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Saturday, June 25, 2011

World of Tanks at Tank Fest in Bovington

Tankfest 2011 is held from June 25th till June 26th at The Tank Museum in Bovington, England.

Don't miss World of Tanks booth which is opposite to the Afghanistan section of the museum.

Photo of mine as promised. Guess where I am.

Guys who took pictures with me at our booth, please upload them and post links in comments.

Thank you.


  1. @Overlord

    Since I can't take part in this event (my wife is not amused if I would travel from Germany to England just for a tank show), could you post a picture of this event, where we can see you in person? This would end the speculations of your 'real life' existence. :)

  2. I second what FrankyK said, would be quite interesting to see you / the present Dev Team in GB on a single picture - marked with some Photoshop names and arrows.

    None the less: Even tho' the boot looks quite interesting, I think it would've looked better with some ham radios and maps (more WWII like)

  3. Q: could you post a picture of this event, where we can see you in person? This would end the speculations of your 'real life' existence. :)

    A: Okay, okay. Will try to take more or less decent one.

  4. Isn't that TOG2 - Superheavy prototype in the back? ;)

    It appears even bigger than Maus ;D

  5. Q: Isn't that TOG2 - Superheavy prototype in the back? ;)

    A: Aye, it is. A huge one.

  6. Here, you can compare the specs of the TOG2 and MAUS:


  7. Overlord,

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the Pic with us. Was a gread stand and a great day. Will send you the link when I get the pic.

    Alana257 (iTWAT Clan)

  8. Wow, I wish I could go to Tankfest... T.T

    I was wondering, as long as we've got it in the picture...is there any possibility of the TOG-2 appearing in the as-yet not-officially-announced British tank tree, Overlord?

    Just wondering.


  9. I'd prefer it if we DIDN'T get ugly-as-hell tanks that would be easy to destroy! Just look at those slopes!

  10. Really enjoyed meeting you Overlord and thanks for grabbing me a mouse mat. I was gutted there wasnt one in the bag and thought i was going to miss out!

    Was awesome being able to have a go on the dev accounts at the stand with all the tanks enabled. Was like a dream come true having a go in a Maus, T30, GW E series! Shame i cant bring them home with me though. hehe!

    Tankfest was a blast and really enjoyed watching the arena show and checking out some of the tanks up close and personal. Gives you more of a perspective on the tanks (and their size!) when your playing WOT.

    Again, Thanks for chatting with us Overlord.

    P.S Look forward to seeing the picture of us lot when irbigcheese gets round to uploading it!

    Taros (iTWAT Clan)

  11. IMHO the Tog-2 could be a nice tier8 premium british heavy tank.

  12. Tankfest was a blast.

    Many thanks Overlord for taking the time to talk to us about the game and hear our thoughts. Great meeting you and spending time at Bovi.

    Here's a couple of pics. Overlord is the one in yellow along with some members of iTWAT.



    Cheers again Overlord.

    irbigcheese (iTWAT clan)

  13. Hey Overlord, was great seeing you at Tankfest. Really enjoyed myself! Hope you enjoy the pic of you and the [ITWAT] Guys!

    See you again soon!


  14. Thanks a lot, guys.

    Was nice meeting you.

  15. http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/848/photo0449g.jpg


    Angels of Death

    See you again Tomorrow Overlord i got more questions from my clan haha

  16. Hi Overlord

    I and the [BULL] guys (Sideshow1973, Lowka, boobookittywhat) really enjoyed meeting you today and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the T54! Booboo would still love your hoody top!!


    NovaStar (yes, the girl who plays WoT AND enjoys it!)

  17. Good for you, there is no point in playing game that you don't enjoy.

    Aww too bad I live too far ... :/

    PS. I thought Ov. is a bit older ;p

  18. Some of you need to play World of Photographer heh, it's a blur-fest!

    Nice booth setup, too bad some of us are so far away to join in a few brews.

  19. Would be really cool to meet the devs of World of Tanks to bad I live in the worst spot for meeting dev teams.

  20. Nice pics guys and hmm. Overlord I expected you to be a bit taller :P How tall are you anyway?

  21. Overlord is second on the left, no wait.. the last one on the right.

  22. Q: Nice pics guys and hmm. Overlord I expected you to be a bit taller :P How tall are you anyway?

    A: Somewhere in between 1 and 2 meters, I reckon.

  23. you must have a long arm to hug those girls
    XD ;-)

  24. Overlord has the same facial expression in every picture O.O
    Robotness or boredom!

  25. Good times at Tankfest yesterday and nice WoT gifts :)

    Here's a couple of Pics with Overlord, FritZie and Homer_J



  26. Overlord shortie. :D

    Is that why you didnt want to show up in all tank-fests before?

    P.S. Dont ban me. :D

  27. Q: P.S. Dont ban me. :D

    A: Sorry, you left me no choice.

  28. In my mind Overlord looked like Magneto:

    Overlord I'm disappointed in the completely and utter lack of a cape. :)

  29. Dam, you look hot Overlord. Whos the bloke standing next to you ?

  30. Q: Overlord I'm disappointed in the completely and utter lack of a cape. :)

    A: Sry, Sib. I've got only a spider-man suite.

  31. Overlord, you could have at least smiled or looked happy to be surrounded by some pretty ladies in that one pic.

  32. ovelord hes a player :P you saw what i did there.

  33. Overlord isn't short... the girls in the pic are tall...Btw any luck with their phone numbers? I can arrange vacation to Greece for all of you hehe.

  34. Wow, have you guys ever had any camera in hand before? I will be ashamed to have photos like this. This is blur fiesta as someone stated before.

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