they flank you. This made Maus capable of fighting the much higher firepower tier X heavies and sometimes even TDs, but it required very in depth knowledge about how to angle properly, and to use the low pen Maus gun properly as well (you can't pen the T110E4 machinegun nest with normal AP for example, and have to aim for rangefinder bar vs E-100s etc). E-100 players have complained that they need HEAT because otherwise they can't defeat Maus as they foolishly fire their AP into the 0 crit periscope hole on top of the Maus turret, but what they don't realize, that they can deal 500-600 dmg per shot if they fire a HE shell into the very same periscope due to how HE shells are effective against open parts of a tank (while an AP shell there would just pass through it and fly into the open without ever harming the crew).

      Using an E-100 effectively without HEAT is a challenge, but the ones who do play it well, gets rewarded by having a tank that has great firepower potential and still having great HP and potential armor. What is the problem now though? Everyone spams the HEAT shells to directly pen many things they needed to properly consider before firing.

      It has gone from
      "Oh, IS-7, ok, I need to remember that the lower plate is only a weakspot at 50m range or above or else my gun depression makes his lower plate too angled, so if its too close, don't fire at it, I should watch his movements, if he angles his tanks, I need to shoot the upper plate at spot x, or if he doesn't, I have to be patient a bit, angle my tank, try to make him expose some weakspots, if he facehugs my front, I need to ensure that I never back off to allow him to fire at my lower plate, and I have to load HE to completely destroy his viewports as he's unable to fire at my rangefinderbar at extreme close range"


      "Oh, IS-7, click 2, fire at hull, job done"

      I hope its fairly obvious that I know alot about how armor works unlike someone who think I don't know the difference between a T29 hull and turret *cough*hint hint*cough*

    11. crazytony0,

      with all due respect forum polling is not representative enough to base serious decisions on. That's the point. You can have them to get more info, let steam out, identify possible issues, but you can't take your decisions based on that. Serious decisions require serious business analysis.

    12. Mimei Otonashii,

      @introduction of massive amounts of gold shells in random matches @

      what massive amount? have you got an estimation? just curious

      Read through all you posts. Well could have been a bit more concise :)

    13. I'm referring to the current state of mind of say for example E-100 drivers, tier 5 derpers, hetzers, derp guns in general.
      The problem with many of these tanks is that for example, if I use a 10.5 cm HEAT gun on my pz IV, I can shoot as much gold as I want, and yet turn a profit. This is of course granted I'm not as stupid as to seriously "spam" it, but shoot when I know its going to pen.
      The issue is how extremely easy this is doable unlike the HE or AP shells.

      Also, take notice in how the tier X heavy tanks changed in terms of performance. Maus and IS-7, the two tier X with lowest gun performance and both heavily armored based, have dropped to the bottom. People actually avoid playing Maus now because pretty much everyone knows that their armor means nothing, while on IS-7 you are still fast enough to get around the battlefield.
      The question is quite simple... why would I pick Maus or IS-7 over E-100 or T110E5 if enemies are capable of shooting gold when they need to? Can you give me a reasonable answer to this?

    14. Well, since you like compressed points...

      1: Gold shell usage in random battles have drastically increased among high caliber short barrel guns, such as on hetzer, m4, pzIV, su-152 etc.

      2: Gold shell usage in random battles have led to armored tanks that sacrifices mobility/gun performance for armor, plummet in performance. This is made evident in the poor performance of IS-7s and the very few players that bothers to play Maus anymore.

      3: Gold shells aren't a bad concept if done right, but it should definately make armor easier to penetrate, not obsolete. As many suggested, gaining this higher pen should have some drawbacks, as the common argument is that lower tanks should be able to do something against higher tier heavies, but should they really be able to perform the same against a higher tier tank as they do against lower tier tanks? An example of the massive skewage of this, is the 300mm HEAT shell on IS-2.

      4: As repeated, gold shell pen values are not balanced according to each other or to tank armor. An IS-7 has 355mm horizontal armor on its upper plate, but this is made obsolete by the 355mm APCR or 381mm HEAT. When the thickest/hardest to pen parts of a tank becomes obsolete in the face of gold shells, the armored tanks lose their main parameter value, as I'm quite sure you agree that Maus wouldn't be balanced compared to other tier 9-10 jumps as it only gains 1000 extra hp and less mobility due to armor meaning nothing.

