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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[WoT] Polling

The most recent poll showed so little love towards Chinese vehicles - that makes me deeply sad. :(
Ok, I'm giving you, guys, some more time to feel the taste.

So do you love Chinese tanks?

Haven't decided yet - 710 (42%)
No - 692 (40%)
Yes -  286 (16%)

The next poll is up.

By the way, which poll would you like to be run next? Throw out ideas, I will choose the upcoming one based on your suggestions.

By the way, we have had a long World of Warships game session earlier today. It was really awesome. May be KGB will share the details.


  1. Poll:
    Which should we (WG) focus the most on?

    +Historical battles
    +Garage Battle
    +I don't care

    1. Historical battles ,
      Germany vs Belarus .

    2. Historical battles
      Use of multi turret/guns
      Possibility of Flakpanzers as a new class of tank in game
      Fixing the light tanks
      And of course, I don't care

    3. So let me assume: U don'T care about new game modi. What else to expect from WG staff.

  2. Do you buy premium ammo with Gold?

    1. Oh what a waste !

    2. Why waste? He can just put more gold on his account...
      *wink wink* access to servers...

  3. Is the glass
    -half full
    -half empty
    -twice as big as it should be

    1. Half-full, I'm optimistic by default.

    2. Totally-empty . I'm realistic by default .

  4. I'll start grinding the chinese tree when type 59 & 62 premiums becomes available in store. Will that happen anytime soon?

  5. "The most recent poll showed so little love towards Chinese vehicles - that makes me deeply sad. :("

    Do you seriously wonder?

    The community was talking about team europe, japanese or even itallina tree. And what did we get?:/
    I played most of the chinese tanks already. And it really is just a soviet 2.0. Noone needs this tree.

    1. Doesn't mean we won't add EU tree. We do need more time to complete the research on Japs and EUs.

    2. How long did u need for chinese tree btw?

    3. You mean to complete it? It may take some time since the info is being gathered not only by our own team of experts but also by Chinese partners. It slows down things a bit.

    4. I meant from the decision to make it to release:)
      Thx for the info.

  6. poll idea:
    Most waited vehiclec, or trees. Want more maps, game modes ...etc

  7. I love the Chinese lines. Not sure what the hate is all about, unless there are some hardcore bangers out there that were just dying to play sub-par Italian tanks for a challenge.

    Poll Suggestion:

    Favorite Tier 1 Tank.

    Or the Garage Battle / Historical Battle Suggestion above...

  8. Poll:
    Which new tech tree are you looking forward to the most



    -Polish (if not canceled)

    -Italian (if not canceled)

    - Not interested in new tech trees... Give us more tanks for existing ones

    BTW: love your polls

    1. Second German TD line - with additional Brummbär and Sturmtiger assault gun sub-line - would go some way towards alleviating the pain caused by this MASSIVE mistake of gold ammo for silver.

      I have no problem with WG doing a Chinese tech tree per se, really - the more tanks out there the more interesting the target environment is - but it was not a tech tree anyone outside China really cared about - as the poll clearly shows. British TDs, second German TD line that we've been able to see for SO long now, European tree...these should all have been far higher priorities.

  9. I don't love the Chinese tanks, because I haven't played them yet. I'm half way up the US and British tiers and didn't want to start again. But when I'm ready for new tanks, I might love them more.

  10. I dont love Chinese tanks, because they have:

    1 USA tank (Stuart)
    1 Japanase Tank (chi-ha)
    1 UK tank (Vickers)
    1 French tank (nc31)
    13 Russian tanks.

    All of this tanks is remodels, improvements etc.

    Say it, chinese tanks have been done for $$$.

    1. Thats the clue of a concern, to make money. You can only hold players for long, if you give them alternatives in case of WoT tanks. Game mods needs more time to get real so they work on both but you will get more often new tanks than new game mods.

    2. Seriously, can you stop with this shit? Wargaming is not a charity organization, it's a company and companies need to make money. The developers themselves (while they might have all the freedom and trust to make the game as they see fit) are bound by shareholders' interests, they HAD to make something to make the Chinese happy - as simple as that. If you don't like the tree, just don't play it. I personally like it, I found the Type 58 to be a vehicle that exactly suits me (and believe it or not, it feels different than the T-34/85, which I played a lot), so stop the endless moaning.

    3. @Frank Davis

      The problem is that the Chinese tanks was already exists in the game , Moreover the British guys are more important than the Chinese whom nobody cares about them in Europe !

      And .. WarGaming have enough money without the China thing . And ... they can make the China copy only after all the historical lines are already completed .

    4. @ Frank Davis

      But Chinese tanks could have been released only on Chinese/Asian servers, keeping EU server more real life like, and more WWII like.

      The effect is that due to Chinese tanks I am now waiting quite impatiantly for tanks release in War Thunder, while so far I was totally not interested with Gaijin's project. Hell, I was even some kind of WoT-fanboy. Chinese tree killed it. I also decided not to buy more gold in WoT till EU tanks release at least. So they win in China, but rather not in EU. At least not among players who prefer to have more real models. And who are waiting 2 years for promised historical mode.

