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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[WoT] Your WTF Moments


My biggest WTF moment so far is the blogspot's interface. To browse all comments to the post body click Load more hyperlink at the very bottom. Thanks and sorry!

What exactly, if anything, causes your frustration and desire to throw your PC out of the window, while playing World of Tanks? Feel free to voice your concern!

Arty parties destroying the fun of your heavy-td battles?

Armour that doesn't matter anymore with all those powerful rail-guns and free access to prem ammo for every player?

Imbalance of certain vehicles? Germans are inferior and Soviet-bias does exist? Lorraine is awful? E-100 is still not useful in CWs? Hands-off the newly-added Brits?

Lack of truly unique game modes?

Some controversial, putting it mildly, maps like Dragon's Ridge, Province or Serene Coast?

Improper multi-core support?

Come on, there should be some more!


Since I was asked a couple of times to share my own WTFs while playing WOT here they are:

1. I do feel like of diversity and variety in terms of game modes available. I play neither companies nor CWs with 95% of my games being solo random, and the rest - platoon random. And at this stage I'm waiting impatiently for either garage battles of historical battles whatever comes first.

2. Lack of positive feedback from the game. This is actually a very complex thing that includes:
- having not enough information in UI (dynamic tank stats taking into account all multipliers)
- not having enough information on basic mechanics pen (tank armour groups) & spotting displayed anywhere
- not having pop-up achievements in battle
- priority of VO messages (fire!)
- not properly communicating 0 dmg hits in-game

3. Sometimes there are too many SPGs in high tier battles (4 per side is the top limit imo), and in general less fun in high tiers than it could be

4. Desire for better performance and, yes, proper multi-core support.

5. Lack of eSport support in game, even now popular 7/42 format is not supported anyhow

That's prolly my top 5.


  1. I can take all the things u named without a problem. But tanks (mostly russian btw :oP) dissapearing in open field or at point blank range piss me of every time.

    1. Ok, not clear visibility system ... noted

    2. I second this one, last time on i think it's Karelia I (AMX M4) was facing a T34 sitting in a bush 70 meters away and did not spot him until he fired at me... yet i spotted the arty also sitting in a bush nearly 180m away.. buggy?

  2. Artillery using HEAT shells.

    Artillery (especially tier 7 and 8) running gold ammo.


    1. Also: The rendering problems on some maps (Serene Coast and the Greece/Mediterranean map are frustrating as well.

    2. That's fixable in the short run, even though can be annoying.

    3. Referring to maps and performance

    4. Sidenote:

      BTW Mow Mow, I'm still running around the EU forums with your "Superior [strikethrough]Firepower[/strikethrough] Comfort" sig.

      The "Comfort" controversy on the US forums still make me chuckle, and I see it's still part of the vocabulary in "the Epic thread".

      Just thought it'd amuse you to know...

    5. Aye, I have heard of THAT thread.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. jodgi - it is indeed part of our "Epic Thread" lexicon! I personally find it helpful as the word "comfort" really does describe what the T110E5 does well - it provides a stable, easy to use, accurate gun platform, and one that is very "comfortable" to use. :P

      Overlord - it is a shame you haven't heard of "The Epic Thread," HQ of The_Chieftain's fan club ;P

      I have heard of performance fixes regarding water rendering, hopefully it will bring up my FPS for Serene Coast and South Coast (I think they are called these...), as my FPS goes to about 15-18 from my regular 60-70.

    8. Hey! I said I had heard of IT. :) From Chieftain directly. It started as T110 discussion and turned into a complete mess :)

    9. Yup, unfortunately, some of the maps are currently performing worse in terms of video memory consumption then they should. Working on this.

  3. The rediculous amount of arty showing up in tier 9-10 matches.

    The camo/spotting imbalance at tier 8+ (a big reason Soviet lines are considered OP).

    0 damage crit, 0 damage crit, bounce off 40mm armor with a 200+ pen gun, track shot, 0 damage crit.

    Seriously, F your RNG. I'm all for some varaibles to make things interesting, but the margins for this game seem to make the RNG trump skill. This is particularly evident playing arty, where you can have one match with 4 perfectly aimed misses and a splash hit followed by 3 full damage rushed shots. +-25%, a full 50% spread, is just way way too much.

    1. Aye, how could I forgot 0 dmg hits - that's one of the favourites.

      Spotting imbalance - not really vital.

      Randomization? Almost every serious game has it in one way or another.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I think you missed my point about the randomization. Not that it's there, but that it has such a large margin. +-10%, resulting in a 20% margin of randomization, is still a pretty big one. And less than half of the current margin.

      One of my primary pastimes outside of WoT is to play paper pencil RPGs, evey Sunday. Where you litterally "roll the dice" to see what happens, do you suceed, do you fail, do you live, do you die. Trust me, I am VERy familiar with the added excitement (and stress ;) ) the random factor can bring. I have been playing table top wargames, also decided by die rolls, since 1997. And even with this background I insist the margin of randomness and its impact on your game is too much!

    4. Dice roll? To a certain extent. Let's take SC2 which is an awesome game and a major eSport discipline. Wihout microcontrol chars can end up their 1 vs 1 fight in a vast majority of ways.

      The current ratio of 25% is a part of the huge WoT ecosystem. It's too dangerous to touch it.

    5. Has it been tested internally with a smaller randomisation window?
      Would it be too much to ask to get a test server with a smaller randomisation window and see how it performs?
      No other changes, same as current live version, but with a smaller randomisation.

    6. Otherwise, yeah, too many zero damage hits. You shouldn't be hitting zero damage from a gun capable of penetrating 300 mm, doing 700 damage to a tier 4 light tank with an armor of 30 mm, for example.
      When hitting it's turret, there should be a big gaping hole in it (with some or all of the crew dead from shrapnel) or no turret left at all (tank destroyed), but currently, on a good hit, you do nothing besides wrecking a single module, which can be fixed with a tap on the keyboard.

    7. Definitely need to look at 0 damage crits - while in many situations they are perfectly explanable, there are some mystery cases of "The Radioman ate the shell" which can be frustrating.

      25% is a very large RNG roll. I would definitely prefer a tighter spread, perhaps 15%.

    8. Folks, this change is not smth we are seriously considering at this stage.

    9. You have test servers, why not test here lowered randomisation?

      Second, I know public test servers are preview/demo version of upcoming patch, but with such opportunity you could test innovative or even drastic changes with no harm to current gameplay.

    10. We have got internal and supertest servers for that. We don't want to increase predictability of the battes with this change. Skill matters regardless of the randomization RNG.

    11. Regarding 0 damage hits - the most annoying part is the bad feedback imho
      Hits -> "Penetration" -> 400 damage..
      Hits -> "Penetration" -> 0 damage -> WTF?

      A better feedback like "we took out a module" or anything really would help to negate the "OMG i did penetrate but did nothing??" feeling.

  4. I think the most rage inducing moments for me are when I get those constant no damage penetrations in my T30. They might not, in fact, be constant but after a few it starts to feel that way. Or when I take a nice side shot on someone and take their tracks doing no damage. RNG is not kind to my T30 or my forehead.

  5. 1) When arty's round lands on the edge of aim-circle, or even beyond it (yes, those things still happens). I'm 'very happy' when a target takes about 80% on that aiming circle and still I miss.

    2) When 12+ cm guns do zero damage to scouts (mostly to T-50-2) or even do not penetrate at all.

    3) When high-tier arty's AP round bounces on French paper-tanks >_<

    => C'mon, give the ammo some REAL LIFE PHYSICS!
    It's not that hard and resource-consuming, to add mass for shells and extra absorption ratio for the armor to calculate potential damage from kinetic energy of the round if it cannot penetrate the armor.

    1. 3) Not impossible ofc, but still rather resource-consuming. This would eventually boil down to fun vs realism, or simplicity vs complexity, if you want. The main Q here is @what for@.

    2. Map rotation could be better - sometimes it feels like you are playing only on 5-7 maps all day. Many maps are very rare in random battles.

