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Monday, January 24, 2011

Auto-ban system for double accounts

Auto-ban system will be turned on prior to the start of open beta on January 27. Double accounts are going to be banned according to the first battle played after the scheduled downtime.

The above goes only for account created prior to server split.

Be careful.


  1. I have two brothers that play Wots on the same computer , will it ban them thinking they are double accounts?

  2. Blade12444,

    only if they have double accounts with the same data on both servers (EU and US) created during server split on January 17.

  3. Hi Overlord!!
    bigingo here!!
    Greetings from Sweden!!

    -I have a couple of question here.. You seems to be one of them who can explain how it works with the registration!!
    -I understaind ofcouse that I have to reg for the "Open Beta" like the closed beta before...
    -But do I have to registrate a hole new account for the "open beta"???

    -Because when you try to reg and you fill in the radio button wich said..:

    "I have already registered on the World of Tanks Forum and would like to create a game account with the same name"

    ..It doesn´t work so good

    -And what happens with the experiance that you have and Gold and more... that is not coming with the new "Open Beta" version.. -You have to begin from scratch again or what??? -Start over again with the little tanks and more!!??

    -Sorry for the folish questions!!
    Please explain to me!!
    (and I am older then you.. I guarantee it.. )It´s a fabolus game