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Friday, November 4, 2011

October 31 - November 4 Poll Results

6561 players expressed their opinion in the recent poll voting for their favourite contests and events.

Everyone knew the winner from the very beginning (yup, it was obvious indeed : )), however the results appeared to be completely one-sided with 94% (or 6189) of voters supporting bonus specials (x5 exp, and such). Greedy-greedy tankers!! :)

Tourneys/champs and in-game contests (MVP, Kill the Courier) got 2% of votes each, while only 63 players gave their voice to creativity contests (video, photo, literary etc) which is extremely low.

On a serious note, you must have noticed that bonus specials has become rather frequent lately.

As always a new poll is up (might reveal the performance stats to support or confront the results when the poll ends :) ).


  1. Overlord what did U expect ;)

  2. Every weekend a 5x XP first victory bonus would be much appreciated!!

  3. The problem with creative contests is that those of us who are not creative feel left out. I've trying making videos in the past and at best they end up as an example of what not to do lol.

  4. Overlord you said the Test Server would open yesterday, why didnt it happen? :(

  5. I can see where they have decided on the 5x exp and other in-game things... their active to everyone even if it is for a short amount of time. This gives everyone an even chance to do whatever they can during the game time they play.... where as the competitions and contests are aiming towards 1-5 RANDOM people out of what... 600,000+ players? Although, granted, no doubt there are tankers out there just for the exp.

    I'm all goin for fairness here... Kill the Courier is nice and all, but having 800+ games going and only ONE courier... it's just rated as EXTREME luck to kill it.

    player design Contests [the real life things] are an awsome addition BUT with only 1-5 players being chosen out of, again, 600,000+ players, it's just highly unfavored. Especially with the hard work and effort many of the people that do these contests put into their designs... from what i hear the last winner of the tank design contest won using a PRE MADE TANK FROM ANOTHER GAME! Now how is that fair to those who really tried doing their designs? Not fair in the least.

    I'm a *very* easily ticked off player who sees alot of promise in this game but is saturated by rock glitches, land flaws where bullets shoot through solid objects or 'ghost' through tanks (or worse yet, tanks 'ghost' through rocks and buildings in a titanic sinking issue), spotting system issues and matchmaker mayhem. And yes, i do buy premium [but i use the UltimateGameCards] However majority of the tanks i have were grinded on a standard account such as the IS, M6 and S-51. Now, in doing so i know EXACTLY where many of these 6,000+ voters are at in voting on the 5x exp thing and nothing else. It is HARD keeping even a tier 6 above positive on a standard account, let alone making the exp to unlock the next tank when your put into a match against tier 10 Maus or E-100s in your poor M6 with M1A2 cannon that can't pen for it's life.... yea i've been there >.> not fun.

    Now, on saying this i conclude with the following....

    The 5x is nice and fair to all players within the server with the occasional competition and championships for holiday events and major war changing days. As far as game wise, please continue to work out these bugs and glitches. Also, is there a forum or page i can send in my suggestions for updates or ideas for the game? Been wondering that for a while now since i don't really visit the forums...



  6. Q: Overlord you said the Test Server would open yesterday, why didnt it happen? :(

    A: Did I promise? Here it is said the test server would come in a few weeks - http://overlord-wot.blogspot.com/2011/10/thoughts-on-upcoming-70.html

  7. I liked the creativity contests. Actually they are something that other MMO's do not have. They give a human oand often humorous note to it.
    I also think they are not especially comparable to 5xExp events. One is ingame the other ouut of the game.
    If you think about instruments for entertzaining teh communitiy the 5xexp will also only spoil people and get old quickly if you do it too often.
    Proabably a nice touch would be if you throw in not only golg, but also ingame rewards and some real stuff. Why not giving the winner of a contest have a premium tank for free. Or - a idea I lately had - why not print the most famous tanks from WoT on T-Shirt and giving them away as prices? Everybody makes a nice impression with a tank on a T-Shirt at a barbexcue party :-) And if you don't sell them as merchandise but have them as contest prices, noone will accuse you of being greedy capitalists :-P

    Well just an idea, maybe it's silly, maybe it works.

  8. Contests winners and whole competition which requires creativity and which relies on subjective opinion of WOT team is highly biased. Nothing strange that there are just a few votes on that.

