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Thursday, December 13, 2012

[WoWS] Extra Talking Head

I'm glad to present you the following:

Hello, boys and girls!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Alex Levakov, and I'm  producer of World of Warships, you may know me as KGB on NA and RU forums.

I've kindly asked Overlord to let me post in his blog, and he agreed, so you can start waiting to get some news about World of Warships from the first hands!

Now, what exactly do you expect to hear from me? What topics should I cover first? 

I'll post things about ship designs mostly, though some useable information about what is going on in the development of World of Warships in common. Post your ideas in comments to this post.


Hope you, guys will enjoy it. Mind who is the author of each new post from now on. :)


  1. Welcome, can't wait till you post some news about Warships!

  2. Hey KGB!

    You've got awesome looking renders about the ships already - but what i would be most curious about would be gameplay mechanics!
    - What Ship classes will there be? How will they fulfill their role on the field?
    - How important will manouvering be? (in comparison to WoT - slow but tactical and WoWp - fast and dynamic)
    - What game modes will there be?
    - Can you sneak peak ship firing animations maybe? :D

    Welcome here, I cant wait for news, the naval combat got me super excited :)

  3. Welcome KGB!
    I just have a quick question. I was wondering when will Alpha testing for World of Warships begin? I am currently an Alpha tester for World of Warplanes and I love it. :)
    Greetings from Canada.

  4. Hi KGB and Ovi :o)

    I habe some questions too.
    - For smaller ships like korvetts or destroyers , did we control one unit or more?
    - how will look the MM ? same like WoT +-2 Tiers ? cause i think little ships have problem with the thick battleship armour
    - get the german the H series from the Z plan? (H39-H44)
    -How Carrier and Aircraft works ? Like Navyfield, or a direct control (cockpit) of the squadron?
    - When we will se a ingame Video ?
    - Can you use all Guns of a ship ? ( i think so )
    Aaaand last but no least, the importanst for me :P
    - when will start the Alpha , and how can we/i get into it ? :P
    ( I was WoT beta und Wowp alphatester too )

    Sry for crappy english ^^

    I wish you a good afternoon xP

    Greetings, Banelord

  5. > Now, what exactly do you expect to hear from me? What topics should I cover first

    A good start would be to reassure us that the Warship team is working on a better matchmaking then WoT has.

  6. Hello! Cant wait for this game to come out! Have been following wows forums on NA and EU sites.

  7. First of all, let me thank you for your interest about World of Warships.
    I think tomorrow I'll make my first post in Overlord's blog with the answers on the questions you've posted here.

  8. Any easy way to get into alpha?:D

  9. There is no easy way to get in ^^

  10. I'd be interested in hearing about what kind of control we'll have in deciding what our ship is armed with. For instance will I have able to take a cruiser and for one match equip it with dual-purpose and high angle guns to make it into an anti-aircraft cruiser then for the next match remove most of the AA armament replacing them with torpedo tubes and low-angle high caliber guns?

    I've been waiting for WoWS for years. There's something about naval vessels that drove me into joining the Navy myself. That's saying a lot considering I grew up around the Army. lol

  11. KGB, I -demand- to be an alpha tester. I have extensive experience with software QA, though not necessarily with games. That is all.

    1. We are not yet recruiting, thats for the upcoming year.

    2. I also wanted to know most, when alpha will start. Many other things I would like to know are probably still secret or undecided, so I will wait :)

      I hope that players, who are active feedback givers will have bigger chance to become alpha testers :) I wasn't interested with WoWP cause without guided rockets I am bad in planes (small, fast mosquitos as targets are not for me ;) )

  12. I want pictures, lots and lots of pictures, I want enough screen shots to at least know what's coming XD

    Then I wana see the upgraded guns for the Yamato and Montana class ships in WoWs

  13. Hi KGB!

    Im looking forward to World of Warships.

    1. Will you be using a broken matchmaking system from wot or do you have some other plans?

    2. Will there be "Easy Eight" and if so will it be premium? I personally think it should be premium because its just too cool for everyone to control it :P

    3. Its seems logical that World of Warplanes battles could be combined with World of Warships. So is there any chances of seeing that in the future and whats your opinion on it?