    3. It's random which can be a minus on default. Turning off hated maps may be?

    4. It will be better to give players an option to choose 1-3 favorite maps which will get higher priority than others when player is in queue, in my opinion.

    5. You will still get to Himmelsdorf on your arty tho.

  6. Hey Overlord , i had a battle (I have no replay) that i was destroyed by KV-5 in one shot with a full Type-59 , How could it be that KV-5 did a 1k+ damage in one shot ?

    After the battle i looked on the stats and there was only one hit (By the KV-5) so its obvious that he finished a tier 8 medium by one shot , so WTF ?

    1. I also wanted to note that my rounds sometimes passes through enemy tanks when i am playing with E50M , really how could it be ?

    2. I do not think so . he hit me from the front , But the ammo is in the back of the turret .

    3. Difficult to assess without having the exact situation for ones eyes.

    4. There is an extra ammo rack right behind the right headlight that can be penned from the front. I have ammo racked people there and also been ammo racked in that spot before

  7. * Arty parties.. man up and set a hard limit on arty per team, 2 per team is more than reasonable.

    * Lorraine 40t every game in this junk makes me curse at wg, way too long reload, bad aiming time, bad gun depression and elevation, too big sized.

    * Serene Coast: What drugs where the team on when they made that horrible camp fest of a map ?!

    * Old Dragon Ridge was ok but the new Dragon Ridge... total cluster fuck.

  8. ""Germans are inferior and Soviet-bias does exist""
    - Hell jaaa !!!!

    1. Aye, we couldn't manage without this one.

      Thank you!

    2. It's time to delete soviet tech tree from the game and give some space for the Chinese one , Do not you think so ?

    3. They can co-exist, I'm sure.

  9. I'm not a WTF guy, but I will tell you this: Among all the tanks I've played The Churchill I and cVII are among the least fun tanks. And I still have the BP to go through . Compulsion is the only thing that will get me to T8.

    You should really limit the really joyless tanks to lower tiers, it's one thing to pay your way past the AMX40 but 100k XP from T7 to T8? No, please leave us with some dignity! ;)

    I have the the LL Churchill and that is passable as a crewtrainer, so I thought I would enjoy the real Churchills... Then KV1S and normal MM smacked me so hard I forget my own name.

    Hmmm... I'll go buy an M3Lee in order to have some fun matches...

    1. Heh, everyone is having his own fun :)

    2. Churchill I is ok and great. I have lot of fun in it and so far decided to keep him longer (elited some time ago). Churchill VII will be used in future too.

  10. The things you mentioned are no biggie for me.

    1) Stupid sticky "Chat all" button. The first time I hit CTRL-Enter to chat all. Every time after that, pressing ENTER has me chat all. Except I expect ENTER to be team chat, so I give info away to the opposing team, and swear profusely with frustration.

    2) 0 damage penetration! (As previously commented) Everywhere from Tier 1 to Tier 9 tanks. Sheesh that's frustrating.

    1. 1) Still haven't got used to the new system?

    2. 1) +1 from me ;)
      2) +10 :)

      Another Chat-related thing:
      Please change that auto-chat-closing when battle starts... I closed many times the minimap (and other stuff like disabling HUD) because of that feature... And its quite annoying, when i have to write something again...

  11. Maps:
    Komarin: Sitting and doing nothing, sitting and waiting, and...
    Even by loving the mixed Maps, where every vehicle has a place to do something; I would love to see one more totally open map (maybe some desert ones ín the style of Steppes) and totally closed ones (maybe a winter/snow city, like Himmelsdorf).
    FPS drop on south coast.

    VK3001P, Somua SAu-40 The horror, the horror!

    Actually realising that Sweden has some jizzle tanks, SWEDEN :)

    Crew Names:
    Realising that reading the last name of crew member X fast, thats it sounds like if I would say ...... :)

    Game Mechanics:
    On the old map, getting stuck on a tiny tiny tiny rock on/other the brigde on Mountain pass.

    Weird Moments behind the keyboard and Mouse:
    On testsever 0.8.2 actually liking the WZ 120, even by haveing a playstyle which needs a proper gun depression.

  12. * Damage and pen should have a bell distribution instead of a flat one.

    * I should be able to see on tanks I own where the armor groupings and weakpoints are.

    * I would like HE damage to be more predictable (not just arty).

    * I would like to get in-battle notifications and rewards. Every time I damage someone, every time I spot for a kill, etc. I should get a minor reward.

    * I would like to be able to, as an option, eliminate 0 damage hits at the cost of the inability to do critical damage.

    * I would like to see, after a battle, where on my tank I was penned and with what penetration value.

    1. I forgot: similar to WoWP, I would like to see the before/after effect of modules and equipment on the stats before actually equipping it.

    2. I forgot that this was about things that really irritate players. Sorry! So:

      * Being a T32 that needs hull-down spots with some arty cover to be effective but being on a map where there are no such spots. The T32 is a specific case, but there are lots of tanks that are rendered fairly irrelevant on certain maps.

      * Getting spotted and hit by an invisible tank. Spotted I understand, though it is frustrating, but spotted and hit is ragequit material.

      * Any game with a stalemate for longer than 2 minutes. El Halluf, Serene Coast and Malinovka are given to this.

      * Having no idea how visible I am to the enemy (or why) until it is too late.

      * Having no idea where ally or enemy artillery is aiming.

      * Getting hit by 2 or 3 arty very early in the game and making everything else you do irrelevant. Arty should be more area-of-effect, IMO.

      * Having really strong turret armor rendered useless by the presence of weakpoints, but still having to pay for the armor with decreased mobility. IMO, weakpoints should be impossible to hit from greater than 200 m away.

  13. - Arty party: hard cap them please
    - 0 damage hits: hitting a light tank with for example the isu and only detracking both tracks but dealing no damage is annoying or hitting the drivers viewingports on the vk3601 or Tiger and dealing no damage, but u are able to see a big hole! (Are the german drivers so hungry that they can eat 152mm shells?)
    - shooting tanks disappearing at 51 meters
    - unbalanced maps like Widepark: Where one side has a nice and huge city to hide and the other side got a huge and wide open field where the arty can hit u without a problem
    - bad matchmaking where often one team has several better tanks (tier higher)
    - sometimes u are able to see a tank nearly 700m away the other time it disappears at 501m
    -not getting an extra testserver: give the russians a cluster and the NA/EU a cluster

    1. The last point which is the least important: the capacity of test server is not expanded intentionally. We don't need to draw that much attention from the main server.

  14. Now that the game has become a huge success and the number of players increasing rapidly month after month,has there been any discussion about making tier 9 and 10 tanks profitable ???

    Looking at the available statistics there seems to be a massive drop of players at tier 9 (any change that "player cap" is the reason behind the troubles with high tier arty ?

    1. That's one of the foundations of the game economy, if there was no such limit, there would be a swarm of high tiers. Much more than now.

    2. wouldnt more ppl playing high tier TANKS solve the problem of arty parties? more tanks per arty leading to less arty per game?

    3. That would be the smoothest solution, the problem how exactly promote this.

  15. Disappearing tanks... I can see the tank, they shoot, then 5 seconds later, poof they disappear form view until they shoot again. If the tank is visible then leave it visible, just don't give me a red outline or something. Tanks that disappear while in plain sight are VERY frustrating.

    1. Tank gets penalty to its camo when it fires, after a few seconds in fades away. The same with movement (except lights).

    2. Yea, this is the mechanic.
      But it is somehow wrong, and illogical.
      I think a visible tank should stay visible until the LOS get broken, or gets out from my view range.

    3. That would be most unforgiving.

    4. With this the tank will not disappear in plain sight, BUT:
      - If the enemy shots from behind a bush, the LOS will broke after the bush gets back its camo capability.
      - If he moves behind an obstacle (house, rock), the LOS will broke.

      Or maybe just extend the time of the camo penalty when shooting and moving. So the enemy can not "cloak" before the next shot.

    5. I think we can agree on that, this system is not too intuitive for a new(ish) player and this leads them to think the sightingsystem is broken.