  9. Overlord, I think you should also give answer that the all 4 X tiers are balanced :). At least I think so.

  10. If you have a 5x XP every weekend, you will create an entitlement culture. I prefer that you keep them to special dates that correspond to WW2 battles. MMO players are already whiny enough. You don't need to encourage it.

  11. ill bet results will be E-100, Maus, IS-7, T30..... cause thats how it is

  12. Q: Overlord, I think you should also give answer that the all 4 X tiers are balanced :). At least I think so.

    A: Ofc, they are. :)

  13. Yaspa - there should be also IS-4 and E-75 between IS-7 and T30...

  14. thats a personal thing.. personally i promise t30 is really strong if played well.

    Q: will t30 remain mainly untouched (except health) when moved to tds line?

  15. Most powerfull Tier X tank is IS-4 due to its good matchmaking as you postpone its switch to Tier X.

  16. @Striker-Bullet;
    "It is HARD keeping even a tier 6 above positive on a standard account, let alone making the exp to unlock the next tank when your put into a match against tier 10 Maus or E-100s .... "
    I have 5 tier 7 tanks now: Tiger, IS, Panther, T29 en T-43. The only way to prevent from bankruptcy is a tier 5 or 6 in the garage to compensate the expensive gameplay of tier>7 especially for IS with shells of >1000 credits each!

  17. Well, to the last poll: i participated in lots of kill the courier and kill the mod events and never met any of them.. so its obvious that i prefer the event where i really have benefits

    and for this poll: guys? O_O e100? you serious? in our clan we just call it xp piñata cause when you shoot the xp drop out of it for everyone.. weakspots from every side.. maus is the most reliable t10 for randoms and also a wall if angled right in companies

  18. L3gi - T30 has powerful gun and nothing else...

  19. @orcnazgul: So use IS with 100 mm it doesn't make this tank weaker (the same penetration and worse damage equaled by better rof) but ammo is 4 times cheaper.

  20. As long as you keep creative elements in the game the vote is not a bad thing. Although there are few that take part in creating art, it will be enjoyed by the majority.

    Particulary some of the art around the tanks etc.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Please increase the credits earned for standard accounts. You have my $200 already, so I'm not buying more premium. I am also no longer actively playing your game because standard accounts simply suck for higher tiers. Want more players for your matchmaker? Then make the Free part of F2P actually fun beyond tier 4.
    Until that time, I'll just keep trolling :D

  23. Part of the reason the % is so high is you don't need to follow some random rules. How many people are disqualified each contest? 50%???
    Take a screen shot in game while upside down, also with your cat on your head but only on odd hours of the day. opps you didn't see that we were talking about GMT time.
    If the other contest were automatically tracked than they may be more fun, but for now it just sounds like work whenever I read the rules. :P

  24. Elar - T30 got the best gun, highest (TURRET)Armor, and on top turning & movement speed.

    (YES IS-7 got 50 km/h, but barely reaches it downhill... T30 is just as fast, and turns faster)

  25. Q: Overlord, can you say me when the beta server starts?

  26. I'm playing BF3 in a M1A1 or T90...why do I need to play this

  27. whats the use of tier X poll? is it gonna help devs to decide whether to rush the M103 and T110 next patch?

  28. @Que
    "I'm playing BF3 in a M1A1 or T90...why do I need to play this"

    Wrong, you have one Tank in BF3, and this one tank has either the m1a1 or the t-90 skin.
    why should you play wot? maybe because health regeneration on tanks sucks?

  29. Why wasn't IS-4 on the list? Its the Russain +1

  30. Overlord, I agree with Lord and a few others about the IS-4 not being on the list, though clearly that is no where near as important compared to why my AMX-50 68t isnt on that list >.< It may not be out or even tested yet but god dang it its a tier 10 too!


    P.S Thank you so much for keeping us needy players up to date and answering our questions that have already been answered countless times before!

  31. The current Poll is a laugh. Do any of the voters actually drive Tier 9 Tanks?

    But I'm looking forward to publication of the statistics.
    I guess the performance statistic of the IS-7 are underwhelming, since most of the IS-7 drivers seem to go suicide scouting in public matches. Maybe the tank is too fast for the good of the drivers. :D

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Q. When do we get an option to turn off ping sound, radio messages(audio) and horns ?

