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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[WoTG] Do You See What We Did There?

Wargaming has announced its newest World of Tanks game, World of Tanks: Generals. Generals is a free-to-play browser-based MMO that will combine card collecting with real-time strategy, allowing players to control tanks, artillery and infantry.

Players will be able to buy new tanks and units by conducting research about new technology, and battles will be based on real historical events. Four nations will be available at launch: the United States, France, Germany and the USSR.

Generals will feature both single and multiplayer gameplay modes and 220 unique cards in all. Special bonus cards will grant additional offensive or defensive elements, including additional firepower or defenses. Generals won’t require an installation to play as it’s completely browser-based, allowing it to be played from any PC or mobile device. It will also support the ability to start playing on one platform and finish on another. Continue reading.

Official website - http://wotgenerals.com/


  1. https://holz.nu/reactionkit/rage/iseewhatyoudidthere.png

    Thats what you wanted to hear huh? :D

  2. So the French are in but the British are not? Seeing how long the British were involved in the war I once again can't understand their non-inclusion at launch.

    1. Content of WoTG is based on WoT source materials, so it's really no wonder.

    2. Although that really just highlights the ongoing failure in WOT, still cannot understand why you put the French in first.


    3. They are, how to put it, more unique and weird if you want. French really brought a good deal of diversity into the game.

    4. Thanks for your reply Overlord.

      Its just a shame that one of the nations that was so involved in the whole conflict is just ignored.

  3. could we suspect something simular to memoire44?

  4. Overlord, please, can you please at least pay a visit and read the topic below. I promise it won't take too much of your time. Its short and very full of interesting info.


    1. No, I don't really agree. RU server alone produces that huge stat sample, that it's representative for all factions with no exceptions - there are enough people who start with German, US, French tanks and never even try Soviet stuff or do it later in the game.

    2. but still his point is more likely

      WHY in god sake do you balance on W/L ratio?

      There is much data you could use more effectively e.g:
      damage dealt / damage recieved
      kill ratio

      Its absolutely strange to balance on w/l. What if the big clans are making an agreement like:

      cmon lets pwn WGs data a bit. Lets platoon drive in Tigers 24/7 (experienced ppl ofc).. it will Raise the WL and you will nerf the tiger due to its overpoweredness (see the STRANGE here?)... just because of good ppl playing a totally avg. Tank.

      Id say, well balanced.

    3. I do agree, every server should be balanced according to its own players. Russian playerbase suck allot more then the eu playerbase (thats my experience in the test server anyway) Its just plain stupid to balance the eu server based on ru stats.

      Ive played since open beta, 12,5k battles. spend hundreds of euro's but im so fed up with this game right now i get annoyed when i see the load up screen :@

      Even tho im exited for every new patch, it seems that since the release of the French tanks, every patch just makes the game worse.

      Its not all WG's fault ofc, the lack of teamplay is by far the biggest issue. But the new game modes, witch really require teamplay, should never have been introduced.

      I hope WG does something soon, cause i rly love driving tanks, its just unplayable for me right now.

    4. We take account of both w/l and avg exp - these two parameters represent aggregate performance of any vehicle, combining other values like damage dealt, vehicles spotted, etc

  5. Wow! You guys just keep adding to my "Gotta play" list!

  6. So this will be like Hearts of Iron Card game?

    Seems just like it. And HoI:CG failed big time.