  16. 1 - What pisses me off mostly its when im in sniper mode peeking on the edge of a corner, i shoot and the shell hits the corner creating the decal of shell hit in the actual corner wich is a bit off from the actual visual corner, basicaly in sniper mode there is nothing in the way of my sight, yet when i shoot it hits the wall.

    2 - Also there are many places where you can shoot trough rubble, the opposite of the above, visually there is an obstacle but you can shoot trough it -.-

    3 - The thing that pisses me off the most and more frequently its when im tricked by my own teammates but that cant be fixed... only i need to learn anti teamplay over time, basically learning to not rely as mutch on teammates.

    1. 2 - Agree on the point. This is already in plans.

    2. Wasn't point 1 originally listed as fixed in the 8.2 changelog?
      Couldn't find it right now though.

    3. - Fixed bug with reticle "shaking" aside while aiming in sniper mode

  17. - Hitting someone on the sides and doing no damage at all while you are able to penetrate easily

    - Arty party's

    - It's like the Wargaming crew doesn't care about their customers. Like my clan members always say; They do not care about you, unless you have problems with paying for something.

    - For me, Im working everyday, its hard to get tier 10 tanks in garage. I only have the IS7 now because they are so expensive and its very hard to earn that much money when you have to work everyday. I know its probably not an solution to change the economic system but maybe there is another solution?

    - Sometimes driving my t-50-2 I get stuck behind am really smal rock or hole in the ground, or getting lanchen 2 meters in to the air when driving through an wall. Thats not really realistic?

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for all your information you publish towards us!

    1. @- It's like the Wargaming crew doesn't care about their customers. Like my clan members always say; They do not care about you, unless you have problems with paying for something.@

      Didn't get where exactly it belong. Clarification needed.

      @For me, Im working everyday, its hard to get tier 10 tanks in garage. I only have the IS7 now because they are so expensive and its very hard to earn that much money when you have to work everyday. I know its probably not an solution to change the economic system but maybe there is another solution?@

      Playing more profitable tanks, including prems, buying prem account. These are the fair options to save time.

  18. Compensation and Penalties for Friendly Damage.
    Here are two examples without comment (it is too obvious):
    1. Heavy tank stands still and playful scout rams him losing 18HP.
    After battle heavy tank player pays 2000+ credits as compensation.
    2. While fighting an enemy (and almost destroying it) friendly tank fires and destroys his ally (making 400 damage).
    After battle destroyed tank player receives 800 credits as compensation.

    And there is nothing Wargaming can do about other frustration.
    In tier 8 - tier 10 battle 12-13 players going on one side (taking the longest path)and deciding the outcome in first 20 seconds.

  19. 1) Zero-damage hits by large-caliber weapons on small targets. I think my record is seven hits on a T-50-2 with 122mm shells with no damage and no hits to track (3 HE, 4 HEAT). Some tanks just appear to be invulnerable to damage until they are rammed or tracked by near-misses (server side error on true position of tank?).

    2) One-shot kills from artillery. Poof, back to the garage.

    3) Excessive sight range of high-tier medium tanks, coupled with the slow speed tanks that can't even get out of their starting areas before being sighted and killed. (This isn't sour grapes at all from my T28 Proto who didn't make it away from the starting area before dying his first three games.)

    4) Inconsistent camouflage differences between similar tanks. I've had tank destroyers shot to pieces at 500 yards even while I'm behind bushes with camo net and camo paint, yet other tanks remain invisible until you're close enough to ramming them.

    5) Invisible tanks in open sand at short ranges, either having them disappear in front of me, or being overrun by tank platoon that materializes in front of me.

    6) Invisible peek-a-boo tanks. The target can roll out and shoot and reverse behind cover before he appears on my screen.

    7) Being rammed by friendly tank while parked - he explodes and I'm suddenly a TK.

    1. 8) And worst of all, gold camo not showing in the garage. After what I've paid for the stuff, I'd at least like to see it (or at least be able to tell if they match with the others).

  20. Replies
    1. A bit sleepy actually, it's 1am here.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. 1. Arty partys of course. I listened SerB's "do not play..." so I stopped using tier IX and X tanks. I also resigned from grinding tanks in those tiers (I even regret that I bought X tiers I have). Today I have taken M46 for a first ride since summer. 5 artys per team... I generally do not like artys, and such arty party is just disgusting...

    2. Well, with that you can't do much, but I will write for better context - players who do not think while playing (I tried to be polite). They had no idea about tactics, they are cowards ("base defenders" who decide to leave base when enemy closes to it...). And it is not problem of newbies. Worst lemming train I have seen today was in battle with tiers X as top tanks. My Centurion Mk I was alone on flank, I was attacked by 4 tier IX and X enemies. Still I made more damage then our E100 and Maus in their lemming train, cause they made 0 damage! Another worst team I had today was with tier IX as top. There is chance that some kind of strategy lessons in tutorial for begginers will help, but I doubt.

    The two points above are really annoying for me. These are truly big funspoilers. 90 prc of frustration connected with game is caused by them.

    Less important things

    3. ATM, gold derp ammo. Normal premium ammo is annoying too, when my Type is frontally penetrated through turret (not hatch!) by tier VII tanks ;) As I wrote many times I would prefer no premium ammo in randoms :) And I can use huge amounts of that ammo (VIII tier premiums in garage plus no need to buy new really expensive tanks or finance high tier battles :)).

    4. Maps only with narrow passages and bad places for long/medium range fight. My beloved tanks are mostly lightly armored fast hull downers (Crusader, Hellcat, t49, T20, Easy Eight and a some others). On 100 prc city maps (Himmelsdorf) and on maps with narrow passages (Lakeville) I am much less useful and I can't be as tactically elastic as I would like. But after removal of Komarin there is no map I would really hate :)

    5. Well I would not throw PC because of that, but I would like more historical correct tanks and like to see historical battles (but no companies-like). IMO some historical battles should have been already at the time of release. In case of models there was recently improvement (PzIV) but some other tanks I "repaired" changing visual models (like changing second turret in Chaffee into first one and so on). But still I must notice that you take big care about making tanks very historical correct. I appreciate that and this is why I play WoT (first MMO in my life and I am surely above average age of WoT players :) )

    6 Chinese tanks. Already written a lot about these some time ago :). And seeing them on testserver just made my attitude to them even more harsh. I would whine less about them if there were historical battles :).

    1. Oh yes, I forgot one thing someone mentioned here.

      7. (shall be higher ;) ) Big shells hitting small tanks and doing no damage...

  22. Driving in the Premium Churchill, flanking a KV-1 from around 10m away, shooting him in the side, all shots penetrating, none dealing damage.

    It was swamp, I fired 13 shots for no damage and I was the last one on my team. We lost because I couldn't penetrate a tank my own tier through the side. WTF.

  23. 1) Seeing that the top half the team's best player has a 44% winrate and 650 efficiency. Fortunately there's a solution to that: Escape->Back to Garage->Try Again.

    2) Repeatedly getting poorly designed maps, e.g., Dragon Ridge and most of the recently made or redone maps. Fortunately there's a solution to that: Escape->Back to Garage->Try Again.

    WG doesn't have to add a stat-based matchmaking system. WG doesn't have to add the ability to choose maps (it's not like multiplayer FPSs haven't had that feature since the '90s afterall). But I also don't have to play any match I don't feel is going to be fun for me and no repair penalty is ever going to change that.

    1. Regarding maps, it's easier, sometimes failures do happen. It's possible to reduce their number but not to get rid of them completely.
      We are working on that. Seriously.

      As for skill-based MM. Guess, this has been pretty much covered, but it's still a hot topic. Accounting for skill, even if you play better with every single day the competition will only be tougher and tougher. At the end, either you will be punished for skill and your stats will go down, you will end up with the fiercest competition ever, which is unlikely to be fun.

    2. Re: Skill-based MM. Winrate is an imperfect proxy for skill, because of platoons/TCs/etc anyway, but using it as an example, games with 52+ win rate players frequently unfold differently in my experience than games loaded with sub-50s. Really there need only be two brackets, a "noob" bracket for below 50, and a veteran's bracket for 50ish+. As a side benefit, this keeps the botters out of the veteran's games...

