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Friday, October 28, 2011

October 22 - October 28 Poll Results

6333 players expressed their opinion in the recent poll voting for the tanks they looking forward to.

The majority of voters (42% or 2661 of them) are especially waiting for the revision of Soviet and American heavy tanks  (i.e the introduction of M103, T110, KV-4, T-150, ST-1, T-10). The 2nd place was almost equally divided between secondary TD lines for all factions (20% or 1270 votes) and British tanks (19% or 1228 votes). Only then comes initial package of French tanks planned for this year getting 14% or  886 votes. 5% of players look forward to other vehicles, perhaps they are interested in some sort of exotics like Japanese tanks or waiting for premium SPGs and TDs.

In general the poll results coincide with tank release priorities, apart from the fact the French are coming first, as it was promised.  Unconventional designs, oscillating turrets, automated loading, high tier light tanks - French really have something to offer to most fastidious tank aesthetes.

As always a new poll is up.

PS: Take a look at the current poll on the Russian website, the question is "Do you like Malinovka map?", the top answer is Yes, the bottom one is No. Tastes differ. :)


  1. Tastes may differ, but in *my* opinion Malinovka is hideous. It is a badly designed map badly in need of change. I'm not screaming for you guys to remove it, just address player concerns and alter it to some degree.
    Like you did with Erlenberg and such.

  2. Did the British have tanks in WWII?

  3. So I guess we can really say now that players want a complete tech tree first before a new one?

    Would this make the dev team adjust their priorities? I.E. pushing release dates of M103 earlier than planned or bring it along with 7.0, USSR in early February, etc.?


    A: In a few weeks ahead.

  5. Q: Would this make the dev team adjust their priorities? I.E. pushing release dates of M103 earlier than planned or bring it along with 7.0, USSR in early February, etc.?

    A: The conversion procedure which is required for introduction of M103 is rather complex and won't be ready for 7.0. Feature list for this update is finalized.

  6. Vyper the had some that were completely british like the Churchill they also had a lot of modified American tanks such as the firefly.

  7. Overlord said...

    The conversion procedure which is required for introduction of M103 is rather complex and won't be ready for 7.0. Feature list for this update is finalized.

    Q: Delayed again? ><facepalm:

  8. Q: Delayed again? ><facepalm:

    A: M103 WAS NOT scheduled for 7.0. It will come in 7.x update.

  9. I like Malinovka but it needs changes, I think add swamps and some earth wall between bases should be good along with undestroyable buildings in the village and less sloped hill. In current form malinovka teaches new players (it's in a first maps pack, goddamit!)nothing but camping instead teaching maneuvering.

  10. I don't like Malinovka (and some other maps). On that map, if you don't camp, you are dead.

  11. @ Shigy - I suspect Vyper_HU was being sarcastic as the British had more different types of tanks during the whole of WW II than any other nation, and that's ignoring the lend-lease tanks they got from the US.

  12. It would be a great thing if player could choose which map to play.

  13. Could you update the tech trees already? I thought the IS-6/Obj.252 was being moved to T8 premium with the T-10/IS-10 taking its place as T9 and the AMX-50 120mm downgraded to T9 with the 68t being T10.

    Tell me what you think about these suggestions, If possible chances of implemention?

    Also, when can we expect the next video blog?

  14. Malinovka is good map for first four levels. After that this map is total boring :(

  15. I would like Malinovka to have those tank trenches (the name of which is eluding me) Seeing as the other side has building that are indestructible. Not saying have enough for the whole team just a few to get a nice snipers position. The map that makes me rage is Komarin, It always turns into that waiting game who ever attacks first ends up losing and the defender always wins. Well this is my current out comes and each other game may and always will differ.

  16. About Malinovka (and other hated maps), well... every other game gives you some options... either choose the map or leave the game without penalty.

    WoT is only game that forces players play the battles they dislike and punishing them for leaving prematurely.

    Thats why I don't play WoT any more. I love the game, but I also started to hate it. Mainly because of three things: half of the maps doesn't have cover; way how artillery works; way how spotting system works. Not to mention terrible game engine.

    So, I'm just going to wait. Either for some serious patches fixing this problems (at least giving us some map filter) because current design is just bad and obsolete... or... for another similar game. It's just matter of WHEN comes one or another.

  17. Tastes differ but so do playstyles. As proven on the testserver the russian players play very much more aggressive than the EU/US players, as a result Malinovka is less of a campfest for them...

  18. russians must love to camp or kamikaze all the way.
    Malinovka is also imbalanced - one side can rush to buildings AND they can also reach the hill faster and saver! The other side (at buildings) can just camp or hope they reach the hill with some lucky arty dodges

  19. You should have split the American and Russian choices on the last pole, some of us have now been waiting 3-4 months for Russian tree to be updated. Doing it like you did has possibly given you false support for American tree!

