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Monday, April 18, 2011

Meeting in Paris, France

World of Tanks development team is meeting French players April 21, 2011 in Paris.

The exact time (roughly 18:00 Paris) and place are to be specified.

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  1. For what? Talking about Ideas for surreal French Tanks? Or how to convert german tank groups on french vehicle?

  2. April 21, 2010 in Paris.

    2010 ???

  3. World of Tanks is increasingly popular on the EU server so they want to include French Players as well so they are meeting, I think to establish good relations as well as introduce French Tanks, which I think will appeal to them.

  4. Don't forget about Poland, we also waiting for atleast one tank ;) [But meeting is also very important, you know ;)]

  5. Great. Then you can talk about how you are going to provide a matchmaker option for NOT having to play with a tanks three tiers above your level.

  6. Im sure that was a planty of meeting, this must be something special, or it isnt how its looks like....

    Poland tanks? Please not, better to add some more czechoslovaks, we still have some interesting planed vehicles

  7. Beware. I'm coming there to kick your but for nerfing the Pershing in the next update.

  8. Me too because the panther II turret armor nerf ( 150->120mm )

  9. Pershing will be nerfed? Are you kidding?

  10. I hope the french folks will tell devs to give french tanks original camo pattern!!! The previewimages showed single tone models.
    Next stop should be London. Can't believe there's only Land Lease british tanks in the game. Only playing german tree I can't wait to see more variety in the tanks.

  11. I so want the Clanwars patch which was promised and less nerfing.

  12. I hope i meet the wargaming crew in Paris, for new infos. But where is the rendez-vous?

  13. Hi Ovi, I have more of a general question. I saw a lot preorder tanks on the N/A server. Especially the top and med ones, I know on your blog were a lot complains about the costs. I preordered myself because I thought the price was fair and I felt you guys deserved for being paid creating one of the best games ever. I'm all along a sim freak and I'm surprised how you managed to balance online gaming with sim aspects. I also wanted to show my gratitude. Now my egoistic side says I also want to see further development and I'm looking forward to patch 6.4. Can you actually let us know how successful financially the launch was? I'm not interested in buying wargaming stocks, it's more an answer for me how long you guys will stick around. I hope when I'm pensioner and living in a boring senior residence I can play WOT and blog with you guys. Thx

  14. Q: Hi Ovi, I have more of a general question. I saw a lot preorder tanks on the N/A server. Especially the top and med ones

    A: Thanks for the support. We are doing our best. v.0.6.4 is underway. It MIGHT be released on RU server within 8-10 days.

  15. So how long do you think you will run it on the Russian server, before going life at EU and N/A? Another 8-10 days? Thx for your info.

  16. hey, I NEED HELP. how do i start playing. i got ans account and downloaded the game, but it wont let me play! pleas help!!!

  17. Hi Ovi, is this a cultural thing, going first life on the Russian server? Because they are more linient with unbalanced elements. You also could say, that the spoiled westeners are getting punished for their quick complains and never satisfied attitude. I would suggest to reduce waiting time for patch 6.4 by paying your translation department overtime, lol. No I'm curious how long after the Russian server N/A and EU goes life. Thx

  18. Q: Hi Ovi, is this a cultural thing, going first life on the Russian server? Because they are more linient with unbalanced elements...

    A: We are polishing stuff on RU side as usual. :)
    At least one more hotfix before going live is needed.

  19. Can wargaming add an alternative to play spam. Worst service no one to call and they don't follow their own rules. It's a complete mess, politely. Thx

  20. They want to trick us to use their stupid ultimate gamecards. So that all the rest gets redeemed in their again stupid points, no one can use if WOT is the only game your playing. You also have an additional registration if you order online. PayPal is not working, I use PayPal from day one with no missed payments. Plz have your own platform, cut out the serviceless middleman.

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