    5. DSM, what is "more real life like" about trees full of tanks that never even reached production stage? I seriously don't get it. Those Chinese vehicles are interesting actually - and second, Wargaming paid some serious cash to actually contact China and learn about those machines in the first place, I mean - would any of us have any idea such a thing as "113" existed without Wargaming paying for the round trips? I seriously doubt that. As for the historical mode - I think it's becoming a victim of the "Tiger hype" - and I also think that when it turns out not to be THAT much different from the current gameplay, a lot of people will be disappointed.

      DD: What makes the British "more important" in the eyes of Wargaming? There are more Chinese players than the entire EU server combined. Also, who are you to tell who has "enough" money for everything? Dude, it's like those envious morons here (yes, I do hate Czech mentality): "Oh, he got his car stolen? But he's rich, police shouldn't even investigate, after all he can always buy a new one".

    6. @Frank Davis
      LoL , at first i am not Czech , And you are racist .
      So why British ?
      1) Because the British invented the TANK thing , Read the history of battle tanks if you are surprised .
      2) They were already registered to WoT , before the Chinese even heard about World of Tanks !
      3) They expected (Honestly) to get the British tree before the French last two years !

      I just know the fact that WG was fine (economically) before they introduced the Chinese tree . And they could earn enough money without the Chinese players and make the rest of development progress for the "More-Important" players as the British are . The game supposed to fit some important historical and social demands . Not only the point of view of money and greediness as you pretend here .

    7. "More-Important" players as the British are
      And you call him racist?

    8. "more real life like" means

      1. We see nations that really were making tanks in 1930-1960, not nations who can spend much on game in 2013.
      2. We see trees in which most tanks are from that countries and were in most cases mass produced.
      3. I would like to see less prototypes in that game. But I understand that sometimes lines need prototypes and blueprints to fill empty places. But I do not lines where there are obly prototypes and blueprints. So I not only do not like Chinese, but I also do not like French SPG and TD lines and the huge numbers of invented US td's (there should be only one line IMO). But I wasn't lowering my opinion abiout WoT due to this. But China is too much for me. For me that game without China was better.
      4. In the whole Chinese tree I see only one interesting tank. Japanese Chi Ha, which should be in that game, but of course as Japanese not Chinese. Rest are imports and copies. A few models, who look like T-54/T-55, others similar to IS-3. Nothing interesting, nothing original. And I am afraid to see Chinese TD'S and SPG's - more copies and never build vehicles.
      5. I am such fan of more real life WoT, that I am against tree from my own country, cause it would mean many copies, blueprints and even fantasy tanks! And WG gives me some Chinese $#@$%#%@!!! clearly spoiling that game.

      I want historical mode to not to see prototypes and blueprints on my battlefiels, rest can be random standard battle like today. Just with limited choice of tanks and modules. Unfortunately Wg is rather thinking about another version of campany battle (which are by the way unpopular). Unfortuantely historical battles are stil distant future, while we get more and more prototypes and blueprints.

    9. @Unknown , I gave him 3 logical rational reasons , I did not wrote it because i am racist . Read carefully then reply .

    10. David Diamond:

      I'll tell you a secret: as soon as someone starts throwing the "r-word" around, I automatically assume it's a complete moron, especially considering he's not Czech - but I am, apart from a few years away I've been living here my entire life, so I know what I am talking about. As for you "valid points":

      1) So? So did the French. FT-17 and all that. I noticed Wargaming somehow doesn't like the British that much (they come later both in WoWp and in WoWs as far as I can tell) - that's okay, it's their choice.
      2) So? Czechoslovaks were registering to WoT at the same time as the British, there are like twice as many of us as there are the British players, yet we have to wait for 2014 for the EU tree, does that seem right to you? And I am not speaking about the Polish.
      3) So? Even more people expected the EU tree to come before the Japanese one (I mean: there isn't even a Japanese server)...

      The fact WG was "fine" economically has nothing to do with growth plans. You don't run a company to be "fine", you run it to expand, to get bigger markets, to sell more of its product - and thats what they did. Should WG have forfeited the whole Chinese markets so (comparatively) a few British players are satisfied? There is no "greediness", this is how real world works. Seriously, even before I had the feeling you are a twat from your previous posts, thanks for confirming it.


      1) See my reply to DD, it's the real life that dictates the terms, not vice versa
      2) Well, Type 59 and Type 62 were mass produced. In fact, if we compare the Chinese post-war production to the one of Germany, the Chinese might not end up so unfavourably
      3) I don't mind. Actually, I am happy for them, because it means that WG committed its significant resources to scouring the archives for the really obscure and interesting stuff. I love that in fact. During the year in WoT I learned a LOT about tanks and it was the prototypes that sparked my interest not *yaaaaaawn* just another Tiger vs T-34 fight. That's boring.
      4) For the reason in part 3, I actually enjoy the Chinese tree. It's an odd mashup, I'll give you that, but that's what makes it... I don't know... colourful. I like that.
      5) Well, that might be you (I don't know where you are from, mate), but I'd LOVE to see the Czechoslovak tanks for example, despite the fact that 95 percent of such a branch never fired a shot in anger. I want to see Czechoslovak crews, I want to see the flags, the designs... all that. After all, the history is all that's really left of the proud Czechoslovakia of 1918-1938.