  20. Also I want an option to deselect maps I don't like. Put a list of the maps with tick boxes next to them so we can un-tick the maps we dont want to play. I'd happily que to get into a map I didn't mind playing.

  21. that about tick for maps what you like is bad idea, and there is few reasons for it.
    -MM will take ages for some maps
    -Players who plays with arty will tick only maps that suit them and than you will get nice balanced maps overcrowded with arty, while i m sure no arty will be in maps like himelsdorf where they are the one who get killed easy.

    maybe to have some posibility to select prefered maps (with bigger posibility of getting them if avalible)
    personaly i think its fine the way it is

  22. On the russian liking Malinovka bit. I've seen them on the test server they only know how to rush straight forward :P. Which on Campinovka results in frantic quick battles.

    From what I've noticed EU players tend to err on the side of caution. RU players go hell for leather and US players are somewhere in the middle. Generalising but hey thats what the internets for :P.

  23. Interesting the Malinovka, example for me it’s one of those maps that i don’t mind every now and again. Still perhaps a different question would really sort this out once and for all such as a list of all the maps with a poll that enables you to select your order of preference and compile those results, might be more useful.

  24. PS: Take a look at the current poll on the Russian website, the question is "Do you like Malinovka map?", the top answer is Yes, the bottom one is No. Tastes differ. :)

    Thats because russaian players SUX....when i played on test server most of the players had _RU sufix and i can tell most of them don't know how to play. I'm an average player and i look like a pro compared to them....And yea make a poll on EU website about malinovka and you'll see how much NO it would get

  25. People that hate malinovka just don't understand spotting and camo mechanics.

  26. So Russian players like Malinovka, good for them. why does it mean I have to play it?
    Whats so bad about letting me choose what map to play? that I'll have more fun??

  27. The spotting system is a complete joke!!! If a tank is driving right infront of me there is no camouflage on earth that could make it "disappear" when some1 is on it's tail and can see it with the naked eye..

    I know WOT is not a simulation game but seriously, that doesn't justify how unbelievable your spotting system is..

  28. Hi Overlord,

    Regarding tracers in howitzer mode, does that mean you only see tracers for arty within view range of your SPG (say 440m for an S-51) or that you only see tracers for arty in the viewing area you have selected in arty mode (the portion of the map you are actually looking at)?

  29. I play wot since september 2010. I am SO sick of Malinovka, I swear its the most played map ever - yesterday, 3 out of six games. Please give us the option to deselect, let's say, three maps we do not want to play.

  30. So the Reds like Campinovka?? Good for them; they can have it. Have all of it please!!

  31. Overlord said...

    A: M103 WAS NOT scheduled for 7.0. It will come in 7.x update.

    Q: in which 7.x?, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 - 7.9 , it could be any right?

  32. Yes for Malinovka?! Don't get me wrong, It's fun and everything if you go for the hill but to play TD on it is boring as hell...I's official the russians are weird...

  33. Clearly you can see whats most desired from players. Already mentioned it few weeks ago that if you want to make lots of ppl happy push russian HT changes on servers. Like I also mentioned few weeks ago who would even want to play french tanks, crew will escape from vehicle once they spot enemy ;)
    As to Malinovka russsian players camp less so Malinovka is cool for them as its map where kinda in 10 sec (short if not shortest distance between starting areas on all maps) you can have full frontal attack and nice flat area for battle.
    Would love option to click of 3 maps you dont want to play

  34. Who doesn't love butterflies?

    Seriously, this is a great map that forces team tactics, rather than lone gunman tactics.

  35. I LOVED playing with russians on the public server. Even a loss was a fun battle. With these faggot EU server campers, even a win is a long drag and boring.

    Q. Overlord, is there any option to change server but not loose my progress?
    if not, Q. Will there ever be?
    I have spent over 280GBP (call me stupid) and wish I had started on russian servers as now I would loose all my time invested.

  36. I wish a hacker (TIER 10 Progammer) can get in the WG server and shift+delete the Malinovka map, some one must do something about it!
    Experienced players will say that Malinovka is the worst map for random battles, there is no team coordonation, no place to hide from arty
    is the campers heaven this maps is design for camping in 10 out of 9 battles on this map the game take around 13 min of booring wait for some sinucide scouter...

  37. I actually like Malinovka as long as it isn't saturated with artillery. I like to set up ambushes for hill-rushers...unless I'm in a medium. Then it's RUSH!!!

    I think the worst map for public matches is Komarin. Same boring formula every time on that map. Split into 3 groups...1 to capture the enemy base, 1 to guard the friendly base, and 1 to go hash it out for a totally useless piece of land in the middle of the map. Same thing EVERY TIME. Occasionally the entire team will either rush clockwise around the map (and usually win depending on the tank/td/spg assortment) or they will rush the enemy base and capture it with 10 tanks sitting on the flag. The former "fun" tactic makes far more credits and xp than the latter, but either is better than camping for 15 min.

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