    Q. Similar to above. Can we get an option to stop radio messages: "Attack!", "Help!" "Ping:" etc from displaying in chat log ?

    I find the extra sounds distracting, annoying and completely unhelpful. The spam in chat log can make ready useful typed messages harder to read.
    The indicators above tanks for attack/help and flashing square in minimap is all I need.

  34. @Hadrian
    "Wrong, you have one Tank in BF3, and this one tank has either the m1a1 or the t-90 skin.
    why should you play wot? maybe because health regeneration on tanks sucks? "

    Perhaps reading comprehension isn't your best skill.

    In any case I play with a team, a team using a tank has an Engineer who repairs or two, regen in this case is insufficient. In fact we've had four players working a LAV making it invulnerable.

    Sure WoT is a different game but the devs are too slow with patches. Further they have lost the trust of the community.

  35. Awww shucks, I'm sure in-game events would have won if it hadn't been for that pesky bonus specials option :)

  36. oOoOHhH the T30 comes last.
    Who could have expected that ?????
    Wait a minute, why not nerf the accuracy a bite more ? hum ?

  37. @aceshelman

    I cant agree, I have 2 X tier tanks, 4 IX tier and I have no problems with credits on standard account (but i used premium while grinding the tanks I have). You know why i have no problems with credits? Because i keep also a few good V, VI and VII tier tanks which earn enough credits and are really fun to play. And you can also earn a lot of credits during special events. A few weeks ago i made 4 mln credits with my Tiger P.

    So there is in my opinion no problems with credits on standard account if u take care about well balanced garage.

  38. I'm surprised E-100 is so far ahead, I find Maus probably harder to fight because it has more balanced armour, E-100 seems to have more weak spots, esp sides. And both can rip through my pathetic US hull armour anyway :D

  39. To the AMX fans: This is not about whih tanks you'd like the most from its looks or whatever but whether which one is the most powerfull in the game. So why should they add a tank which doesn't exist yet?

  40. E-100 is the most powerful IF it uses gold ammo and the upgraded gun.
    But if not, the Maus is more powerful.

  41. @evolgrinz
    Precisely, the E100 is the most powerful CLAN WARS tank bar none, with gold ammo it's gun is far more powerful then the T30. In pub matches however, I will concede that the T30 has the biggest gun. But when the PZ IV can pen my front armor having the biggest gun isn't all that fun anymore.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Overlord, is the M6A2E1 still available coz im planning to get one?

  44. Overlord - you might get some more fans of the "kill the courier" or "Kill the mod" type contest if the winners were actually paid Out. I killed the mod a while back. and posted it in the forum where the "Mod_02" said to. and I to this day have not received the 250 gold in which they had promised.

    Aside from that The Bonus Specials are popular because it greatly helps those who grind their way through each tank......

  45. M6A2E1 was pre-order top purchase only and will be left as such. You could only get it pre-release.

  46. In term of raw power the T30 is the best, but in overall they all equal, but Since i got a T30 i'll vote for it !

  47. When there was a poll about E-series many people cried that every tank should be treated seperatly in the poll because E-50 and E-75 are good but E-100 sucks, so Overlord can't use positive answers about all E-series as a proof that all this tanks are considerd good by players. Now we see that most people think that E-100 is best X tier. LOL

  48. @orcnazgul use 100mm gun on IS (and IS-3 till you get BL-9) as other 122mm guns have same penetration, ammo cost 4 times 100mm shell and you can shoot twice from 100mm in same time you shoot once from 122mm.
    For me tire 7 is place where I need to win or loose in good battle to not loose money but still Im usually on plus. Tire 8 I need to win and play good, tire 9 win and play very good, tire 10 I didnt gain single credit yet (not counting CW battles when my team face under numbered teams)

    As to poll Im not drawer, Im not very creative, I played lots of games when there was courier event and didnt met single one, my participation in tournaments didnt went well (same ppl win it all the time) so x5 exp is all I really can use

  49. Regarding the current results of the poll, it is rare to see so many different people, so very united in their opinions.

    Please straighten out the unbalanced playability of the Tier X's.