      As I said though, I think the historical battles will be disappointing because it seems everyone expects a totally different game! I mean... I took part in the historical reenactments (Ardennes, Finland 1939) twice and despite making it as historical as we could with what we could within the game, it seemed a) boring b) the same (unrealistic) gameplay as before. On the paper it seems really nice, but in the game, 5 T-34's will simply swarm the Tiger, ram it and then fire into the weakspots in snipermode. It'll be a fresh change, but it won't be a different game.

    11. Ok, wargaming-hates-everything-british again.

      We do like Brits. Especially I do. Let's consider two things:

      1. Soviets, Americans, and Germans had every right to be in the game initially and before British - that's more or less clear.

      2. Why Frenchies? Even though those tanks had far less historical significance or impact, and majority of them didn't participate in WWII conflict, with top tiers being somewhat borderline our time zone, French tanks did bring a great deal of diversity to the game with their so much different low and high tiers, auto loading, and whatsoever no armour.

      3. Why such a big gap between French and British? Here we rely on average player. We have to. And this average player can be rather slow when it comes to eating new game content. Such gap is required so as to not get him confused and overloaded.

      4. Btw, we are already modeling British planes.

    12. Sorry Overlord, I didn't mean it as "WG hates British", more like as "even if they did, it would be their choice" really.

    13. @ FD alias SS ;)

      Type 59 is only copy, Type 62 is a copy of that copy :)

      And I do not care about post war production. I see my Crusader meeting some never bulit Chinese tanks form late 1950's and I do not like it. For me it is a little too far in stretching chronology and adding blueprints. I think that there should be no Chinese tanks (even Type 59) in EU server. They do not suit golden era of tanks and nothing convince me to accept that Chinese tanks suit here. And Chinese tanks can cause that I will go to War Thunder, when the add tanks. They promised in last video 100 tanks from five major WWII nations. So it looks that it will be all mass produced historical tanks. I think that this will be my historical battles mode. WG is losing fight for my favour and money.

    14. Well... too bad I guess, not much else to say, it's a matter of perception.... because it is my belief that for every player like you there would be a player like me who'd get pissed if he saw that China server has exclusive content, because those tanks look simply interesting (hell, I'd love to have even the WZ-111 premium tank on EU server).

    15. Eh, I'm still ambivalent about the Chinese, they seem no different from the Russian line and they don't seem overpowered.

      What I am annoyed about is the British line, frankly the tier VIII + heavies feel like TD's or mediums, which is fine but they're supposed to be able to take hits and push forward, and why is it that the Conqueror's top turret feels less armoured than the stock one? I have had some good battles and I love the guns on these things but to be honest I would prefer heavy tanks rather than slow mediums which is how the top Brit heavies feel like.

    16. Frank Davis , You are such a great fan of WG . I just have no idea what have you done to get this level of fanaticism , epic fan is epic .
      And i misunderstand your point with the czech ..

      Anyway , I still think that British tech tree need to have more importance and development focus for this period of 8.X . While the Chinese tech tree may be paused\removed until 9.X or even 1.0.X when all nations would have many lend lease tanks so it would be less weird tech tree .

    17. Chinese tank come earlier because the china side partner help in gathering the info. If I not wrong, last time I saw something about the chinese tanks only appear in China private server. But because it is quite interesting, thats why all server having chinese tanks.

      Another issue for new tech tree is to having complete tier1 to tier10. It is not a easy tasks as developers need to do all the research and gather all the info, balancing and etc etc before apply ingame. If a new tech tree out, means the info and details finish collecting, balancing faster before the "coming soon" tech tree

    18. DD: I am not a fanatic, in fact, I am very far from one and believe me, I very much doubt Wargaming harbors any love for me (long story), but I understand and approve their business concept and the way they do things. If it was my company, I'd do it the same way.

      As for the British tree, it's supply and demand - demand in this place: I go to Russian forums quite often, yet I don't seem to see any huge real interest in the British tanks there. They are okay, people kinda like them (my impression) but the top tiers are a bit meh and the HESH ammunition doesn't really add to their popularity. On the other hand, Germans are much more popular and demanded. So are the Czechoslovak, Polish and Japanese tanks on the EU server. Logic and common sense dictate that they should come first since they are demanded more.