      It doesn't need to be some constantly graduating scale putting the best against the best, which is a misconception the discussions on the forum seem to fall into every time. Thanks for the reply.

    3. Acutally the average player has a WR of 47% - so, that's what we should all be aiming to. :)

      Randomization gives you an opportunity to have it all, matches with tightly balanced skills, ups and downs.

    4. OMG, I thought that average are at 49. So there is minority around and above 50 and most players below 49...

    5. Splitting the playerbase is bad IMO. I would be happy if it would just be able to check the player's "Skill level" a bit more when making the match. You can have a match lopsided due to skill level just as easily as you can have one lopsided due to superior tank spread.

    6. Yes, splitting is not good. Like first class and second class players.

  24. Well, thanks for being one of those AFK-ers, who are another thing that is annooying in that game.

    8. (shall be higher) AFK players, leechers, bots. I know that sometimes real life can be more important then game (wife, child, postman, mother, girlfriend, sexy neighbour going to shower just when we pushed "Battle" and so on), but there should be more effective hunting for leechers and boters.

    1. The hunt is in progress. The current techniques need some upgrades.

    2. If you're going to get more aggressive/effective in combating leachers, you should probably address tanks that are so terrible get better results leaching than actively playing.

      Like the T25/2, which I increased my win % by 4 points and everage XP by 60 by not actually playing it.

      Normally I'd free XP through such tanks, but I refuse to pay $20 because you made a terrible tank.

    3. In even worst tanks you will grind much faster playing them. As a proof you can check my stats in T25/2 :). It is really dangerous beast. The only tank which was realy painfull for me (after I learned to play) was M5.

    4. Every player has a favorite tank and a hated tank. The only thing you can be sure of is that the tank you hate the most is another players favorite! That might be one of the reasons this game is so successful, there is a tank for everyone!

      That being said, I have a lot of situations where my favorite tanks fail not because of my inability to play them. But as a consequence of some combination of the things that have been mentioned here and more. Having poorly skilled lemmings for team members and having a large amount of 0 crit hits or other frustrations in combination with each other brings the most frustrations for me in this game. That's when the improvement potential is at it's clearest to me... So to speak :-)

    5. Blizzard36,

      how so? by going AFK? Sounds weird.

    6. I'm at least smart about going AFK. Warn the team about it and try park in a spot I can at least provide spotting. It's like suicide scouting, but without the automatic early death.

      But yes, the fact that I was able to improve my stats on the T25/2 by NOT PLAYING is the best concrete evidence ever that it is a horrible bad tank. Alternatively you can compare the fact that I had win percentages 20-30 higher in the M10, M18, and M36 than I did in that when I gave up on actively playing it.

      I have since, thanks to playing the Matilda, found a playstyle that gets some results in it. But it's still bad. Prior to playing the T25/2 I thought the Panther was the worst tier 7 (and it's not even bad really, just reliant on having a team to support), now I'm happy to play my Panther instead. I'll be amazed if I can get it back up to 50% before I leave it.

    7. T25/2 has WR of 49.9% which is actually a bit more than needed.

  25. Well, i will post something that ive noted, most of the new maps dont let TD´s to snipe proper, most of them focus on close range fight, a kind of battle that screw TD´s.

  26. 1) Arty parties, two pieces of arty or nonarty mode.
    2) Too big damage inflicted by arty - limit entry tier (Hummel can battle only T7 and up tanks etc) or rework damage vd caliber system, maybe 150mm gun should inflict no more than 500-600 damage.
    3) Bad designed map - Serene coast are the most accurate example of it (gladly we get rid off Swamp and Komarin and Provence) but some maps got huge flaws - El Haluf is simply enlarged Provence (especially A1 - another way upridge should deal with it) Murovanka (magic forrest and A1 corner), Mines (maybe some rock in the middle of uphill road?) etc.
    4) Zero shots on some tanks (especially T50-2 and M3 Stuart).
    5) Inconsistency in designing some sapects - camo value being balancing factor instead being directly attributed to tank size, different abbilites of light tanks from different branches (maybe spliting to scouts and to light tanks would make it), nonhistorical guns on some tanks (like T110E4).
    6) unbalanced tanks - top TD's or french revolvers.

    1. I'd like to see scouts and lights split apart as well. As it is now, each light tank needs its own line on the MM chart to avoid being tossed into high-tier battles as a scout. Changing their categories to "light" (+2 MM) or "scout" (+4 MM?) would help to clean up the confusion.

  27. ill make it short.. think which make me angry most times:

    1. Stupidity of players (still not possible to add a system which matches good vs good and bad vs bad?)
    2. Arty parties (if a hvy is a mere scout)
    3. Unreliable armor ( http://666kb.com/i/c...4owxc3s0jzy.jpg )

    4. I dont enjoy (hate) open or flat maps due to a combination of:
    Sightsystem + arties + no real cover + bad teamplayers
    Fghting such maps with a slow tank is worse than a diceroll. Its a pure lucksituation with alot of (too much!) "if"s.
    Give us more citymaps or atleast bigger ensk, ruinberg maps.

    1. link was not correct


  28. I was talking with a fellow arty player some time ago, and he said that there's actually a 2-3 point discrepancy by which artillery UNDER-performs other tanks. In particular, he (and maybe the same will be true of myself once I get that final American arty) is annoyed by how the T92 is tied for least accurate gun in the game, on a gun which was apparently renowned in real life for being quite accurate.

    He and I would rather have a gun that's more than twice as slow reloading but can actually hit something, rather than a gun that never scratches a tank even with gold shells.

  29. Most annoying things that has not yet been mentioned in this thread:

    - XVM users who think that they are "pros" and flame "inferior" players due to their mediocre stats: this is annoying.
    - XVM users who say "we will lose this battle" right at the beginning of a battle: this is frustrating.

    In short: please give us an option to hide our stats from this mod.

  30. Definitely Dragons Ridge, I HATE that map. What I also really dislike is the fact that EU tree got postponed after the Japanese tree. I also dislike the way the EU tree development seems to be heading, I'd definitely prefer separate trees for bigger nations (Italy, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland) and leave the "mashup" only for exotic tanks and countries.

    Otherwise, no complaints.


    1. That would mean huge amount of copies and fantasy tanks to fill that trees. It would be great to have them as separate trees, but IMO only under condition that they do not have to be full (so not from I to X tier and with SPG's and TD's).

      I will show it on Polish tanks (I am Pole). There is no chance for any reasonable SPG (so fantasy or copies), TD's can be made to tier IV I think, after that fantasy or copies. There are no heavy tanks (but we can make heaviest planned med as heavy tank but 25t heavy is disputable), so we need again fantasy and copies. In case of meds tier VI is probably top that can be achieved - again copies and fantasy (I do not take into account many fake or at least "unknown" "Polish tanks" that appeared recently in the internet and in some tech trees made by players and things like Lem's tank).

      Czech tree will have - AFAIK - big problems with SPG's, TD's and heavy tanks. But one line (light/med) can be stretched to tier X using TVP projects. Hungarians had a few decent machines - so again not enough for whole tree. Italians are closest to full tree, but top tiers can make some problems.

      To be honest it will be easier to make Swedish tree. They made many projects and they made many vehicles in 1950's so they are the only European nation with reasonable amount of candidates to top tiers. They have AFAIK the only candidates for X tier heavy and X tier arty.

      Making European tree gives chance to make full tree comparable with big nations with all lines and tiers filled with real tanks, prototypes and well documented projects without fantasy and copies of Soviet and other tanks. WG just have to take care about giving those tanks their national decals and crews, so Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Italians, Swedes, Swiss, Romanians and others will have their own tanks, decals and crews.

    2. Yes mate, I know the theory (even though the Czechoslovak tree can build a FULL arty branch, 2 TD lines up to tier 6 (maybe more if you stretch it), full light tank branch to tier 8 and multiple medium branches to tier 4-5).