      5: Forums polls might not be representative of the playerbase, but as you said, the experience level of the people attending the forum are usually much higher than the average player in the game. However, one needs to distinguish those with reasonable points from those who only want their own tanks buffed. You mentioned serious business analysis, but when does this happen? Have there been any analysis on overall happiness within the game since gold shells became a common sight?

      My impression is that people were happy at first as it allowed non-prems to buy them as well, but the current situation is that non-prems occasionally use them as they are extremely non-affordable for low tiers who only gain about 10-15k credits per match, but for me, I could take a trip in my type 59, earn 70-80k, and stock up on 40 derp shells, enough to last me 4-6 battles. Of course I'm vehemently against it, but I hope you get my point. This simply means that while free players do get access to gold shells, the people who consistently use them are cash players. This is in stark contrast to before, where gold shells were an extremely rare sight in randoms due to them being a huge punishment to your economic balance, but now they hardly matter for people with prem + tier 8 premium tanks.

      While I do understand the notion that WG has to make money, I would advise to keep in mind the enjoyment factor of the game. Me, for example, I've spent probably somewhere around 300€ in this game for premium accounts, premium tanks and free exp, but as my history shows, I have only bought around 10-15 gold shells in 2 years for testing purposes. I've been in the game since closed beta. Now, I've quit, and the company has lost an average of 20€ every month.

    15. Mimei Otonashii,

      agree that gold rounds situation has somewhat gone out of hand - and that's one of the issues we are going to address soon. Come back in 8.6 to check out.

    16. Excellent!

      This is lovely news, I'll spread this to the forum voters to ease the tension regarding gold shells.

      I would suggest WG employ dev team representatives or let devs take more initiative as to ease playerbase anxiety.

      What we were mainly worried about, was that it seemed as if WG didn't consider the gold shell issue an issue at all, thus with this reply, I can gladly say people will feel relieved that at least the problem is acknowledged.

      Thank you for your time, and if I do enjoy 8.6, I'll inject a fair sum into the company.

      Good luck!

    17. This is very great news! Glad to hear this. I had same fears as mimei. Sory I doubted you overlord. Realy looking forward to 8.6

    18. As feedback on the current supertest, I'd like to stress out that while I do welcome the overall nerf on gold shells, nerfing the normal AP is a bit silly to some degree.

      The current maps are not large enough to give mobility a huge advantage, thus one shouldn't give too big advantage to armor. Please consider a slight overall mobility nerf on heavies to compensate for their combat prowess.

      The lack of gold pen reduction on TDs can be very disastrous. If the normal AP of heavies and mediums get nerfed to 250 or below, it's going to be in nutshell somewhat silly to fight certain TDs frontally (object 263) due to lack of low armor weakspots.

      Some constructive feedback on my suggestions are welcome as I'm not aware of the game engine limitations when it comes to map sizes etc, and I'd appreciate some reasoning behind why certain things are being implemented etc.

      Good luck,

    19. 0.8.6 is here, gold ammo situation hasn't changed

  27. Overlord.... I have had over 60+ rounds now in the last 2 days and I have not seen the new map ONCE. Not ONCE. Is the damn thing tier restricted or something? The only thing i have not checked for battles is "assault" because i refuse to do them. Can that be causing this? statistically speaking I should have gotten the freak'in thing once atleast now right????

    1. Yes, you should have got it by now. However the sample of 60 is too small for it be certain with 30+ maps available. Bad luck.

    2. Same here - I STILL haven't had Peral River even ONCE. Constantly getting Redshire (awful), El Halluf (AWFUL!), Campinovka etc over and over and over again...NEVER the new map. The map rotation has GOT to be reworked.

    3. It took me 93 games to get to that map :D (after 20 I started checking when I switched to another tank and battle count on new panther stopped to be an indicator :P)

    4. Really 30+ maps these maps you refer to are they in rotation because I can only find 29 maps that r in rotation when I play are you counting the maps that aren't in rotation by chance?? if so then yes there are 30+ Providence is in a lower tier rotation? serene coast is out swamp is out except for CW Komarin in not in rotation and I am sure you know the rest of the story

    5. Guys say we have 34 right now, haven't counted myself.

    6. Yes, 34, but there is something bad with map rotation. I played Pearl River once, after 100-150 battles after the patch. In the meantime I could have same map 3 times in the row. Itis realy boring. Map queue used by server should me much bigger than it is now

  28. Hello there :)

    As for the feedback..

    I really love what you have done with the new German medium line.