    19. I also think that German tanks are more fun and all that , But Do not compare with German and Chinese .
      German have their own play style that far far away from Chinese style that also very similar to the Soviet one (In test server) .
      Atleast i am very sure that in NA and EU regions players would prefer to see more developments for the British tree and not the chinese tree (if not any other tree like the German or French) , The poll proved that and all English speaking forums proves that ...

      Its very depends on WG , What they do prefer , A bigger community in the east like China and Russia or less angry community in EU and NA .

      You think we don't understand that it was for bigger market in China ? ofcourse we do , But its still not fits the EU and NA demands , Players here wants else developments .

      I think if WG were releasing the Chinese tree only in China that was ok . But they bring it to Europe , Why ? Or why now ? They knows that EU & NA does not likes this tanks so why bring it ? Maybe later when all trees will have lots of "lend-lease" tanks so it would be more or less suitable . Don't you think so ?

    20. By what right do you speak for whole NA and EU community? Are you an official representative, mate? Because I don't remember voting for you :) Also, please do not mistake "the EU/NA community" with "the EU/NA forums", forums make up how much? Like 5 percent of all the players? Less? And even IF we accepted the voice of the forums as the voice of the community, there still was no proper consensus, it was a few people who raged. The silent majority took it as it is. Also, I personally would get annoyed by server-specific content and I doubt I am alone in that.

    21. Frank Davis , We are talking now only about the players who have some historical knowledge , And China has nothing related to the battlefields of Europe (WWII,Unthinkable,Cold-War) so that's why some players raging , Well i assume that Chinese players were not really raging when Chinese tanks wasn't exist because they had the Soviet tree which is very VERY similar to their tanks' design .

      A player who was searching for this game two years ago because he thought it would be the best ww2 tank game now surprised to see a post-cold-war CHINESE tanks in the battlefield with Whermacht's tigers and old fashioned WW2 tanks . So the chinese tanks causes the game to lose any historical sense . (And there is huge community that demands 'Historical-Accuracy' atleast some sense you know not exactly what was but the mood)

      So again , Why British ? you know why ? Because their tanks have much MUCH more historical sense to any *western* player .

      Maybe you disagree with my opinions and sources (NA EU forums etc..) and that OK but , remember to respect the plurality otherwise there is no point to discuss here . We sharing our opinions not because someone is wrong but because we want to share our ideas and feedback .
      And keep in mind that WG may (very-likely) reject both opinions of us . (As usual)

    22. come on Silent punch him in the face!!! fight back David, fight back!!! UUUUUUUUUUU right in the nut sack!!!

    23. YugoManiac , how old are you ?

    24. Maybe too much ?

    25. Respect plurality? That's what Frank Davis was talking about, the Chinese have more plurality than Europeans. And yet you(DD) keep mentioning western players as though they count more than Chinese players...
      I would also like to note that it's not the first time I thought you should better shut your trap as you come across as a racist twat because of such statements. Either you want to tell us that only the EU /NA communities are important, which would be "racist" in the sense that you ask for chinese people to be disregarded, or you contradict yourself with the plurality statement.

    26. Unlike you (and Daivs) I did not said anything offensive So calm down . I just said my opinion , that China have almost nothing in the timeline of this game (1939-1955) so that's why i think that Chinese tanks is not so important as any other European tank development for this game , At-least the Chinese tanks maybe limited only for the Chinese server or being developed the last after all other tech trees , In two words , China is very marginal for this game (By historical point of view , And market preferences are not always fit the Historical demands) .

      Again i reject every word of you, because nothing have any historical excuses but only populations and market sizes , You talking about money and shit , I am talking about Historical relevance demands . Got that ?

  11. Poll :

    Wich branch of the Heavy Russian tree do you prefer ?

    -Chinese branch, starting with IS-2

  12. I like the chinese tanks still im only at tier 6 only the M5A1 Stuart tath is not good in this comfig for me i liked the american M5 stuart not this

    - we need new maps like erlenberg lakeville
    - pls give some imfo wath we geth in 8.4
    - German second TD and Med line
    - like im from eu and im hungarian the eu tree
    - amd then finish brit td and arty
    - altrugh i liked very the chi-ha in chines the jap tree

    1. If you are at tier VI, then you haven't played any Chinese tank yet :)

    2. 59-16 seems really Chinese from my point of view... :D

    3. Altrugh i donth have yeth tanks like the T 34-1 i have a type 59 amd i love too play with over 500 matches i have played all the existin tree and i liked all of the meds amd im my option the type 58 ist not identical too T 34-85

      Sry for my bad english i never learned

  13. I really wanted to love them and gave them a shot. I went the heavy line. My conclusion up to now:
    - Up to level 8 there is no real unique "Chinese Tank Feeling". The Exception is the Chee Ha or Ha Chee or whatever.
    - Grinding to level 8 was OK and fun (Type 34 & IS-2).
    - The big disappointment comes with Tier 8 the 110. This is the first "real" Chinese model. Problem is I don't see any advantage with this tank. Penetration is very bad. Aiming time takes aeons. Gun depression is very bad. Front armor is so-so in Tier 8 battles but ridiculous when facing Tier 9s.