      So I think the issue is not whether to introduce copies or fantasy tanks (just look at the Chinese branch, those tanks are copies at some tier but they have also original parts), the issue is - is there the WILL to do that?

      Personally, I have nothing against certain degree of imagination. None of the tanks in World of Tanks are COMPLETELY made up from scratch (not even the E50M), but several never even reached drawing board and I don't hear anyone complaining about the authenticity of the Jagdpanzer E-100, even though in real life it was more like

      *one cold evening after having 3-4 glasses of Schnaps*
      Hans: "Hör mal, Fritz, it would be cool to mount ze reeeeeally big gun on ze E-100 suspension... like REALLY big"
      Fritz: "Ja ja, zat would be very cool"

      I am pretty sure that - if we use Czechoslovakia as an examply - Wargaming can dig up stuff like this, or use realistic upgrades to prolong the TD lines, they haven't even started looking in the Czechoslovak archives thoroughly yet. I am sure same principle could apply to Polish (who will probably have more issues than Czechoslovak - no offense - yet who are pushed to have their own tree so hard that WG even considered that Lem tank as tier 10, which - even though it looks badass on renders - has nothing to do with real vehicle construction). Yea, everyone but the Italians and Swedish will have a problem with heavy tanks, but with current MBT'sation of WOT again it doesn't seem to be such an issue.

      So, it's mostly a question of whether they WANT it or not.

      Truth to be told, I wouldn't be even surprised if the reason the Polish can have their own tree and Czechoslovaks won't is the terrible situation in Czechoslovak community, despite heroic efforts of SOME community organizers.

    3. Following the last passage, that's why I'm totally for single big combined EU tree with lots of branches.

    4. Silenstalker can you give me a link to some source with those Czech SPG's and TD's, tbh I have never meet any :) And still they are mainly proto and blueprints, while I do not like trees composed mainly from such vehicles :) (French TD I am looking at you :) )

      And by the way. I am against Polish tree. IMO it is big exaggeration and there are 3 European nations with much stronger tank industry, who shall have their trees in that case too (Italy, Sweden and Czechoslovakia). Well, their tanks industry in 1930-1960 was much more developed then Chinese...

    5. Dear Overlord,

      but that makes even less sense. They say that a good deal is when both parties come out of it slightly unhappy - but the truth is, there are two types of EU players: ones who care about having their own tree and the ones who don't give a damn. The latter group (which is admittedly bigger) won't care no matter what you do, the first will.

      Considering the fact that EU community is "very special" in the way that it's quite divided (as an example, during the recent Polish anniversary event, Czechoslovak forum thread turned into such a bad anti-Polish flamewar that a Polish CO had to step in to defuse the thing... ugh) and in my honest opinion it's very difficult to regard it as "one whole". People who don't care about this will be happy for the one big tree, but they'll also be happy for separated trees - as long as there are new vehicles to go with.

      People who care however will be unhappy that way (as an example given to the aforementioned situation: Polish crews for Czechoslovak tanks etc.) - a good compromise (well, again according to my opinion) would be to introduce ONE tree, "pick your crew nationality" mechanics and full branches of one-nation vehicles (eg. for example to make tiers 1-10 Czech vehicles) without being forced to play other nations vehicles. That would work. However, that, in effect IS a separate tree (plus there is the need to implement the crew nationality mechanics into the common tree, or to work on the interchangeability of modules - as lots of lowtier tanks were LT-35 and LT-38 copies etc.)

      In effect, the separate trees would be easier, no? The "guts" are already there, you wouldn't have to solve the nationality issues, you also could simply ignore the fact that more nations use same engines - there could simply be a copy, for example - Praga TNH CZ for Czech tree, Praga TNH SV for Swedish etc.

      Sounds a lot easier to me.

    6. DSM:

      Sure I can, mate


      Sorry, it's in Czech, also there are no blueprint pics, because those are copyrighted material from a book called "M. Dubánek: Od bodáku po tryskáče" about the unfinished Czechoslovak projects from 1945-1952 I think. The author of this tree proposal is the Czech CO, Tuccy.

    7. As i stated few times before i prefer incomplete tree than tree populated with fantasy creations or stretched-to-the-tier tanks. So i would enjoy more a branch with preWW Polish tanks lets say to T4 rather than some creations recreated from memory from concepts preWW sketches. Same apply to Czech, Italian, Swedish tanks (ofc Swedes can have T10 med as Stridsvagn 103).

    8. Davian Thule,

      we haven't given enough thought to EU tree yet. It's not likely to come out it 2013.

      Thanks for the feedback. Currently we were thinking of one common tree and ability to choose crew nation, plus this crew could be retrained for any tank within the tree.

    9. Alright thank you for your reply and for the fact you allow this kind of thread. Much appretiated

  31. You guys are doing great with WoT, but here's a few things I'd like to see implemented:
    1. Realistic gear shifting/optional manual transmission option (for intelligent players who want more realisim)
    2. More engine sounds. I'd like to hear the roar of a powerful tank engine. Not some generic synthesized hum.
    3. Better suspension animations/physics. I noticed when i drive over a train track, the road wheels seem to be connected to each other by a long rail, rather than each one being independent (like a real torsion bar suspension)

    I could babble all day, but those are the things I'm mostly ticked off about.

    1. 2 and 3 are planned.

      As for 1, I do doubt we should do that. Feels like unnecessary overcomplication.

  32. 1. penetration - no damage, over and over again
    2. leopards matchmaking, it just sucks at scouting
    3. tierspread in randoms, its ok for high-pen and fast tanks, but some
    tanks are just useless when they see higher enemies (vk3002db,
    4. soviet bias, at least at tc vehicles, never seen anything thats not a
    kv-1s win a medium companie
    5. extreme low damage on german tanks, maybe you should adjust the wohle
    damage system? damage depends not only on the calibre, it also has to do
    with velocity
    6. gold ammunition, it just increases the randomness of battles
    7. maps with only one usefull way for a kind of tank
    8. artillery at all, just hate the concept of it, i hated arty in every
    game i played, its just dying without a fair battle, no fun at all
    9. "mercy system", if the enemy is on low hp, my gun does minimum damage
    and he survives with 1-50hp
    10. view/firing ranage, i want to be able to see and shoot my enemies on
    higher distances, 2km should be enough. this would maybe give
    tankdestroyer a use finally
    11. useless armor due to big weakspots on most german tanks
    12. random players, they just fail at everything 97% of all games,
    especially when they are in my team
    13. teamdamage compensation system, compensation is not even enough to pay
    for the repairs
    14. reporting system, people just abuse it or dont understand it
    15. your tank ballancing system, it just doesnt make any sence to balance
    a tank by winrate, if you want to use the winrate, then use the
    individual winrate of each player compared to his winrate on other tanks

    1. 2. ah finally someone who thinks same as me, Leopard should be one tier down to be attractive, this way it sucks, even with crew on 100%. On 90% of matches it get lowest 3 places, players should buy this tank if they tried everything else. Please fix leopard (by lowering it's tier by one)

  33. The biggest problem right now is the players. It's getting pretty desperate out there. Even if skill based leagues aren't possible, it seems like there are a few things WG could do to help. For example:

    1. Better tutorials.

    2. XP/reward systems that actively encourage certain types of behaviour.

    3. MM that balances player WR% in a similar manner to vehicle weight (i.e. each team has roughly the same average WR%).

    Sometimes I load up WoT, play a single game and then have to quit straight away because the behaviour of my teammates is so mind boggling that I don't think my nervous system can take the stress.

    1. One such thing could be getting bonus credits and XP for targets that others damage while it's tracked by Player A.
      For example, it can be very important to track high tier TD's and I find myself going 'no, I won't waste 1k+ credits so that others can leech all the rewards.

      Another idea: bonus XP for focused fire. Hitting the same tank within few seconds of other vehicles would add some percentage of the XP you get for that particular shot.

      You also could rethink team damage formulae, but that is a much harder topic.

    2. @"2. XP/reward systems that actively encourage certain types of behaviour."