    So far, by my opinion, their performance is quite clear [ Their strengths and weaknesses ]! Of course people will always moan how this and that is weak, good for nothing etc. but, it seems that you know how to make difference.. the only problem is the very gameplay of the game [ Domination of close combat ], which can negate the whole balance of the tank [ KV-1S :P ]. I don't know how could you influence on that but it sure matters in overall balance of the tank.

    Anyway.. great job with the Germans.

    Map, the Pearl river, looks quite nice.. but I didn't get it on the menu enough times to really check on how it's like.. to check on all positions, points for advancing etc. [ Played it maybe 2,3 times.. ]. The only strange, but so far a good thing, is the option to quickly advance to the enemy base..

    I hope I won't bother you too much with these silly questions.. but I have to ask :P

    Is there any plans about cooperation with Boris Voronstov [ The ENBseries, 3D graphic modifications which improve overall graphics ]?

    Yeah, I know that in this game players usually care only about the performance in-game, fps, lag etc. but I am sure that there are also players which care about the effects and overall graphics, which can make the game quite enjoyable :)

    Currently, the ENBseries are not compatible with WoT and that leaves us only with the option for modification of Color Correction and Bloom [ I think ].

    And if I understood correctly, Boris, after the requests of some users, already tried to make a contact with Russian devs, but he didn't get any answer.. that happen a while ago D:

    So.. is there any chance that we will see ENB support for the WoT in the future? Any clue about that?


    1. Can't say anything specific on supporting this particular mod however I heard that WoT team was going to improving cooperation with mod-makers in general.

    2. It's great to hear that!

      Thanks for the answer

  29. I don't get how anyone who has played tier 8 arty recently can call for them to be nerfed. They're horrible to play now after all the previous nerfs. I dont touch my GwE except sometimes in CW. It blows my mind that so many people still want to play them. I cant understand it. The issue is now not overpowered arty, its simply that the five cap is still too much. It should be 2 or 3. Then they become a danger, they dont dominate the game. The queue for arty will be long until less people play it, but ce la vie. At least when they do play they wont be a piece of crap.

  30. I can't seem to zoom in as much in sniper mode as I can in 8.4. Is it just a problem with my client or 8.5?

    1. Haven't heard of that issue.

    2. I have, on RU forum. If you are using mods, get rid of them (sorry, I don't know specifically which ones).

    3. Its known on EU too. Just look into the forum.

      I heard its connected to the distance-mod, but i am not 100% sure too.
      At least i have mine disabled after it appeared and it works again now.

  31. Right, 8.5....

    _________Ok, so little stuff first:

    - Allowing purchase of all gold consumables for credits: excellent move, keep up this trend.

    - Cheaper temporary camouflage and inscriptions: very very good, now it is affordable to keep multiple-season camouflage on many of my tanks, as I can afford it and still make a good income.

    - The little team status bar at the top is a nice touch. I barely ever notice it, though. Then again, it's more for esport spectators' convenience as I understand it. In that case I would include an option to change the size, as for esports you'd want it big enough to see easily, but for normal gameplay it should not be obtrusive.

    - New map looks neat and very different, pity it didn't get the "new map bonus" so I've only been on it twice - once in test, once on the live server.

    - Additional inscriptions are always fun to see, and I do love that you've made the inscriptions and emblems higher resolution. But, I would rather like to see a lot of the inscriptions reworked to look less like clean graphic typography and more like something soldiers painted on with battlefield supplies. Too many of the fonts used are way too clean/perfect - let's see more of a "hand-crafted" look to them.

    Suspect I'm near char limit, so will add my notes on the "big stuff" in reply to this comment...

    1. _________And finally the big stuff:

      - New soviet light branch is spectacular. Love to see new historical tank trees added, especially when they're very competitive to all the other tanks in the game. Enjoying all 3 of the new tanks immensely, just lovely on the whole. Additionally, very glad that you connected the T-80 to the T-34; I'm glad that new players who want to go through the Russian medium line don't have to suffer the A-20 anymore. Still wish tier 4 lights were not given shitty mm bracket, though.

      - New german medium branch; Looks good so far on paper, have only gotten the chance to drive reworked DB2 and only just got the Indien-panzer last night. From the little I was able to play on test (your test server was seriously overloaded this time, I was only able to get in for a short few battles), the rest of the tier 6-10 tanks looked and played pretty good. Again, very nice to see historical vehicles (in the case of leopard 1), and doubly nice to see post-war german vehicles finally added to WOT.