    However I think the 110 needs a buff in any area to make it useful and at least a little bit fun.

  14. Do you think should we remove gold shells from wot and everyone must get their credits/golds back?

    Haven`t decided yet.

    1. No , It is good because you can have Premium shells for credits so you can punch higher tiers if you got into the wrong battle tier .

      So there your W\L is getting better also more damage and experiences .

      But more money for WG so that's the bad point .

    2. We don't do charity, so I don't share your views.

    3. @david
      the problem with getting the wrong tank in the wrong battle tier is MM fault at best, to my knowledge tier spread was reduced to 2 - so it's quite OK
      if you make a platoon with more than 2 tiers difference, well .. that;s your fault

      gold ammo should've not got in the game for credits, EVER!
      why? because it's pay2win, and as serb said .. "he hates pay to win"
      I guess he only sais it, not actually believing in what he sais

      there are a lot of devs out there that don't do charity either, but they also don't screw with the gameplay the way WarGaming does

      for the love of god! stop tweaking the tanks evey month because they are over 50 somthing plus win-rate
      decide on a primary nation and call it so everyone will know from the get go what to play for easy mode
      others who want a challenge will play the other nations

      no tier10 heavy tank distinguishes itself for some role, take the MAUS for example, it was an armored beast that ate of lot of punishment, now .. it's fade, banal
      IS-7, once this tank was feared, now ... ammo rack galore, many don't even play it outside CWs
      E-100, if WoT needed a joke tank, well this is it

      and I can keep going, but to what point? I "speak" to the walls

    4. Balance changes are inevitable, especially with new tanks being added that that fast.

    5. yeah, there is that problem too
      adding tanks too fast and without proper inspection
      FV215b comes to mind

    6. Gold ammo is making armour totally irrelevant, since any scrub just loads up their no-skill trollammo on seeing a heavy tank and goes "LOLZ I WIN". Balance is ruined, playerbase is deeply divided, and the devs that dumped this upon us - entirely unwanted - remain stubbornly unwilling to admit the obvious truth; that making armour useless in a TANK game is a very, very bad thing indeed.

    7. I'd agree with Svart, my tanking has been cut back drastically as for years I've played mostly heavies - and now the high tier heavies, especially my beloved Maus are utterly worthless. The armour is meaningless with so many high pen tanks that run circles around you - or simply face off knowing they can pen the front of your turret - every single time. With the huge damage from arty, and the fact that super-speed scouts light you on the maps before you've left the spawn area, the Maus is worthless on all but a couple of city maps. The randomness of pubbing means you'll get Westfield or Fisherman's and be half dead before you've moved very far.
      I've been in WoT since the very early beta, and it's rapidly moving away from the tactical, tank-paced game I loved, to a fast, FPS-style auto-aim with prem-ammo and zerg rush. The T95's and Mausen off the game no longer cause fear in your enemy, they simply laugh and know they'll run circles around you, with no care to aiming.

  15. "The most recent poll showed so little love towards Chinese vehicles - that makes me deeply sad. :("

    Sorry Overlord, its not really a surprise. Just put it down to the national bias in the player base. As SerB already said people tend to play their own nation the most, and as this blog is in English, I suspect the number of Chinese people visiting this blog is small.

    So its mostly EU or US visitors. Those who want that style of tank already has the Soviet tree.

    Add in the following:
    1) The Type 59 really soured allot of people against the Chinese tree.

    2) Nearly all the low tier tanks are ones that should (or are) have been in other tree's.

    1. True. I'm not surprised, I'm just sad.

    2. I am just very sad that China got into this game before the British are finished , The inventors of tanks !

      Europe simply does not like your China and there is nothing to do with .


    3. Let's wait for some more Chinese immigrants settling all over the world.

    4. Europe is only for European people with European Culture and western mentality and ideologies .

      The eastern Chinese will keep living in their weird China planet from the previous century with primitive Communist government and making some industrial stuff and research for rest of the world .

      Don't get me wrong , I don't hate the Chinese people or something , they are good people but , Europe is for only Western people . Sorry .

    5. Again no reason to feel bad. Lets put it another way.

      You know me, I'm one of those pesky historians who make your life a pain. I only get to play a few games a day (if I'm lucky). So am I going to spend it with tanks I'm familiar with, and have been raised on the exploits of. Or some Communist knock off from half a world away? Equally I have work gone into the Soviet tree, so why start from scratch when I can just use that?
      On the nationalistic front you also rushed (I know, it just feels that way) out the British to get the Chinese tree out. So which do you think I'm playing the most at the moment?

      The only reason I was remotely interested in the Chinese was (ironically, considering the politics) for the Japanese tank. But on reflection I can't be bothered, simply because when the Japanese tree eventually comes out I'll have a upgraded crew on the wrong tree.