    4.Can you give a rough time when we can see Warships lunch?

    1. 1. Come on. Thats not a nice way to ask smth.

      4. After we are done with breakfast. Sorry, could not help myself from posting this.

    2. 2. I meant "Lucky E" not "Easy Eight", dont know what i was thinking...

      4. launch* Good one Overlord

  14. Will you be able to upgrade/research new planes for aircraft carriers with newer aircraft?

    Will you be able to load out your aircraft carrier with all fighters or all bombers? and if so how will you balance that?

    and when might we see the preliminary tech trees?

    Also cheers to Overlord for letting KGB use his blog to answer questions and KGB for hopefully answering them.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I wonder, how will combat be in WoWS? Afaik battles at that times where somewhat like this:
    1) Spot enemy
    2) Make an educated guess on distance
    3) Fire one shot
    4) If you hit go to 5), otherwise make a better guess and go to 3)
    5) Fire all cannons until target is dead

    Will battles be similar to this 2)-4) procedure?

  17. Hello.
    Well, i read Q&A on the NA forum and found any information about WoWs, but i not found answer yet:
    Will BBs, CLs, CAs, BCs and DDs use torpedoes? For example Dreadnought, Nelson etc. battleships or battlecruisers in the both WWs were got torpedoes in the armament to. Will we able to use it? It would be nice.

  18. Hi Alex Levakov! and welcome!
    I am mostly interested how you will make an action game with slow moving ships. :)
    I am really looking forwart to playing a battleship - really!
    But I love the intese short battles from WoT.
    So what can we expect from WoWS?

  19. KGB, perfect nickname. It's like germans having "SS" or maybe even "HitlerL0ver88" as a nickname... great.. really

    1. KGB is not regarded as criminal / prohibited organization internationally. That's the difference.

    2. having KGB as nickname its like having "CIA" as American or "BND" as German, the comparisson to "SS" (better would be gestapo since the ss was no secret service/secret police) would be "NKWD".

      how about you read some history books
      what a stupid flame attempt.

    3. Hadrian,
      you should understand that not everyone likes government services that use(used) violent metods,even if they are not recognized as criminal group. SS is long gone so they are deemed criminals. Nobody tries to blame KGB or NKVD, because it will come to a political conflict with Russia and nobody wants that.

    4. You may not know that in Russia there is no more KGB as government body.

    5. I knew that, because my country's history(and present) is very influenced by Russia. But the fact that Nazis Germany is gone and they get all the blame for the crimes, how the old saying goes: nobody judges the winners. I just wanted to say that KGB was no better than Nazis and should also be counted as criminal group. In WOT one can not even make a nick name resembling something of Nazis.

    6. Overlord: By some people, no, they are not "criminal". But that is because nothing the government does is counted as criminal, because they make up what is criminal. The difference is often erased because the SS and such were revealed to the world, since they lost.

      Hadrian: That wasn't the point. The point was, they are almost as bad. Not what "job" they really had.

      SleepingDragon: That was basically my point, thanks for explaining. Nazi crimes were revealed, because they lost the war, if they had won, no one would think SS were bad, correct? ;)

  20. For all things holy, dont fuckup World of Battleships as they have with Word of Tanks.

    * Dont dump more and more ships into the game to keep the playerbase, its a road to failure
    * Make the game more complex and enjoyable then just the same random games over and over
    * Think a bit further when making a "CW" for WoB.
    * Split the game between the sunday surfers and the hardcore warriors
    * Dont be an ass, think outside the box

    1. @as they have with Word of Tanks.@

      Seriously, you have got to be kidding.

    2. Gurgelfnutt got a point especially about the weekends which highlights the need for kill/ranked matchmaking, long loosing streaks during weekends is not uncommon due to fail teams ie. bad matchmaking setup.

    3. Typo and no edit: kill/ranked -> skill/ranked

    4. @007 Kenny

      You really think that skill/ranked MM will improve your winratio or make that loosing streaks will dissapear?