  50. IS7 on the 3rd place, first two has germany tanks...
    So IS7 will be buffed or germans tanks nerfed?

    And what about Panther, I still havent reply from you Ovi...
    Will be rebalanced? His speed and agility are terrible

  51. look how the german tank fanatics are scared alredy "oh noez dont nerf my tankz" !

  52. I'm not scared, my best tank is Panther2, I don't play HT. yes, I have KV and Tiger, but Panthers are my favorites.
    but common practice here is, when is one non russian tank better than russian, this must be rebalanced.

  53. johny if its common, give us few exapmles
    like US got paton , germany got E serias, russans got KV13??

  54. People just love to complain.
    The only way to make it balanced is to make them all have the same stats and gun, but then people will complain that there isn't enough diversity in the Tier X tanks.
    Now there is diversity in the tanks, you just need to find the right tank for your play style.

    I play all 3 nations and they all have their strong and weak tanks.


  56. evolgrinz said...

    People just love to complain.
    The only way to make it balanced is to make them all have the same stats and gun, but then people will complain that there isn't enough diversity in the Tier X tanks.
    Now there is diversity in the tanks, you just need to find the right tank for your play style.
    while I agree with this statement in general, the fact remains that US Heavy tanks T30 & T34 are not equal in any way to the German line, or the Russian. IS-4/E-75 vs T34 is no contest in any form. E-100 vs T30 is no contest either. T30 will not penetrate E-100 from a good distance, where "it is supposed to play" as a TD. Also, it's gun is wildly random, often missing shots that should never miss.

    The only way a US tank can compete is as a sniper. Unfortunately, that leaves the team without a critical Heavy slugger in the front lines.

  57. Top said...

    johny if its common, give us few exapmles
    like US got paton , germany got E serias, russans got KV13??

    bad example.
    what about nerf Maus or planned buff T43?
    what about totaly OP IS4?
    what about new planed penetration mechanics, where russians take biggest advance?
    in game, only T29 and Tiger2 are better tanks on his tiers than russians.
    tiers 1-4 are very balanced, but on 5-9 not.

  58. maus nerf: it got its hitbox fixed, therefore doesn´t needed the hp-buff any longer

    t-43 buff? havent heard about it yet, but since the t-43 is not very good it might be ok

    Op is4? simple answer: E-75

    "in game, only T29 and Tiger2 are better tanks on his tiers than russians."

    panther 2 is way better than the crappy t-44 (but maybe this will change after it gets the first t-54 gun)
    ferdi is also great for tier 8.
    only kv and kv-3 is where the russians are top of the tier

  59. "The only way a US tank can compete is as a sniper. Unfortunately, that leaves the team without a critical Heavy slugger in the front lines"

    LOL! Why? This game isn't USA vs German tanks, its a mix of tanks. Send out your Maus, and keep that US tank back like you said.

  60. I agree the T30 and T34 are weaker compared to the German and Russian ones, but that is why the Americans get a complete new Tier 9 and 10 tank.

  61. @MR BonWOLF

    You don't drive a T34 or T30 do you?

    The tanks really are under-powered for their tier, and last thing you want in either of those tanks is to be top tank in your team in Pub Battle. Its a pretty strong disadvantage.

    The US heavy update can not come soon enough.

  62. can we get 5x credit day on all tanks ?

    5x more converted exp per gold?

  63. E-100: This tank made the T30 obsolete. Far better armour and HP with a gun nearly as good and speed on flat nearly as good.

    Maus: Firepower and sheer size makes it a somewhat liability but has best armour and HP but worst gun.

    IS-7: Too much of a jack of all trades master of none. Too many comprimises that turned this tank into a fast-heavy-medium that ended up nerfing it IMHO. Im not saying its under powered as such im saying that its just bleh. Not good at any one thing.