      From a historical point of view I know about China's success stories with tanks during the war, and that it amounts to a puff of warm hydrogen. Or blowing Vietnamese peasants up with the cold war tanks (Yeah I know I'm being unfair about that and over abbreviating). But its hard to get excited about a tank force which has no Tank Vs Tank combat in its history (IIRC there was one skirmish in the Civil war?).

    6. WarGaming gave a new meaning to the phrase "Made in China" :))

    7. Your choice: China-produced car or China-produced tank? )

    8. you know, China exports a car called Geely

    9. aye, I do. Though don't decide on buying it.

    10. but if WarGaming would decide to distribute it, I will assure you, people would buy it without thinking much

    11. "Europe is only for European people with European Culture and western mentality and ideologies ."

      David Diamond where are you from?

    12. First of all, DD, you're racist, even if you don't see it, but it's ok, there are cures. Travel outside of Europe!

      Second, Geely owns Volvo soooo... yeah.

    13. Mao , I am very sorry , But i simply hate the east because of their political ideologies and their Comintern style . Its the same thinking from the Cold War times .

    14. Not related to biological racism .

    15. I don't dislike the Chinese people or the Russians but i reject their governments types and their education that made them very unfashionable people for the western culture and capitalism liberty etc.. It's all about government type .. I don't dislike the (S)Koreans nor Japanese because they are more western like countries than China and former Soviet union countries . Mao , some historical knowledge needed to understand my point view ..

  16. As a player who is always interested in seeing what new nations and tank lines have to offer, I've been loving them. Really great to see more light tanks added to the upper tiers (maybe one day we'll see tier 10 lights? :D), and I'm eager to see what the medium and heavy lines have to offer. From what I played on test, seeing the stats, and watching and fighting them in battle, they look a lot of fun.

    Don't feel bad that most of the playerbase (or at least your blog readers) seem unimpressed or indifferent. I think that's more a problem of people of the western world in general not giving the Chinese any credit for anything, and thinking everything they do and everything associated with them must be crap.

    But as the brighter of us know, that simply is not the case :)

  17. How about:

    Should WG make the chieftain mk2 the British tier x tank, or should we stick with the fantasy tank they come up with?

    BTW what happened to the t-50-2 model change?

    1. You mean the heavy or the medium line ?
      If you are talking about the medium line i think that FV4202 does good sense in the British tree .

    2. Heavy

      It wouldn't work as a medium, despite being fairly light the engine and speeds arn't good enough for a medium.

      The gun size and armour is good enough for a heavy.

  18. I love the chinese. Still I'm a med player and the chinese meds and lights give me, what i missed at russian meds:

    they are fast, have good turrents and weapons which are okay.

  19. I am more into the chinese meds, the heavies sucks. furthermore the tier 9 med are almost identical to the prem type 59 in stat, minus the firepower. boy oh boy....cant imagine what hell i can unleash with the wz soon.....

  20. You should of asked if people love Chinese vehicles on the Chinese run forum for WOT, then you would of been very happy instead of sad.
    Out of interest what is it you love most about Chinese vehicles? and what is your favorite Chinese tank?

    For the poll, who do you like the most, Overlord, KGB or ChrisK.

    1. My vote goes for ChrisK , The speaker of the western people .

    2. How cruel. I do feel betrayed. ;)

    3. I just want fair game design .

    4. Mine goes for ChrisK too. You are WoWp team member and you give nearly no info about WoWp which makes me sad. I am poorly informed even as a beta tester and yes I do read forum.
      KGB on the other hand only shares some blueprints and not game info which we are really in need of...

    5. Mine for Overlord, for more then 2 years of his service as the only dev talking with EU players.

      KGB is doing nice job, but he is beginner in contacts with us :)

      ChrisK so far published nothing about games :)

    6. KGB is the best because he provides a ton of information on the Q&A threads he does and even asks players' opinions on decisions in a pre-alpha.

      Here. There's all your game info.


    7. David Diamond,

      fair game design is an idealistic notion. We do live in a real world which is not fair. Or it is?

    8. I didn't really decided yet , But i guess the world is fair at all at least more than games .

    9. my vote goes for Overlord... like Dead_Skin_Mask said 2 years of service!

      Not that I do not like the other two, but they are relatively new to the blog...

  21. Most important poll we need:

    What does WOT need the most to stay interesting?
    - more tanks
    - more maps
    - more game modes
    - more endgame content (any use for tier 9 and 10)
    - more CW content
    - more costomisation (sidegrades!)
    - other...

  22. The problem is very few of the chinese tanks really giving players something unique. There might be a few gems in there, but so far it seems to be in the tier 9 and tier x... Will have to wait and see.

  23. Next poll could be about increasing penetration of tier X german heavies...

  24. I would like to see a number of polls about the way the game should move in the future, eg:

    What new developments are most important to you?
    - Historical game mode
    - New tanks
    - New maps
    - etc.
    - New tanks with a different style of gameplay (french revolvers were a really good step there, chinese not so much)

    What do you like to see in a map
    - Lots of open space with many different ways to move
    - Concentrated fighting in a couple of selected areas
    - Mountains or flat ground
    - etc.