      Sounds good cause my ususal reward for unusal action (like flanking on Steppes and getting on the rear od tds) is instant ammorack explosion.

  34. Hmmm, WoT on mobile platforms.
    Your WTF moments.

    Angry Tanks?

    1. Why not? Doesn't mean a direct port of the current game, I meant an abstract online game with tanks on mobile.

  35. I can't buy a type 59, big WTF!

    1. Considering SuperPershing. My personal advice. :)

  36. Hill climbing assault missions in TD's like the T95 without adequate artillery cover for most of the journey is awful and the reason why I refuse to use assault mode even for other tanks.

    German guns like the 15 cm KwK 44 L/38 have 235mm penetration when the löwe tank gets 10,5 cm KwK46 L/70 with 234 penetration and tier 8 premiums are supposed to be worse than tier 8 elite tanks from that nation (note: this is not a request to nerf löwe tanks again).
    If you can give the jagdtiger the 12,8 cm PaK 44/2 L/61 with 276mm penetration as a TD then surely you can up the penetration of the 12,8 cm KwK 44 L/55 from 246mm to face off against post ww2 tanks.

    1. Climbing assault on TDs can be painful agreed.

      As for German pen&guns, balance-wise German tier 10s are fine at the moment. Even E-100 has got almost 50% WR.

  37. Team damage is by far the worst. Team is preoccupied in beginning dealing with TKers. While enemy approaches. When engaging enemy, team is disorganized (more so than usual :-)) and down a tank or two.

    Also those that shoot teammate near the end of battle, while capping etc. I lost a string counting towards invincible medal this way.

  38. Playing artillery on maps which are obviously meant for arty, such as Himmelsdorf, Widepark or Ensk. You end up doing nearly nothing in those maps and/or some scout will get you within 2 mins time. Playing those is not fun and I honestly don't think anyone in tanks or TDs would mind if arty can't get into those maps. Let smaller tank/TD playgrounds be for tanks and TDs only.

  39. 1. Other players doing stupid things. Maybe a real live fire tutorial with combat tips could help them?

    2. Tier 8 arty always getting either no battles or reduced number battles at lower population times. Often coincides with 3-4 high tier arty per team in a 7 vs 7 match from all of the other arty waiting for a game.

    3. Zero damage 'penetrating' hits.

    4. Lack of WG support for malicious teamkills and damage because the auto system is meant to take care of it. If it's extremely obvious they are teamkilling on purpose (maybe only every few games to avoid the auto system) they should be manually banned by support.

    1. 1. Battle tutorial is planned for one of the upcoming major updates.

      4. Ban for a single TK can be too harsh

    2. 9. (shall be higher) Teamkillers :)

      Ban for a single TK caused by a single hit will be too harsh, thats right. Accidents happen. But when someone hits the same friendly target second, third, and even fourth time then his intention is clear and he shall be fastbanned for at least a week.

  40. 1. Would love to use all cores.
    2. 0damage hits are huge WTF right now.

    1. 1. Working on this. It is a big technological challenge for the given tech and the feature won't come out son, however it's in plans.

  41. 1) Will the U-20 and and the U-20-II Soviet Turreted TD's that you showcased earlier on your blog be added to the game eventually?
    2) Will Soviet Panthers come anytime soon?
    3)What tank's release do you anticipate the most?

    1. Qs? Ok.

      1. Definitely not in the foreseeable future.

      2. Not soon. Short- and mid-term plans don't have them listed.

      3. Japanese tree in general, Leo 1.

  42. Since the beginning of the year you guys have actually fixed most of my complaints.

    The remainder in order of importance:

    1) Lack of an Elo system. I'd really like to see matches where everyone has similar skill, the standard of play would go up.

    2) The Australian Sentinel tanks aren't in yet.

    3) The E-10 and E-25 TDs aren't in yet.

    4) The premium only consumables should be available for credits.

    1. 1. While the fun can pretty much go down.

      2-3. Imo, that doesn't count for WTF :)

      4. Noted.

  43. 1. Not being able to drag and drop tanks to custom order in the garage.

    2. Malinovka. I would love a system where you could upvote or downvote couple of maps to get them more often/rarely.

    3. Foulmouthing in chat.

    4. Not being able to tell if people in my contacts list are in game or just idling in the garage.

    1. 5. Calendar and specials information not being published earlier.

    2. 1. Agree. The tank carousel needs some attention.

      3. Turn on censoring?

      4. In plans.

      5. Not related to the game. Thanks anyway.

  44. Already leaved WoT for "improper multi-core support"

    1. Only because of that or performance in general?

    2. Yes, can be said like that.
      I have 4-core procesor and ATI graphics and 15-25 fps really cant satisfied me.
      + thats the reason i switch from testing WoWp to WT.

    3. Sad.

      Performance is a big issue, especially in WoWP. We have done a great job in and, and planning some improvements in 0.3.5 which is coming, however there is still much to do.

  45. Shooting invisible walls in city maps.

  46. It's the players. There are issues need fixing, like arty parties and the overwhelming randomness caused by the RNG and 0-damage penetrations, but what truly makes me angry/sad/frustrated are the players.

    Occasionally it's ok, but most of the time the team mates and enemies you get throw me into total despair. They are so hopeless at the game, that you wouldn't believe it.

    New game modes? Cap circles are too complicated for them. Hitting weak spots? The concept of armor and penetration is too complicated for them. Arty? Cover is too complicated for them.

    Many of my team mates are a more potent danger AFK than when they play the game, because they do less damage to their own team while AFK. At least AFK and unspotted, the enemy has to beware of them, but dying after 30 seconds, the enemy knows they are not a threat.

    I presume this is partly because many players have poor systems and poor internet connections, causing them to lag. And I know that some people even play WoT without a mouse, on a laptop. Now that's a disaster...

    It's their right to play, yes, but I would appreciate if the impact of such players could be diminished some how.

    My problem is, that matchmaking does nothing to evaluate the average performance of players. It should match world class players against world class players and bots against bots (possibly both into the same battle).

    The only thing worse than a 0-15 defeat is a 15-0 win. In such a battle you don't need to do anything, you are just bashing through a bunch of useless enemies.

  47. One of the more annoying nuances to me are:

    1. The EXTREMELY high shell costs for the various 105mm guns at tiers 7 and 8. For only doing about %50 more damage than an 88/90mm shell it shouldn't cost 4x as much.

    uhh... and that's all I can think of. This blogpost is going a lot smoother and more civil than I expected :P

  48. I mainly have two points:

    1. I don't argue about arty, but sometimes there are too many...
    Have seen many games with 6 or more Arties on each side and than again games without of arty, there should be definetly a maximum of 4, or on some maps 5 arties per game!

    2. TEAMPLAY!!!
    I damn often see nearly the complete team running one way on the map, leaving 2 or 3 other ways on a map completly open and all they say is, *I don't like this postion*, or *I play the game, I like to play it*
    Sure, that's the point, some positions are not fun because you may stand there half of the game doing nothing, or you die there by being overrun, but they need to be positioned.

    There should be a reward system for such things, it should make fun to stand alone against 5 heavies and hold them until the lemmings that choose to go all one way were able to cap.
    Like a medal for holding alone one position for 5 minutes against 4 or 5 tanks, or such things.

    The problem is, you can't argue about teams that go all one way, because they are right, they play the game they want to play it, but this is not an ego shooter, this is a team game, but only the ones who cap, kill or damage get experience, the ones who get overrun staying alone at base to defend have to repair their destroyed tanks, while the lemmings still have 100% and do nothing, some turn but mostly too late...

    What do you think about extra points for:
    Tank A calls for help against enemy tank Z, tank B comes to help and destroys tank Z.
    Extra points for tank A and B for being a good team players!

    Tank A calls for "defend base"
    Tank B and C come back and stop enemies caping.
    Extra Points for Tank A, B and C for being good team players.

    You can only motivate players for things by giving them medals, or points, but there should be definetly a higher reward that prefers playing for the team and not an ego shooter!!!