      - The Indien-panzer requiring a suspension upgrade to mount almost any equipment (including the long 88) made it quite expensive to purchase stock (200k for the suspension equipment as I didn't have the free xp to spend on upgraded tracks module). Rather annoying, wish it could at least mount the long 88 in stock setup.

      - Haven't got a chance to play the new recon Panther yet (aufklarerpanzer). I was worried about this one when I first heard it was getting the Konish, but I'm glad you guys decided to actually fix that gun finally and give it properly useful ammunition as a credit-buy. I suspect I'll probably enjoy the recon panther whenever I get around to it.

      - Still disappointed that the VK1602 Leopard hasn't got a 75mm gun like the VK2801 used to have. Feel ELC is still the superior vehicle overall because of it.

      - As a final note, I don't really see what the point of the 20.01 D is. From what I can tell, it's just a Panzer III with slightly worse stats. Why would I ever buy/use one? Same guns, slower, worse armor...I mean, it looks nice - but so does the Panzer III.

      Overall though, great update. Happier with this one than 8.4, though that was partially because brit TDs don't really fit my playstyle. And partially because the Churchill Gun Carrier is a heaping pile of shit. And the Su-100Y is way too much power at tier 6, and has gold rounds that do more damage.

    2. Thanks, I expect that 8.6 will be a bigger hit.

    3. @ Petuko
      You can put anything into the Indien Panzer without ever buying the tracks, if you have enough free XP to get the top gun right away, because it is much lighter than the other two guns.

      You are absolutely right about the Churchill Gun Carrier, although I got 2,5k for getting into the top 100, the tank is just a desaster and I love TD's (totally love the new British pillboxes ;)

      The Su-100Y is pretty cool, but by no means OP. The gold rounds do more damage, but have less pen! I replaced them with HE rounds in mine.

      @ Overlord

      8.6 is certainly the most important patch for WoT since release. Will the arties dominate even more, or will they get toned down too much?!?!? oh the exitement ^^

      8.4 was a huge hit for me already. Can't wait for my precious second German TD tree and the Japanese monster tanks ^^
      8.5 was alright so far, despite me sucking with the Indien tank ^^.

    4. No sarcasm. I regard 8.6 as functional update as well, not only rebalancing.

  32. can we get an explanation as to why the sexton SPG was dropped from the patch? i was really looking forward to that tank

    1. They already answered that. ALL arty is being rebalanced in 8.6, so it didn't seem to make much sense to introduce a premium SPG when you already know you're going to be rebalancing it in the very next patch.

  33. Overlord, can you please include a noscroll option (mouse scroll wheel does not enter/exit sniper view - only shift) in the next patch?

    Every new update I am frantically trying to find a mod that disables scroll enter/exit, since the previous one get broken. Also, with mods and scripts planning to get disabled, this would no longer be possible as a mod.

    When you play a medium and are engaging, when you want to fully zoom out in sniper view, it's critical if you keep getting kicked out of sniper view. Especially if you are battling when there are buildings around you

  34. Ok,

    I didn't played this game like 6 months, I just want to check what is going on played 10 games or so....

    This was my first experience of gold ammo for credits, so it seems armoring, angling any tactical and interesting part of the WoT is gone.....

    But if that is gone what is left from WoT, there are guys has millions on their account, they can all shoot gold ammo all days long, if this is going to be a shooter that you make headshot every 6s how long are u going to play this game....

    I understand but WoT tries to get away from pay-to-win cliche but this is not working also, everything penetrates everything.....

    In my opinion there must max amount of gold ammo that can be loaded to tank bought with credits and for every loaded ammo the cost must be increased exponentially....

    So first round 4000 credits, 2nd round 8000, 3rnd 16000 and etc. so if u are the last tank and u have to kill the last standing tank for the other team, you should use gold ammo but not every with possible shot....

    Before to shoot gold ammo in a random you should be crazy, now I am not sure anybody uses normal ammo...

    1. You obviously overestimate current prem usage. I would say that introduction of high-pen guns has had a bigger impact on mechanics and some re-balancing is likely to be needed in foreseeable future.

    2. "You obviously overestimate current prem usage"

      No, WG devs downplay it like mad to try and cover up the massive cock-up they've made in terms of game balance with this nonsense. Gold/premium ammo needs to go, pure and simple.

    3. aactualy, the idea of exponentially increasing gold ammo price sound very good to me. After all what we need is way fewer gold shells fired.

      overlord: Please do someting about gold shells fast, it is getting more rediculous day by day.
      And please, dont start buffing armour, its only a workaround cause we all know the real problem is with the gold shells of wich some have rediculous high pen.