    Which settings do you prefer for new maps?
    - desert
    - city
    - historical / non historical .
    - exotic, arctic, jungle, many different possibilities for questions

    I am looking forward to answering all of these polls

  25. Which Nation (Tech Tree) You are waiting most ?

    It's already too much... :-)more tanks for existing ones

  26. Poll:

    Where to add "fog of war":

  27. I hear more and more experienced and older players complaining that when we only had German, American and Soviet tanks, the game was much more balanced.

    I think if you are actually considering the results in these polls you should run a few related to game balance. Relying purely on stats and not including game experience for balancing is a poor strategy :)

  28. Dont really like Chinese tanks. The reason is simple. From tier 1-5 its a pain in the a...... to grind them and play them. from tier 6-10 pretty much the same :)

    They dont worth to spend time with them. I will eventualy but later on. European tanks would be a nice tuch in the game.

    For the Poll.:

    Do yo want to have the opportunity to design the dream map of yours?


    With the help of an alternative map design program and than WG could implement the choosen map into the game via players voting. Also they could test the new maps on Test Servers.

  29. I think the game need some endgame content, for tier X tanks, besides clan wars or tank company. I have my tier X tanks in my garage and i haven't played them for eges because i don't play clan wars or companys. I just get to tier X and then leave them to rot. They are too credits expensive to play with them for fun.


    - Some tipe of PUG/mercenary on world map/clan wars map with some kind of reward system/daily quests on world map;

    - Archievements that gives extra exp, credits, other bonuses (gold?, credits increase/no. of battles, exp increase/no. of battles), unique decals or camuflage;

    - A way to keep track of your archievements (i'm playing since beta, and i still don't know what american tanks should i hunt for SUA Expert, we need an archievement button where every medal or archievement exists and when you click it to se your progres, where it is possible of course);

    - Garage visit view of other players (to actualy see the tanks inside the players garage same as your own);

    - League based match maker, make bronze, silver, gold leagues and match players based acordingly (every other game based on a MOBA/RTS concept have league based match maker, this is a must, i and meny other people ar sick of people ruining the game by doing things wrong with top tier tanks, it is not normal for players that have 10k games of experience to be matched with players that have 1-2k games of experience).

    - Make the gain of HP visible on turets stats;

    - Chat scrolling;

    - Name of player/tank that damages you.

    P.S. I like chinese tanks, but i hate russian tanks for the fact that, back when only the big 3 were availeble, i was feeling pressed to play them in order to win.

    1. For the poll:

      What tech line should be implemented next:

      - French, second (real?) heavy line (hoping for this one :D)
      - German, second (a more agile?) td line
      - British, td/arty line

  30. Hi Overlord!

    Very usefull blog:) can you share me some information, about the hungarian tanks? They will come in wot? And when? Like this:


    Thank you:)

    1. Hungarians will arrive anyway - either as a part of EU tree or separately. Personally, I like the idea of combined tree more.

    2. Overlord, could you explain, why WG is not considering introduction of mini trees, i.e. consisted only from one or two lines and without some higher tiers? It always seemed to me as most natural (historically correct) solution.

      In that case many EU nations could have their own national trees and even without ending with X tiers they would be popular, specially among people from given countries.

    3. We do consider making separate trees as an option. You see, there is a huge room for potential disappointment: why my beloved tree can't normally participate in CWs? why doesn't it have high tiers? add some sci-fi designs from the 80-ies? etc

    4. Maybe make 2 Clan Wars worlds?

      Frist one - where top tier would be 6 or 7, for those who prefer more WWII (so lets call it - world from 1943)

      Second one - where X tiers are top (world from 1960)

      You know, for many player clan wars are totally not interesting cause playing X tiers all the time is boring.

      And EU tree still gives some place for whining too ;) Why I have to play Polish td to get my Hungarian. Why we have Swiss X tier they were neutral, I want Polish!

      But for me the most important is to see Japanese and European tanks. Form of the trees is secondary problem

    5. We are already planning massive changes to CWs.

    6. It is doable, pressing low tiers into CW (it would be interesting too). And actually i wonder why you restricted yourselves from modern tanks.
      Of course, changing it now would be like disassembling and rebuilding the whole game - from players point of view - so it's probably too late for WoT but expect a suggestion thread on WoWs US forum soon...