    1. Player guidance and education by means of UI, game mechanics (tutorial), simplification, and side-content is of high priority. We all want to promote tactical gameplay.

  49. 1. Type in Christmas gift shop plz :P

    2. The HESH on British mediums (utterly useless in CWs)

    3. Utterly bad speed and agility of the Cent Mk1 and Mk7 in comaprsion to the other tier 8/9 counterparts. I know the Cents werent fast, but in terms of balance between tanks the 40 Kmh is simply to low. The developers of them made them basically a sniping hidden TDs unable to do the medium tank job. Not cool.

    4. Very few camos and no new added since ages.

    5. Cooperation of the WG dev crew with skilled modders that do rly impressive and amazing skin/camo modes.

    6. On tank visible camo net in game and not just a small square module in the garage.

    7. free exp (from tank) converting to crew (for credits). Since the amout of exp for leveling the crew on 3rd or 4th skill needs ridiculous amounts of exp so therefor for credits (reasonable amout)

  50. WoT for me lacks a more complex game mode(s). For example big persistent map, with capturable facilities, staged objectives, bonus goals etc.

    1. As practice shows some can't cope with the complexity of the current modes.

      Messaged received tho.

    2. maybe you could add the new modes for tcs only?

    3. New modes will arrive one way or another. It's just the matter of time.

  51. 1. O dmg penetrations. Correct the message or fix the problem.

    2. Add "penetrations on me" on detailed report where I could see on my tank (in 3D ofcourse) where I was penetrated and which roll on penetration and damage did my attacker(s) get for each shot. Maybe add this for my targets as well, so at least I know why I didn't penetrate someone. It will end alot of frustrations because of huge random generator WOT has IMO.

    3. Compensation for friendly damage.

    4. AFKers and bots

    1. 2. An extremely expensive feature from the production point of view the impact and importance of which are questionable.

    2. Real impact would be that you get less crybabies. You get less comments about it and community feedback becomes more useful. Worth it? To some it is. To others, it isn't. In my opinion, this would make your game grow faster. But I'm just a freeloader ;-)

    3. You know our Chinese guest workers who actually throw the dice for each randomization in-game have to fill out special form and send to archives. It's not cheap.

    4. Wanna have an opportunity to request the doc from our archive? It will cost you.

    5. On a second though replays can do that trick with giving more info on each hit. Will consider.

  52. Should Added Bonus to Any player who has achieved ultimate Medal (That's What I called)for example Master Tanker Medal (The hardest one)Technical Engineer medal each Nation (should be research all tanks and that should grinding tanks daily) Expert Medal each Nation.. so about all medal i named it's not only for displayed

  53. Ovi, but we want to know what you think about it too? What do you think WoT need the most? What, if any, at least annoyed you?

    Personally, things that leaves me a little annoyed (but still enjoy playing) are:

    1) Performance drop on my laptop from 0.7.5 to 0.8.0, regardless of Storm's statement, most laptops with Nvidia video cards had their performance killed, both with the old and the new rendering engine. And even more, the fact that the old rendering engine is not the same as the one we had in 0.7.5

    2) Multicore, it's just a waste of PC resources not having it, and it's a long time it should have been implemented, glad that WG is making steps in this way with the Havok one, even tho i hope the other cores won't be used jsut for additional simulation of objects.

    3) The lack of teamplay. This is probably the thing that disappoint me the most and leave me a little sad, in random battles, i am not asking to play with Generals, not even to have them make good tactics, but i swear Ovi, i am so happy when i see that someone at least speak english or try to..

    4) Arty limit in high tier battles: Storm (or Serb? Don't remember who) said that high numbers of matches with a lot of high tier artillery are rare, and that the average was around 3.4 or so arties per battle. I think that's too much already, having reached my Object 261, having played other tier 8 arties from friend's accounts, i don't think there should ever be more than 2 arties per team. No matter if you'll have to wait more in the queue to get your match, i would gladly do it.

    I think that's pretty much it, but if i may, an off topic question:
    Why the Object 268 research cost is so high compared to all the other lines? I made my maths from the tier 1 up to the top TD tier, and on average other tank trees have 40-50k or more of difference. Don't you think that's a little too much? (Considering how annoying it gets to gather 300k experience for a tank, already seen it with the object 261).

    Thank you, i hope you'll read it all, and sorry for the wall of text.

    1. It was a good wall of text tho!

      I will give my personal WTFs a bit later, trying to summarize this post. Basically they are: desire for more variety - new game modes, promotion of teamplay and tactics, getting rid of or minimizing the known annoying things like 0 dmg stuff etc.

      As for your Q, try comparing the whole branch. Should be about the same amount of exp, if not, it's a bug.

    2. Thanks for answering, i'll gladly wait for your personal WTFs then.

      As for the Object 268, i did check on wotdb.info now,

      From MS-1 to object 268, minimum research cost: 792k , full: 989k

      From Leichtractor to Jpz E-100 (from Ferdinand), min: 754k, full: 946k

      From T1 to T110E4, min: 671k full: 915k
      From T1 to T110E5, min: 698k full: 888k

      From RenaultFT to Foch (155, min: 769k full: 933k

      It seems quite relevant to me, do you know if there is a reason behind it we don't know, or it's just a bug?

      Thanks again.

    3. I would say it's a minor bug, costs for Obj 268 could be lower (minus ~40k), for some, both T110s - a bit higher.

  54. after buying new gun, should have option to auto fill ammo, without going to garage and doing it manually

  55. WTF #1 - Playing merrily in a high tier tank and slugging it out with the red blokes on the other side of the street. But look at the map - we're down to 3 people, the rest died in the first 5 minutes. Then in next game, same thing the other way around. This is no fun. You don't punish good players by giving them challenging games! You punish them for being good by shuffling them into their less skilled mates. At least try to think about ranked matches and ranking system.
    WTF #2 - Shell ballistics. sometimes it just seems the equation has 2 solutions and one is always right before you on the ground.
    WTF #3 - 0 damage hits, though I learned to accept them as hitting no-damage zones. Still, you should at least add a proper notification on those. "That shot went to waste!" would be more appropriate than "Enemy's hit!". Yes, it's hit, but it shrugged it off.
    WTF #4 - 6-6 arties in one game. I really don't think more than 4 is necessary. There won't be enough targets to do an enjoyable slugfest.
    WTF #5 - Being penetrated and damaged on points where nobody should hit you. Showing front to enemy tank, penetraton mark from his gun on the back. How?

    Most of these are stuff that you are aware about for a long time, and still reluctant to say anything. Too much technical debt? Acquiring more players is more important than keeping earlier ones? What gives?

    1. Not correct. The rate of keeping players is more than acceptable.

      5 is subjective.

      4 as well. Artificial barrier in no good.

      3 aye, known. Pretty much explained why it happens, however it's unclear for most of the players. Agree here.

      2 No

      1 Ranked matches a stairway to eSport, prolly. But not as a main game mode - eg instead of standard battles.

    2. @Overlord "2. XP/reward systems that actively encourage certain types of behaviour."

      No knowledge will help when you meet T50-2 which swallows bullets like pacman pills. It's unreasonable when damn thing swallows bullet from sides and then swallows two bullets in the rear - tank is bad designed thats all (soviet bias ftw :P)

    3. Perhaps I was a bit unclear on #1. Of course I did not meant ranked in stead of standard battles. But the game has the potential to show off skill (in some cases, you proved you do have some good metrics for that). And there's more. I'm all in for selectable possibilities.

      #5 was an old experience, I probably missed something but I still went WTF :)

      #4 I agree that setting an artificial barrier could just mess it up even more. It still gets too competitive after a certain number of artilleries. On second thought, there are maps that can carry much more of them than others. And then count in player behaviour. So yes, some complex stuff there. In one of the interviews SerB mentioned that you'll try make it harder for arties to play to reduce numbers, but no details were given away.