    T30: Same major issue as the IS-7. HP are FAR too low for a T10. Needs to be same as the E-100. Armour is nonexistant and the turret front too small to count for much. Gun is also frustrating in its random ability to shoot anywhere but dead center. Mobility and gun depression is the only reason to take this over the E-100

  64. Hadrian:
    sry, I mean T-44 and they new gun.
    T-43 is good tank, has good speed and agility and gun is OK too. maybe this gun can be removed from T-34-85 :p

  65. I disagree with you Belrick, I play in CW every day,and we use all tanks,all tier X,for different tactics,if that what you said was true,then no one would use other tier X tanks in CW,only E100,but that is not the case
    IS7 is a good rush tank,my clan use it for rushing tactics,
    I dont think that any tank is better then the other.
    And another thing,golden ammo on E100 full load costs 323 Gold(26 Shells),10 matches means 3230 Gold only for ammunition, I dont know if anyone has so many money to keep that running.
    Most of the players dont use golden ammo.
    Without golden ammo,you dont do match damage,cause you cant penetrate other tier X.

  66. well before it was like:
    IS7 = rusher
    Maus = the tank tank
    T30 = damage

    and the e100 is what?

  67. Jonny bs talk.
    Mouse getting nerfed was not benefit only to IS7, but to T30 as well.
    T44 is tank with biggers ammo rack problem, half deats will be ammo exploded.
    This change in penatration will be as overlord said just about 1%, and not only russian tanks have sloped armor, but german and US as well, still i dont think it will change game at all.
    As 1% is so small that if your guns AP amo has 100 or 101 penatracion is irelevant.
    About IS4, well i had it, also have e75 and t34, and they are all good if used right, with e75 being most powerfull, but out of them all my favorite is t34, as in full i m match for any other Tier 9, but i try to use my stenghts (and i love its mobility/agility).
    T34 is not tank to lead attack trou open, thats only place where IS4 or E75 are better.
    And tier 8s are nicely balanced, you think KT is best, i think T32, and IS3 are better.

    So at the end johnny its still stays:
    US got paton
    Gery got E seias
    Rus got KV13

    About future, only US will get premium tank and will get replacement for T34 and T30, than IS4 will be tier 10.. but all that is future..

    Thing is there is no owepowered tank in every way, as every tank has strenghts and weakneses.

    So small advice
    dont get tank based on country that had it, get it based on stile that suit your game play.

  68. I think, the Maus is the most powerful T10 Heavy.

    E-100: His Top-gun ist unaccuracy, the E-100 ist more a Brawler

    Is7: More a T10 Medium

    T30: No Armor, only good Gun. not a good T10 "Heavy" :/

    (But befor anybody what say: i didnt play one T10 Tank)

    mfg Kolaski
    (M3 Lee need a buff :P)

  69. Overlord,I hope you guys fix the 128mm kwk 44/L55.
    We made some tests and its a nightmare,accuracy is like 0,40 or maybe more.
    150meters 2xE-75,front me with 105mm my friends with 128.
    Result:I manage to kill him and I never miss(3 bounce)
    He:3 miss 1 bounce)
    How its possible 150meters 0,33 acc weapon miss so much??
    Well,use google and type this:WoT e-75 128mm

  70. Please look at the T30 gun inaccuracy.
    There is something off. It changed back when all the gun values were changed, then adjusted again.

    Everyone agrees the T30's only real asset is it's gun. It is not firing accurately. Something is wrong.

  71. Q: Do you know if the T110's machine gun hatch will be a weakspot or if there is a possibility that it may be like the IS-4 external fuel tanks? As from reading this thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/67884-t110-stats-from-the-horsesengineers-mouth/page__st__40 Both on the first page and a page or two later there are details of the machine gun turret being a separate part with a lock in between it and the tank's turret. So it is not part of the main structure of the tank, if you were to shoot it off it would have no effect same as with the IS-4 external fuel tanks which I presume could be removed and are not structurally part of the tank itself. So based on the fact the IS-4 external fuel tanks are not part of the hit box would that mean this is the same for the T110? (It is also similar to the IS-7 machine gun, the actual rod holding it is not part of the hitbox nor is the gun, in the same way for the T110 a guy does not sit in that area, it is only for the gun and a connecting rod similar to that of the IS-7 to control it. The guy using it would be far under inside the tank and if the machine gun turret was blown off it would be structurally fine just as the is-7 would be if that machine gun fell off.)Since the parts concerned in both cases are not structurally part of the tank and are add-ons if you would like to put it that way.

  72. And tier 8s are nicely balanced, you think KT is best, i think T32, and IS3 are better.

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