  31. WG should consider releasing map mod tools to the community
    lately, WG did a poor job of making new maps or re-do the existing maps for 0.8.x physics
    not to mention the absolute need for different map layout for different game modes, assault/defense comes into mind

    with these new maps, WG should make a survey on all regional servers and pick 2 or 3 that should be officially supported and added in game

    1. I would generalize this into "work with mods and modders" should be improved.

    2. why generalize? the maps issue is a separate one
      and as I understood, WG is planning to get more mods officially supported (buying them)

      at this point I actually wonder what those mods are

      I ssw in a russian video someone with a custom AMX Foch skin with animated cooling fans - that would be owesomely cool

    3. Map making contests and the ability to run custom maps in training rooms could be really cool.

    4. zMe ul,

      from workflow perspective for us it means improved modding support: creating tools, establishing submission and assessment processes, etc

    5. tools?! don't your guys already have them or they do it directly in code language ?!?!?!?!?!?
      workflow - well, you guys spent another bunch of million dollars, can't spare some hundred thousands for something your community asked since day one

      Swamp, Komarin - just 2 examples that I can quick think of
      did you spent a lot of money and time in creating these flawed maps, just so you can take them down to "fix" them?!
      Dragon Ridge - another example of bad map, rework-it and pull it out again, as I undestood

    6. Have you considered a map making contest? I could draw up a few contours or street plans if needed...

  32. Next poll suggestion :

    Q : Do you want to choose which maps to play ?
    A : Yes , Only the map i choose .
    A : Voting only for my favorite maps .
    A : Voting only against the maps i hate .
    A : Keep the evil random sadism .

  33. Next poll:

    Do you like pálinka?
    -Yes, pálinka FTW!!!
    -WTF pálinka?

    1. Naná Pálinka rulz. BTW To all Pálinka kick @ss within alcohols :)

  34. "Ok, I'm giving you, guys, some more time to feel the taste."

    Please, don't, just delete them and give the people their exp back. <.<
    Seriously, take the Type 62, paste it unto a new folder, rename it to WZ-131, copy it back to the vehicles folder, finito, brand "new" tier VII light tank.
    *claps hands*
    How original and what a gread addition...

    We don't hate the new tanks, there's just no point to them being there.

    Btw, most of us are waiting for the interesting techtrees.
    Also known as: EU and Jap.

  35. next poll:
    european server transfer?
    sea transfer already done
    but for me i´m european its not possible, in my ticket I was told "we dont have the tools for this" or "this has been tried before and not worked".

    sure you'll have a nice joke for the whiner... it pays to play that has a ping of 200ms and can only play platoons and cw at dawn.
    but do chineses tanks equal to the Russians give more money...
    you guys did a nice game and thank you for it., but you are shitting for players.

    1. It's true that support team doesn't have the required tools for that. This is done by directly accessing the database - thus at this stage we still can't perform it on individual basis. Hopefully, this will change soon.

    2. thanks for that overloard when it happens many wot players will be happy.


  36. I don't like a chinese tree cause there is a plenty of much more famous tanks that should be putted in game in the first place than some overstreched to fit tree chinese crap. Also I'm still waiting for serious balance issues (don't even mention about last changes to the arty - only damage nerf for that fun destroyers will please me enough), for derp nerfs, for overhaul some maps (like El Haluf) and for proper endgame content.

  37. The lack of love towards Chinese tanks probably comes from the fact that you've got to tier 6 to actually use one.

  38. I'm wondering, will Wargaming IDs work with the upcoming Wargaming West game?

    1. We would love to enable that since we are considering wg-account as a platform or service which gives player access to all or almost all our products.

    2. they won't work if the game will end up on XBox 360 or 720
      WG would have to implement a crosslink between WG account and XBox Live account, but this will be done outside the MS systems

      overlord, WG should've known better before entering console market
      they are not PCs, they don't run on open systems, at least XBox doesn't, and I fear PS4 won't either

    3. Thanks for the heads up, we are already aware of MS's policies.

  39. I want the new german tank lines! ! ! ! ! ! And not just me a lot of ppl wanna too

  40. Not surprised by the fact that chinese tank aren very popular.I mean,they are total copies of the russian tech tree and besides we are still waiting for UK TDs and SPGs and the long announced 2nd german TD line.

  41. a good pool would be, if the amount of artys has changed since the last patch!

  42. I have a one simple question - i have T34 tank and before my reload time was 12.66 sec (the tank is fitted with ventilation and rammer). I reset crew skills, after that i chose 'brothers in arms' skill for each crew men and now the crew is at 121% but the reload time dropped from 12.66 to 12.38 sec. Due to the crew skills the reload time should be 11.85 but is just dropped by whole 0.28 sec (lol!). So the question is - what the fck is wrong with that tank or that skill?

    1. http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/T34

      If you hover over the Rate of Fire then you can see that 12.38sec might just be correct. Not really gonna do the math but I think it's very likely that 12,38 sec is true.

    2. Well BiA start working when you reach 100% of this skill. So if you have just 21% then it will not work.

  43. Overlord - A polished statesman to a Direct / Upfront & a little upright statesman .. Miss your Humor though ..

  44. Can we ever geth Tanks like the Panzer 2 j or we can never buy such things in eu retail boxes

  45. Dear Sir may i ask if we are getting a perm premium tank for Chinese?

    the 111 will be good :P

  46. Japanese tree is the most important now, it adds an exotic tree to the game that ACTUALLY fought in the second World War, not to mention their designs are quite nice :)

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