      #3 I think the upcoming live tutorial would be a great opportunity to bing this to everyone's attention :) As you can't kill a person by shooting his finger off, you can't render a tank inoperable by putting a shell into an appended plate or a lamp. (Unless it's chinese? :P )

      #2 What could cause a shell to fall short, outside the aiming cycle, or to become a 'ghost shell'? Is that a synchronization issue? It seems to happen more on higher latency.

    4. I don't criticize. Your WTFs can and should be subjective.

      Some mode with ranked battles would be good.

      2. Yup, that can happen in periods of instability (including HW spikes) - it's 99% because of performance.

  56. Hi Overlord, I'm glad you make this post, and listen to the playerbase. Here is my input from point of view of someome who is playing this game for over 2 years, since a cb:

    Issue no.1:

    0 damage shots, disappearing shells and weird dings, it's especially annoying if you are driving Object 704 or other vehicle with huge caliber gun, and getting those. My record would be 4x ding off a side of IS-3 from 20m using BL-10. Cmon! The kinetic power should be enough to flip the enemy over or launch their turret into an air. Not to mention of famous 0 dmg hits on tiny tanks like T-50-2 etc. There're also moment s where I see my shell traveling directly into a center mass of enemy tank, and nothing happens, no dmg, no voice com no nothing. Like it's gone.

    Issue no.2:

    Visibility system needs some rework, tanks disappearing in front of you 50m away in a plain terrain. How is this even possible? It's known problem so no point of writing more, yet it's annoying like hell.

    Issue no.3:

    Gold ammo. I'm huge enemy of this stuff, this is what decides on p2w vs. f2p. What is the point of learning how to play, to position your tank, how to use it's adventages and terrain, where every noob with "big pocket" can buy those and without any skill and brains destroy your tank no matter you do? It's especially dangerous on SPG who are even more OP than usuall. So.... E-sport with this? REALLY?! My dream is WoT free of gold ammo at all, yet if you insist keeping it, then limit the ammount of shells to load into a tank, or limit it only to the CW or sth. Give us relief please :) I'm aware this is how you earning money, and part of your economy system, yet I'm pretty sure ther're more FAIR methods to earn money and keep everyone happy.

    Issue no.4:

    The Matchmaker.... has too big spread for its tiers. It's more fun where you fight tanks +-1 tier of your own, anything more is destoying it. Definitely needs more work.

    Issue no.5

    Give us more game modes, current ones growing old too fast, especially after 2 yrs. I know you introduced Assault and Encounter, while Encounter is fun, then Assault is giving huge adventage for defending team, and limiting the time to only 10 mins isnt helping either. I personaly turned Assault off my map rotatio, as many of my friends.

    Issue no.6:

    Sometimes vehicles are getting the GOD mode, and nothing can harm them, but only if they are close to death, e.g. 1% hp left, then it's suddenly dinging all shots fired at him. Noticed it long time ago, and not just me, but my every friend who is playing WoT

    Thanks for reading :)

  57. 1) Unable to use all CPU cores.

    2) THE CHAT! Why can't I control it somehow? I wan't to see history, if it could be easy as in League of Legends, it would be enough for me.

    3) Minimap pings by platoon members should be coloured differently/maybe visible to platoon only using certain key combination.

    4) The number of artys - I really hate it while playing my T95, it's like they are all waiting to one-shot the crap out of me.

    5) I can't help myself, but the interface seems slowed for me. I'm talking about garage. It's just not as fast as I would expect it to be.

    6) I simply hate that I've been in some great battles, for example when I did 2415 exp with my KV-5 (not a first win), but that was patch 7.2 and now I'm unable to play that replay. Is there any way to download old clients?

  58. On 2) which is newly mentioned. It's currently in the works.

    We are doing cross-game chats for all 3 games. Currently it's being tested in WoWP. The new Chat system will have many new features: distributed channels, player groups, player statuses, post-battle chats etc

  59. 1. Buff the speed on Tiger 2, JTiger, E 100 and JPanzer E 100 up to 35km/h and take off some hp points, i don't think the german engineers disigned them to be camping tanks; (that's more like a personal opinion and i'm aware it will never happen)
    2. It wuold be nice to see the number of players in a channel;
    3. Give us the possiblity to select the shell type and kitts like removed speed governator before the battle starts.

    1. 1. Actually for more of the mentioned tanks the did. :) (not taking into account both E100s). Entrenched Tigers, anyone?

      2. Yes, in the new chat.

      3. You can do that in the lobby.

  60. 1. Zero damage hits/ crits
    --> That is the most common source of my WTF moments in WoT. I mean i *know* that most zero damage hits occur if you hit either the suspension or the gun barrel.
    But having that in mind, aiming careful at a tank which would be surely destroyed by 1 hit, and then the dispersion (which one can NOT overcome by skill) of my used weapon gets the bullet to hit a spot where it scores a zero damage hit...
    THAT causes some frustration for sure.

    2. Arty Parties
    --> I really do not have any idea why you (WG) guys are so opposed of implementing a hard cap on artys. At least on the EU and US forums this is seems to be suggested a lot of times, and I personally didnt see too much (any) posts against it.
    Is the playing population not yet large enough to support such a feature without the matchmaker would impose queue waiting times on players that are not bareable?

  61. Its nice to see you still with us Overlord. About 25% randomisation, I know its "vital organ" of WoT gameplay, but IMO it could be lowered, at least for higher tiers (you know, better shell and steel quality etc). Before releasing to live servers it could be thoroughly tested on public test servers, they are here for a reason.

    Or I'm wrong?

  62. Oh, two other things!

    I'm constantly trying to invite my contacts to a platoon by right clicking them. An option for this in the right click menu would be really nice.

    I also want to say thanks for this post and all the answers in it! I really appreaciate the evidently not small effort you're putting into it. Getting these answers feels like the relief when you finally get to speak to a living - and knowledgeable - person while you've spent your last half hour on the helpdesk phone responding to automated menus.

  63. Why is the american T34's gun so retarded? the shell spread feels like a musket ball being shot out of a drain pipe and the number of 0% hits is abnormally large.

    Good to see you back overlord.

  64. Hi,
    for me the biggest issue is the lack of immersion in game - lack of more complex physics (tank movement in general), still the same maps (at least some minor randomization would be nice), mixed allies/axis teams...

    I don't have any recipe how to achive this though, especially while keeping the arcade playstyle :(

  65. 1. flawed spotting system - tanks disappear in 20m radius and so on
    2. optimisation of game - one can use WoT as benchmark for high end GPUs, since it can easily kill any machine :)
    3. better relation with community. Example1: we get to know about weekend special at friday afternoon??? Example2: we can only read translations of devs answers from russian forums...Cmon you have like couple hundred thousand people here on EU server, you want to say they are not important?
    4. better team damage and team kill system. This one is obv flawed
    5. you started pumping in too many tanks. Did you know that maps and crew skills/perks are also new content? I can hardly handle all this grinding :)
    6. better clan management tools - like log who left/entered the clan, gold payout log and so on

    Other than that, I really really enjoy this game. Keep up the good work!

  66. What annoys me the most is the fact the scalling of tanks is totally wrong yet when you ask about why this is the case it's never answered and brushed aside. IS and object series went through rescaling to make them "historically correct" and yet they are far smaller then tanks that are smaller then them outside of game. So is scalling going to addressed or are russian tanks always going be a hell of a lot smaller then anyother nation ( except chinese as they are just rebranded russians)

  67. The lack of a skill based match making.
    XVM can do the math, why cant you?

    It´s not only the losing streaks - I cant enjoy 15:0 victories because I know it could easily have been me on the other side, unable to do anything about it.

  68. 1) Skill based Checking. If there are enough people in the server and a team has 30% or greater chance of winning then make a new match. It shouldn't need to take the tier of a vehicle into effect because of the small matchmaking spread. It's just something so when the server population is high the possibility of a horrible team is lower.

  69. I mis a small function I saw on the test-server months ago...after finishing a match there was a button to continue with the next "undoubled" tank and immediately start a new match. No real wtf - but I am quite pleased with WOT atm.

    And btw a small question: Are there any statistics of how much damage each vehicle does? When I read of balancing issues I can only find winrates....