    4. Well Overlord, then tell us what is the usage of Gold Ammo at Tier 9 - Tier 10 bracket.....

      Yesterday, I am hulldown in my M103, first 5-6 shots everything bounces, then after every shot started to penetrate me around the mantlet, at the end it comes out a Löwe sniping me from 300 m and penetrating every shot around the mantlet....

      Well Löwe gun really got better lately I think, I should play mine more often....

      It is the general pattern, after 2-3 bounces, rain of gold, only if I can collect that much gold and sell it back :)

    5. svartmetall,

      nothing to hide, we are going to address balancing issues in 8.6.

    6. crazytony0,

      sure thing we won't be just adding armour to tanks.

    7. I think most of the time when people get penned in their hard armor they immediately think about gold, but back in the day we thinked about lucky highroll on pen and that's it. Most of the time when i pen with 12,8cm with E-75 they call me gold user even with normal AP highroll, or good aim at weakspot.

    8. In my opinion there must max amount of gold ammo that can be loaded to tank bought with credits and for every loaded ammo the cost must be increased exponentially....

      I'm incline to agree with this writer, what would it take to view historical documents to see what this loadout would be and something that could be put in game simply because it should.

    9. All my time I played with my E-75 it is only penetrated once in a random match from forward/mantlet area and when I asked to the player he accepted that he used gold ammo

      Now when it is penetrated in angled position 5 times in a row, if my opponent is JgPz E-100 or Obj 268, then I think they are using Gold Ammo....

    10. I mean look to this guy....

      Ok, he is already good player and he does not explicitly needs gold rounds....

      But all 37 of his 37 rounds are gold, I mean in a worthless random match 37 gold rounds, if these things will cost him real life money, would he shoot them?

      Most probably not but now most probably, he has more then 5 mil silver in his account and he doesn't care....


  35. Played 150 battles since 8.5 release and still not seen the new Pearl map :-(
    What I miss the most are more maps; play the same old ones over & over again ad-nausem.
    Should have been 50+ maps by now!

    1. in the same boat as you Pz.. just finished up 80+ rounds and still no pearl River :-\

    2. When one or two guys develop the maps and one map takes several month to create its evident, that we dont get a lot of maps.

      If they would hire 10 guys that develop maps, we would have like 20 paps per year. Seems clear where the problem lies.

      We need more map developers! At best yesterday.

    3. Okay, i counted the maps, and 34 in 3 years (although a few are not in the cycle now) is not so bad when they had 7 maps in open beta.

      So, they did a good job there all in all.

      Still, the feeling is, the game needs more maps, more diversity.
      So, a few more map designers would be really good for the game.
      Especially now maps for different game modes.

    4. Silberfalke,

      no, not correct.

      We need more devs for WoT team in EVERY department. And there are openings.

    5. However that's a problem to fill in that many slots quickly.

    6. I am glad to hear, that you guys try to do more for this game.

      For a customer, who puts a lot of money in the game, its a bit hard to see the company expanding in all kind of ways because of its success, but somewhat lacking in their core department.

    7. WoT team is now like 2-3 times bigger than it used to be which is still not enough.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Might the Leopard-1 appear later in the life of the Historical Battles game mode?

    1. Taking into account that the concept of HB is not finalized yet, it's difficult to give more or less accurate reply to this.

    2. Actually Shannon - can you tell me a real historical battle the Leopard 1 participated in? Because from the top of my head I am pretty sure Leopard 1 never fired a shot in anger.

    3. there were encouters of other tanks with the leo1, but just a few.


    4. Well, yes, true, I forgot that incident (you can hardly call that a tank battle though), however that goes way beyond the WoT timeframe.

  38. Regarding the 8.6 "significant arty rebalance".

    Are you making them aim much faster, but heavily reducing accuracy? Because I have a feeling you're planning something like that. It would make arty gameplay much less about waiting for the circle to close, and more about shooting, with more shells being shot out per battle on average. Would also turn it into an area denial weapon rather than lasers.

    Am I close?

    1. That would be a terrible idea. Makes arty even more luck-based. They need to reduce the penetration on HE shells. That's more or less all. Slight damage reduction maybe, but nothing major. If you could balance out the dpm to reducing damage and increasing RoF slightly that might work too, but the main thing is removing penetrating shots. And accuracy is pretty good where it is atm, slightly luck-biased, but any more accurate would piss of tank players, and any less would just make it a goofy luck-mechanic.