      For people who are at least decent players skill based MM mean:
      - harder battles (ofc some may prefer that)
      - less XP and creds for battles (do not count that you make huge amounts of damage to high tier enemies cause you are better player, they will be now as good as you and will kill you)

      So your chance for winning battle will be not better, but lower! Cause you skill will no longer give you advantage. And loosing streaks still will be there.

      Skill based MM will mean for many players worse stats, harder battles and less profits from the battles. At the same time
      people, who are bad players, will have easier life/grind getting lot of XP, creds and better stats, then know.

      And do not get me wrong. I hate bad players cause they often ruin my hard work or make that after 1 minute I already know that we will lose. But I also understand that only thanks to bad players on the other side I can sometimes get really epic battles like killing 6 enemies among them two 100 prc KV-1, with my Crusader who had only 20 hp and winning thanks to that miracle we won battle, which seemed lost. I did it only because enemies lacked experience and coordination.

      I do not believe that with skill based MM I will be able to kill 4 tier VIII tanks playing with tier VI tank and make 3880 dmg while being lowest tier (did it today and only because Type 59 who wanted to kill me solo was not good enough to do that:) he was my second victim in that battle and only first tier VIII, if he would be good I would end that battle dead and with only 1 frag and average dmg ).

      If you really can't stand low skill players in your team play tank companies or clan wars with well chosen teammates.

    5. Oh and skill based MM will mean less fun. Really. Forget about getting top guns often, about going into low tier battles for stress relief and so on. Every battle will be hard like hell. And getting win ratio above 50 will be very very hard. So yes, you will be loosing more battles then know, if you are good player.

  21. Info about Bismarck and Tirpitz?

  22. Yay! I'm so excited about WoWS. In my opinion you could do similar posts as Overlord does: Info about development progress, screens, pics etc.
    Especially warship blueprints or other historical info/facts.

    My favorite story about WW2 is how the Tirpitz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_battleship_Tirpitz) kept whole Allies north Atlantic fleet in extra cautious state for 2 years just because it existent. Even thou it hardly did anything else than hide from Allies air rides and intelligence.

  23. RMS_Gigantic here! Glad to find yet another way to stalk you for WoWs information, KGB!

    How about some blog entries about naval strategies? It seems as though every possible move a plane could make has its own Wikipedia article, but the only piece of naval strategy to be fairly well known is the general "Crossing the T" concept, and even that isn't always useful (such as for ships with forward-facing torpedo tubes or aircraft carriers)!

  24. I want to know about the gameplay
    the mechanics of it, will it mimic the BattleStations series or will be something new entirely
    without good gameplay ... you know the rest

  25. Are the various trees balanced against each other at each tier level? In other words, is my tier 5 battleship going to be facing a 50/50 chance of winning a duel against an enemy tier 5 destroyer?

  26. KGB plz add a nice picture to your profile so we can spot your posts fast, like Ovi! Dont really care about what people are saying. But I do care a lot about what you and Ovi have to say. Thx.

    1. BTW, welcome and thx for wanting to share info here!

  27. Question About WOWS Nation?

    Which Nation Will be Released First in alpha or beta test?

  28. I'm curious about where the developers went on the EU forum.
    At start they were replying to questions and all, but now, they just abandoned the EU forums completely.
    Where did they go and will they be coming back, or don't you think the EU community will be a big market for this game?

  29. Unfortunately, this is because of publishing policies on EU. See - http://overlord-wot.blogspot.com/2012/10/all-overlord-yes-please.html

    1. Ye well, Tuccy just disappeared?
      I also made a topic on WoT and after receiving more than +40 good reps, which means people actually wanted some answers, my topic was hidden without a notice.

      Now, i respect all decisions if those are made known to the user. They didn't, which is why i am a little disappointed.

      It's not like you had anything to do with it Ovi, but you see, you are a little our insider we can actually try to talk with.

    2. Not sure about Tuccy.

      As for your feedback, you can always come here with it.