  39. Ok, so here´s my 50 cents on the last two patches.
    First of all before 8.4 the game ran like clockwork, no major bugissues on my part. After 8.4 I got massive soundbugs, and no, updateing drivers did not fix the issue. These bugs are still present after 8.5.

    I get wierd graphical errors on startup of almost every game, like the graphics pulses like crazy for 10-15 seconds. And, yes, i got all the latest drivers for my graphic cards (2*gtx 690 cards), have also tried to roll back to older drivers with same result.
    I get distorted menues in the garage screen, that vanishes once you hover the mousepointer over them.
    And last but not least i get kicked out of the game on a regular basis, not in fights but all the time in the garage screen. And this is annoying to say the least...
    Add all the tanks and maps you like, but please make sure that you roll out a product that is finished and that does not make the game worse than it were before patching?

    1. Agree. Performance is one of the top priorities. It's always an awful thing when the released update leads to even minor instability.

  40. I would say its an OK-Patch.

    We get a new map, which is the most important. Just talk to your guys that it gets in the often to play mapcycle again. I had it 2 times now, but thats not much, and the more maps we get, the harder it will be to see new maps.

    Regarding the new tanks:
    I am not so interested in scouts generally, so the russians are not for me.
    The new german hightier tanks seem to be underperformer, but i will wait a bit to make my final judgement about Leo 1. Personally i have played all german trees up first before anything else, but i will only play them now, if they perform well. Too bad experience with the other Germans (JpzE-100/Maus/E-100), i cant even use them in CW`s and in randoms you get chewed without support.

    I am busy to reach the next artylevel with my US and Soviet tree now (as are LOTS of ppl apparently, which unfortunately is not so good for the random games), but i am not sure, if i will even play it after the patch, if it gets nerfed too hard. So i am really uncertain regarding this coming change.

    And i am pretty curious about the other things that should come with the next patch.

  41. Maybe instead of adding bunches of new things WG will try to fix what is already in the game?
    - IS tanks are getting smaller and smaller (due to historical truth) and still same tanks are bigger than used to be? Bullshit.
    - USSR TDs got best camo, RoF, accuracy, very good mobility and armor. What with other nations? Oh right, if any tank defeat USSR tank 1vs1 it MUST BE NERFED... (vide M48A1)
    - Other thing is "rebalancig" new tanks. Example: T110E4. When introduced it was OP. Agree. Now? The only advantage, turret, is also a disadvantage due to butchered armor. 203 of almost flat armor with big flat mantlet (in tX matches and with gold shells in common use...). And gun depression. It has almost none. Other vehicles (not including Jgdpz E-100 and FV215b (183)) are lower (especially USSR crap). So now with such a poor gun depression, big soft lower plate, acc uracy like now and aiming time... You can only hide behind rocks, buildings and play in the 2nd or 3rd line. Any other tX TD is better when fighting on the map with bumps, small hills...

  42. Overlord.... quick question thats sorta on topic, but sorta not. The new "Temporary" garage that we have at the moment. Is there any way to keep that permanently? or maybe is there a possibility in the future of allowing players to have a pick of different garages. Say from ones previously designed or new ones to come down the pipe as time goes on. I like the variety. Gets boring seeing the same garage all the time. Like the different settings.

    1. Prolly missed this. Are EU and NA having unique hangars right now?

    2. No, we have normal garages at this moment (at least on EU)

  43. we have a special anniversary garage or something right now. Looks pretty slick.

  44. Aufklärungspanzer Panther clearly needs some adjustments. It catches fire way to often even with CO2. And considering the fact that its body is basically a Panther it should have the same chances of doing that as the other tanks with that same body. It also feels a bit undergunned

  45. Hi all,

    I`m playing Leopard1 till now in over 60Battles.
    I like him, BUT:
    1. If u get hit frontal, nearly every time Driver is dead and ammorack is hit.
    2. the tracks are incredible! I have the feeling that when I get hit the racks getting scared and fall down...
    3. Till now, I was onehitted 4 times by splashdamage of arti (mostly t92) the shots bashed felt over 5m away from me, but I died instandly.
    4. I getting killed from T-50 from frontal, i asked him if he was using gold, he said no... A FUCKING T4 SCOUT kill me frontal WTF I think this should be fixed/get a buf! Every Tank over Tier4 could penetrate Leopard1 front...

  46. Ofcourse, its made in germany, it has to be crappy. Now if we talk russian engeniering... It have been perfect . Germans are well known for unreliebele machines unlike russian machines.